Saturday, October 3 of 2015

Daily messages

In these times of the planet, you must be very vigilant with yourselves, with everything that you think and feel and with wherever you allow yourselves be taken by imagination, because the small permissions that you give yourselves and the small gaps that you allow to be opened in your spiritual fortresses will become the reason for the rupture of a construction, elevated with much effort and arduous inner work.

Much it will cost you to construct of an inner fortress, to achieve the consolidation of a virtue or to manage to transform an ingrained aspect of the being, because the planetary forces have already reached a certain reign within the human cells, within the genetic code of most beings.  So, all your tendencies will take you to succumb to the ordinary life and to the capital energies.  For this a slight thought or an apparently innocent imagination can lead you to get lost in the endless labyrinths of the earthy energies of this time.

It is for this reason, My beloved ones, that you must be very vigilant with yourselves.  Give priority to the life of prayer that, little by little, will strengthen you and will enter with the new codes in your cells, codes that will make you more strengthened before certain influences of chaos and of evil.

While you do not know yourselves and you do not develop your own spiritual potentialities, prayer will be the greatest instrument for the maturing and the growth of the spirit.  Therefore, pray and do not allow that the mind digress and live, in the mental and astral levels of consciousness, those things that you have already proposed yourselves to not live.

Pray, pray much, because you will need to be more and more firm in the times that are to come.

I love you and I lead you with small keys, but very valuable ones, when they are used with the heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph