Series: The Sequoia trees - Part IV

Within their composition and genetics, the greatness of the Plant Kingdom hold something of vital importance for the rest of the Kingdoms, including the Human Kingdom.

Sequoia trees are formed and created by the matrix of Life. This means that, within all the existing Kingdoms, the Sequoia trees were the ones that were most able to express this code that comes from the science of growth, self-expression and serving.

In this sense, this is what the human being needs to remember each time they are before an element of the Plant Kingdom. To know that the same Kingdom was capable of demonstrating that the genetic code of Creative Life has the possibility of self-regeneration and self-healing, through all the scientific and alchemical knowledge that the Plant Kingdom expresses.

This is why it is the subtlest Kingdom among all the Kingdoms, and, at the same time, the most self-giving to the rest of the Kingdoms, revealing the potential of its healing properties at a cosmic, spiritual, mental and material level.

Within the Plant Kingdom lies a science, still unknown to humankind, that would be capable of resolving and taking care of all human ailments.

The absence of care, protection and respect on the part of the very human being causes the Plant Kingdom to be unable to reveal its healing properties.

I thank you for keeping My words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Not to want your own will, and to love the Divine Will

This race in the beginning was designed by God to obey and follow a single Purpose. But since My adversary, in antiquity, awakened the temptation and free will in the humankind of the surface, the original Project was distorted, straying from the path of the Divine Will.

It was there that duality, free choice and disobedience to all higher Laws that would rule humanity in times to come until it would be a sacred humanity, entered into the primitive consciousness of humanity.

From the moment Adam and Eve were tempted in Eden to decide on their own life and thus deviate from the Hand of the Creator, what we call self-will entered into the essence of the human being.

This will, devoid of spiritual principles and impregnated with codes of corruptibility, was the action that diverted the new humanity from the path; in the beginning of everything, the first race was the wise Project of a new humanity for the surface.

From the moment the first Adam decided to survive on the planet transgressing the natural Laws, Eve on the other hand awakened the first signs of capital sins.

My adversary achieved what he wanted so much: to make this an inert humanity without self-consciousness.

After so many eras gone by, the culminating moment arrived where, in the first stage, the decadence of humanity would come to an end, and it would be through the apparition of Christ in the world, as the Firstborn Son of God, incarnated to rescue the essence of this thought human project.

Later on, when Christ was present, the whole race, which was already in the abyss of its perdition, was diverted from its own hell through the Passion of Jesus.

The coming of the Messiah of Israel was delicately prepared by the Creator Fathers, by the Holy Archangels. Each one brought and bore in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mother the light cells of transubstantiation and redemption, higher Laws that later on allowed to liberate humanity from evil.

Since Adam and Eve activated in themselves their own will, the human spiritual genetics were spontaneously affected until today by this energy of earthly power of appropriation and domination of all things.

Only those consciousnesses that throughout the ages managed to open themselves to find Christ within have been challenged to renounce and banish this old human code that has been deviating millions of souls from the Purpose until today.

Self-will is the consequence of not accepting in a true way the Love of God, being the consciousness impregnated by its own ideas and concepts, those that are opposed to the Divine Thought.

Although Christ gave life and died for all also with the purpose of deactivating the old corrupt code of self-will, after all the events and facts that Master Jesus gestated in the consciousness of those who listened to Him, meanwhile the other part of humanity strengthened the precarious link with self-will; it was like a ten-horned beast recreated by all involutionary actions of the human race.

The human will has always been honored and appreciated by the majority, this is one of the reasons why in these definitive times, consciousnesses that are committed to the Plan are not able to take their steps when affirming their own will: a chain that ties them to an endless hell.

Those holy consciousnesses that were able to overcome their own will, did it through three factors: first, working every day renouncing themselves, second, searching for the emptiness of themselves and third, serving unconditionally, taking into account that even living all these experiences, there is self-will based on arrogance and pride. 

When the disciple of Christ disposes themselves to transcend the states that corrupt the love in humanity, they must have in mind that they will face within themselves their own beasts, which will try to make them give up all efforts. 

Some consciousnesses on the surface of the planet, as is the case of those who opted for a consecrated life, have the spiritual mission of dispelling from their consciousnesses all these energies that condemn the evolutionary life of a soul, and they also have the mission to do it for humanity, imitating Christ.

In these times humanity must define the path it will follow, this will be before the expected Judgment that will happen on this beloved planet.

Christ was and is an extraordinary example of life and truth for all those who accept to return to the previous moment of the Plan in which Adam committed the so-called original sin; a sin from which all creatures are born with the code of self-will and free will.

To be able to change this frequency, the determination and effort that are stimulated by prayer will allow disarming the opposite impulses that bring self-will. 

To live the Divine Will means to want nothing for oneself and everything for others. To live the Divine Will means to follow step by step what one is asked for, avoiding failure many times.

But we know that humanity of today does not want to follow in obedience and adherence to what the higher Universes are emitting; this leads to an increase of spiritual perdition of the consciousnesses, it leads to submerging oneself in all possible deceptions, it leads to missing the path one has come to walk.

Therefore, God sends His Messenger again to warn you all and the whole world that they are still living their own will and this will not deter the planetary suffering, but rather it is increasing it gradually. 

I invite you, children, to do the exercise of cutting the chain of self-will, thus you will have the inner strength to be able to Christify your lives and prepare for the glorious coming of Christ to the world. 

Be intelligent and do not allow self-will to distance you forever from the path of your redemption.

Times announce great changes for everybody. 

I thank you for losing your self-will and for being born to the Eternal Will of God!

Who impels you to inner purification, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In these times of the planet, you must be very vigilant with yourselves, with everything that you think and feel and with wherever you allow yourselves be taken by imagination, because the small permissions that you give yourselves and the small gaps that you allow to be opened in your spiritual fortresses will become the reason for the rupture of a construction, elevated with much effort and arduous inner work.

Much it will cost you to construct of an inner fortress, to achieve the consolidation of a virtue or to manage to transform an ingrained aspect of the being, because the planetary forces have already reached a certain reign within the human cells, within the genetic code of most beings.  So, all your tendencies will take you to succumb to the ordinary life and to the capital energies.  For this a slight thought or an apparently innocent imagination can lead you to get lost in the endless labyrinths of the earthy energies of this time.

It is for this reason, My beloved ones, that you must be very vigilant with yourselves.  Give priority to the life of prayer that, little by little, will strengthen you and will enter with the new codes in your cells, codes that will make you more strengthened before certain influences of chaos and of evil.

While you do not know yourselves and you do not develop your own spiritual potentialities, prayer will be the greatest instrument for the maturing and the growth of the spirit.  Therefore, pray and do not allow that the mind digress and live, in the mental and astral levels of consciousness, those things that you have already proposed yourselves to not live.

Pray, pray much, because you will need to be more and more firm in the times that are to come.

I love you and I lead you with small keys, but very valuable ones, when they are used with the heart.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

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