Saturday, October 24 of 2015

Daily messages

When a nation lives the consequences of millenary human actions and which were so intense that inflicted themselves in their social and political culture, as they say in a certain way, as it is the case of Venezuela and many other nations, the only way out for such illusion and human ignorance is a life of a true prayer.

If at least a small group, inside of each nation, truly prayed every day and if, even more, they could transform their own lives in a permanent action of prayer, it could change completely the consciousness of the nation and, as a consequence, its physical and spiritual destiny.

I say that because a being that prays permanently begins to enter with their heart in the Consciousness of God and there they recognize the true purpose of their life on Earth or, at least, they can recognize what is out of this purpose and, in this way, the illusions of matter are dissonant to them and them cannot stand them.  It is in that moment that the soul is impelled to the constant quest of the Truth and lives its elevation.  This experience is marked in the consciousness of the nation that, little by little, is conducted to a superior quest, by means of its inhabitants, of its guardians, as those who live inside of each nation are, for God, the guardians of the purpose for it.

It is for this that the Divine Messengers have arrived in Venezuela in the beginning of its crisis and now they return to renovate the impulse of the Venezuelan hearts as well as of the whole world.

The Sacred Hearts arrived in Venezuela not to end the social, political, economic and spiritual crisis that this country lives today, but rather so that it, as nation, may learn to transpose the material events through the life of prayer and may keep alive the purpose of the nation, that attribute that God deposited within all beings who live under its aura, so that they may develop it and, in this way, they may help in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for all of humanity.

If Venezuela, as a consciousness, can live this experience of finding the truth and getting out of the material illusion by means of the praying life, this learning will serve to many other nations and for all of humanity in the times that will come, times in which the spiritual crisis, with physical consequences, will be the daily living of humanity.

It is for this that My Chaste Heart blesses this nation and all the Venezuelan today, impelling them to the true and peaceful praying life and so that, in this way, they may live it as a service that you do for all of humanity.

Remember these words in the days that will come, because today I pronounce them to Venezuela, but in a near future, they will serve to many other nations.

I love you and I give you My Peace, so that you keep you hearts peaceful before all the events of life.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph