Thursday, June 16 of 2016

Daily messages


Dear children,

The souls of the world are the greatest gift of God to this creation. They are the project that must be accomplished in the planetary consciousness through love and unity.

From the beginning God has given all of His children the most beautiful part of His Holy Heart, and in the Plans of the Father it was not foreseen that anybody would get lost from the path of Light.

But this happened, and it wounded the Heart of the Father when He saw His children lost and controlled by the forces of evil.

So the Father, in His deep and infinite Mercy, asked His second aspect of the Most Holy Trinity, His Beloved Son, to incarnate in humanity in order to prevent it from destroying itself overnight.

So it was that God chose a humble feminine consciousness to incarnate His feminine aspect and give birth to the Holy Spirit of salvation through the birth of Christ.

All was prepared so that humanity should become rescuable; the Son of God incarnated, grew up, preached, taught, and they crucified Him without perceiving that He was God Himself who was offering Himself to all the Universe as proof of His absolute Love.

This event caused the planet to receive a new opportunity and to direct souls onto the pathway of Christic Love.

In this way, what was established in the world was not only the triumph of the Love of Christ, but also the possibility that all lost souls could regain their filiation with the Most High.

That is why the task of protecting the filiation of each soul and of each heart was entrusted to Holy Mary, the Mother of the Savior.

Up to these times, the Divinity keeps on waiting for new Christs to awaken, precious souls that will live their redemption in order to give the Universe the example that it is possible to convert in the name of love.

When souls lose the sense of true love, they grow apart from their truth. For this reason, the Mother of Heaven comes in this time to recover in all hearts the mission that many have forgotten.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In union and love,

Your Mother, Mary Rose of Peace