Holy Mary, Pure and Faithful Mother

Dear children,

In these times of great challenges and tests, may you learn to live through the example of your Pure and Faithful Mother.

May a healthy and true intention that faithfulness reign exist in you, just as the faithfulness of My beloved Son and of His Heavenly Mother reached the foot of the Cross, only aspiring to fulfill the Sacred Will of the Father.

In these extremely harsh times of transition, may sacred faithfulness motivate you to guard the Plan of God and all the souls of which it is composed, obeying each spiritual and inner decision that is made by the spiritual and planetary Hierarchy.

In this way, in humility, you will learn, as the Sacred Family did, to follow in adherence and union all the steps that are indicated for the fulfillment of this Work, which is worldwide.

Dear children, I wish the sincere aspiration to awaken in you of respecting and following to the limits of consciousness and matter all the decisions that are made, because behind something apparently incomprehensible to the human mind, a divine and sacred Purpose exists.

In order that each one of you in this time fulfills the aspiration of your Heavenly Mother, I invite you to lovingly respect the Law of the Hierarchy and to not step outside of that precious Law through your actions, thoughts, and assignments.

I invite you to lean upon the faithful example of Christ and of His Universal Mother, which leads all of humanity into finding salvation and the Mercy of God.

For that reason, My children, may your consciousnesses and especially your hearts be awake and more attentive so that the doors to betrayal and to indifference among beings of the good not be opened.

I only ask that you have enough maturity and love to behave in an evolutionary manner, as souls that are within the path of brotherhood and of unity.

I do not wish to see any other Judas in this time with My eyes of a Mother.

Learn to forgive injustice and you will be able to be wise in spirit rather than in expertise.

Know that each one of the servants and of the consecrated of Christ, our Lord, is spiritually responsible for this Work, which is a miracle of infinite love of the Hierarchy, being able to gain results and thus be fulfilled.

Dear children, today I speak to you through My Aspect of faithfulness and of purity so that you believe that, in truth, it is necessary to protect the Work from yourselves.

Seek in each new decision the purpose of Higher Love and do not remain in the superficiality of things.

You were born to reach faithfulness in the end of times. This causes this Work to be purely true and transparent before humanity.

I wish that in this cycle of changes and of renovation, you may take steps towards a deeper unity, because this way, you will be protected in the desert, along with your Heavenly Mother, escaping from the claws of My adversary.

Evil does not know love and fears christic love. Evil does not know unity and fears the unity among souls which congregate in Christ.

Lastly, be merciful, and you will not lose discernment.

Love the divine and human decisions that are made, because if you accept without understanding, judging, or betraying the Work, you will have the same discernment that My beloved Son had during His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Do not challenge the adversary, be meek in all things and you will always achieve peace.

With My Spirit of Faithfulness, I ask you to unite with it so that you are not so unprotected.

The divine Work has not yet ended, and you are a part of a new story that is being written.

Meditate in humility, and My maternal words will resound in the depths.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Most Holy Mary, precious Crystal of the world

Dear children,

I am the precious and humble Crystal of the world that radiates the codes of love and inner liberation.

I am the precious Crystal of the world that reflects the sublime energies of the Celestial Kingdom.

I am the precious Crystal of the world that holds within itself the essence of Christic Love.

I am the precious Crystal of the world that emits the celestial vibration to all essences.

I am the precious Crystal of the world that radiates the new vibrations to the planet that will allow the New Humanity to emerge.

I am also the precious Crystal of the mineral Kingdom that is wounded and removed from its place of origin within the earth element.

Precious are the crystals that the world has, and which are used to adorn and clothe the human race.

O how much the sacred crystals of the world suffer in this time, for they are exploited, broken and polished for something that, in truth, they were not created for!

O poor precious crystals of the world, that are sold and exported to places where they should never be!

O what a blind humanity, which cannot perceive the great task and purpose of the Kingdom of the crystals and of all the minerals!

Sacred are the precious crystals of the world! In their apparent stillness and silence, the stones do not speak and are considered inanimate. 

Holy are the angels and the elementals that take care of the precious crystals of the world and which, in this time, just as with gold, are exploited for the personal benefit of a civilization backward in consciousness.

Sacred are the precious crystals of the world that, being removed from the earth and their habitat, cannot balance nor draw harmony to the Human Kingdom nor to the planet.

O sacred crystals of light, which are conquered by the hands of those who, in truth, do not know of the life nor the origin of this Creation.

Poor precious crystals, which cannot, in this time, regenerate the energies of the planet.

In truth, blessed are the crystals of this world, for within them, they hold the principles that will make of the New Humanity a more reverent, aware and mature race.

Woe betide the crystals of this world, for they are not aware of the cosmic imbalance that is being generated with them!

Let us look after the crystals, for in essence they hold all that surface humankind has lost due to its debts and its actions.

Sacred are the precious crystals of the world, for they renew life and all energy. Each crystal shares a group soul, capable of drawing to this planet what until now it has not been able to achieve.

Sacred are the crystals of the world, for they pick up the Laws of the cosmos, they pick up the powerful currents of the universe and radiate new patterns to the eroded human consciousness.

Sacred are the crystals of the world, for they belong to this planet and to this Creation, because they represent the new human consciousness, and for this reason, they hold the most precious codes of healing and of regeneration.

Let us help the Mineral Kingdom, the Kingdom of the precious crystals, so the debt of humanity may not keep growing in a disproportionate manner.

Let us unite with this purpose and more souls become caretakers of the Kingdoms of Nature.

Let us alleviate the suffering and not punish the innocent Kingdoms.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who makes you aware,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The souls of the world are the greatest gift of God to this creation. They are the project that must be accomplished in the planetary consciousness through love and unity.

From the beginning God has given all of His children the most beautiful part of His Holy Heart, and in the Plans of the Father it was not foreseen that anybody would get lost from the path of Light.

But this happened, and it wounded the Heart of the Father when He saw His children lost and controlled by the forces of evil.

So the Father, in His deep and infinite Mercy, asked His second aspect of the Most Holy Trinity, His Beloved Son, to incarnate in humanity in order to prevent it from destroying itself overnight.

So it was that God chose a humble feminine consciousness to incarnate His feminine aspect and give birth to the Holy Spirit of salvation through the birth of Christ.

All was prepared so that humanity should become rescuable; the Son of God incarnated, grew up, preached, taught, and they crucified Him without perceiving that He was God Himself who was offering Himself to all the Universe as proof of His absolute Love.

This event caused the planet to receive a new opportunity and to direct souls onto the pathway of Christic Love.

In this way, what was established in the world was not only the triumph of the Love of Christ, but also the possibility that all lost souls could regain their filiation with the Most High.

That is why the task of protecting the filiation of each soul and of each heart was entrusted to Holy Mary, the Mother of the Savior.

Up to these times, the Divinity keeps on waiting for new Christs to awaken, precious souls that will live their redemption in order to give the Universe the example that it is possible to convert in the name of love.

When souls lose the sense of true love, they grow apart from their truth. For this reason, the Mother of Heaven comes in this time to recover in all hearts the mission that many have forgotten.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In union and love,

Your Mother, Mary Rose of Peace

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