Monday, September 26 of 2016

Daily Messages
Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Doorway of Peace.

I am the divine and powerful current that draws the principles of Creation to the world.

I am that most pure ray that comes from God and awakens redemption in hearts.

I come at this time to announce the Coming of My Son.

I come to prepare the paths by which souls will find Christ.

Thus, this cycle is decisive for all; it is the moment to meet the Eternal Father to accomplish His Sacred Will.

It is the time to feel the future and the hope shaped within all beings.

As your Mother, I lead and guide you toward My Work of Peace, which not only embraces nations and continents, but also, throughout the ages, It has taught humanity to live the Plan of the Creator.

I leave everyone the Spirit of My Peace and an absolute trust in the Designs of the One.

I embrace each one of you, so that you may feel My maternal warmth and thus be vivified in the Lord.

May everything become peaceful in this hour, and may those who walk embrace their cross and carry it, for it will not be heavy; it will be the cross of the liberation of the world and they will be in likeness to My Son to the Glory of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and of the Greater Love