Sunday, September 23 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children:

Today I call you to enter through your hearts into the eternal Light of My Son. Today I call you to live the attribute of the reverence and of the devotion to the Most Holy Heart of Jesus.

Dear children, by means of the permanent act of the prayer of the heart you will be able to approach yourselves to the universe of the Love of God. It is through Christ that you will be able to get to God, to Heaven, to the Universe of the Creator.

Christ, dear children, is the celestial door that for this definite time is opened before the reality of all of the souls. When your hearts enter into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ your lives will be able to be partakers of the action of charity and of donation.

My children, in a time that flows quickly in humanity I invite you to live the Heart of Jesus, I invite you to form part of the Heart of Christ and of His loving redeeming path.

Dear children of God, today I am calling you to convert yourselves into new disciples of My Son through the sincere act of prayer because in the strength of prayer and, united as hearts of the Father you will aid, in the name of Peace, the planet and humanity.

My children, for this reason, today is the moment for your consciousness to give the definitive yes for the consecration of your hearts to the Sacred Heart of My Son.

As little children, I Am guiding you. As souls, I am elevating you close to My Son. As hearts in redemption, I am loving you.

Dear children, accept with your heart this important invitation to live definitively in Jesus because in Christ the life of many souls will be able to find a meaning and in this way you will find the loving Will that God has for each one of My children.

Dear children, your prayer counts much so that the Celestial Grace may descent. You are on time!

Pray for all of the religious people.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.