Wednesday, September 12 of 2018

Daily messages

The Fraternity of Light - Part I 

A congregation of serving souls, willing and surrendered to carry out the Will of Christ. 

They lead a life of selfless service for the planet, for humanity and for the Kingdoms of Nature. 

They work tirelessly to please God and to relieve His Heart. 

They seek the common good, the social and spiritual good among beings. 

They do not flaunt any prestige and aspire to be able to remain always in the last place. 

They wait ardently for the second coming of their great and only Master. 

Their feet are placed on a single boat. 

Their aspirations and their lives of service are on one path. 

They accept everyone, just as their Master accepts them, for love of humanity. 

They wish peace for all and live it in an unchangeable way. 

They find the meaning of their lives in the Divine Person of the Lord. 

They try, by all means, to multiply Mercy through their good works, their charity and their service. 

They unify their consciousnesses by following the Principles of the Hierarchy. This makes them participants in the communion with Divine Will. 

They accept, beyond everything, the cycles of changes. 

They do not fear their own purification. 

Their fidelity to the Work of God lies in transparency and in the truthfulness of their acts. 

They do not lie, do not manipulate any situation and do not modify forms for their own convenience. 

They assume, beyond everything, the Rules of the Brotherhood and they protect them, first, from themselves. 

They appeal for equality. 

They rejoice for the triumph and for the transformation of their fellow being. 

They take the risk every day in being more consequent with the Plan of God. 

They do not let themselves become influenced, neither by external nor human realities. 

They believe, above all, in the miracles of love and in the wonders of redemption. 

They build the Plan of God based on their own efforts. 

They sustain the current of Grace through their prayers and songs. 

They try, every day, to be a light for the world, relief for those who suffer, healing for those who are wounded. 

They share the planetary and human suffering. They seek to relieve it and repair it through their spirit of unconditionality. 

They feel this Fraternity of Light within themselves. 

They believe in the power of changes, in the construction and in the elevation of ideas, in the deep feeling of Sacred Unity. 

They do not know how to say "no", they have only learned to say "yes" and they vivify it in every moment. 

They are rescued warriors, redeemed mirrors, commanders liberated from ancient oppressions. They are integrated in the name of love and faith.

They only find Light in Christ’s Gaze of Love. 

They are the members of the Light-Network, those who form this Fraternity, those who accept the new cycle, those who no longer let themselves be influenced by the past, those who have overcome the tempest, those who do not change their minds out of convenience, those who aspire to be faithful to Christ, those who are conscious about the reason for their commitment, those who protect the Work from themselves, those who accept transformation, those who truly love the Instruction and those who wait for a better time. 

And those who do the impossible to live what they say, respecting and loving the place, the mission and the path to Christ, which they have chosen. 

This is the new Light-Network, which, based on the old patterns, today lives the necessary patterns, adapted to the needs of the end of times. 

The Light-Network is the Fraternity of Light because it is in communion with the Hierarchy, and all who enter into this Fraternity are determined to follow one path, a single Master; the Christ, so as to fulfill the Plan truly and without oscillations. 

May the Fraternity of Light be the new Light-Network, that launches its networks of love into the world in order to embrace humanity and relieve it from its suffering, and from its agony. 

May the Fraternity of Light be made of the faithful and true commitment of each member of the Light-Network, with the Hierarchy. 

I thank you for responding to My call! 

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace