Tuesday, October 15 of 2013

Daily messages

My Invincible Heart prevails before the chaos of the Earth and every soul that is united to My Redeeming Heart will also prevail in spite of the attacks of the enemy.

Few are those who in truth offer themselves to My Universal Consciousness in order to help Me to liberate the souls and consciousnesses that are imprisoned in their own condition. The Lord of the Heights sends again His Firstborn Son to help to heal the great pain of humanity.

This time the universe reunites again the apostles so that, together and as only one, they may carry in their hearts the sword of My liberation, that which out of love will finish to cut off evil from the world.

With the rosary in hand, live the merciful prayer. May it be your light for the darkness and you shelter before wiles. Before whatever condition and moment, may your word reverberate forever so that light and love may be able to win and in the end there may reign peace in humanity.

Today My Universal and Planetary Sacerdotal Consciousness has interceded for the brittle spirit of humanity and during the hour of My Mercy the portals of liberation will evacuate souls in a condition to be redeemed and forgiven. But My Love for you, that is infinite, restored all that was damaged and one more time My Unfathomable Mercy had its victory on the Earth.

This great source will protect and wash in your beings the wounds that are open. Thank you for calling Me to your prayer meeting.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for prevailing in My Merciful Heart!

Christ Jesus