Thursday, September 5 of 2019

Marathon of Divine Mercy

There will come a time in which all will already be defined, there will be no more chance to choose.

There will come a time in which humanity will make its great decision and it will be at that very moment that the Universal Law will take action, according to the indication of God.

That time is not too far away, that is why everybody is being called to go through a deep and true reflection, to take a great step and to confirm their lives to the Plan of our Celestial Father.

Because in this way, He can count on pillars upon the surface of the Earth to carry forward His Work of redemption and of peace in the world, which is the Work of the Three Sacred Hearts.

I know you are going through very difficult times. That is why I am here, companions, not only to accompany you in happiness and joy, but also to accompany you in the crucial times, in which the nations of the world define their destiny, a destiny that will have an unavoidable impact on the world population.

But never stop having faith, do not let your hearts hesitate, never let doubt enter into your inner world because My adversary is not resting. But if your prayers reach Heaven, as on this day, many situations are avoided, not only in the nations but also in the peoples.

The time will come, companions, in which each one of you must cross the portal of the Armageddon, not only for your inner purification, but also so as to be able to experience the chaos of the end of these times with patience, love, and humility.

I ask you, companions, to firmly hold up My torch of Light, that torch of Light that I gave you though prayer, which has lifted up your consciousnesses and lives, many times, to the Kingdom of God and sometimes without your perceiving it.

It is that torch of Light that must flame in this end time, to light up all the corners of the Earth and all hearts, to dissipate all darkness and gloom you experience in your souls.

Thus I call on you as My apostles of the final times, the apostles of the end time, who are part of the history of the transition of the Earth and who will be able to rewrite a new story in humanity, free of suffering, chaos, and human evil.

It is with the conversion and the redemption of your hearts that you will be able to change the world and the Light of God will descend upon the Earth through the return of Christ and all will participate in that, no matter from which plane or where you are, all will participate in this happening, all will be part of this final story that I have been building in your inner worlds.

Because when the great moment approaches, companions, I assure you that your lives will not fall back, you will take steps forward, you will face the end of times, you will learn to support your families and loved ones, your neighbors and friends, your own nations, which are part of a great spiritual debt for having deviated from the Law and the commitment.

But do allow, companions, My Universal Government to descend to Earth, through that sustaining of the torch of Light which is the living reflection of the prayer of the heart.

First My Government must descend into your hearts, your souls, spirits, and lives. In yourselves, companions, you must forge that spirit of valor and of courage as the first Christians did, giving their own lives to testify to My presence in the world.

But I do not want to see more blood flowing. I want to see, companions, the testimony of your daily conversion and redemption, the perfect alliance with the Celestial Father and with all His angels that are in Heaven.

Because it is at the most acute moment of the Earth when I will send the hosts of the Father, principally the hosts of the Archangel Saint Michael.

They will come with their swords, they will cut the ties, they will free the chains of the men and women of the Earth, they will close the hells, evil will be defeated, and the Heart of God will triumph in each human heart. And the promise of the Return of Christ will be fulfilled. It will no longer be only a promise, it will be a reality.

But continue firm, persist in the light of prayer, continue re-igniting the torch of Light that I have given you and place upon your chest the Cross of Redemption, that Cross that was lighted for you at the top of Mount Calvary, this Cross that witnessed the death of the Son of God and that engraved in its essence the Blood of the Lamb, of the Lamb that was sacrificed, that was insulted and mistreated by the ignorance and the unconsciousness of humankind.

But the power of My divine and unfathomable Mercy that was shed on the height of the Cross, with the flow of the Water and the Blood, that divine Mercy is what reaches up to these times. It is that powerful and invincible Mercy that God, our Eternal Father, showed Me in the Garden of Gethsemane.

What gave Me the strength, companions, to reach these times was: the faithfulness of My companions, the love of My martyrs, the solidarity of the servants, the honesty of the collaborators, the consecration of hearts to the spiritual and religious life and, principally, the priesthood that arises from My unfathomable Heart, so that all My Grace and Mercy be able to continue being poured out over the world throughout the times and all the generations.

And so, companions, I ask you to confirm your consciousnesses to God, in the same way you confirm your consciousnesses today to My Heart, because I ask you, companions, that through holding up that torch of light and of faith, which will illumine the most crucial and definite times, you will be able, companions, to go through the end of times without fear, with a deep courage, a strengthened faith that is born of the trust of your lives in the presence of your Redeemer within each one of you.

Humanity expects to see phenomena that will transcend all the times and events, but the true phenomenon in this time is the miracle that was able to take place in your lives with your adherence to My Plan of Love and with your indelible trust in My Redemptive Project.

To have achieved this in this time is a miracle. Thus, I again renew you in persistence and in faith because harder times will come, the times that humanity chose. But the more you pray and the more you strengthen yourselves internally, many, many more souls will be given relief from that choice that humanity itself made, especially the choices that the nations make at this time which are not the responsibility of the people, but rather of the hypnotism that comes from those who govern.

Let the Love of God never be missing in your hearts. Before deciding, acting, or speaking, think if in your inner senses there is the Love of God, because that will protect you from entering the chaos in these times and of being violently pushed by the forces of perdition.

But there is something that is inviolable, which is built in your hearts and essences. In spite of the events and of the tests, companions, this cannot be defeated, cannot be dispelled, nobody can dissolve it. Because it is a spiritual fortitude that your lives build in My life, in each moment of prayer, at each moment of service, as in each opportunity of loving more each day.

These treasures are unshakable, cannot be extinguished and cannot be erased. Take care of these treasures and allow these treasures to be able to bring forth more fruits which may be shared and distributed with your brothers and sisters, just as I share My Love with you.

Today I come to say that Argentina will face a very acute moment, but you have Me to be able to go through it. Thus, I ask that there not be a lot of rage or indignation in your hearts, that you not raise your voices nor your swords, because who wounds with their sword and with their voice, will be wounded.

In this moment, use the third ray that governs this material universe and let Divine Intelligence, which is propagated by the Holy Spirit, place you in the right place and at the right moment, for the chance of giving more love where it does not exist.

But that test will not last very long. Argentina will be re-ignited by all its sacred precincts and the souls will feel it, and it will be the prelude to My coming to the world in an unexpected and inexplicable way.

Therefore, place you minds and consciousnesses in all the good that will come rather than on the tests that will take place.

I know that you will not be able to be indifferent to the reality of Argentina and of South America, but you must nourish your spirits in the fire of prayer so that you not feel that you lack something, but rather feel an inner strength that gives you the impulse to renew yourselves time after time.

I am here, on this day and on this afternoon, to prepare you for that moment, a moment in which you must demonstrate by yourselves that you have understood My words and especially, that you live My message even in the simplest and smallest of things. This will protect not only you but also your loved ones.

The crises of these times forge human fraternity in hearts, a fraternity that was never experienced in some other time, a human fraternity that will remove you from illusion, from ownership, from the control of all you think you have by your own means.

In this way you will awaken to love and you will be able to expand it in the world, just as I expanded My Love for you in each moment and in each passage upon this Earth.

Now, I need you to be like Me, that you be My example of love and of light, of peace and of reconciliation. Heaven welcomes your prayers with splendor and makes of them many miracles, graces, and mercies to be poured out in other places of the Earth, where no love or peace are experienced, where no goodness exists.

Be wardens of that living Love of God which, like the people of Israel, at this time I come to spiritually feed and nourish you with. It is that Love that will allow you to transcend the end of times, it is that Love that nobody will take from you because it is the Love of God that can enter into you and dwell in you forever.

While the doors of Heaven are open and the Heavenly Church descends to commune of the essences of God, this is the moment in which each one of your souls can make a new offering to the Celestial Father. In the deepest and most true sincerity that emerges from your hearts, through My Heart you will be able emit your offer and intention for some situation or cause, be it possible or impossible.

At this moment, just like the angels of Heaven that surround the glory and the divinity of the Son of God, your souls will bow down to the ground and from the Universe receive the sacred blessing, fruit of the Grace and Mercy of the Father.

We prepare this moment, not only for the transubstantiation of the elements that will change into the Body and the Blood of Christ, but also so that God may hear your pleas, may receive your intentions, and with His Love fill each one of those present.

Let us stand and give thanks, placing our hand on our heart, to feel the beat of our heart that is the beat of the Heart of Christ, which at this moment emits and radiates His Love to the world, dissolving the difficulties, transmuting the hells, freeing souls from oppression.

The Heart of Jesus beats in each human heart. Feel the beat of your hearts, feel the beating of His living Heart, this is the beat of the Heart of God that never stops, that never rests, and that renews all things.

And today, before the Celestial Church of the Father, receive His Love and commune of this moment that leads you into a renewal of life and consciousness.

In this offering of Love, let us humbly lift up our pleas so that the Heart of the Father may answer us through His Mercy.

Prayer: Celestial Father (repeated three times)

Eternal Father, God and Creation of Life, bless these elements that Your children lovingly offer at Your altar for the transubstantiation of life, the forgiveness of errors and the victory of Divine Mercy in the whole world. Amen.

At this moment, let us raise our intentions to God

God grants His Grace and His Mercy through the Love of His Son and this universal and infinite Love is what grants healing and the redemption of souls.

Today I return to institute and to establish the revelation of this mystery of love, through the consecration of the Body and the Blood of Christ.

And in light of the same scene of the Last Supper, let those who are able and can, kneel.

At that time, after having washed the hands and the feet of the apostles, of the first priests that would succeeded Me, I gathered them around the table of Love to celebrate the legacy of Christ that would remain forever in humanity.

And so I took the bread, breaking it and giving thanks to God for that sacrifice that I would experience, gave it to the apostles, saying to them with a deep love: "Take and all eat of It, for this is My Body that will be given for you for the forgiveness of sins."

And at the sound of three bell strikes, the angels transubstantiated the bread into the living Body of Christ.

Prayer: We praise You Lord and we bless You (repeated three times).

Then I took up the Chalice, giving thanks to God for that sacrifice of shedding every last drop of My Blood for My brothers and sisters, handed it to the apostles, saying to them with a deep love: "Take and drink, this is My Blood, the Blood of the New Covenant, that will be shed by your Master and Lord for the remission and the forgiveness of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

And at the sound of three bell strikes, the angels transubstantiated the wine into the Precious Blood of Christ.

Prayer: We praise You Lord and bless You (repeated three times)

We stand and hold hands.

As one people, as one humanity, and a single flock together with Christ, our Lord, the King of kings, and the Master among masters, as it was in the Last Supper, we will repeat the prayer that He taught us, expressing in each word His sweet and purest Love.

And let us do this prayer softly, slowly, feeling each one of the words that Christ left for us.

Prayer: Our Father

Let us place our hands on our heart and when the seven bells sound, the Body and the Blood of Christ, our Savior, will be established and instituted for the whole world on this day of Glory and of Mercy.

I am happy to know, companions, that day after day in your path of transformation and of faith, you are able to be part of My mystical Body, that spiritual and divine Body that assembles and unites all souls of the world, beyond distances, boundaries and nations, establishing a single people, a single race, and a New Humanity.

In the name of that sacred promise of the New Humanity, within the New Jerusalem, I give you My Peace so that you may live and feel it, share it and express it with your loved ones and with all those you encounter on your paths.

May this Peace, which emerges from the eternal Heart of God, free you forever and in that freedom you may find a perfect alliance with the Creator, until the one thousand years of peace are fulfilled.

May the Peace of My Heart be with all of you, in fraternity and unity you will give each other the greeting of peace.

I thank you for having responded to My call.