Saturday, October 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

I want that My mantle of universal healing be expanded to the world and to reach the most forgotten, the sick of body, of soul and of spirit, those who die in life and those who are no longer in this world, so that all the wounds of the past and of the present may be able to heal and to be cured before My Heart.

I am the Lady of Aurora, that which dawns in the heart of those who live in darkness whenever a little hope lives there.

My dears I truly want to come to the world in order to touch each particle of life, because My Heart has a celestial power to transform everything that was created, to allow for the creation of God return to its original path and fulfill this purpose for which it was created.  But it is necessary that the hearts of the world give Me a sign, a permission, no matter how small it is.

I do not come to ask you for great works, neither for great sacrifices.  I come to ask you for that which humanity does not want to give to God, that is a humble heart, meek, kind, fraternal and serving; a heart that prays, that contemplates its Lord in all things; a heart that knows how to find and follow the path left by Christ.

My beloveds, many in the world aspire to great things, heroic deeds, which are recognized by all, great acts of service and charity, but few know that the greatest service is found in forgetfulness of self and in the love of others, those who you have on your side every day.

If you want to heal, together with Me, the indifference of the world and all the injustices engendered by lack of love, then begin by transforming the lack of love that exists in your lives, among the servants of  God.  Walk towards the living of a full, permanent love, which accepts all imperfections, in this way to heal them.

I want those who are self-summoned for this time to be carriers of the Living Message of Christ.  That His Divine Word is not only in their mouths or in their public actions.  May the actions of Christ be permanent in the more hidden actions of your lives, because these are the ones that have more value in the eyes of the Creator that sees all.

My beloveds, I come on the day of today so that the Universal Healing may descend and be expanded upon the world.  For this I speak to you about all these things, which are the roots of human suffering and of all diseases.

May love be your only remedy, and may prayer be the path to traverse in order to find this love.

I thank you always for persisting in answering to My Call, and on this day I ask you to not only come to My encounter every day, but that you live My words.  In this way you will open the doors so that the healing that I bring in My arms may be poured not only upon you but upon the whole world.

I love you profoundly and I bless you, so that you may be tireless in the face of the tests that God sends to you.

May the Peace and the Universal Healing be today in your lives.

Mary, Lady of Aurora



Monday, October 13 of 2014

Monthly messages

The miracles are for everyone because it is only the faith in each heart which opens the doors, so that Laws that are not from this world can act.

A few centuries ago I performed the greatest miracle of the conversion of this country because a simple and pure Indian fully trusted in My Presence, because he knew that I was observing him all of the time.  In this moment of danger, with faith he invoked Me and I came to him because I knew that this faith would be imprinted in the history of humanity, as it was so true and crystalline.

His eyes shone before My Presence because not only could he feel My protection, but also he saw My gaze and My maternal smile, he heard the sweet voice of the Lady of Heavens who told him: “Do not fear.”

At this moment, My mantle lit up in celestial Light and My sacred protection descended upon the world in such a way that those who were persecuting   the loyal Indian could not find him.

I tell you this story, My beloveds, because I want to repeat it every day in your lives.  But for this it is necessary that faith be greater than fear and doubts.  It is necessary to fully trust in My presence and in prayer to tell Me what you need because I will listen to you.  Issue to the Universe a petition for redemption and it will come to your aid in order to release you from all the evil that persecutes you.

My beloveds, this world is almost completely submerged in darkness.  Just a few are those who truly hear the Voice of God and follow it. The modernities and illusions distract the hearts of My children.  And even those who trust in God the Father cannot unite themselves with the others because the differences between the beliefs have separated them completely.

My beloveds, today I call you to the living unity and fraternity so that you may know that there does not exist in this world only one single true religion.  All are children of God and because they so different in this world, there are many ways to arrive to the Father.  What matters is that you be truthful in everything that you do and that your prayers are done with love, for the good and for the redemption of all humanity.

I invite you to the universal ecumenism, to be able to pulse in only one heart, with all of your brothers and sisters of the world. The army of the Creator must be one and only, independent of the faith of each one of you.

My beloveds, I call you to live a love without frontiers or distinctions of race, without religion, without  culture, so that you can enter into the Kingdom of God where all are one, the Essence of the Creator of all things.

As this loyal Indian who was for humanity as a ray of the sun, trust in My presence and in My protection.

My mantle today descends upon this city, as well as upon this world to push away from My children all that prevents them from evolving and elevating themselves to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

I love you and I thank you for the faith in the Lady of Caacupé, who is your protector for these and for all times.

Be My companions all of the days and permit other beings in the world to awaken and to receive such great Graces.

Be praying soldiers of this army of light and bring My peace for all.

Pray, pray every day with your heart.  Pray as you know how to pray.  Cry out for this world as you do for yourselves and for your relatives. The world is your great family and needs a lot of help.

I thank you for accompanying my steps.

I bless you and I love you always.

Mary, Lady of Caacupé and of all the hearts of the world  



Monday, October 13 of 2014

Monthly messages

My dear children from Ciudad Del Este and from all of Paraguay.

Today, My Immaculate Heart offers itself to all of you.  A pure and immaculate Heart, free of stains, but full the Love of God; a Heart that heals and redeems; a Heart that liberates, embraces and forgives.

Today I offer you My Immaculate Heart, free of thorns and of outrages, so that united with Me, you can take the steps towards the Kingdom of God.

Children of Mine, today the light of My Immaculate Heart surrenders itself to the world in the same way that I did one time in Fátima for the whole world.  I ask you that today you unite your consciousnesses with the Kingdom and Sanctuary of Fatima, so that by the Supreme Grace of God, you receive the essence of the original purity.

And how will you be able to enter into this path of inner purity?

I only ask you to pray, pray every day so that the world, at least the majority of souls, do not lose the innocence that God the Father gave them.  Many hearts of mine have already stopped being innocent and became contaminated with the influences of the modernities from this world; this caused the original purity that was in the hearts to be lost.

For a greater and infinite purpose My Immaculate Presence descends upon the ailing reality of this world in order to extend to all the divine energy of My Full Grace.

You, My novice disciples, are called to practice prayer and selfless service, in order to balance the scales of the law that is at the point of breaking itself up.  To prevent many things today I introduce Myself to all as the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, in order to remind you of the importance of finding new commandments of life by means of the prayer of the heart.

The more souls that join with their hearts to My call for peace, the greater will be the probability that the world will not have to suffer for everything that is not done well.

From Heaven where I come from, We observe the precipitous actions that humanity has been realizing in the material life.  Through cunning, humanity is diverted from the spiritual life, that which will lead them to find the sacred purpose.

For this My dear children, today I offer you on this 13th day of October, the day of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, the opportunity to return to God by means of My Luminous Heart.

Release your ties and no longer have pacts with the impure life of this world, this one that will make you spiritually sick.  Be intelligent and invoke the power of the love of My Son; thus you will be withdrawn from illusion every day and will be blessed by His Infinite and Divine Mercy.

Seek My beloveds, the way out that I am showing you.  Cultivate in your hearts the flame of original purity.  In this way you will be protected from your own selves and from this material world.  Remember in your prayers all of those who are blind and deaf, lost and trapped in these times.

I ask you with fraternal Love, to banish disunity and separateness.  If you, My apostles, do not come together, where will be the project of God for this world?

Your Eternal Father is Wise, Pious and Merciful.  He wants to see you whole and happy, healthy of mind and of heart.

Today I offer Myself as your Sacred Mother, so that you may accept the path of conversion and of peace that I offer you.

Let us bless this day of Glory for the presence of the Kingdom of Fatima, the Source of original purity.

I thank you profoundly to all those that made possible this pilgrimage in Paraguay!

My Peace in your lives.

Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima

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