Saturday, October 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

I want that My mantle of universal healing be expanded to the world and to reach the most forgotten, the sick of body, of soul and of spirit, those who die in life and those who are no longer in this world, so that all the wounds of the past and of the present may be able to heal and to be cured before My Heart.

I am the Lady of Aurora, that which dawns in the heart of those who live in darkness whenever a little hope lives there.

My dears I truly want to come to the world in order to touch each particle of life, because My Heart has a celestial power to transform everything that was created, to allow for the creation of God return to its original path and fulfill this purpose for which it was created.  But it is necessary that the hearts of the world give Me a sign, a permission, no matter how small it is.

I do not come to ask you for great works, neither for great sacrifices.  I come to ask you for that which humanity does not want to give to God, that is a humble heart, meek, kind, fraternal and serving; a heart that prays, that contemplates its Lord in all things; a heart that knows how to find and follow the path left by Christ.

My beloveds, many in the world aspire to great things, heroic deeds, which are recognized by all, great acts of service and charity, but few know that the greatest service is found in forgetfulness of self and in the love of others, those who you have on your side every day.

If you want to heal, together with Me, the indifference of the world and all the injustices engendered by lack of love, then begin by transforming the lack of love that exists in your lives, among the servants of  God.  Walk towards the living of a full, permanent love, which accepts all imperfections, in this way to heal them.

I want those who are self-summoned for this time to be carriers of the Living Message of Christ.  That His Divine Word is not only in their mouths or in their public actions.  May the actions of Christ be permanent in the more hidden actions of your lives, because these are the ones that have more value in the eyes of the Creator that sees all.

My beloveds, I come on the day of today so that the Universal Healing may descend and be expanded upon the world.  For this I speak to you about all these things, which are the roots of human suffering and of all diseases.

May love be your only remedy, and may prayer be the path to traverse in order to find this love.

I thank you always for persisting in answering to My Call, and on this day I ask you to not only come to My encounter every day, but that you live My words.  In this way you will open the doors so that the healing that I bring in My arms may be poured not only upon you but upon the whole world.

I love you profoundly and I bless you, so that you may be tireless in the face of the tests that God sends to you.

May the Peace and the Universal Healing be today in your lives.

Mary, Lady of Aurora