The Powerful Novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ

The Powerful Novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ


New Sacred Exercise of Prayer for the End of Times.

In the daily Message of December 3, 2013, our Lord, Christ Jesus, transmitted the following:

"The most precious souls are those that rejoice My Heart every day because they adore Me and consecrate themselves to My Eternal Presence.

For this reason, I must always take care of these souls that, for various reasons, have come to the world to redeem their lives and their pasts. 

In this time, the consecrated souls are entering into the apex of strong experiences and learning, those which will allow them to mature with wisdom and discernment.  All these souls are like treasures in My Kingdom because I pour My Graces and My Peace upon them so that forever may be radiated to the world the sacred gifts of Heaven".

At the end of the message, Christ transmitted a new sacred exercise of prayer that, according to His Instructions, will help us to face the end of times and, above all, the action of the capital sins.  This exercise is considered by Christ as a shield of protection against these energies.

The Powerful Novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ

          Sacred Exercise of Prayer for the End of Times, transmitted by Christ Jesus in His daily message of December 3, 2013

This sacred novena comes from an inner emanation of prayer that springs perpetually from the Heart of Jesus.

This novena is a direct dialog with the Creator Source, from which all creatures have arisen as essences.

"The soul that venerates Me by means of this Sacred Novena will enter into the historical moment in which Christ lived His public life and His Passion.  In this way, it will spiritually collect the divine fruits that the Master left engraved on the consciousness of this world".

Whoever invokes Jesus by means of this Sacred Novena will approach the celestial powers that the Father conceded to Jesus from the first moment of His birth, of His public life, of His Passion, of His Death and of His Resurrection.

This exercise of prayer must be prayed during nine days, with the purest intention of being able to receive the same spiritual merits that Jesus received when He was incarnated in this world.  This Grace that today I concede to you for this time of chaos is similar to the Orandium of the Passion and of Transfiguration.  The signs of the Transfiguration and of the Passion of Jesus represent for the souls the first school of coming closer to Jesus.

"Now the Powerful Novena to the Merciful Jesus Christ symbolizes the entrance into a deeper state of consciousness and prayer. I reveal to you that you will be able to remain in the same Christic vibration, in the same state of Christ.

This powerful novena will try to help everyone, mainly those who have consciously consecrated themselves to Christ Jesus.  It will try to transubstantiate, that is, to change the cellular and mental state of all events that have prevented the spiritual awakening of souls to Divine Life.  This powerful novena will bring to you, as an impulse, the divine merits that Christ received during His trajectory upon Earth.

This exercise aspires to transfigure the inner states of each being, turning them into divine and sublime principles.  For this, the work of prayer with the powerful novena must be constant, without setting a time of ending in weeks, months or years.  Now each soul will know how to recognize the importance of turning itself into a faithful instrument of God.

This Grace is poured out especially to transform something that causes the world to drown, that which are called capital sins.  This novena will work as a shield before the presence of these energies".

The prayer of each day of the novena must be repeated thirty-three times.

In the end, in the event that who prays is planning to begin the novena again, one day of pause must be taken, because the invocation of the events and principles that were lived by Jesus Christ must follow a universal order.

  • First day - On the first day, you will pray to transcend human control through the Most Holy Purity that Christ incarnated during His special birth in the manger of the city of Bethlehem.  In this event, you will be able to see manifested the first power of the Holy Spirit, which was the sublime incarnation of God through the coming of the Messiah Jesus.

    With total fervor and inner determination, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For the powerful birth of Christ on Earth,
Most Holy Spirit of God,
transcend our matter
so that the power of Divine Purity
may incarnate in us.



  • Second day - On the second day, you shall pray to expel from the consciousness the human condition, that which throughout times has been awakened by the work of the enemy: temptation, pride, avarice and greed, capital energies that closed off the paths of light for good souls.

    With faith and conviction, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For the Sacred Humility expressed
by the Divine Family,
and through the Pure Love
that the Child Jesus radiated to the world,
Lord, expel from our beings
all domination constructed by the enemy.



  • Third day - On the third day, you shall pray to God begging Him for Mercy through the Divine Pity that Jesus offered during His public Life. You shall supplicate to the Lord for Him to liberate the hearts from the sins of vanity, possession, pride and curses that may have once lived in poor hearts.

    With consciousness and with truth, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For the Sacred Miracle of Jesus
at the Wedding of Cana,
may all beings be converted
so that true love
for the Creator may finally
awaken in the world.


  • Fourth day - On the fourth day, you shall remember the blessed healings that Jesus carried out among different people; blind, lame and dumb. In this way, you will ask God for the deep healing of your souls and of the aspects that are marked as indelible wounds within your evolution. You shall request from God that, through the healing power of Jesus Christ, all events that occurred in the lives of simple souls may be healed by Jesus, as He at that time had healed the sick.

    With devotion and mercy, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

May the powerful Hands of Jesus
and His Rays of Mercy
descend upon our hearts
so that the Light of the Kingdom of God
may liberate the ties
and forever heal all our wounds.



  • Fifth day - On the fifth day, you shall glorify God because He has sent the Savior Son to quench the spiritual thirst of the world. You shall then remember the moment in which the Samaritan offered Him fresh water from the well and Christ, in return, offered her the Water of Life.

    May your lives, in this divine mystery, be washed by this Blessed Water that sprung forth strongly from the Side of Jesus on the Cross so that the sins of omission, cruelty, torture, outrages and of indifferences, that humanity has generated throughout the centuries, may be transmuted by the sacred codes of the Water of Life, and that healing may be manifested in all consciousnesses.

    With love and compassion, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For the Water of Life and Redemption
that poured out from the Side of Jesus,
may the baptismal powers of liberation and forgiveness
descend upon our lives.


  • Sixth day - On the sixth day, you shall pray to the Father to implore Him for Mercy for those who perpetually blame themselves and condemn themselves eternally, without having changed anything in their lives. You shall now remember the moment in which Jesus was condemned to death. You shall meditate on this mystery that Christ offered for all, and in this way, you shall understand that in absolute self-surrender lies the key to the transformation of consciousness.

    Contemplating this mystery of the surrender of Jesus for humanity, you shall pray with hope and joy for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For Jesus' great surrender of Love 
on the arms of the Cross,
Emmanuel, Sacred Father,

grant us the Grace of permanent surrender
on behalf of our fellow beings.



  • Seventh day - On the seventh day of the Powerful Novena, you shall take your memory back to the moment of the encounter of Jesus with His Mother on the path of Calvary.
    May the maternal power of love that sustains all and resolves all allow the world to be liberated from the constant falls and perditions that it has been led through.

    Through this important act of absolute love between the Son of God and the Mother of God, may the weakest souls receive the Grace of affirming themselves on the path of the spirit by means of the supreme strength that Christ lived during His Passion. 

    May this same strength lead those consecrated to Christ to abstain from all temptation and energy that may seduce them to deviate them from the path of the good pilgrim. May the Faith of Christ remove the obstacles so that the children of the Father may walk in freedom towards Paradise.

    With openness and piety, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For the divine and supreme strength of Jesus
during His Sacred Passion,
Father, affirm Eternal Faith in our beings,
the sublime fire of eternal ascension.



  • Eighth day - On the eighth day, you shall open the celestial door to receive the Divine Pity that the glorified Christ expressed in spirit and in consciousness after having been brought down from the Cross.

    May this mystery of invincible love, that restores all and transforms all, in spite of the mistakes committed, incarnate as infinite and permanent light in the hearts that have decided to live the path of apostleship.

    May this Divine Christic Pity transfigure, without being detained, the hard aspects of unconsciousness, those which are kept and prevail, frightening the servers. That the sublime fire of Pity, which Jesus expressed for the whole world after the Cross, may remove the difficulties for those who cannot live chastity, austerity, detachment, impersonality and surrender to the Heart of God

    With peace and firmness, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For the divine and powerful Pity
that Christ emanated out of love for the whole world
while in the arms of the Most Holy Virgin
Mary, Supreme Mother, shelter us now and always
in the Heart of Your Kingdom.



  • Ninth day - And on the ninth and last day of the Powerful Novena, you shall meditate on each one of the eight previous mysteries that Jesus left engraved as light for the world. On this ninth day, the synthesis of all the prayerful and spiritual work must emerge. The Christic codes must already be latent in the hearts that, with so much love, have invoked the preceding eight powerful divine mysteries of Christ.

    Today you shall remember the moment of the Sacred Resurrection of Jesus on the third day and you shall see in this act of power of the Son of God that, in profound humility after having been condemned, martyrized and humiliated, He resurrected gloriously, defeating the spiritual death that was condemning the whole world.

    Through this mystery, may the souls that fight without rest, those that truly work to accomplish the Plan of God, be liberated from all evil and may they manage, through love of the resurrection of Christ, to redeem the profound elements that condemn the consciousnesses.

    May they stand up from where they have fallen!  In this way, may they defeat, as did Jesus, the spiritual death that generates the sin of the world and may all hearts be raised to the foot of the Sacred Altar of the Creator.

    With presence and fidelity, you shall pray for thirty-three times the following prayer:

For the sake of the glorious and victorious Resurrection of Jesus,
may the sacred celestial rays
descend upon our lives
so that the Omnipresent Life of God may reign.



Final Prayer
To close the ninth day


I leave to those who are Mine a profound appreciation that springs forth from My Most Sacred Heart.

For this Grace that is born from My Essence today, I give to you one last prayer, which will close the cycle of nine days with the Merciful Jesus.

I wish to explain to you that this prayer is an inner confirmation of your souls before the Throne of God by means of My Divine Mercy.  Permit that, through this confirmation, all Christic codes be sown in your hearts because My greater aspiration as King of the souls is that you will be able to eternally live in Me.

After these nine days of union between Heaven and Earth, may your lives find rest in My Sacred and Divine Heart of Peace.  May this path that you have traversed, through the Powerful Novena, confirm you as new Christs for the current time. 

Walk by My side because in this way I will not lose you.  Remember that I always need the loving help of those who are Mine. 

Prayer of the Divine Confirmation

Lord, God the Father,
Infinite Source of Love, Unity and Light,
I am Your humble and small servant.

I am Your spark of fire that comes from the Great Source.

Allow me to be as simple as Your Beloved Son,
allow me to be as pure as Your Precious Universal Mother.

Liberate all ties from my path.
With Your Sword of Light cut the ties that the enemy has established,
because by living in Your Supreme Freedom
I will find hope in the future,
I will find strength in the Light of Your Divine Heart.

May the nine powerful deeds
that Christ lived upon the Earth
be sown in my heart
so that, on the day of the Great Celestial Victory,
the Angels and Archangels may
guide the purpose of all essences
and we may live together with You, Lord of Love,
in the Kingdom of Eternity, of Service
and of Absolute Surrender to Your Plan of Redemption.

May those who have fallen be raised!

May Your Divine Mercy
resurrect the spirit of our brothers and sisters throughout the world!

May Your Love and Compassion unite us as one heart
forever and ever,
united to Christ Our Lord!



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