Prayer and Spiritual Petition to Jesus Christ

Prayer and Spiritual Petition to Jesus Christ


During His Daily Message on January 17, 2013, transmitted to Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón, the Master gave us a new spiritual petition.

He said: 

“If you recite this spiritual petition every day you will be relieved of any disturbance and you will find the Grace of My Eternal Saving Light. Trust in My Heart once more. “

I trust in You, in Your Heart,
in Your Instruction, in Your Will.

help me to be strong and invincible
before the snares of the enemy.

teach me to walk in faith
and in absolute trust in Your Redemptive Purpose.

I surrender to Your Blessed Savior Heart
so that, under Your Celestial Grace,
my soul and all souls that still do not
define themselves for Your only and true path
may together find consolation for our spirits,
fervor to live in Your devotion,
forgiveness to dissolve the past
and Divine Mercy to walk valiantly
towards the advent of
Your Glorious Kingdom of Love and Peace.

Hail, King!
Inexhaustible source of Graces and Pity!
Deliver me completely into the arms
of Your Supreme Creator Father.


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