The New Beatitudes of Christ Jesus

The New Beatitudes of Christ Jesus


In the daily Message of August 16, 2013, Our Lord speaks about His Beatitudes:

"Dear flocks: 

I rejoice Myself in heart and soul when I see, before My Presence, those who feel motivated, through Me, to sustain the fire of ardent transformation. In this way, My Heart truly congregates those who are willing to follow the path of Christification, a path full of challenges and of constant tests for everyday life.

For this reason, I deposit My Beatitudes in the simple, humble and obedient hearts, I deposit My light in those who need it in this time to achieve the path of sanctification and of eternal peace. In this way I permit that My Kingship be established upon the souls that are most abandoned to the world, to instead abandon themselves with trust to My Merciful Heart.

In this time, I leave for the souls the greatness of all My Being, the constant Grace that will heal the wounds and open new doors for those who only say "yes" to Me. But remember that My Servers will suffer for their fellow beings in this cycle, they will suffer and they will give testimony of life for those who have turned their faces away from Me to see the things of the world.

For this reason, I need the effort and the surrender of all of the souls that may feel motivated, for this humanity, to live the sacrifices that many saints have offered for the world to continue on this universal orbit".

On February 15, 2013, Our Master, transmitted His New Beatitudes:

The New Beatitudes of Christ Jesus

  • Blessed are the little of heart, for they will achieve Mercy.
  • Blessed are the poor of spirit, for they will inherit the Promised Land.
  • Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will see God.
  • Blessed are the free of heart and the pure of feeling, for they will find Peace.
  • Blessed are the missionaries and the faithful servers, for they will be called the New Flock of God.
  • Blessed are the crystalline of thought and the simple, for they will see the powerful Flame of My Heart.
  • Blessed are the sincere, the truthful and the meek, for they will find the supreme truth of God.
  • Blessed are the loving, the charitable and the kind, for they will see the Universal Paradise.
  • Blessed are those who, day by day, consecrate themselves to Me, for they will be called Servers of Christ.
  • Blessed are the humble and the silent, for they will acquire My Shepherd Knowledge.
  • Blessed are those who fight for the Holy and Divine Justice of the Universe, for they will be called Mediators of My Heart.
  • Blessed are the open of heart and the empty of self, for they will receive the Holy Spirit.
  • Blessed are the saints in life and those who constantly give of themselves for love of God, for they will be called Free of Spirit and Consecrated.
  • Blessed are those who love their brothers and sisters as they are, without judgments or criticism, for they will find Wisdom.
  • Blessed are those who love with the essence of the heart, for they will be the New Christs of the new time, the apostles of the Divine Mercy.
  • Blessed are those who believe in My Return and those who open themselves to receive My Message for all days to come, for they will be called Children of the Firstborn, Servers of Christ the Redeemer.
  • Blessed are those who live in the Law of the Hierarchy, for they will be able to recognize the Instructor of Love.
  • Blessed are the free of self, for they will be filled with the Merciful Love of God.

"With My New Beatitudes, prepare your hearts in consciousness so that in these commandments of life you may recognize the instruction of My Wise Heart of Love.
Because if you live My Beatitudes, you will receive the tablet of My Salvation, your hearts will be redeemed and you will be called Disciples of the Savior".

Christ Jesus

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