The Devotional to the Divine Mercy

The Devotional to the Divine Mercy


At the end of the daily Message of May 3, 2013, Christ Jesus transmitted to us an exercise of prayer and devotion to the Divine Mercy of Jesus, which is made up of two prayers, to include them in our daily prayers.

The first prayer is a repairing prayer that intercedes before God by means of the Divine Mercy of Jesus. It is a prayer to be recited in the name of all the most inveterate sinners and for humanity so that it may achieve Mercy.

Reparative Prayer to the Divine Mercy

Water, Blood, Life and Redemption,
that flowed out from the Blessed wounded Heart of Jesus,
have pity, Mercy and compassion on all of us.



Afterwards, Our Lord Christ Jesus transmitted to us the complement to the first prayer which He called Restorative Prayer to the Creator Father which must be prayed after the Reparative Prayer to the Divine Mercy.

Restorative Prayer to the Creator Father

Celestial Father,
Supreme Unity,
Supreme Consciousness,
Supreme Love,
have compassion on all of us
and on all of humanity.


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