Orandium of the Passion and of the Transfiguration of Jesus

Orandium of the Passion and of the Transfiguration of Jesus



The instructions presented in the following booklet were transmitted by the Master Jesus Christ Himself, during a praying retreat realized by members of the Grace Mercy Order in one of its monasteries in Uruguay, during Holy Week of 2012.

Christ presented Himself during the groups work, as had occurred at other times1. For seven consecutive days He conducted the group through a very important work of prayer for the souls and for the planet2.

The Orandium of the Passion and Transfiguration of Jesus is a sacred instrument of prayer for these times.

We have transcribed the words of the Master as He transmitted them.

“May the Orandium of the Passion and of the Transfiguration of Jesus bring peace for the world, especially for the souls that need it. To all those that pray this Orandium of the Passion and of the Transfiguration of My Face, I promise you:

• that you will be closer to Me

• that you may find the Light on the path

• that you will be led to My Kingdom

• that you will find peace

• that you may convert your hearts

• that you will be relieved of all evil

• that you may heal profound illnesses

• that you will find My Mercy within the time of Divine Justice

• that you will be protected by My Mantle

• that through my Hands you will be brought to God

• that the mysteries of My Heart will be revealed to you

• that you will find refuge in My Being

• that you will see wisdom through My Eyes

• that you will drink from the chalice with Me for Redemption

• that you will find My universal Hope

• that deeply-rooted faults will be forgiven

• that you will walk with My Feet and will touch with My Hands

• that you will feel My Heart closer

• that you may have merit for Paradise

• that some will pass through to purgatory to carry out a service, if God predicts it

• that you will help in the conversion of humanity

• that you will convert groups of souls

• that I will give you My Faith

• that I will deliver to you My Meekness

• that I will bring you to My Silence

• and that you will strengthen the devotion to My Sacred Heart


With this Orandium you will be calling, in My Name, at the door of My Heart, at My Temple, at My Essence and thus you may relieve the burden of My Heart for so many injustices that the world sends Me.

My Love will radiate to those who pray these beads with Me.

You must pray for the world on each Saturday and Sunday with all of your brothers and sisters of the path.

You must spread this key of redemption to the world in these times of tribulation.

Each prayer that I am delivering to you is a decree of My Love; they are attributes of My Resurrection, which you must honor and glorify from this moment on.

Today I announce to you ,as the Good News from My Heart, so that you know that you already have the keys to open the doors to the Heavens.”


How to pray

Beginning with the cross and at the 6 beads that follow it, we pray:

Prayer for the Restoration of the Heart of Christ

O! Blood of Christ,
poured over the world,
purify our souls, relieve our hearts,
Have pity on us, Lord.


At the 1st big union bead, as at the other big union beads, we pray The Prayer of Our Father in Aramaic.

At the 1st decade we pray:

1st Signal

For the sake of the spear that pierced the Heart of Jesus,
and poured Mercy to the world,
forgive us, Lord.

At the 2nd decade we pray:

2nd Signal

For the sake of the Holy Cloth,
that enveloped and transfigured Jesus,
restore us, Lord.

At the 3rd decade we pray:

3rd Signal

For the sake of the Water that flowed out
From the Side3 of Jesus,
and gave us Eternal Redemption,
comfort us, Lord.

At the 4th decade we pray:

4th Signal

For the sake of the Blood that flowed out from the Heart of Jesus,
that freed the world,
save us, Lord.

At the 5th decade we pray:

5th Signal

For the sake of the three falls of Jesus with the Cross,
that converted humanity,
raise us up, Lord.

At the 6th decade we pray:

6th Signal

For the sake of the wounds in the hands of Jesus,
that illuminated all souls,
have pity, Lord.

At the last six beads and the cross we pray:

7th Signal

For the sake of the Glorious Ascension of Jesus,
that saved all humanity,
give us Your Spirit, Lord.

In total we pray 81 beads.

As we do the Orandium practice, let us keep present in our hearts the value and the gift that is being delivered to us and how reverently we must use it.

Transliterated into English

D´bwashmayaaph b´arha
Aykannadaph khnan shbwoqanl´khayyabayn
Elapatzan min bisha
Metol dilakhiemalhkutha
l´ahlam almin


As we said, in the union beads of the Orandium of the Passion and the Transfiguration of Jesus, The Prayer of Our Lord must be pronounced in Aramaic, following the sounds presented in the transliteration.

So that we may understand what we are pronouncing, we have presented a possible translation for this prayer, considering that as other sister languages – as Hebrew and Arabic – Aramaic may express different levels of meaning.

Translated into English

O, Supreme Consciousness4!
From whence comes the breath of life,

that penetrates
all worlds of sound, light and vibration,

Nethqadash shmakh
May Your sublime and profound light be lived.

Teitê malkutah
Your Celestial Kingdom is approaching,

Nehwey tzevyanach aykanna
D´bwashmaya aph b´arha
May Your Will become a reality
in the Universe5 as on the earth6.

Hawvlan lachma d´sunqanan yaomana
Give us wisdom7 in our daily needs,

Washboqlan khaubayn wakhtahayn
Aykanna daph khnan shbwoqan

free us from the bonds
of the faults that imprison us,8
as we free the sins of the others.

Wela tahlan l´nesyuna
Do not allow us to get lost in superficial things9,

Ela patzan min bisha
but allow us to be free from that which takes us away
from our true purpose.

Metol dilakhie malhkutha wahayla
l´ahlam almin

From You comes the All Embracing Will,
the vivifying power to act,
the song that beautifies all
and renews itself from epoch to epoch.

Affirming in trust, faith and truth10.

1 See the book “Cristo de la Luz, Samana Redentor” (Christ of Light, Samana Redeemer), by Mother María Shimani de Montserrat, Irdin Editora. (Spanish and Portuguese only).

2 More extensive and detailed information concerning the Orandium of the Passion and Transfiguration of Jesus may be found in the book “Siete días con el Maestro Jesús de Nazaret” (Seven days with the Master Jesus of Nazareth), by Mother Shimani, Irdin Editora. (Spanish and Portuguese only).

3 It refers to the side of the chest, at the height of the chest.

4 Father-Mother Consciouness.

5 In all that vibrates.

6 That which is material and dense.

7 Comprehension.

8 Karma.

9 Materialism, common temptations.

10 I confirm it with all my being.

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