Devotional to the Five Sacred Wounds of Jesus

Devotional to the Five Sacred Wounds of Jesus


In the daily message of June 13, 2013, under the Power and Grace of the Father, our Master Christ Jesus gave us a new and powerful exercise of Prayer, Mercy and Redemption that springs from His Merciful Heart.

Christ Jesus instructs us:

"With true love, devotion and surrender, you will repeat each one of My Five Wounds ten times. Whoever does this exercise with faith and spiritual conviction will receive the merits achieved by Me on the Cross, and these will be the same merits that I will deposit in the hearts of all who clamor for Me and believe in the redeeming and healing power of My Wounds.

The hearts that, like in Via Crucis, venerate Me and pray to these five wounds marked on My Glorified Body, every Wednesday and Saturday, will in truth be united to My Compassionate Heart and, with reverence, I will give them My Peace, My Comfort and My Mercy. If this exercise is prayed in a group or as a family, the power of this devotional will acquire greater celestial repercussions.

All of those who with faith recite these prayers to My Five Wounds will be able to understand from the heart the divine mysteries that were achieved by Me during the Passion. In this way, you will repeat each one of the five wounds, ten times, and you will concentrate your being upon each place they marked My Glorified Body. Whoever does this each new day will help in glory and in honor so that My Sacred Heart may be relieved from the pain that humanity causes Me, for not accepting the All Mighty God, through His Most Beloved Son.


First signal
For the Sacred Wound that we marked(*)
in the right hand of Our Lord Jesus,
Father, have Pity on us.

Second signal
For the Precious Wound that we marked(*)
in the left hand of Our Lord Jesus,
God the Father, have Mercy and Pity
on all of us.

Third signal
For the Immaculate Wound that we marked(*)
in the right foot of Our Lord Jesus,
Eternal Father, have Compassion and Forgiveness
for all of us.

Fourth signal
For the Glorified Wound that we marked(*)
in the left foot of Our Lord Jesus,
Lord of the Universe, have Love and Grace
for all of us.

Fifth signal
For the Blessed Wound that we marked(*)
in the Side of Our Lord Jesus,
from where sprang the Unfathomable Source of Mercy
for the entire world,
Adonai, Eternal Father,
reconcile us with Your Glorious Kingdom.

On the tenth bead of each decade, repeat: Amen.

And on the union beads you shall repeat with faith
O, Lord Jesus,
resurrect our spiritual life,
redeem our hearts,
elevate our beings before God.


(*)Marked: According to Christ Jesus, all prayers have reference to this word because we as humanity marked the Son of God with wounds, and this is an exercise of reparation.

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