Tuesday, August 25 of 2015

Daily messages

Stay in peace and listen in the silence of the heart to My words, that are the words of God, expressed by His Messengers.

Enter into the Divine Consciousness in prayer and find there all that you need in order to take your steps towards the transformation of life.

Dear companions, in order to find God it is necessary to never lose peace in your hearts.  Do not allow that the tribulations of the world disturb you and, whenever you feel that you are beginning to wander  away from God, silence and enter into prayer.  Remember, then, the presence of the Sacred Hearts in your lives and allow that all that was deposited into your essences be able to emerge and come in aid.

To keep yourselves in the path without hesitating and reach the goal established by God, never lose peace in your hearts and fight against yourselves so that peace may be established in your interior.

In the spirit of peace, you will find all the answers that you need and they will serve as tools in the Hands of God, to bring peace to those who have lost it and to those who have never found it.

May this attribute of peace, primary for these times, be the greatest treasure in the heart of those who follow Christ.

I love you, guide you and bless you always.

Your Father and Instructor, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph