Monday, August 24 of 2015

Daily messages

Dear companions and servants of God,

Today I invite you to meditate, with the essence of the heart, on all graces that you have received and that you keep receiving until the days of today.  I invite you to meditate on the true reason why you have been gathered by the Divine Messengers and on what is the potential that is hidden inside of each one and that, in this time, God aspires to reveal to you.

Know, My beloved ones, that I do not come to the world only to instruct a part of humanity, so that in this way you may become wiser and may have a life a little more peaceful to enjoy.  My Chaste Heart has a clear mission, that has been delivered to Me since the beginning of My arrival to this world.  At the request of the Most High Lord, I come to open the human consciousness and provide to it the possibility to live according to the Will of the Creator.

I come so that, little by little, drop by drop, humanity may cease to be a wound in the Heart of the Father and may become the concretization of His expected Project, a favorite one in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

The responsibility of those who listen to Me is huge and it would neither fit into your minds nor into your little hearts.  It is for this that, day by day, the Divine Messengers invite you to trust in the Words of God pronounced by the Sacred Hearts, because the true essence and reason why we come every day to this world you will hardly be able to understand.

Know that the Creator counts on a few soldiers that are willing to follow Him unconditionally; that are willing to leave behind what they have been in order to be reborn in a new humanity, completely opposite to what today expresses itself in the world.

In the midst of the ignorant and blind humanity, the few who try to keep their faith are being suffocated by the armies of darkness, and you are before the Voice of God that instructs you day by day to be simple of heart and humble, because this is the only way to balance everything that today happens in the world.

As incredible as it may seem to you and sometimes absurd, I tell you, companions, that the Creator counts on each one of those who are able to listen to His Voice and follow It.  And your daily efforts to transform yourselves, even though they may be minimal, are being placed on the scales of the Celestial Judge.

All the instructions I bring to you are brought in order to mitigate the Justice that will descend upon the world, but for that, you must not only consider the words of the Messengers of God to be beautiful, but you must also live them.  If this were not so, what value would Our coming into the world have?

I will guide you and deliver My last impulses to humanity, in the Divine Hope that at least one soul will listen and live what I have to say and teach.

I plead to God every day for the awakening of hearts, so that at least a few may discover how simple it is to follow the steps of God and how true is the celestial freedom that is found by abandoning the old and opening oneself to be a seed of the new humanity. In Portuguese when you say “uns poucos” it means “a few”. The use of “ones” is redundant because it is implied that we are talking about people. So if we say “a few ones” it sounds very strange to the reader.

I love you and I will guide you untiringly.

Saint Joseph, the Faithful Peacemaker of God