Sunday, October 13 of 2013

Daily messages

On this day of Piety I invite you again to remember My Passion on the Cross. In these significant acts you will find the strength for the moments of confirmation and of challenges.

The steps that are being taken by some of My New disciples are changing the course of the planetary life and in this way the Grace of God is becoming able to reach the hearts most damaged by the arts of evil.

Now, at this time of Infinite Mercy My Heart reunites to My ones in order to indicate to them the next step to be taken through this pathway of the Christification of the heart. For this be attentive to My announcements. Guard in your hearts My words of light, those that will give you Eternal Life, and you will walk firmly in search of My Divine Christic Purpose.

Go in peace and in reverence glorify the God of Love because on this day of immense joy and consecration of the entire world humanity is receiving the Grace of redemption.

Under the Infinite Light of God be blessed now and always.

Thank you for receiving My Words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Sun of the Eternal Grace