Friday, July 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

As souls who serve lift the banner of persistence, of wisdom, of humility and of bravery of the heart, so that you may continue marching towards My Kingdom, towards the Redemption of this world.

O souls summoned by God!  To learn in this world about Love and Unity, I ask you to not lower your arms, to not tire of walking, because the trajectory of your lives will still be long.

Some will leave soon, leaving for the Earth the legacy of their learning.  Others will proceed in this world to learn a little more of everything that this planet may offer you.

I have gathered under My mantle those of My children that with bravery have surrendered all to Me and walk with faith towards the manifestation of the Great Plan of God.  And today I push them to take a step in their consciousnesses, an inner step, more than that of a physical step.

That each one may seek in My presence, the strength to transform that which until today they have not been able to do, because I bring to your lives the possibility of an intense and permanent transformation.

I want you to manifest in these fields the Kingdom of Universal Healing for the souls in search of Redemption, and that all may be healers of this world together with those who, in the planes of the spirit, work tirelessly for God.

I see many hearts that are distressed from not being able to discover the path to take the steps in their lives.  Today I say to you My little ones, that you are upon one of the most sacred areas of this world, one which makes your consciousnesses live in a permanent state of purification.  But gladden yourselves, because this purification will allow that in a future time you may serve God with perfection.

In your lives begins to emerge all that humanity as a whole must transform.  Because of this at times it becomes so difficult to walk towards the New Human.  Make use then of all the impulses that God has given you and is giving you until now so that you are not taken by the waves of imperfection that exist inside each one of you and that, once in a while, come to the surface.

My beloveds, it gladdens My Heart to see such a great family, such determined hearts that have accepted to accomplish the Greater Will.

I want you to be able to trust more in each other and that, together you may establish in these fields the Kingdom of Our Lord, of Our Heavenly Father.

Risk yourselves to live the true fraternity, to love with the heart each day a little more.  Let the virtues that you guard under seven keys emerge.  Live something new every day, renew the adventure of being surrendered to God.  Overcome the barriers of life, face the difficulties and do not hide from them.  Go towards what seems hard to you and overcome the fear of taking a new step in your consciousnesses.

Love the kingdoms of nature and discover in them a source for the transformation of your souls.  If you want to take a great step, allow yourselves to know more deeply the kingdoms that surround you.  Share your lives with them and ask the Father to open your heart, so that you may finally understand in what way you must act with these beloved kingdoms, these expressions of the Divine Love that are so reviled in this world.

My beloveds, within My words I give you many keys, take them and open the doors of your hearts.

I thank you for being at My side and for being faithful companions of the Messengers of God.

Mary, your Mother and Universal Queen



Friday, July 25 of 2014

Monthly messages

 Dear children of Mine:

My Heart is filled with Joy and My Spirit rejoices when the souls answer to My call.

To this end today I wish to consecrate all the homes of the world to My Immaculate Heart.  For this I come to ask you that an image of the Queen of Peace may be placed in the entrance of each house with the goal of protecting and helping all the families.  If you do this you will be saying to the enemy that your dwelling places belong to God and that nothing that is not similar to the love of the Father will be able to reign there.

Dear children, you do not know how much I long to have you near My Heart and to listen to your prayers.  Because of your loving answer God has permitted Me to continue to guide you in the way that many mothers in the world do.

For this I wish, dear children, that all the mothers that have already had children, in the same way that I have had Jesus, may be consecrated to the Spirit of My Maternity.  In this way in your homes will reign peace and the unity in the times that will come.

Children of Mine, you do not know how much destruction and despair there is in the bosom of the families. The enemy and its modernities have succeeded to substitute the Word of Life, the Bible with the Internet, prayer with the uncontrolled word, fasting with incessant gluttony and, principally, true love of the heart has been replaced by lying and falsity.

To avoid the law of God upon many of My children I come to ask that all the moms look to My Heart and that they may feel My example of peace and humility.

You My dears, do not even imagine how much wickedness the enemy instills in the families, to the point of reaching destruction and disunity among the beings.  But My sword of light descends from Heaven to cut all the evil and to establish the Love of God, that is Law and is Life.

As long as the Marian Centers in the world which I have founded at different times, are islands of salvation, so I ask you to be a true spiritual family; a family that seeks all the time to live the commandments of God and a life of love and prayer.  In this way you will relieve My Immaculate Heart.

But remember My children, that the adoration to the Most Holy Eucharistic Body of My Son will establish, over the kingdom of the Earth, an opportunity of being able to receive a Greater Grace.

When you decide to place the sacred image of the Queen of Peace on the door of your houses, I promise you:

  •  To distance you from all material and spiritual evil.
  •  To unite you to the Spirit of God.
  •  To create in the homes true temples of prayer.
  •  To pour the Graces that your hearts need.
  •  To pray for you day and night.
  •  To establish the Kingdom of God in each member of the family.

So that the promises of the Queen of Peace may be accomplished I ask lovingly of all the moms of the world to recite to Me the following prayer, in order to reach My Maternal Spirit.

Prayer to reach the Maternal Spirit of Mary

Sacred Virgin Mary,
who gestated in Your Womb the Love of God,
and from Whose Womb was born the Supreme Life
that gave Itself to us in Mercy and Redemption.

O Sacred Mother!
Queen among all the mothers of Earth,
permit that we may live Your Maternity
so that, for the days to come,
we may recognize the face of Your Beloved Son Jesus
in the faces of our children.


I thank you for answering to My call.

I bless you, I adore you and I love you,

Mary, Queen of Peace and of all the moms of the world



Tuesday, July 1 of 2014

Monthly messages

I want that from an old tree, new branches may sprout.

I want that the old souls may peregrinate with Me through new paths.

I want to cause to be born inside the heart a new heart.  May the old heart not lose its wisdom, but that it may demonstrate having to be born in itself this new heart, that beats in the rhythm of the Greater Will and that accompanies attentively the movements of the Universe.

I want to strengthen those whom I have chosen to be the columns of My temple and that for so long have been prepared to live that which happens today in the world.

I want to be the light on the path of My children, so that they may recognize in the treading of My steps, the teaching of other times.

I wanted to come to the encounter of those who did not fear, even while thinking that they were afraid, and that followed Me, even believing that they did not know how to find Me.

Now, children of Mine, it has come the time to see following upon My steps, and to perceive that on this path through which I have guided you are found all the teachings that with other faces I have to you.

If you are capable of following Me with confidence, feeling your way in the dark, now allow My light to switch on the inside of your beings and show you the way to live what you learned yesterday, but with the heart of today.

My children, I invite you to service, because you will be able to see and feel in this simple action, what the Divine Messengers have constructed in your beings.  When you return to serving, be attentive to what exists in your hearts and that before did not exist and discover that blessed is the heart that thinks it has not been transformed, because it will always cultivate simplicity, humility and what is most important, it will never stop walking, because it knows that it has not come to its goal.

My beloveds, I agree to come to encounter you, to contemplate each precious pearl that has arisen in your hearts and to find you here, at My side, even after so much incomprehension.

I want to answer the question of a daughter of Mine that thinks she does not live what has been taught to you for so long.  And today I say to you that you have lived it, when you overcame your expectations about the instruction that you were receiving, when you overcame yourselves, in all that you could feel in your hearts and crossing this threshold that many are still crossing, you found Me in your lives.

My beloveds, I am the same in Heaven as on Earth, in the Kingdom of My Peace, as in the Infinite, in the Universe.  My words penetrate and transform those who say yes to Me, even without knowing why they do.

Today I come to your lives to renew your commitments with Me, to say to you that I am by the side of each one of you, in the same way that you were by My side and that forever I will accompany you, in this life and in the other, because you have generated the merits to be closer to My Heart.

In humility embrace My call and continue to trust in this path.  Soon more comfort will come to your lives when by yourselves you discover that the theories have become life in your beings, and that the teachings beat in your hearts and are reflected in your actions and feelings, because you are being able to trust in God, more than in your own selves.

I embrace you with love and I bring all to My Heart.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Tuesday, July 1 of 2014

Monthly messages

Dear children of Mine,

As I know that you will want to know, God will grant Me to know the world after it completes ten years of continuous Apparitions.  After that, many will give living testimony of My presence among you and primarily, the Holy Father will recognize Me as the Lady of the Great Mystery, different from that which has been happening for thirty three years in Medjugorje.

For this moment many of you no longer will be and My task that now is in groups, and it will be assumed by each visionary in different continents, because My last call will be that they will give the world to know My final message.  This final message is this, that which I Am giving to you month by month.  In this way so many hearts will be prepared for the awaited return of Christ and everything that until now seems to be a mystery will become a living revelation for the current humanity.

For this I, in the final times, I will come to ask humanity for the consecration of all homes to the Immaculate Heart; in this way when I Am no longer among you My Light that comes from Heaven will be poured upon your families and in this way you will be protected from the three days of darkness.

When this moment arrives, I will show Myself for the last time to millions of people and those who have not believed in the Woman Clothed of the Sun, by the luminous turning of the light of Her twelve stars upon the Earth, will be converted and will receive as a last opportunity the absolution and forgiveness of sins.

This work as so many others that I have realized for the good and for the peace of humanity will be recorded in the memory of all those that, through their efforts, will admire the power of My Immaculate Heart; in this way before the great cycle of tribulation, the whole world will have more time of  peace.

But now comes the time of preparation.  I call you to realize in your lives the spirit of constant prayer and of charity; this will demonstrate, after a long time, visible results in your hearts.

I wish now to tell you that the gift of your group is the true love of God, a love that has brought you to be among My Arms of a Mother.

Dear children, this is the love which some felt in their hearts that which has allowed Me to be here today and to reveal to you this secret of the end of time.  From your fruits will be born new seeds in the future; open the doors of your inner universes so that new souls may be able to be served from the fountain of Graces that has been poured over you in these last years.

The Father always will infuse His Faith in your hearts.  While the whole world passes through the cycle of its last transition, I come to ask you to be living testimonies for those who do not believe and especially to pray every day from the heart for those that have been lost in the hands of the enemy.   In this way, because of your prayers, My Immaculate Heart will triumph!

On this night I thank you for accompanying Me.  These days shared with all of My praying children were celestial gifts generated for those who are not rescued ones, in this way the Plan of God is fulfilled.

I bless you and guide you.

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace

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