Tuesday, July 1 of 2014

Monthly messages

I want that from an old tree, new branches may sprout.

I want that the old souls may peregrinate with Me through new paths.

I want to cause to be born inside the heart a new heart.  May the old heart not lose its wisdom, but that it may demonstrate having to be born in itself this new heart, that beats in the rhythm of the Greater Will and that accompanies attentively the movements of the Universe.

I want to strengthen those whom I have chosen to be the columns of My temple and that for so long have been prepared to live that which happens today in the world.

I want to be the light on the path of My children, so that they may recognize in the treading of My steps, the teaching of other times.

I wanted to come to the encounter of those who did not fear, even while thinking that they were afraid, and that followed Me, even believing that they did not know how to find Me.

Now, children of Mine, it has come the time to see following upon My steps, and to perceive that on this path through which I have guided you are found all the teachings that with other faces I have to you.

If you are capable of following Me with confidence, feeling your way in the dark, now allow My light to switch on the inside of your beings and show you the way to live what you learned yesterday, but with the heart of today.

My children, I invite you to service, because you will be able to see and feel in this simple action, what the Divine Messengers have constructed in your beings.  When you return to serving, be attentive to what exists in your hearts and that before did not exist and discover that blessed is the heart that thinks it has not been transformed, because it will always cultivate simplicity, humility and what is most important, it will never stop walking, because it knows that it has not come to its goal.

My beloveds, I agree to come to encounter you, to contemplate each precious pearl that has arisen in your hearts and to find you here, at My side, even after so much incomprehension.

I want to answer the question of a daughter of Mine that thinks she does not live what has been taught to you for so long.  And today I say to you that you have lived it, when you overcame your expectations about the instruction that you were receiving, when you overcame yourselves, in all that you could feel in your hearts and crossing this threshold that many are still crossing, you found Me in your lives.

My beloveds, I am the same in Heaven as on Earth, in the Kingdom of My Peace, as in the Infinite, in the Universe.  My words penetrate and transform those who say yes to Me, even without knowing why they do.

Today I come to your lives to renew your commitments with Me, to say to you that I am by the side of each one of you, in the same way that you were by My side and that forever I will accompany you, in this life and in the other, because you have generated the merits to be closer to My Heart.

In humility embrace My call and continue to trust in this path.  Soon more comfort will come to your lives when by yourselves you discover that the theories have become life in your beings, and that the teachings beat in your hearts and are reflected in your actions and feelings, because you are being able to trust in God, more than in your own selves.

I embrace you with love and I bring all to My Heart.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace