Sunday, October 27 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children,

I want that today you dedicate special attention to My call for Peace. Even though your hearts may already understand that which I tell you, the true Peace, that which springs from your hearts, is still not managing to be radiated to all the Earth.

For this, as Your Little Mother of the Most Holy Peace, today I invite you again to reinforce your commitment with the Peace of God. I want to tell all of My children that Peace exists. Peace lives eternally in the essence of your hearts because through the path of Peace you will encounter the path direct to the Peacemaker Heart of My Son.

I need that you grow up and live inside of the School of Peace, that which I propose that you seek, because the true Peace will aid you and will give you strength to live the conversion and the redemption of your lives.

Heaven sends on this day the Messenger of Peace because the world is day by day losing the innocence that once it achieved before the eyes of God. As I come from this beloved world, My Immaculate Heart has interceded for centuries for all of humanity.

I want that your lives be able to exercise an action of Peace so that the Fraternal Love may be the alliance that perfectly unites you to Your Beloved God, the Lord.

Today I especially return to the city of Campinas due to the special attention, love and devotion that My children from the groups of prayer have given to Me.

For this I come month by month to Brazil, because My Heart of Mother and of Pilgrim considers this nation, that sheltered Me for such a long time, as My second house on the Earth. Only through an act of Spiritual Peace of the part of all of the dear Brazilians, will America be able to consecrate itself to My Immaculate Heart.

Beloved children, you will thus be able to understand why from Fátima, Portugal, I announced to Lúcia dos Santos that in the end of times Brazil would have a very important spiritual task with Me and with My Most Beloved Son Jesus.

Now all of My dear children from the brotherly nations will be able to understand how My Marian task of Peace, of Conversion and of Forgiveness has been united to you from the beginning of the first apparitions in Fátima, Portugal.

What I mean, what I want to reveal to you, that America, by means of Brazil and together with Merdjugorje, in Bosnia Herzegovina, will be able to help in the conversion of all of Europe, of Asia and of the East, to My Immaculate Heart.

As a Mother I pour My sacred aspirations over you, those that today you know and that are part of the preparation to wait for the return of Christ to the Earth.

Beloved children from Campinas and from all of Brazil,

Thus I invite you to understand the mystery of My divine purpose before God and in this way I bring to all of you a humble invitation so that you may help Me to fulfill My peregrination of Love, of Peace and of Redemption to the other countries of America, that which will begin in the month of January of 2014 by the Andes, to Central America, in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, closing My Mission in the city of San Juan, in Puerto Rico.

Dears, I thank you for you constant effort!

Who loves and blesses you for this special day.

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace



Sunday, October 27 of 2013

Weekly messages

Contemplate in My Heart the Peace that you need and find in the profound Love that lives there the strength and bravery to follow ahead.

My dears, so that the soul may reach the consecration of life, it is necessary to be persistent, because beyond defeating the temptations of the world and overcoming the tests that come for your strengthening, you must win the greatest battle, which is against yourself.

My beloveds, throughout the centuries humans have cultivated the love for matter, for modernities and for the innumerous illusions that the world offers; they cultivate property, as well as material goods, as well as consciousnesses and kingdoms.  And now the Lord sends Me to alert His creatures, and to bring to them a Source of love and of true adoration, because there is only one thing that will never abandon them as long as they are in life and for all eternity.  This that I talk about is the Most Sacred Love that Jesus achieved on the Cross, for the Salvation and Redemption of all humanity.

I come to announce the glorious return of My Son, as the fifth mystery of My luminous rosary, so that it may be contemplated by the hearts of the world.

You must prepare yourselves in spirit, in soul and in consciousness, so that when My Son Jesus comes to the world, He may find among His own the perfect dwelling to consummate on Earth the eternal paradise, the true life that was gestated in the Divine Thought.

In these times blessed will be the simple of heart, of mind and of spirit, because they will answer without fear and without delay to the Will that God announces to them through His Messengers.

On this day I ask you, through the simplicity that exists in your hearts, that you may dissolve the obstacles and the walls that separate you from a life of sanctification, because I come to your lives to prepare you for the experience of the sacred, of the glorious and of the divine, by means of prayer and of adoration to the Most Holy Body of My Son.

Through simplicity of the heart just say “yes” to Me and following the example of Mary Magdalene, listen to the voice of Christ that speaks to you: “Do not sin anymore.” And answering to this call find the path of perfect devotion and peace.

When the enemy knocks on your door, if you do not have the courage to deny them, be silent. Quickly be silent and call for the help of the Lord, saying:

Request of help to the Eternal Father

Eternal Father,
I am here to accomplish Your Will.

My soul, my body and my spirit
aspire to say 'Yes' to You eternally and
to confirm myself, day by day,
in Your Plan of Love.

Come, Lord, to my assistance,
before this test.



With faith and courage, devotion and bravery, raise the banner of Peace and of Mercy, decreeing the victory of Light in your lives and in the entire world.

These are times of confirmation and of battle.  Do not lower your arms!  Go forward!  And in the face of difficulties, cry out, in humility, for the help of the Lord and call in sincerity for the help of the neighbor.

Be true, sincere and pure of heart. This will protect you from yourselves.

Forward and in prayer!

I will guide you always.

Your beloved Mother, Mary, Queen of Peace



Saturday, October 26 of 2013

Weekly messages

Beloved children,

Today I want to talk to you about how you must learn to donate yourselves to your brothers and sisters in this time.

Each time that one of My soldiers forgets about themselves, about their own needs, aspirations and urgencies and runs to the help of another of My children, a celestial door is opened, so that through each is poured that attribute or Grace that this soul needs.

If, besides, this action is done for someone unknown many doors are opened because the Kingdom of the Heavens understands that one of the main values that Jesus taught is being activated in the heart of humanity and the Celestial Kingdom is being prepared for a great task.

In each action of the day by day you can be mediators between Heaven and Earth, simply by putting others first.

For this today I come to ask you to enter into the higher school of total donation of oneself so that you may find in the abnegated service a path of transcendence for yourselves and a glorious channel of Piety, Mercy and Grace for each one of your brothers and sisters.

If each one of you performed this task, even if it were with only one brother or sister each day, no matter how insignificant that service could be, to the Eyes of God the Father it has a great importance because it shows that His Creatures are learning from the message that His Son left for humanity.

If the donation of oneself were installed in the consciousness of all of My soldiers as prayer has been installed, great changes would be carried out in humanity as more Graces would descend from Heaven and more souls would be rescued.

The school of higher donation is open and I Am inviting all of My children to enter into it and to learn that without donation will not occur deep changes in the consciousness of humanity.

Only through these changes will be able to be formed the new race, the race that today you are seeds of and that I Am taking care of so that they may sprout and give fruit.

Meditate on My words, My children, meditate with the heart.

I love you and I bless you today and always.

Lie in My Arms and reflect.

Mary, Mother of donation, of service and of charity




Saturday, October 26 of 2013

Weekly messages

My beloveds:

Praised be, today and always, Jesus Christ in each one of your lives!

As blessed souls, servers of the Lord, place today before the Celestial Altar, all the needs of your little consciousnesses and, as humanity, also offer to God the needs of the entire world; because as My Son Jesus has said to you, to the one who asks with sincerity, it will be given.

My dears, I want to teach you to be before God not just as individuals, but as human consciousnesses, so that all the merits generated by your hearts may be for the benefit of the entire world.

In this way you will also learn to work as humanity, measuring each action that you realize, so that by means of the sincere offer of your hearts, the evil caused by humans may be balanced.

I come from the Kingdom of God bringing to you My last Call, announcing to the world the arrival of the Boat of Salvation, so that all of those who have been asleep throughout the centuries may now awake and come to My encounter.

Today I say to you, My beloveds, that My voice echoes to all, and My Call traverses the world, because there is no creature living on this Earth who is not deserving of entering into My Kingdom.

I call the sinners, so that they may repent from their sins, and walk towards Me. I call the blind of spirit and of heart so that they may permit Me to open the eyes of the soul and, in this way, they may see the truth that shines before their hearts. I call those who are fearful of surrendering their lives to God, for them to dissolve the fear in the Love of My Heart, because there is no safer harbor than the Heart of the Lord.

My beloveds, My sacred compassion permeates the world and, above all, it permeates the heart of those who listen to Me, so that they may be the extension of My compassion upon the Earth.

For this I say to you to never forget to work with charity in your lives, to be compassionate, understanding and loving towards others. Never forget that a merciful act transforms the destiny of a soul, and converts their heart into a heart in service to God.

Today I say to you that, more than anything, to seek at this time to be the living example of My Message. Make an effort to live My words, as there is no greater source of conversion than the pure and true example that souls may manifest in matter. For this, dissolve all malice, pride and competition from your lives.

Do not seek to be the first to arrive in My Boat of Salvation; seek first, that all of those who are at your side you may accomplish it. Search for a path of sanctification, by means of the ardent desire of sanctification of the other. Work so that your brothers and sisters may grow in virtues, and that they may act in silence.

This is the key that I give you today.

I love you.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.



Saturday, October 26 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear children,

Saturdays are considered by the Heavens as days of profound and merciful adoration to the Eucharistic Body of Christ. 

For centuries I have been asking for the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist, due to the great need of balance and spiritual harmony in the entire world   My Son has asked Me to repeat and diffuse through the four corners of the Earth this true need of His Sacred Heart.

Jesus expects that He will also be venerated and loved in the adoration to His Mystical and Glorified Body, because the days of Saturday, in the entire world, have been converted into a portal of absolute perdition for the souls of the Earth through the actions of sin, of customs, of popular festivities and of the innocent death of youths and women.

My Son wants at least a part of this humanity to adore Him with heart and soul.  Even though this spiritual exercise already exists among many adorers of My Son, Heaven needs this action of the adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament to be real and sincere.

The Lord only asks you that by means of the adoration you may be healed and thus may be converted the plans that the enemy sows in many souls, which are separated from the Heart of Jesus. For this reason, today My Immaculate Heart invites you to assume this path of reparation and redemption by means of the adoration.  

The Lord needs that His Mystical Body be more important for you spirits than the realities that the media diffuse.

In the adoration of the Living Christ in the Eucharist is found the key that will help you to keep mental and emotional balance for this end of time.  Christ wishes to remove from suffering many of My children that Saturday after Saturday condemn themselves and that above all lose the inner strengths of their hearts.

By responding to this call, you will receive wisdom and, as the Holy Angel of Peace has said, you will adore for those who do not adore, do not love and nor seek God.

Dear children, in this way you will be able to see that the times are urgent and that your refuge will always be the Beloved Heart of My Son.

I thank you for responding to My call!

May Peace and Good guide you.

Your Mother Mary, Guardian of the Sacred Adoration  




Friday, October 25 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear children of My Heart,

I come today to consecrate this city to My Heart so that the interior of each one of your beings may be a living temple of My maternal presence.

In this final time of Mercy I bring to the world the spiritual awakening for hearts and consciousnesses. In this way, little by little humanity will leave from the great illusion in which it is submerged.

At request of the Lord who reigns in the Universe I come day by day to heal the hearts from all incomprehension and lack of love and to remind the children of God that a vast Universe is waiting for them.

However, today I tell you that before reaching the celestial mysteries it is necessary to unveil the mysteries that you live in you own interior. These mysteries are virtues that every human being guards in its essence as an archetype of the creation of God.

When I ask you to wake up, My children, it is for you to wake up to the life that God created for His creatures. It is for you to awaken the gifts and divine virtues that are guarded in your hearts and upon which awakening depends the birth of the new life upon the Earth .

In these times I return to the world to unite creeds and religions, races and nations in a single heart that beats in the rhythm of the Universal Heart.

I bring through My divine verb a message of union and of fraternity so that My children may no longer live tied up in their own lives and ignorance may not prevent them from seeing the need of the neighbor and the truth of the hearts.

My dears, today I invite you to live unity. I invite you to dissolve from your hearts selfishness and pride so that the veils that cover your faces may give place to the true brightness of your eyes. And leaving aside the many preoccupations that you have about your own selves, you may be able to perceive the pure essence that there is in each heart.

It is through the true unity that is born in the hearts that you will be able to discover the Love that My Son has sown on this Earth.

But to live any of My messages, My dears, it is necessary to have faith that a new life can be awakened and, even if your eyes see the entire world sleeping and being submerged each day more in the illusions of modernities, to not lose the faith and the determination to go forward.

It has already been told to you that a few will transform the world because if you live the Laws that are born in the Celestial Universe you will be able to find the archetype left by My Son Jesus.

Today I tell you that Christ, alone, living the Message of God, healed the world forever and now it is necessary that so many others make blossom the seed left by Jesus and live in an ecumenical and true way the Christic Life. This is the Plan of God for humanity.

Jesus did not come to the Earth to only illuminate the hearts of the world, He came to demonstrate that it is possible to live the transformation in Christ being among men and women and, also through His apostles He showed us that faith and love transform the grosser matter into divine matter.

Be the apostles of the new time! Wake up to the Universal Love!

I love you always and I thank you for answering to My Call.

Mary, Celestial Messenger and Queen of Peace



Friday, October 25 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children,

Feel My sacred words in the heart so that they may sprout as new fruits in your essences.

Today, for this day of Repairing Grace, I invite you to follow the example of the Faithful Son of God, the example of Jesus, Favorite Son, because a good son or daughter always listens with their heart to the teachings of the elders.

With this aim I call all of the children of the city of São Paulo so that you may venerate the sacred presence of Christ in your lives. May the Sacred Bible and its wonderful Gospel be present among My children and among all of the families so that, in this time of spiritual crisis that humanity lives may be present on your lips the Word of God.

The Divine Word that My Beloved Son proclaimed a long time ago reverberates through the centuries and the centuries and it will be His New Apostles, the servers of His Infinite Mercy, who will allow that the Good News of Christ may reach those who are most in need of spiritual instruction.

Dear children, today I present Myself to you as the Mother and Queen of the Divine Word due to the great need of a good education and of a spiritual formation in prayer as is good for the youth  and, also, for adults.

Only through the power of the Gospel of Christ will you encounter in each passage a key to begin the path of conversion. If you get used to having the Gospel between your hands, or at least at the side of your pillows during the night, it would be important that you meditate and review the acts that Jesus left marked in the history of humanity.

The world as a whole and principally the families have lost faith in the Holy Scripture. For this I call you to a quick awakening because through the Gospel you will impede the enemy from tempting you with the modernities of the world.

As Your Eternal and Loving Mother I pray day and night for the children who are disconnected from God. Seek to unite yourselves as soon as possible to My Son and in this way perceive that it is time to change the life for a life of sanctity.

The Divine Word is being outraged, the Word of Life is no longer considered by many children, and also, it is changed by the modern advances that hypnotize and blind the souls. If your instrument were the Holy Rosary instead of modernities, many planetary events would already be able to have a positive course.

I call you to consider in your lives the love for the sacred readings. In this way many of you will notice the difference between good and evil.

Dear children, I come to the world, as I have come other times, to warn humanity. Christ is coming as He promised. It is time to do something for the world and as Mother of all of the people I Am calling My soldiers.

May the Divine Word nourish your spirit. May the Sacred Word of Christ redeem you.

I thank you for answering to My call for conversion!

Who reconciles you and loves you,

Mary, Mother and Queen of the Divine Word



Wednesday, October 23 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children,

May your monthly and daily vigils strengthen you, for you to face the changes that are to come to the world. May the traps of the enemy be overcome by the loving power of your prayers. May the path towards My Heart be correctly perceived by each one of My children.

It is true, My Soldiers, that the Universal Mother sends you to battle in this time through love and prayer because these two good fraternal actions, love and prayer, will open the doors for those who have them closed.  

For this path of consecration everything has a price, because the enemy will always try to take the best part of the good works of My children. In this way I pass in front of you to prevent looting and the constant temptation that evil commits in the noble hearts.   

As the Mother of the Holy Sword I vigil, day and night, the flock that My Son has entrusted to  Me, but as a Mother I also allow that My ones learn and grow in this school that is your Planet Earth.

The Supreme Truth and the illusionistic lie play on the board of the evolution of souls. Only constancy, faith, love, charity and the common good among all creatures will allow that, through prayer and vigil, will vanish the opposing plans that the enemy designs against the Father of Love.

The Christic and devoted example of all of the children of God will allow to be dissolved from the planetary consciousness all the bad actions that have led millions of souls to perdition.

This is the time in which the Divine Mercy of My Son descends upon humanity to hand to it the divine amnesty that will liberate it from its constant mistakes because in this way the world will find inner peace.  

As Virgin Mother and Queen of the entire Humanity, My Immaculate Heart conducts you through a new cycle of mercies and of redemption, but it will only depend on the faithful effort of My children so that the Divine Celestial Doors may be kept open to the rescue of the hells of the current Earth.

The good and sovereign action of the humble and prayerful ones will help to give a final twist to the events of humanity.

Things as they are now can no longer endure because the Holy Laws of God will act strongly upon all that is life and matter. 

Dear children,

Today, for this day of special preparatory vigil, I invite the groups of prayer to assume a new preparatory task. It will consist of the adoration to the Merciful Christ for half an hour before the beginning of our vigil of prayer on the 12th and the 24th days of each month. Those souls and hearts that may contemplate the image of the Merciful Christ for half an hour before the vigil in silence and in inner prayer will intercede so that the most inveterate sinners may receive the Grace of Forgiveness and of Divine Mercy, because in this way the world will be able to achieve some time more of peace.

My beloved children, I am with you and I silently walk by your side. I thank you for your effort, the one of living My call for the redemption of all of the souls.

I bless now My soldiers.

Thank you, São Paulo, for having received Me one more time!

Thank you for your adoration to My Son Jesus!

Who loves you always,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  



Wednesday, October 23 of 2013

Weekly messages

Take your rosary in hands and contemplate with Me the needs of the world. Take your heart to traverse this planet from north to south and east to west, so that you may feel in your little soul how the angels and the blessed ones from the Kingdom of the Heavens work.

My children, discover in your hearts the power of true prayer, prayer that transforms the events of the world, that redeems the hearts and changes the course of life of the beings so that there may be a little more of peace on the Earth.

I come with the rosary between My hands and passing the beads one by one, I pray for all humanity and wherever I find a heart that also prays, there I open a window for the Kingdom of God and I make to flow the Divine Grace and the Mercy for all of the souls.

My dears, I invite you to experience within your little lives the power of faith and of union with Me. For this I tell you that you must deepen contact with the life of prayer.

While you pray unite with consciousness your hearts to Mine. Remind yourselves that I Am in the Heavens, listening to your prayers and in Omnipresence I come to the world to pray with My children and to work with them manifesting the Will of the Creator.

While you vigil in prayer and pronounce the prayers in different languages, travel with Me throughout the world on this Boat of Salvation and, going nation by nation, let us rescue souls and balance the doubts of the consciousness with God.

Pray for those who do not know how to pray. Pray for those who do not know God. Pray for those who believe themselves to be spiritual and deceive themselves in false doctrines. Pray for the religions. Pray for the religious. Pray for those who have hunger in body and in spirit because they do not find in their lives the source that satiates all and that calms all in body and in soul.

And, in this way, come with Me praying for the children, for the youngsters, for the adults and for the elders, praying for those who are being born and who are about to leave.

Pray for those who lose the body, but much more, pray for those who lose the soul. Pray for the kingdoms present in each one of the nations. Pray for the history that lives kept in the invisible and that generates pain and suffering throughout the centuries because it has still not been redeemed.

Cry out with Me for the Light of the Holy Spirit so that, in this way, the hearts that may be open in the entire world may receive in their interior the Divine Grace and the awakening.

My dears, vigil in truth with Me and, praying for the nations, unite in your inner the essence of each people, of each race, of each creed and religion. Unite the consciousnesses of the nations so that from the spiritual Universe this union may manifest itself on the Earth and may avoid conflicts and wars that are gestated in the entire world.

As good children come to My arms and, praying for those who are most in need, you will perceive how simple and small are the issues of your lives. For this I tell you that if you aspire to heal the heart and the soul from vain sufferings pray with Me for the world and contemplate the pain of the Heart of God for the irreparable causes of humanity.

Live in the spirit of prayer and enter into My Universe of Love.

I thank all of the nations of the world for responding to My Call.

Who prays perpetually for all of you,

Mary, Mother of the Most Holy Rosary of Peace.



Sunday, October 20 of 2013

Weekly messages

On this day of Glory I will come from Heaven with a simple but loving purpose: that you may reach the Essence of My Peace, because the world as a whole is losing the innocence that God gave them from the beginning.

For this today and for this time of great changes, My Maternal Heart intercedes day and night, so that by means of the Prayer Vigil of My Heart, My children may receive the infinite Grace of reconciling themselves with God.

When the world is neither pure nor innocent, it awakens in the minds of humanity the need for conflict and love fades away as a breeze of wind, and in this way the enemy stimulates the heart of My children to create wars and divisions.

For this My Merciful Ray descends upon the world, only when the soul is willing to exercise the simple prayer of the heart.  The daily prayer, constant and loving, will be your shield against all evil that wants to tempt you or conduct you to less luminous decisions.

My Great Universal Star, that which shines in the solar firmament of the Cosmos, is the one that will light up humanity, when it must take the great step towards the Heart of God Most High.

To this end, My Maternity, which is unending for you, will awaken the inner purity and the absolute trust that in God the Father everything is perfect.  I want to bring you to know the Universal Love, the Love that My Beloved Son planted once in the essence of all those who heard His Word of Life.

I invite you on this glorified day to walk by My side in prayer and in faith; may your faith for Me be strong, that you may come with your voices and singing to My Greater Kingdom.

Today the Holy Spirit consecrates the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, and in this way the doors of the Heavens open themselves so that the Sacred Heart of God may be present among the most humble and simple.

Dear children, know that My Path of Peace will always be your path and your aspiration of living forever in Christ, the Lord of Mercy.

Today open your arms and permit that your heart beats in the rhythm of My Marian Love, because at the end of everything My Immaculate Heart will triumph by means of those who say to me:

Yes, Come Lady of the Light!

I thank all the children of Argentina, of Brazil, and of the entire world for having answered to My call!

Who loves you and blesses you always in Christ,

Mary, Queen of the Holy Spirit



Sunday, October 20 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear children:

With joy I come to your encounter to announce a time of great peace upon the world, for those hearts that are willing to live the tests of life with faith and in peacefulness.

My children, on this day I say to you that the world filled with peace is in the interior of each one of your hearts; the world of tribulations must live outside of your inner dwelling.

It depends only on each soul, on the bravery of each spirit, so that peace may be installed in this world.  For this today I say to you to walk in the direction of My Kingdom of Peace; and do not permit that the external tribulations nor the internal ones to destroy the peace that My Heart has established in yours.

My dears, as Mother and Queen of Peace, I come to recruit My soldiers, those who will permit that the Celestial Kingdom may descend upon the Earth, and for this, each one of your beings must live internally inside this Kingdom.

Once again I ask you that you do not feed conflicts and that you do not be involved in the difficulties of this world, because the Plan of God is much greater for your lives. A Plan that until today humanity cannot even begin to see, but already the time has come to take this leap, and abandon the little things of life, so that the heart is returned to the Heights.

Today I want that you contemplate with the eyes of your hearts the primordial task of a Marian Center.  I want you to rejoice your souls, because My plans little by little are being accomplished; together with Me place your hearts in the goal of Redemption that you must reach.

Contemplate the Love lived by the Sacred Family, and with spirit united to the Holy Spirit, walk towards the experience of this archetype of life upon the Earth.  If only you aspire to live as lived the Sacred Family, the Lord will send His help so that you may take great steps on this path.  But it is necessary to have complete Faith that this is possible, and to not retain the old clothes that this planetary moment is discarding.

If the moment asks you to let go of yourselves, My dears, do not fear doing it, because one has to cross a threshold between the Old Human and the New Child, and for those who refuse to transform themselves, this threshold will be painful.  As for those who open their arms and let themselves be transformed by the Divine energy, help will come to them, and Grace will make their transition soft.

Today I thank you for coming to My encounter, and for helping My mission of Planetary Liberation.

I love you always.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace



Saturday, October 19 of 2013

Weekly messages

Beloved Children blessed by the Holy Spirit,

Today I come to this sacred place to pour the Blessings that God the Father has had for this place since a long time.  

In loving unction, today I touch each one of your heads and I place upon them the seal of God, a seal that you must take care of, that you must protect and that you must carry from now on as a part of humanity that has said Yes to the Plan of God for this time.  

This Plan will bring once again the Redeemer to this world.  He will come in the search for His Companions, those who carry the seal of God in their foreheads. Those who will accompany Him in this Second Coming of His and who with their spirit of abnegation and mercy will help those who have not been able to take the step towards the Eternal Father. 

My beloved Children, also children of the Holy Trinity,

Today I want to reveal to you a mystery that has been kept in your heart since the origin of this race and that, from being kept in a place which humanity has not accessed for so long, you have not been able to approach.

Uniting Myself today to the loving instruction left by the Most Beloved and Most Chaste Saint Joseph I want to reveal to you that in the depths of your inner worlds is kept a treasure not discovered yet, a treasure that We, as the Sacred Family, lived from the beginning of our lives.    

This treasure is the seed that the Creator sowed in each creature of the universe, the seed of the Obedience of the Heart.

This seed guards a secret that will be revealed to all of those who may encourage themselves to say Yes to the Will of God and who may choose for their lives the real freedom.  That which will free you from yourselves and from the laws of matter to enter into other laws, unknown to human beings who fight permanently for their independence failing thus to accept the true freedom, that of being a Son of God and of resting in His Heart.

This seal that My Maternal Love activates today will help to all of those who may want to give the great Yes and may be encouraged to cross the threshold of the last door of your heart, there where the Heart of Gods lives.  

Today the Holy Spirit is among you, today in this place reigns the Peace of the Holy Trinity and the Light of My Son, Christ Jesus.

I wait for you on the day of tomorrow to celebrate together with the Kingdom of Heaven the Blessed Graces upon this place and upon this Nation.

Stay in My Peace and in the Light of the Spirit of God.

I love you and I bless you always,

Mary, Mother and Messenger of the Holy Spirit



Saturday, October 19 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children of My Immaculate Heart:

Today I ask you to come to My arms, so that all the fear and all doubt may be dissipated from your little hearts.

Today I say to you that these are times to live in the Faith of the heart, and to be confirmed day by day in adhesion to My Plan of Love.

If today peace is lacking in your heart, it is because you have forgotten to enter into My mantle and to seek My help in the situations of life.

My beloveds, My presence in the world comes to bring to your lives other Laws so that you may live in this world as a new humanity. But so that you may enter into these Celestial Laws that descend to the world by means of My Love, you must count on My presence and on the Will of God, that I breath into your heart.

If your little hearts are darkened today amidst doubts, I say to you, My beloveds, that you must recognize that you are taking into account the Graces that I bring to you.

Call for My presence, talk with Me, in the depth of your hearts, as a good child seeks the support of its mother, so that I can guide your lives.

When any question arises in your hearts, be it material or spiritual, come to Me and ask Me how to act. My immaterial Power will touch your consciousnesses and under the agency of the Spirit of God I will give you wisdom to act.

My little ones, these are times of definition, of consecration, and of strength. This is the moment for the souls to dive into the Superior Will, so that they may perceive how little are their wills.

My beloveds, count on the Marian Centers, count on My presence in each one of My Marian houses, because there I have opened a door that will link you directly to My Kingdom of Peace, and always when you are in need, knock on this door, so that I will open it to you and will I take you in My arms, dissolving all the pain, suffering, doubt and fear, and I will construct the strength, that which you will use to help the ones who are lost and that have not found God in their lives.

My beloveds, today I consecrate not just this House, but also all the hearts here present, so that they may become My faithful soldiers of prayer, and that they may bring My Peace to the world.

That the Light of the Holy Spirit shines today in your essences, and gives you the gift to Love and to perceive the Heart of God in each pilgrim that knocks on this door.

Receive all who may arrive to this place and be My arms over the Earth.

I love you and will love you always.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.



Saturday, October 19 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children,

I call you again to the conversion, conversion that is born from your hearts towards God.

Dear children, My maternal joy is immense for this meeting of today.

With this I want to tell you that now and always I am with you and you will be in My prayers for the good and for the peace of all of the souls.

As Queen of Peace I call you to walk upon this bridge that unites My Immaculate Heart with the Heart of God. That by means of the prayer of the Rosary My plans of Peace may be able to be fulfilled through My children, those who without delay follow My steps towards the Lord.

May the example of the good pilgrim nourish you with hope and that in My Son you may find the refuge that you seek so much for this spiritual life.

That each one of you may be able to fulfill My designs in harmony and in peace. That as soldiers of prayer you may be able to be united to the Will of God without receiving explanations because who is with God knows all.

I bless on this first day this Sacred Marian Center that will work hard for the spiritual unity of the souls that are most separated from the Love of God.

For this from the beginning My original request was the materialization of this House of Prayer so that the most needy souls may find in the Kingdom of My Peace, in the Houses of Prayer, a path of light and of reconciliation with My Son and with God.

Dear children, great are the Graces and the opportunities that I am pouring upon America and the whole world. May this cycle of union with Me be able to strengthen you for the great task that My Heart of Light will realize in the Andes and in Central America.

I come from Heaven with the aspiration of finding you in the hope of the Father because many are the children that today are lost for not knowing how to walk towards God. May your vow of union with Me be perpetual so that the Holy Spirit, that will give you strength in everything, may permit you to proceed in faith and under the Mercy of My Son.  

On this special day I thank you for the opportunity that you have given Me of being able to come here and for having prepared My dwelling for the children who most need redemption.

Pray for the youth and adolescents so that the Mystical Body of Christ from the Holy Eucharist may be able to enter the spirit of each one of them and in this way the perpetual communion with Christ may be established.

Follow the path that I indicate to you through service and prayer. In this afternoon of Mercies I ask all of the groups of prayer that, from next Tuesday on, they pray one mystery of the Holy Rosary together with the prayer and the act of consecration of the children to My Immaculate Heart.

I also ask you to pray on Tuesdays the Orandium of the Passion and of the Transfiguration of Jesus so that Christ, My Beloved Son, may be your main spiritual nourishment for this end of time.

Beloved pilgrims, I want to tell you that I have been able to work by means of your hands and that I have been able to reach My most needy children through the walking of your feet.

I encourage you to follow My steps of pilgrimage whenever you can.

For everything, I thank you!

Who blesses you and loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Queen and Sun of Peace



Sunday, October 13 of 2013

Weekly messages

Come and consecrate your little heart to My Infinite Heart of Love. Write your name among the names of My soldiers so that the entire world may be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.

Become, My child, intercessor before God and before Christ, in the name of the souls that need to achieve Forgiveness to enter into the Kingdom of the Heavens.

To consecrate yourself to My Immaculate Heart means to live in My Eternal Peace and to become a peacemaker on the Earth because My Heart is the infinite source of Peace for the world and in It must be submerged all of the consciousnesses.

Come, My child, on this day surrender your life to My holy hands so that this Heart that talks to you may guide your steps through the same pathway through which will walk My feet.

Consecrate your life to My Immaculate Heart so that you may give Me the permission to make to spring in your essence the original purity that the whole world has lost for the lack of God and for the modernities.

Rescue today the sacred, the divine, the pure and the true saying yes to My Luminous Heart because on this day Heaven is especially attentive to your pleas and the Lord observes with attention which of His children will take this awaited step.

My children: I invite you today to overcome the symbolism of things and to go beyond superficial intentions because this day must not be only a beautiful moment kept in your memories. If you truly strive to answer to My call I will be able to unite souls and hearts in a single purpose of Redemption.

Today My Heart is shown to the world as a sweet and a celestial offer. Today I give to you My Heart that has been consecrated to yours since the beginning and this Heart beats eternally for the evolution of your little beings.

Recognize today, dear children, That which was sent in the beginning to gestate with deep love that which should be the final result of the Creation of God.

Through your little hearts, those that, spread throughout the world, are consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, I elevate to the Heavens My holy pleas and I place at the Feet of the Lord this planet so that it may be crowned with My Stars, the symbol of My Protection and of My Most Sacred Spirit.

Through this consecration I decree that all of the souls and all of the beings receive today the opportunity of living the perfect archetype of God if they just say to Me, yes.

Unite yourselves, My little ones, with one another and recognizing Me as the Mother of all of the creatures of this world and, beyond that, of all of the Universe, recognize yourselves as siblings of one another and seal this consecration to My Heart through the ecumenical spirit of fraternity.

In the same way that My maternity encompasses the Universe, also brotherhood must be born in your hearts, with all of the creatures of this world and of this Universe that are all My children, your siblings.

I thank you for coming to My encounter and I ask you to mature each seed that on this day I have planted in your hearts.

I bless you always,

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace.  



Sunday, October 13 of 2013

Weekly messages

During the early morning of the 13th day of October we realized a vigil of prayer of the Holy Rosary.

When we reached the fifth decade, in the Our Father, Our Lady appeared, this time resplendent, luminous, joyful and radiant.

The Virgin Mary opened a Golden gate from Heaven from where She descended and when She approached we saw that She was wearing a totally white mantle and a white tunic down to Her bare feet and a white belt. All of the mantle, as also the tunic of Our Lady, was full of white roses, those that were blooming from the mantle and that were opening themselves as a flower to the sun. The scent of roses that was emanating Our Mother was very strong and they shone and dazzled at night like neon lights.

The Virgin carried between Her hands the Holy Rosary, which had white crystal beads, and She kept Her hands in the sign of prayer. Her face had a bright pink color and Her shining eyes were radiating peace to our beings. They contemplated us for a while, when Our Lady said to us:

“Dear children, as a Spouse before the Altar of the Father, today I show Myself to you as the Mother of Consecration. The angels have prepared Me for this moment of the consecration of the world to My Immaculate Heart.”

Afterwards the Virgin said that She had come at that time because She was opening the ceremony of consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart, a ceremony that the Holy Father Francis would be realizing in Rome, in Italy, during the morning of the 13th.

And after this blessing of Our Mother She transmitted Her message:

The 13th day of October of 1917 in Fátima, Portugal, was lived the Great Miracle of the Sun, that which I conceded to Sister Lucia dos Santos. It was the miracle that demonstrated to the world one of the divine maternal powers of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Today My Heart receives, before the world, the special consecration of the nations.

From the beginning when the Church of My Son was founded upon the Earth and from His sacred teachings of love and of redemption, the Immaculate and Silent Heart of the Virgin Mary was the one that always accompanied the awakening and the ardent devotion of all of the children of God.

Fátima was the principle divine flow where Heaven poured Its repairing Graces because through the three humble and simple shepherds from Aljustrel the world returned to the Heart of God.

On this day of Glory in which the nations and the souls of the entire world will try to retake the steps on the path of the celestial light, I ask you to pray so that the plans that God expects for humanity may be able to be fulfilled.

I assure you that this consecration of the nations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will allow the most sinful souls and the souls that are most distant from God to achieve the state of the Divine Mercy.

For this, from here in South America, My Immaculate Heart is working through the light that the groups of prayer will generate for the world. The Mother of the Most Holy Rosary is aiding the children who are spiritually lonely and those who live in the emptiness of the heart from the lack of the Redeeming Love of My Son.

This planetary work of the missionary Marian souls is a new divine impulse that My Heart sends to the new apostles of Christ that may be able to emerge in time, before His Glorious Return.

As Mother of the Holy Rosary I unite all of the children and all of the nations, as all of the religions, through the beads of My Holy Rosary because in the Mysteries of God are guarded the keys that will open the doors for all of those who may say yes to this Magnificent Divine Will.

Most dear children, may this day of consecration be the perfect reason so that all of the groups of prayer, as also the families and the beloved beings, may be renewed on this path of prayer of the heart, because if you manage to pray with the heart many things would be able to change in time.

I invite you first to the path of Peace and of Communion with My Beloved Son Jesus. It will be necessary that all on this day answer through an act of reparation and of prayer for the great universe of God because in this way you will open the doors of Heaven on the Earth.

As a Mother I guide you, as a Guardian of Faith I instruct you in this school, that is the continuous prayer for your souls.

Beloved children from Mendoza and from all of Argentina: rejoice yourselves and sing songs of praise because your nation has been consecrated to My Immaculate Heart!

I thank you for answering to My call of inner consecration!

Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary.


And at the end of Her message of peace Our Lady transmitted to us a prayer of consecration of the world to Her Immaculate Heart, that which must be recited every Saturday.


Act of Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Flowers of Light are poured upon the Earth,
by the Angels of Heaven who bring between their hands the Mercy of God.

The hearts of the world are reborn in the Holy Spirit
and they awake to the Maternal Call.

The soldiers of Peace are united,
because the moment of inner consecration has come.

Shooting stars cross the firmament of the Earth:
they are the coming signs of Eternal Peace.

For the consecration of humanity hope emerges
and those who have lost their path to Christ,
return to the Father through His Sacred Heart.

Hail, Queen of Heaven!
We praise you and we adore you,
Immaculate Heart!

Because Your Grace converts our lives
and we are touched by the gift of Your Blessed Love.

O, Mother and Queen of Peace!
we consecrate our inner dwelling to Your Great Marian Spirit.

O, Most Holy Immaculate Mother!
we trust fully in Your Path of Love and of Redemption.

May we see be born on the horizon the Sacred Sun of Christ,
so that He may forever be the infinite morning star
that guides our pilgrim feet and that we may now and always,
glorify God the Creator for all Eternity


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