Friday, October 25 of 2013

Weekly messages


Dear children of My Heart,

I come today to consecrate this city to My Heart so that the interior of each one of your beings may be a living temple of My maternal presence.

In this final time of Mercy I bring to the world the spiritual awakening for hearts and consciousnesses. In this way, little by little humanity will leave from the great illusion in which it is submerged.

At request of the Lord who reigns in the Universe I come day by day to heal the hearts from all incomprehension and lack of love and to remind the children of God that a vast Universe is waiting for them.

However, today I tell you that before reaching the celestial mysteries it is necessary to unveil the mysteries that you live in you own interior. These mysteries are virtues that every human being guards in its essence as an archetype of the creation of God.

When I ask you to wake up, My children, it is for you to wake up to the life that God created for His creatures. It is for you to awaken the gifts and divine virtues that are guarded in your hearts and upon which awakening depends the birth of the new life upon the Earth .

In these times I return to the world to unite creeds and religions, races and nations in a single heart that beats in the rhythm of the Universal Heart.

I bring through My divine verb a message of union and of fraternity so that My children may no longer live tied up in their own lives and ignorance may not prevent them from seeing the need of the neighbor and the truth of the hearts.

My dears, today I invite you to live unity. I invite you to dissolve from your hearts selfishness and pride so that the veils that cover your faces may give place to the true brightness of your eyes. And leaving aside the many preoccupations that you have about your own selves, you may be able to perceive the pure essence that there is in each heart.

It is through the true unity that is born in the hearts that you will be able to discover the Love that My Son has sown on this Earth.

But to live any of My messages, My dears, it is necessary to have faith that a new life can be awakened and, even if your eyes see the entire world sleeping and being submerged each day more in the illusions of modernities, to not lose the faith and the determination to go forward.

It has already been told to you that a few will transform the world because if you live the Laws that are born in the Celestial Universe you will be able to find the archetype left by My Son Jesus.

Today I tell you that Christ, alone, living the Message of God, healed the world forever and now it is necessary that so many others make blossom the seed left by Jesus and live in an ecumenical and true way the Christic Life. This is the Plan of God for humanity.

Jesus did not come to the Earth to only illuminate the hearts of the world, He came to demonstrate that it is possible to live the transformation in Christ being among men and women and, also through His apostles He showed us that faith and love transform the grosser matter into divine matter.

Be the apostles of the new time! Wake up to the Universal Love!

I love you always and I thank you for answering to My Call.

Mary, Celestial Messenger and Queen of Peace