Wednesday, October 23 of 2013

Weekly messages

Dear children,

May your monthly and daily vigils strengthen you, for you to face the changes that are to come to the world. May the traps of the enemy be overcome by the loving power of your prayers. May the path towards My Heart be correctly perceived by each one of My children.

It is true, My Soldiers, that the Universal Mother sends you to battle in this time through love and prayer because these two good fraternal actions, love and prayer, will open the doors for those who have them closed.  

For this path of consecration everything has a price, because the enemy will always try to take the best part of the good works of My children. In this way I pass in front of you to prevent looting and the constant temptation that evil commits in the noble hearts.   

As the Mother of the Holy Sword I vigil, day and night, the flock that My Son has entrusted to  Me, but as a Mother I also allow that My ones learn and grow in this school that is your Planet Earth.

The Supreme Truth and the illusionistic lie play on the board of the evolution of souls. Only constancy, faith, love, charity and the common good among all creatures will allow that, through prayer and vigil, will vanish the opposing plans that the enemy designs against the Father of Love.

The Christic and devoted example of all of the children of God will allow to be dissolved from the planetary consciousness all the bad actions that have led millions of souls to perdition.

This is the time in which the Divine Mercy of My Son descends upon humanity to hand to it the divine amnesty that will liberate it from its constant mistakes because in this way the world will find inner peace.  

As Virgin Mother and Queen of the entire Humanity, My Immaculate Heart conducts you through a new cycle of mercies and of redemption, but it will only depend on the faithful effort of My children so that the Divine Celestial Doors may be kept open to the rescue of the hells of the current Earth.

The good and sovereign action of the humble and prayerful ones will help to give a final twist to the events of humanity.

Things as they are now can no longer endure because the Holy Laws of God will act strongly upon all that is life and matter. 

Dear children,

Today, for this day of special preparatory vigil, I invite the groups of prayer to assume a new preparatory task. It will consist of the adoration to the Merciful Christ for half an hour before the beginning of our vigil of prayer on the 12th and the 24th days of each month. Those souls and hearts that may contemplate the image of the Merciful Christ for half an hour before the vigil in silence and in inner prayer will intercede so that the most inveterate sinners may receive the Grace of Forgiveness and of Divine Mercy, because in this way the world will be able to achieve some time more of peace.

My beloved children, I am with you and I silently walk by your side. I thank you for your effort, the one of living My call for the redemption of all of the souls.

I bless now My soldiers.

Thank you, São Paulo, for having received Me one more time!

Thank you for your adoration to My Son Jesus!

Who loves you always,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.