Wednesday, October 23 of 2013

Weekly Messages

Take your rosary in hands and contemplate with Me the needs of the world. Take your heart to traverse this planet from north to south and east to west, so that you may feel in your little soul how the angels and the blessed ones from the Kingdom of the Heavens work.

My children, discover in your hearts the power of true prayer, prayer that transforms the events of the world, that redeems the hearts and changes the course of life for beings so that there may be a little more of peace on Earth.

I come with the rosary between My hands and passing the beads one by one, I pray for all humanity and wherever I find a heart that also prays, there I open a window for the Kingdom of God and I make to flow the Divine Grace and the Mercy for all of the souls.

My dears, I invite you to experience the power of faith and of union with Me within your little lives. For this, I tell you that you must deepen contact with the life of prayer.

While you pray unite with consciousness your hearts to Mine. Remind yourselves that I Am in the Heavens, listening to your prayers and in Omnipresence, I come to the world to pray with My children and to work with them manifesting the Will of the Creator.

While you vigil in prayer and pronounce the prayers in different languages, travel with Me throughout the world on this Boat of Salvation and, going nation by nation, let us rescue souls and balance the debts of the consciousness with God.

Pray for those who do not know how to pray. Pray for those who do not know God. Pray for those who believe themselves to be spiritual and deceive themselves in false doctrines. Pray for the religions. Pray for the religious. Pray for those who have hunger in body and in spirit because they do not find in their lives the source that satiates all and that calms all in body and in soul.

And, in this way, come with Me praying for the children, for the youngsters, for the adults and for the elders, praying for those who are being born and who are about to leave.

Pray for those who lose the body, but much more, pray for those who lose the soul. Pray for the kingdoms present in each one of the nations. Pray for the history that lives kept in the invisible and that generates pain and suffering throughout the centuries because it has still not been redeemed.

Cry out with Me for the Light of the Holy Spirit so that, in this way, the hearts that may be open in the entire world may receive in their interior the Divine Grace and the awakening.

My dears, vigil in truth with Me and, praying for the nations, unite in your inner the essence of each people, of each race, of each creed and religion. Unite the consciousnesses of the nations so that from the spiritual Universe this union may manifest itself on the Earth and may avoid conflicts and wars that are gestated in the entire world.

As good children come to My arms and, praying for those who are most in need, you will perceive how simple and small are the issues of your lives. For this I tell you that if you aspire to heal the heart and the soul from vain sufferings pray with Me for the world and contemplate the pain of the Heart of God for the irreparable causes of humanity.

Live in the spirit of prayer and enter into My Universe of Love.

I thank all of the nations of the world for responding to My Call.

Who prays perpetually for all of you,

Mary, Mother of the Most Holy Rosary of Peace.