Wednesday, December 25 of 2019


The Throne of God has been touched by your prayers and supplications. For this reason, I invite those who can to kneel down, in order to please the Heart of God and to deeply thank Him for His response.

And so, today I come again from Heaven to be with My children, because My only reason is My children, the children that walk beside Christ, that follow in His footsteps, that live His teachings and try every day to live them better, to feel within themselves His sacred teaching that brings renewal, healing and the faith of all hearts to the world.

Today I come from Heaven, but before I came here, I visited other places on Earth that also were in need of the intercession of the Mother of God.

Through this consecration, that will be experienced in a special way today, not only Uruguay will be spiritually benefited, but also other nations of the world, some of them very far from here, that also need the intervention and Mercy of God.

So today I bring you a Grace, and I declare this Grace to you that God granted Me for the nations of the world that suffer and endure the conflicts of these times, and cannot manage to get out of those conflicts because of the action of the human being.

And behind all of this is My adversary. This is why I come to these nations, to bless them, to elevate the fallen essences, to carry souls toward the Heart of God, and so that they can feel, above all things, the impulse of His Cosmic Love that comes to awaken them and renew them, comes to strengthen them upon the path of their surrender and consecration, of their faith and trust in the Celestial Father.

This Grace that I bring today is inexplicable; it is a Grace that will descend upon these nations for the coming times, especially on the occasion when the Sacred Hearts place Their feet upon Africa.

There, everything will happen; liberations will occur and souls will be freed of a great many constant sufferings. But that will not only benefit some nations of Africa, rather also the consciousness of the whole continent.

For this reason, My children, the preparation for this Pilgrimage will be important and, as from now, I announce it and declare it so that you, who are My children, My armies, My prayerful children that accompany your Heavenly Mother, may generate the necessary conditions in the work of donations and of providence, so that this Pilgrimage may be concretized, since it will be one of the last.

Th year 2020 promises to bring many changes to the human consciousness, but also great events that humanity will not be able to believe could happen.

Thus, the spiritual Hierarchy unites and concentrates upon the next steps to be taken in the Work and in the Plan of Rescue of My Son.

At that moment, while everything is being unleashed, the communities must already be that receptacle of love, the Islands of Salvation, for those that will be called to live in them and, in the name of the whole human race, bear that which the planet will experience in its final transition.

This is why today I bring you this Grace, which is inner, profound and spiritual. A Grace that you will understand in the coming times, during the coming years, which will not be many, in which you will experience great movements as part of this humanity and this planet. Many would want to have this Grace and cannot, but today I give it to you, because of the response you have given to Me. In the same way, I give this Grace to your brothers and sisters, to those who, in different parts of the world, support the flame of faith and the banner of the Love of My Son, preparing His return to humanity.

With all of this, My children, understand how great is the planetary need and how small your inner processes are in the face of so many emergencies in humanity.

This is the time, it is the hour and it is the moment for going through the portal toward a life of apostleship, toward a life of service and permanent prayer. Because all you have learned with Me throughout the years was only a preparation so that My armies of Light, at the culminating moment of the Earth, may be unconditionally ready and available, so as to be able to help and collaborate in this great battle of the end of times in which either love or indifference is defined.

I Myself will call different children, in different places on Earth, from different nations, regions and places, so that they may constitute this great army that, representing the majority, those most ignorant and unaware, will support the return of Christ.

That moment will be accomplished, the Law will be seen and everything will be consummated when My Son returns to the world. And although many, I would say millions, will not be able to recognize Him, He will reveal Himself and show Himself in a way much like what He did with some of His apostles during the transfiguration on Mount Tabor.

So you must become aware that this moment is approaching and that there is not much time left. But your adherence and your support will be necessary for the next missions the Hierarchy will propose in the year 2020, as I have mentioned to you, on the African continent.

It is an incalculable pain that will be released, as has never happened before, as no mind could imagine nor interpret; because I am the Queen of Africa and the Mother of all the afflicted, of all those who suffer and endure the very chaos that the world generates. But the hour of this liberation will come and all My armies, those in Heaven and upon Earth, will help their Divine Mother in that great moment.

Today I carry out this consecration of new Children of Mary in an intimate and simple way, also dedicating this consecration and blessing My daughters of Africa, who are present here today, who represent a nation in pain, suffering and in agony, like many nations of Africa, where inequality believes itself to be the keynote and the power of a very few.

That is why I bring you the energy of equilibrium, of harmony and of prosperity that must be active in the heart of My children of Africa, knowing that, beyond all that happens and when Christ returns, the moment will come for the great liberation, the spiritual freedom from the slavery that they have experienced for centuries.

These bells today announce, before your Heavenly Mother, the end of a time, the fulfilling of the prophecies of the Book of Revelations and the moment for the great planetary redemption, beyond peoples, cultures, religions or the tendencies that the human being experiences in these times.

I intimately invite those who are being consecrated today as My children, because in truth, you are already My children; your Mother assumed and accepted you from the foot of the Cross up to the present time and for the times that will come.

Come here so that I may consecrate you, and I especially ask the sisters from Ethiopia to approach, because in this consecration you will represent all of your people and all the cultures of Africa, of My beloved and dear Africa.

In this way, I will bless all the nations that you represent today, on this day of consecration.

There is a little Jesus that speaks like My beloved Son when He took His first steps and assumed the Cross of the liberation of humanity. The littlest will always be in first place in the Kingdom of the Heavens, because their innocence and purity free the world.

And now, before proclaiming this special consecration, I want to listen to the instrumental of Our Lady of Kibeho. Because the Lady of the Divine Word, the Guardian of universal instruction and knowledge for all souls of the world, through the non-material Source of God, will grant a special Grace for all of you and, as a result, for the nations you represent at this moment and in this life.

Before the Power that God gave His Faithful Servant, in the expression of the humility and the poverty of Her Immaculate Heart, before the angels, archangels, the blessed and the saints that proclaim the beatitude of your Heavenly Mother, before the celestial choirs, before the Throne of God, in the Presence of the Most Holy Trinity, by the Power and the Mercy granted to Me by My Son and the intercessory Grace of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, for each one of your hearts I bring the Grace of liberation, healing and the forgiveness of the past, so that your deepest and most silent wounds may be healed by the placing of My hands, of a Mother who consoles you, comforts you, safeguards you, supports you, loves you and accepts you as you are.

By all of these merits, granted since the birth of Christ up to His death and resurrection; due to all the instruction granted throughout the centuries, in the hundreds of apparitions that occurred in humanity; by the miracles, conversions, adorations, offerings, Eucharistic celebrations; by all that My children have given Me in the poverty and simplicity of their spirits, today I consecrate you so that Heaven may descend upon you and upon your nations, so that the Love of Christ may heal and cure all pain.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Now I want you to sing, so that the Mother of the Divine Word may continue to have the Grace of instructing the world, although She must leave in the coming times for the Heavenly Kingdom, whence She has come to announce Herself to Her children in love and compassion.

I thank you for responding to My call!

And may these roses and flowers that have been blessed and consecrated by God through My Immaculate Heart be the recovery, life and the expression of your essential purity, that has brought you here to heal you and regenerate you.

I thank you.