Dear children,

Today remain in the arms of Your Mother so that this act may represent, before the Throne of God, the response to the union of all souls with the Creator. This affiliation with the Celestial Father is what hearts should resume after having separated from God through the realities of life.

As your Heavenly Mother, I bring the possibility that hearts reconsider and find again the union with the celestial universe.

The lack of affiliation with God generates discord and darkness in the hearts. The Eternal Father is the Source that renews all things and grants the most special Graces to hearts that trust in Him.

Beloved children, it is thus that through the fervent bridge of prayer you will hold the doors of Light open for the world, and so that the most lost souls may reintegrate with the pathway that they have lost sight of.

My children, this affiliation with the Most High could regenerate planetary life and guide all souls to the fulfillment of the Universal Purpose.

I thank you for answering My call!

May Peace, which is My Peace, be amongst you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Songs of Figueira - "At the Supper"

In this song, we enter into the temple of the heart and we withdraw during the night to pray with the Master.

The soul leaves behind miseries and fears to accompany the Master in the great ceremony of Communion.

In this song, the expression and the manifestation of the Communities-of-Light is prophesied and confirmed, these being guided by the Hand of the Great Shepherd who, gathering the People of God, celebrates with the self-summoned.

The preparation starts with a daily prayer to receive the Master of Love at the great conclave. He demonstrates His Love for all beings and withdraws, as Spirit, into the soul of each being.

When all are called, the room of the great encounter is revealed so that they may enter into communion with the Most High and thus souls may remain in the Lord.

He reveals the great moment of Communion, offering Himself to the Father, but also asking all to be vigilant and to pray always so as not to lose the way towards the Heart of God.

The Lord shows Himself to be loving and resplendent, and receives into His Kingdom all who have been called to serve Him, bringing them before the Throne of God so that they may receive the Graces from the Celestial Father, and thus revere Him forever and ever.

This song demonstrates the fidelity towards the Lord, a fidelity that we can live through daily prayer and thus find the path of return towards our origin.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Apparition of Mary, Rose of Peace, in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

When I do not speak, it is because something very difficult is happening. My silence is because the world does not want to listen to Me, and that goes beyond this place. I am speaking about those who do not truly listen to the Heart of the Hierarchy, and omit the Will of God all the time.

But with My armies, I will support the planet and will be able to give the world what it would not deserve. That is why I am here as your Attorney, as your Intercessor and Mediator.

Perhaps you do not understand what I am telling you, but welcome My Words in your heart and pray even more fervently so that God may pour out His Mercy rather than His Justice.

Everything that you have done until now has an incalculable value. All that you have prayed until now was contemplated by the Creator Father, and that goes beyond material life. For this reason, take My Words into your heart as much as you do not understand them.

The third secret of Fatima is drawing closer and what, up until now, the church has not announced, disobeying My request, will be shown to the whole world in an unexpected way for everyone.

When God sends a warning to the world, as happened in Fatima, He has a profoundly spiritual reason, unknown to humankind. There is no church or nation that can stop it. Thus, trust was placed in the small shepherds, because in such pure souls the Presence of God and His Message was revealed. But the world, in its majority, decided to learn through suffering and to generate suffering to the rest.

The cup is overflowing and the Blood of My Son, which was spilled for all, must be justified by those who pray in the world with their fidelity and their absolute unconditionality to the request of God.

With all of this, I want to tell you, My children, that I do not come to convey any fear to your inner worlds, but rather a call to pay attention in the face of the events that the world experiences today and in which humanity is completely submerged, especially the most innocent.

May your hearts not be touched by anger, by indifference, by frustration. Let your hearts; especially your lives, be an example of prayer, of constancy and faith, for what will shortly come to the world.


Listen to the Throne of God, feel His Divine Presence. Your anchorage is liberated, your past is erased by the powerful Fount of the Will of God and of Divine Grace.

Listen to the Voice of God within you. Proclaim His greatness and His victory on the surface of this planet and beyond this universe.

Feel the bliss of God. Participate in the communion with His Spirit so that your wounds may close, so that your hearts may open and receive from Heaven the divine Mercy, not only for you, My children, but also your brothers and sisters, your fellow being, the one who suffers silently, the one who is not here today before the Presence of God and of His powerful Throne, by means of your Heavenly Mother.

Today I want to build within you a new temple. It is not a new church, it is a temple in which God can find repose and consolation by the heart of the human beings who receive Him and welcome Him into their inner universes.

By means of these Universal Laws that act here today, the doors of Light and of the whole Cosmos erase even the deepest past of Germany so that the hearts no longer feel the weight of suffering, but rather the victory of Light and of Love that enters the world from the Universe of God by means of My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, which brings you the Light of Grace and of Redemption, that which also comes from My beloved Son.


Therefore, feel your spirits liberated. Feel your souls touched by the Light of redemption, contemplated by the Face of God that shows His Glory and His infinite Mercy for the whole world.

Receive, then, My children, by means of the service of His faithful Servant, the merits that Christ attained within this planet, merits that are still mysteries and that someday will be revealed to the world so that the whole world may consciously know who is the King of kings and whence He came from to be able to help humanity from its great perdition.

Therefore, the time of His Second Return is drawing near and your hearts must be ready because He will come without warning, without hour and without time. But a culminating moment will come in which the definition of the consciousness of humanity will be at stake.


As a symbol of peace, place your heads under My Hands so that I can bless you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Today I am here as the Merciful Jesus so that you may remember the importance of this mission that the Father entrusted to you for the end of times.

Now feel My white ray and My red Ray.

I am the justification and the healing for the souls and, in the same way, I am the Blood that renews and purifies all.

On this second day, the second Throne of God has approached through My Sacred Heart and the Archangel Rafael, who has come in My company to glorify this moment and for the redemption of humanity.

While the Archangel Rafael contemplates you in the name of all the Creator Fathers, seek to unite your spirits to the essence of the cosmic Cure that comes from the greater Universes, those who have faith and loyalty to the greater planes, to the higher planes of consciousness from where all emerges in Creation.

Let us prayer to our Father, who is attentive to the voice of all the supplications. Let us repeat:

Beloved Creator Fathers,
sublime Essences of Light,
descend the Mercy of God upon the world
so that the whole race may reach redemption
(7 times)

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Let us listen to the thirteen bells at the request of our Lord.

Observe and feel with love all the prodigies that I bring to you from Heaven, because if in truth the souls submerged themselves in My Mercy, the evil of the world would no longer exist and it would not be necessary to suffer.

I came to you through My incarnation in the Holy Land. I was born as Light of God for the world and I shed this Light of God for all without exception.

Marathon of Divine Mercy
Apparition of Christ Jesus during the 28th Marathon of Divine Mercy, in the city of Boa Vista, Roraima, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

For the Amazon, I would give My Life again, but I know that I cannot. I would wish to do it so that humanity could understand the value of the Creation of God, which is the true witness, which is the faithful example for all creatures of the Earth that need the Lower Kingdoms to be able to evolve in spirit and in soul.

The lung of this planet is so important that souls do not even perceive what it is that is taking place in all of this region. And how the Heart of My Father, which is blessed, is also transgressed by the hands of humankind when each of them destroys the Creation!

How will the world be able to be in balance and in peace? How can the world free itself of the wars and persecution, if humanity still does not understand what it is doing? Even if the majority perceive with their heart that things are not well in these times.

That is why I come to change your lives according to a perfect model, just as I did with the apostles in the past, who accepted Me washing their feet, who accepted dining with Me, eating of My Body and drinking of My Blood, to revive their spirits in redemption.

The unknown power of redemption, which comes directly from the Heart of Adonai, is offered to all the souls of the Earth in this last definite hour, in which all the hearts of the world must define their paths for the good or for evil. There will no longer be any halfway, illusion will no longer exist. The material life that all souls are submerged in daily will also not exist, separating them from the Heart of My Father, from the true Light and from the true Love that nurtures each created consciousness, in this and in other universes. What more will we be able to do, companions, so that the planet may be completely transfigured? If with twelve people I was able to achieve the Passion, carry out wonders, and transmit the Gospel of Peace to the four corners of the Earth; with each one of you, companions, under the Spirit of My Divine Consciousness, I will be able to do many more things for this humanity. But it is few that want to faithfully follow My Heart in complete surrender, with total trust, and with total love for My merciful Heart.


The Throne of God has been touched by your prayers and supplications. For this reason, I invite those who can to kneel down, in order to please the Heart of God and to deeply thank Him for His response.

And so, today I come again from Heaven to be with My children, because My only reason is My children, the children that walk beside Christ, that follow in His footsteps, that live His teachings and try every day to live them better, to feel within themselves His sacred teaching that brings renewal, healing and the faith of all hearts to the world.

Today I come from Heaven, but before I came here, I visited other places on Earth that also were in need of the intercession of the Mother of God.

Through this consecration, that will be experienced in a special way today, not only Uruguay will be spiritually benefited, but also other nations of the world, some of them very far from here, that also need the intervention and Mercy of God.

So today I bring you a Grace, and I declare this Grace to you that God granted Me for the nations of the world that suffer and endure the conflicts of these times, and cannot manage to get out of those conflicts because of the action of the human being.

And behind all of this is My adversary. This is why I come to these nations, to bless them, to elevate the fallen essences, to carry souls toward the Heart of God, and so that they can feel, above all things, the impulse of His Cosmic Love that comes to awaken them and renew them, comes to strengthen them upon the path of their surrender and consecration, of their faith and trust in the Celestial Father.

This Grace that I bring today is inexplicable; it is a Grace that will descend upon these nations for the coming times, especially on the occasion when the Sacred Hearts place Their feet upon Africa.

There, everything will happen; liberations will occur and souls will be freed of a great many constant sufferings. But that will not only benefit some nations of Africa, rather also the consciousness of the whole continent.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.