Friday, August 14 of 2020

Sacred Week

We stand up to receive Him.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today, My Celestial Church will draw you closer to the Primordial Source, because humanity should still continue to understand what the reasons and the motives are for your being here, as well as for the existence of the material universe.

Through the portal of My Celestial Church, let your souls enter this moment, coming before the Non-material Source that is shown through the portals of the universe.

Follow me in consciousness toward the place where I want to take you today, so that once more, your souls and the souls of your brothers and sisters may be participants in the codes of life, just as your Master and Lord was a participant in the Life of the Father in Himself.

Today the consciousness of the world is placed before the Elohim, a Name of revelation and of strength, of determination and of concretion of Will in all Creation. Holy is the Name of Elohim for all the universe. Holy are Its geometric forms and matrixes that not only regenerate life, existence, but also all of Creation.

Prepare your inner world for this moment, placing yourself in the practice of the void, so that you may hear beyond the words, so that you may understand beyond the mind, so that you may be permeated by the Light of the Spirit, that reverberating and eternal Spirit that is the Elohim itself.

Your hands in the sign of willingness, in the void and in openness.

Let us bring back, in this moment, the blue scenario, so that the melody and the color blue impregnate the physical matter of your human beings.

Close your eyes for a moment and listen, beyond the Word, the vibratory meaning of the Message of the Lord.

And now, with your souls at the Primordial Source, in company of the Creator Fathers, the Elohim, we will contemplate the mystery of the Creation in its divine form.

In that time, when nothing appeared to have a concrete form, the Principle emerged, governed by the Love of God. The Principle had a goal, a purpose, placed in the Mind of the Creator Fathers.

God Himself blessed the Archangels for that mission, which they would carry forward in Creation. But they did not know the whole Will of God. They only knew a part of the mystery, because in the beginning, the Will of the Father was really a mystery; it could not be understood by the mental universe.

But there is something that God placed in the angelic beings, which was obedience, so that they could accomplish it and thus move forward with it in absolute resignation and surrender to the Will of the Father.

Now you, beings from the surface of the Earth, essences of the Supreme Divine Source, position yourselves like the Creator Fathers, at that moment and in that time, and beyond the errors of humanity throughout the ages, in order to understand the occult meaning of the Will of God, permeated by the formula of Wisdom.

Let us see God on His Throne, at the Primordial Source and with the Creator Fathers, calling them, one by one, to serve Him.

Between the Father and the Archangels, contemplate a deep lake of blue light. It was there where everything began. Not only because of His Divine Thought, but fundamentally through a deep feeling, which emerged from the deepest core of God.

God is still a mystery to many, but He has already shown His Power in Creation and in this humanity through those Christified.

Before the need for the accomplishment of Divine Will in this time, and for the recovery of the Purpose throughout the whole human race, as it had been thought of in the beginning of the Primordial Source, a new generation of Christified consciousnesses will emerge. But a way of understanding it or even feeling it will not exist. It will be something that comes directly from the Source to the hearts that will be called to live that spiritual process.

It is something that will come, beyond imperfections, errors or matter. The path of Christification will emerge in unknown consciousnesses, in unimaginable people, in souls that have been waiting since the origin of the Earth for this moment, in collaboration with the Plan of My Return to the world.

The true transformations of the human race in this time will emerge from within beings, so that afterward, that transformation may occur in material life.

Just as the great Hierarchies of the universe were called by Myself to meditate and reflect, today you are aware of this moment that the Archangels are living with Me at the request of the Celestial Father. It is like stopping time and space for a moment. It is to paralyze the errors and traumas in the material universe, especially of this surface race, which must understand that this moment of inflection where it is placed, is the most important. It will be when the last opportunity will be given.

Are you aware of this? So that your material mind and your minds understand beyond forms what God is thinking, not only for you, but also for all Creation.

In this event taking place in the spiritual universe, the Sacred Ark of the Holy Covenant is the intermediary so that the greatest possible number of souls on Earth may receive this impulse. And as much as symbolically it may not be comprehended or understood, what is most important in this moment is the openness of heart, so that you may be participants in the advent of the New Humanity that will come after the current one.

While I am here with you, I must also attentively take care of the requests of My Father, so that His Will be always accomplished, even though the Archangels themselves do not yet deeply know it.

Since the origin of the Earth, the great angelic consciousnesses, the Elohim, learned from this humanity and from the evolution of this planet, from its successes and from its errors, from its victories and from its defeats. And even more, they learned of the choice of humanity throughout time, and of all the alterations made in the human genetic project.

You could not exist at this time if God had not desired it so. How could it be possible to live without His Will, when His Will is the center of the life of the universe? Because from His Will come His deepest aspirations of seeing His creatures in eternal happiness and in the accomplishment of His Divine Purpose, governed by the Sacred Blue Ray.

Now, this great lake of blue light of the spiritual universe is the Consciousness itself of the Elohim. From there came His ardent desire, and there was born His first Will.

God is a Science and an unknown Power; it is for this reason that He has so many Sacred Names, so that He may be understood.

But have you ever asked yourselves, what is there beyond God? What is there beyond the Most Holy Trinity? The Sacred Life of the spiritual plane, does it just end in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?

Expand your consciousness even further, and through My Words, capture the impulses that I am sending to you.

Material life is not what is most important, even though it is part of the evolution of your lives. But it is time that, before My Return, souls understand the meaning of the Presence of God, not only by His Name, but through what He is, beyond the life of the spirit.

Religions perhaps will not understand what I am telling you, but if I did not say that, it would not be the Will of God. If He sends His Son to the world to prepare you, what is really taking place in this moment? Why is humanity facing the first steps of its Armageddon? Is suffering the only way to learn? No, it is not!

The more consciousness becomes elevated, the less will be the suffering and the debts to be amended. I want you to learn like I learned, to enter into Divine Law. I gave you a first Law so that you could live it, which is the Law of Love. The more you love one another, not only will you be closer to Me, but also to My Father.

What He needs is that, after My Passion, what He so desires be fulfilled, is that the inner Christs awaken, that they concretize the coming of the Kingdom of God in faith, in love and in the trust of hearts. But first you must love what I ask of you, in order to participate.

Do not try to understand it, but rather try to accept it. For this reason, the Creator Fathers today are before the Consciousness of the very Elohim, so that from the eternal principle, a new intervention and opportunity may emerge for all the souls that accept it.

For this reason, My Celestial Church offered to be the intermediary in this event, and not only to have you re-experience My Love, but also for you to love the Divine Wisdom that comes from the Supreme Source.

Today, the Creator Fathers meditate on how They will move forward with this intervention in humanity, in a way similar to how They did in the past, with the people of Israel.

But at this time, the need is very great to be able to be met and reciprocate. The Archangels have been entrusted with this mission. That through the Blue Source of Elohim, humanity may be assisted so that at least a minority of people may fulfill the Will of God, just as the patriarchs fulfilled it.

This will bring the healing of humanity and the concretization in the process of human redemption. And although all are facing the mystery of trying to understand what God needs in this moment, know that the Creator Fathers, the Archangels, will inspire different peoples in the world so that they awaken to this call and fulfill the Eternal Will, which comes from the Father directly to each soul.

Not only the Passion of the Lord is offered so that this may be possible, but also the prayers, the sacrifices, the adoration and the works of charity that are carried out in the whole world through beings of goodwill, and at this moment, in this world crisis, a special and expiatory Grace is allowed, particularly for those that did not deserve it.

The new Tablets of the Law will be given to the Tribes of Israel, that are today scattered throughout the Earth. The Creator Fathers will entrust this exercise so that in the soul of each being, the Will of the Father, which He has been determined since the last 8th of August, may be recognized and felt. This means that not only you are aware of this; the whole universe is aware of this.

Do you understand what I tell you? It is not just another moment. It is not just another cycle. It is a definitive time, but also culminating, not only for your race, but also for all that surround it in the universe, because the only purpose and goal is the realization and the fulfillment of the Will, which will bring revelations, knowledge and deeds.

Saint Joseph has been entrusted by the Eternal Father with being the great intercessor between souls and God from the spiritual universe, so that souls may recognize what the Father needs at this moment for the planet. He will be the Messenger of the inner planes, not only in the conversion of the human heart, but also in the awakening of this great and last call.

Today remain in the consciousness of what happens in the Primordial Source. And although the message is symbolic, love it, just as I love you, so that you feel encouraged and risk living My Will, because everything that you unite in Heaven will be united on Earth, and everything you unleash on Earth will be unleashed in Heaven.

The sacred matrixes of Creation are placed in the hands of the Creator Fathers so that, with the beginning of nothing, when no form and no life had existed, They may go back to contemplating and meditating upon the Call of God, of Elohim.

In the Garden of Gethsemane, this mystery was revealed to Me. I could never have retreated nor refused to suffer for you, because My own human heart, just like yours, was afraid. My cells were afraid of what they would experience in the face of such a great and cruel injustice. Your own Master saw Himself in His human persona.

In spite of the errors, of the tribulations and the attacks in the Garden of Gethsemane, My Heart, just like yours, was carried into peace in order to feel trust, courage and bravery for living something so great.

I trusted, in that moment, that you would do greater things than those that I did.

In spite of the abandonment of My apostles, the uncertainty of My companions, I could not fail to fulfill the Will of God. And when I was crucified, in the Hands and in the Feet, God, in that hour, asked Me to surpass Myself; and the depths of My Spirit, in that moment, cried out: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do! But that was not just for that moment, but rather for all that would happen afterward, up to the present time.

My Spirit felt the impact of the Cross, but also felt the Love of the Source, for the renovation of the human project and redemption.

My Holy Mother did not stay behind. After having known this mystery of the offering of the Spirit of Christ, in rectifying the human errors up to these present times, She also offered Herself, placing Her head upon the ground at the top of Mount Calvary, so that Her Life and Her Heart could be pierced by the pain of Christ, in reparation of the whole human race.

Today I ask you to do the same, beyond the imperfect life, the falls, beyond all lack of understanding, so that you always say to the Father: "Lord, I do it for You, for Your Will, for Your Purpose, for Your ardent aspiration, for Your Love."

Place your hands upon your heart and give thanks.

Under the reflective gaze of Jesus, let us offer this Communion so that the aspirations of the Father may be accomplished in all hearts possible.

When Jesus was gathered with His apostles, moments before His Passion, understanding the Purpose of God beyond material life so that one day, we also would understand it, He took the bread, offered it to the Father, gave thanks and asked that it be transubstantiated into His Body. He then broke it and gave it to His apostles, saying to them: "Take and eat of it, for this is My Body that will be given for humankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

He then took the Chalice, and elevating is, gave thanks so that it too would be blessed and transubstantiated into His Blood. He passed it to His companions, saying to them: "Take and drink of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the eternal and new Covenant, the Blood that will be shed by your Lord for the remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless You.

The Body and the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will be in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

Our Father (in Spanish and in English).

May the Peace of Christ descend to Earth.

I am not worthy that You should enter under my roof,
but only say the Word, and I shall be healed.

From Heaven, gather this revelation of the Primordial Source of Elohim, to understand that the transformation of the human heart is possible in the absolute living of the Christic life.

Today you will intone a song for Me that resonates in the life of each human being of this planet and that causes the mystery of the surrender of love to be understood. I will carry this song, so simple and straightforward, to the Father in My Heart, as a testimony that redemption is possible in these definitive times, in which the flames of faith, of love and of trust must always be renewed so that His Will may be done.

At the request of Christ, let us listen to "That Which I Am, I give You," and after that song, we will close the meeting of this day and will withdraw to meditate and reflect upon what the Lord has revealed to us today.

I give you My Peace because My Peace is unchangeable. My Peace is transformative. My Peace is healing. My Peace brings renewal.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.