Saturday, April 16 of 2022

Sacred Week

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May this Holy Saturday help each one of you to make the synthesis of what you have lived with Me  these days, and the synthesis of the impulses that you have received throughout the times with My arrival, in each Sacred Week.

Because now, after this inner preparation, after this spiritual awakening, the time has come to carry out what you came to fulfill, to no longer let time go by, because your Master and Lord needs you to now consciously live the time of apostleship.

Believe that I will place you where I need you, but so that this may be possible, companions, you must allow it, because it could not happen without your permission and authority.

Just as the Son of the Father loves and respects the Higher Laws, so the creatures of the Father must love the Commandments so as to be able to someday love the Laws.

You know that the world has deviated from this path and now we will have to walk towards the purpose of the spiritual reconstruction of humanity and the planet. And this will be possible through the presence of the New Christs, who not only may give testimony of Me, but who may also live through Me, through the experience of the Love that I gave you, and through the instruction and knowledge that I revealed to you so that the Divine Wisdom might enrich your spirits and consciousnesses, with the aim that you can take the great step for Me.

This is what I asked of the apostles right after My Resurrection. I not only demonstrated to them once more that I am the Son of the Father, but I also demonstrate it to you through My Infinite Presence in this place, because we are at a culminating moment, this year 2022 is a culminating moment, when consciousnesses will have the last opportunity to do what they have come to fulfill and thus concretize the Will of the Father.

While I speak to you, I hear the voices of the inner worlds of those consciousnesses that, in these definitive times, were summoned to be present and thus carry out the preparation of the Return of the Redeemer, because it is through your lives that I must first return.

Remember that humanity no longer has justification or deservingness. It is through the hearts that are faithful to Me that I will be able to return to the world. But if My Love and My Light are not among you and within you, how can the world be redeemed?

The Father needs to see the New Christs on the surface of this planet. For this reason, and so that this may be possible, the candle that we have lit today to the Holy Spirit has the purpose of invoking the Gift of Mercy. Because if there is  no Mercy in the world, how can the miseries of humanity be purified, and how can these miseries be forgiven? Who will be capable, just like Me, to take charge of the infra-human conditions of this world, through a spirit of silence, service and transmutation?

What I say to you is something concrete because, although it may not seem so, I do not count on hundreds of consciousnesses to offer to sustain the end of times with Me. But when a heart awakens and a soul becomes aware of the reality of these times, it is one more consciousness that unites to My army of Light. And in the inner planes My commands work, helping, collaborating and cooperating so that redemption may be established in humanity through facts and concrete actions, under conviction and trust in My Heart, because I will always guide and conduct all those who unite to Me.

This is the time of the new apostolate, an apostolate that renews itself through the planetary transition, in the face of the gravest needs of the world, so that all this may be solved.

For this reason, your consciousnesses and mainly your hearts must have the aspiration of manifesting practical solutions that may benefit the most miserable and the poorest, which may allow for the recovery of human dignity, which is being transgressed and buried by the governments of the world.

But it is not in opposition that you will find the solution. It is not in the battle where you will obtain or have victory. Your hearts, on this Holy Saturday, must imitate My example of no opposition, of no confrontation and of no challenge. May silence grant you the true strategy in these times so that, guided by the Discernment and Wisdom of God, you may manage the plans that prepare My Return. Because, as I have once told you, each one has a part with Me, and this is undeniable.

This was the same thing that I asked of the holy women, that they become successors of the Legacy of Christ through the Sacred Relics of My Passion, because there was an objective for all this: that humanity might recover the degrees of love and forgiveness. For this reason, it was necessary for someone to do it, although your Master was already in the Heavens.

Do you now understand that I am passing My Legacy on to you so that you may prepare the Return of Christ?

A culminating and necessary return for some regions of the planet, where Light and Love can no longer be seen. How many people and souls are submerged in these dark spaces of the planet through countless sufferings! which, in many cases, are created by those who associate among nations.

For this reason, so that My Spiritual Government can return to the world and for this planet to be a confederate planet, we must first work from the foundations, from what does not exist in this world; I mean that we must again implement the Attributes of God so that Mercy, Healing, Grace and Fraternity may rebuild humanity and all that exists here, with the aim that consciousnesses may be removed from what is miserable, so that they may remember that hope exists and is latent in the Heart of God.

If all this, which are My requests, is contemplated, if all this, which are My requests, is placed in prayer and in the consciousness, how much more could happen at this moment, which up to now has not happened?

How many more miracles could I grant, not only in the lives of people, but also in nations?

How many beneficial and lasting solutions could sensitize hearts that have all the possibilities to help the most miserable?

So that this may be possible, you must be a part of My Mystical Body. And being a part of My Mystical Body is not a philosophy nor a theology. Being a part of the Mystical Body of Christ is being a part of a transmuting and liberating Body, a Body of Light that is capable of interceding for those situations that have no solution, and that need to recover love and truth, transparency and justice.

Being a part of the Mystical Body of Christ is being a warrior, regardless of the time or hour, it is being unconditional, just as your Lord is unconditional to you and the world. Because being a part of My Mystical Body is offering oneself as a mirror to refract the Christic Codes of My Heart where it may be necessary and indispensable.

For this reason, through My Sacraments, I prepare you to be a part of My Mystical Body and to learn how not to disconnect from Me, because in each new Sacrament there is the possibility for the spiritual and inner re-integration with the Sacred Supreme Source, where your true life and your true motive exists, a motive that must be clear for each one of you.

Thus, you will someday understand that your lives belong to God, to a Will and a Project, already thought of. In them lies the reason why souls suffer and endure when they cannot surrender their own will for it to be transformed, transmuted and liberated.

Without Mercy, nothing will be possible in this world.

After this Sacred Week, in which I also live a synthesis, you will begin to be summoned and called to be in the place and moment that you have never imagined, because the Spiritual Hierarchy must still keep working to contain uncertain doors in various regions of the world.

Who, after having received the revelation of the Sacred Centers, will be capable of becoming a molecule of Light, a spark of the Love of God, radiating through actions of service, prayer and supplication, in the places where they are most needed?

Because there are places in the world that are absolutely disconnected from the Source, and it is something that you can see with your own eyes in daily life. And there are places in the world where work is done in a way that is contrary to the Project of the Father, disconnecting peoples, nations and races from the Supreme Source, because they are actions programmed and thought of by human beings themselves, who obtain satisfaction with wars and weapons.

But I ask you one thing: do not work from indignation, from intolerance or from physical, mental or verbal violence. Be intelligent as I was, inspired by the Holy Spirit, at the most difficult moment of My Agony.

I will come with trust in God, for all My enemies. Thus, I invite you, through love, to pray for your enemies, because Mercy must also reach them, breaking their resistances and domes, so that they someday realize they have distanced themselves from Love and Truth.

This is the great master key of this Sacred Week, for each one of you: Who will be capable of loving their enemy so that they may be redeemed and, thus, saved?

“Adonai, You, who brings Light to the world,
through the  serving Presence of Your Son
and the selfless Spirit of Your Redeeming Servant,
grant the world and as many consciousnesses as possible 
the awakening of consciousness and the expansion of love
so that evil may be replaced by the Good,
Light may replace darkness,
Love may replace violence,
Peace may replace wars,
Fraternity may replace impunity and
the Divine Truth may replace lies and corruption,
with the aim that Your creatures may be happy
in Your Celestial Kingdom.

As I promised the apostles, I also promised you that I would send the Spirit of God as in the Pentecost, so that, through water, it would baptize, purify and consecrate you to the Will of God, to the living of His Designs and of all His Projects.

For this reason, today, with joy in My Heart, I will offer, through My priests, the Sacrament of Baptism, so that, in the name of all those who will be baptized today, all, on this Holy Saturday, may spiritually renew their Baptism.

We will bless the elements and elevate this offering to God, before this Baptism, with the sacred celebration of the Eucharist so that, nourished by My Body and by My Blood, many more consciousnesses and many more hearts may feel the joy of living in God and of again finding My Spirit of Peace through the Sacraments.

“May Your Holy Spirit of Light, Adonai,
be infused in those who will be baptized today
and also in Your children who will spiritually renew this   Sacrament,
so that the Holy Spirit, present in Its luminous and cosmic form, may establish the spiritual bases of Peace.

“Just as You baptized Your Son in the River Jordan,
through Your Loving Grace,
listen today, Beloved Father,
to the Voice of Your Son,
who asks for those who will be baptized,
so that they may be washed and purified by Your Loving Grace.
Grant them  a blessed life,
in accordance with Your Will.

Now, in My Name, you will prepare for the Sacrament of the Eucharist and then of Baptism. I invite all those present to remain united to Me, and, through these Sacraments, to be attentive, very attentive, to the Graces that will descend through this sacred office.

I will accompany you in Spirit, as I have always accompanied you.

I bless you, and grant you My Peace, the Peace that the world needs, so as to remember the Love of God.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Go work for Me.


Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

Lord Jesus, responding to Your request, we celebrate this mystery of Love, through the consecration of the bread and the wine, for all those who have been baptized and especially for those who will be baptized today so that, through Your Body and Your Blood, each one of them may be guided towards the spiritual goal that God has thought since the beginning.

For this reason, in Your Celestial Church, within Your Greater Altar, where You perpetually celebrate as the Lord of the World and King of the Universe, we offer these elements and we also offer our lives so that, transubstantiated by Your Spirit, we may live what God has thought of for each one, according to His Will.

For this reason, we relive, on this Holy Saturday, the great moment of Your Resurrection, which approaches, making our hearts and consciousnesses resurrect to the Higher Purpose of God.

We offer ourselves to Your Heart, Lord, and we remember the important moment of the Last Supper when, gathered with Your apostles, You called them to the table to celebrate Easter, just as today You call us again, to celebrate the triumph of Your Love in humanity.

We then remember when Our Lord, with all His surrender, love, reverence and devotion, took the bread, elevated it to the Father, so that it might be transubstantiated into His Glorious Body. Then, Jesus broke it, and, giving it to His companions, said: “Take it and eat it, for this is My Body, which will be given for humanity for the forgiveness of sins.”

We  praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We  praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We  praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

Let us revere the Body of Christ, and keep in mind the Graces that descend, just as Jesus promised on the meeting of today.

Then, Jesus took the Chalice in His Hands and, offering it to the Eternal Father, He asked for it to be transubstantiated into His Precious Blood, for the redemption of the entire human race. Then, He passed it to His companions, saying to them: “Take it and drink it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the New and Eternal Covenant, which will be shed by your Lord for the remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me, until I return to the world.”

We  praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We  praise You, Lord, and we bless You.
We  praise You, Lord, and we bless You.

We revere the Precious Blood of Christ, just as the angels, at this moment, revere the Precious Blood of Christ and the Glorified Body of the Lord, allowing souls, from the abysses of the Earth, to resurrect to the Love of God, especially the most recalcitrant souls.

United to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, united as one heart and one mind under the Divine Purpose, we pray the Our Father in Aramaic, consecrating this moment and our lives to God.


Prayer: “Our Father” (in Aramaic).


May the Peace, Light, Love and Mercy of Christ descend to the planet.

Lord,  I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the Word, and I shall be healed.

United to the angels that adore the Body and the Blood of Christ present in the Eucharist, at this Altar of redemption, we announce the Spiritual Communion of all souls with Christ.

We invite all Councilors to come to the scene, to receive this Sacrament. Friar Thomas, Mother Constancia, Friar José María.

Sun of God,
that illuminates the darkness of our lives,
Spirit of God, that liberates the faults of our beings,
come Sacred Body and Precious Blood of Jesus
so that, united to You,
we may reach eternity and paradise.

Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

And now, in communion with Christ, we will prepare for the Sacrament of Baptism.

We remain united to the Heart of Jesus, accompanying this important moment of those who will receive the Sacrament.