Monday, October 9 of 2023

Special Apparitions

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Your Master and Lord, together with the whole Spiritual Government of God, is today gathered in this place of the planet to contemplate and evaluate the planetary situation.

In an extraordinary way, I present Myself here, given the emergency of these times, so that, in the face of all that which you can see and are participating in, you may not contemplate it as something normal. I have told you many times that this is a definitive time, and it is definitive also for the Spiritual Hierarchy.

In the face of what the world still does not want to change, the Hierarchy encounters  great resistance. This prevents the Spiritual Laws from descending to Earth, prevents the Fountain of Grace from flowing as a powerful wellspring in all souls and in all hearts.

We are making a decision at this moment, which encompasses not only the planet, but also the Solar System, contaminated and interfered with by the emanations of conflicts and wars; for the great spiritual veil is still being torn, and there is no one who can stop this.

This is why the Hierarchy must impose Its hands so that this situation on the planet does not precipitate itself. Thus, I come to announce this moment to you so that all of you may accompany the Hierarchy in all that it observes and contemplates, especially the risks that humanity is living.

I cannot fail to tell you this reality, because the times urge, because humanity places itself in a dead end, even although all Inner Centers of the planet are already working.

I come as a Messenger of Peace. I come as the Mediator between souls and the Laws. Because if there is no change in this situation of the planet, many will pay the price of a few, of those who are not aware of what they are doing.

This is why, companions, it is time to be vigilant, because while everything happens in the world, it is necessary to pray more and more, so that the balance of the planet, which is at risk, may be maintained at a minimum harmony, although this is insufficient.

These are times of tribulation, but also times of opportunities, of the decisive and last Graces that I Myself will pour out upon the world so that the souls and hearts that accompany Me and all their families may have the necessary strength and the unshakable faith to face these times of darkness, just as your Master faced it from the Garden of Gethsemane up to His Death on the Cross, until the last moment of His expiration.

I come to place you, time and again, in this school of inner growth, so that your own miseries, which are small in the face of the great miseries of the world, may be dissolved and transmuted by the power of the faith you have in Me.

Thus, I will always help you, although this planet may be at war and in conflict, although the crises of the peoples and nations may continue, although many of My brothers and sisters continue to disappear in the Mediterranean Sea without the majority helping them.

The pain that My Heart feels today is indescribable. That brothers confront their brothers, that peoples and nations raise their weapons to defend themselves from something that does not exist, that only My adversary imposes through these ideas in the minds of those who govern the nations.

Today, I come to attend to more than one situation of the planet. In truth, in these times, the Hierarchy attends many situations at the same time, given the emergency and the risks that this surface is going through.

This is why the Inner Centers of the planet, known as Retreats of the Spiritual Hierarchy, do their utmost and a little more so that the imbalance on the surface may not swallow the whole of humanity into an abyss without return. I must tell you things as clearly as they are, because many in this cycle still live illusions and lose their sense of discernment.

It is time to survive. Everything is at stake, but we must not challenge the times nor the events, because the one who raises their sword will die from the sword. And this is not symbolic, companions.

It is time to be clear about what must be done, and what must not be done. Because as time is precipitating itself, decisions must be made with caution, so that no one is harmed. And this begins in what is small, in what might seem to be unimportant. It is from there that the Hierarchy begins to work; it is from there that it begins to make Its decisions, invoking the Light of the Holy Spirit of God, so that each step and each decision may be guided.

Today, the Council of the Spiritual Government of the universe is gathered, together with your Master and Lord, the Christ, so that once again We may avoid a greater disaster and, in some cases, a disaster without return; because the human being still believes they know everything.

Arrogance and impunity blind some hearts that rule the nations of the world and believe they will remain unpunished. But it will not be like that, because Divine Law must not be tempted, Divine Love must not be outraged, Higher Will must not be denied.

I would like you to be with Us as you have never been before, because all need help, all need Mercy and Redemption.

Today, from this sacred place in the Alps, which has been exploited and violated without respect for the laws of nature, I come to restore Creation, to restore the human consciousness, which has been corrupted throughout the ages, which has distanced itself from the Truth, making life artificial. However, the essence of life can never be corrupted, the angels of the universe will not allow it.

Know, companions, that I continue to be attentive to the voice of your supplications. Because while you are here with Me, listening to Me so closely, there still are many souls that cannot hear Me or feel Me, that cannot receive even a drop of My Love because there are situations that prevent it.

Think, then, for a moment, what your Lord feels in His most absolute silence, when He sees that His own family of humanity, to which I belong, destroys itself, losing its sensitivity in the face of so much suffering.

I cannot fail to come at this moment, and I again withdraw in the Heart of the Father, where I can find strength, so that My brothers and sisters may also have strength.

I thank you for accompanying Me. This is very significant for Me and also for the world, wounded and outraged by evil.

May hope not be lost.

May joy not be dissolved.

May Peace be established. Just as Peace is in Heaven, so may Peace be on Earth.

I bless you and encourage you to continue on for the advent of the One Thousand Years of Peace. I bless the Alps, humanity and the whole Earth.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.