When God announces His designs and reveals His Will, ask Him for the grace of knowing how to respond to His Call.

Child, place yourself always before the plans of God with humility. Who are you to analyze the Divine Will and evaluate if that Will corresponds to your life or not?

These are times of definition, and you already know it. Therefore, place your head on the ground, as well as the desire to know everything, to understand and to control everything, and open yourself to the mystery of these times, which throws you into the unknown, not only externally, but also internally.

Do not hold on to what you already know about yourself. Do not remain only consolidating what you are and the memory of everything that you have already done for God's Plan and for the planet. Today everything must be new and tomorrow everything must renewed.

Enter with your heart into the rhythm of the new cycles and let Your Father and Creator make emerge from you that potential that today is hidden from you. Launch yourself into the new, launch yourself into service, launch yourself into overcoming and do not fear weariness, do not fear fatigue, do not fear the result of the Work that the Father fulfills in you, because only He, Who created you, knows the true reason of your existence and can lead you to it.

Ask the Father why and for what He created you and let His answer echo within your heart. Do not fear to know His Will and to walk toward it. Do not fear to get rid of your plans and embrace something superior.

Remember, child, that - after manifesting His Grandeur and the apex of His Grace - the Son of Man lived rejection and human incomprehension; He suffered all the resistances of the retrograde condition of humanity and revealed to you the key to the transcendence of all things: Forgiveness, Love and Mercy. And, to get there, he crossed the door of humiliation, of overcoming, and of faith in God and not in Himself. He surrendered His Will to the Father and, even knowing that His Heart was participant of all the Powers and Gifts of God, He chose the Will of His Father and remained in nothingness.


The Image of the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph

The Image of My Chaste Heart must be contemplated by those who seek the humility, the simplicity, the maturity of spirit and the awakening of the spirit of service and charity.

This Image represents the moment in which My Chaste Heart pronounced Its “yes” to God and accepted, despite Its imperfections, to fulfill the Mission that God had entrusted to it.

This Image is the symbol that in order to serve God it is not necessary to be perfect, children, because Perfection, which comes from the Father, manifests in the soul and in the heart, as the being decides to walk.

Before this Image, you must ask the Father for the Grace of knowing to say “yes”, despite the apparent audacity of His Plans. Because today I tell you: it is not God Who asks you great things, but you who do not know your own potential, do not know yourselves and think you cannot give what God asks you.

Before this Image, pray the “Novena to begin the New Spiritual Cycles” and let My Heart inspire you so that you can say “yes” and know what is hidden until today and is unknown to you about yourselves.

The Reliquary of My Heart represents the Plan of God consummated in human imperfection. I will place in it all Graces that the Father granted Me to fulfill His Will and before it, children, you will pray not only for yourselves, but for all humanity, so that these Gifts of Surrender and Rendition, which made this Heart become a Divine Triumph, can reach each one of your brothers, in the four corners of the world.

Through the Image of My Chaste Heart and the Reliquary of My Heart, the Creator grants you two new and unique Graces so that you may know that all you need in order to become a celestial victory is within your reach.

Today I ask you a small replica of the Reliquary of My Chaste Heart to pilgrimage around the world and to be in all altars of My Apparitions. Because in this Reliquary I will place the Gifts that humanity needs to renew itself; standards of conduct for a new life, which will be irradiated in the nations and in the continents, as a teraphim of the New Humanity, so that those who contemplate it and pray before It may achieve the Grace of knowing and living who they really are.


My child, find in your heart the essence of these times and your strength.

Understand the tests of the planet not with sorrow, but with Peace. Finally, it is being fulfilled on Earth as was prophesied from the beginning.

May your faith be on the Plans of God and on nothing else. Let His Victory be a deep certainty in your heart, in spite of the apparent defeats that are to come.

Divine Victory does not manifest like a human victory, and in order to know how to understand the Plans of God and allow yourself to be guided by Him, it is necessary to love Him above all things.

Remember what I tell you today so that you do not regret before the cross. Just as the Son of Man knew everything He would suffered before those events were manifested in His Life, God makes you aware of the tests of this planet through the words of His Divine Messengers.

Place these words in your heart and let them forge that strength in you that you will need not only to endure the times that will come but so that you can make of each test the reason to multiply the Love within your heart.

It is of no use merely to bear the cross, for many were those who died on the cross throughout human evolution. The sense of your surrender must always be Love. There too lies the reason for your existence and the mystery of human Creation.

Love in spite of all things and see in everything the opportunity to serve and of surrendering for Love to God. Do not lose a single second of the school of this world. May everything be to make the Grace that the Creator has given you to be upon the Earth worthwhile.

Even though life may be a mystery still to be revealed to you, embrace the circumstances of your life with gratitude and everything will be fulfilled.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Cry out, little soul, for your sister souls who sleep in the illusion of this world.

Cry out so that the night may be deep, but not eternal. May it forge within beings the fortitude that will help them overcome greater tests than the darkness of the Earth, but that this night not be so intense that it darkens the hearts of men. 

Cry out for Mercy to descend on Earth in times of Justice.

Cry out so that no punishment may be eternal and so that souls condemned by their own ignorance may be able to get out of the abysses of illusion and lack of love.

Cry out, soul of God, so that your Father, Who is Eternal and is full of Love and Grace, does not tire of pouring over the world these Gifts of His Heart, so that they be an eternal bridge between His creatures and the Source of Life.

Cry out, soul of God, so that your Father, Who is in the Heavens, but Who is in all things, listens to your prayers, and being sincere, they are attended to.

Cry out for those who sleep in the dream of this world and cry out for those who believe they are awake, but are lost on confused paths that do not lead them to God. 

Cry out for the One Truth to reveal itself and for Unity to emerge as a need in the hearts of men.

Cry out, little soul, for the soldiers of Christ to persevere in the four corners of the world. That they proclaim Love more than a doctrine, that they proclaim Love more than a religion, and that they recognize themselves in the Love that dissolves differences and reveals souls as sisters under a same purpose.

Cry out  so that this Plan be fulfilled. Feel yourself a living part of the human consciousness, and being part of the heart that pulsates on Earth, raise your voice to the Heavens and cry out to the Father for the establishment of His Will, for the rebirth of His Love, for the consolidation of His Word, for the institution of His Laws, for the fulfillment of His Promises, and at the end of everything, so that His image and semblance be reflected in the faces, in the hearts and in the consciousnesses of all His children. Let your cry be eternal and true.

He who blesses you and cries out with you for this world and for creation,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Pray so that the Plan of God is fulfilled; contemplating, in the universe, the perfect purpose that the Creator has for each one of His Creatures.

Reuniting with the Divine Messengers and being in the presence of the Eternal Father, through the Door of Light and  Peace that we open to the world, means recovering the purity and the potential of love that was given to the creatures in the beginning of all and that, one day, in the hearts of many, was lost.

The task of the Divine Messengers in this time is more profound and, sometimes, incomprehensible and invisible to the human mind, because the definitive moment for the planet has come when the evolution of all will be defined according to the answers you give to the opportunities you receive.

Many open themselves from the heart, even if only for a tiny moment, and this is enough so that the seed of a new being can be sowed within them. There lies the eternal hope of God and of His Messengers: knowing that, despite such numbness in humanity, there is also the possibility of awakening and this awakening happens in a simpler way than what you imagine.

The Divine Messengers are heading towards Central America so that those who have lost their bond with God can recover it. May those who have committed themselves with the manifestation of His Plan in the beginning be able to fulfill it. May those who must become new Christs and who walk behind the Lord, in this and in all times, be able to remember their mission.

There are missionaries spread around the whole world and the time has come to call them by their names, one by one, so that they may fulfill their mission.

New potential Christs will awaken in this time: consciousnesses that will live love and unity with God beyond themselves; that will love their neighbor and that will give their lives, sincerely, for their friends; consciousnesses that will share the bread with Christ and that will join you at this table to share the Chalice of sacrifice and surrender to God and thus make the plan of the enemy disintegrate and the souls no longer lose themselves from God.

I warn you of these events and I thank you for praying so that this Plan is fulfilled.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The reward of the servant of God is eternal service. The Creator renews His servants in the act of serving, and the certainty of being fulfilled by His Plan nourishes them.

Children, the great school of the Disciples of Christ in these times is eternal renunciation. However, I speak of renunciation of the things of this world, of the conveniences and pleasures that humanity as a whole has efforted much to maintain.

Those who fear renunciation, in truth, have never come to know the grace of serving God, because it is by renouncing all that is temporary that you may find what is eternal and nourishes the soul, body and spirit, making you full in God, beyond the appearances of the world.

Those who want to sustain themselves during their own purification must find their peace in renouncing all results concerning themselves, because they suffer much, those who every day look at their wound and do not allow it to heal due to the power of their thoughts about it.

You must recognize that the wounds are there, but in order for the pain to not torment your life and prevent you from doing whatever you are called to do at this time, you have to take your eyes off of yourselves.

Therefore, children, the greater the degree of consecration, the greater must be the renunciation, because a deep surrender will be demanded and you will be lead to live it beyond your own will; but this is not where your consciousness needs to be, because the Plan of God is manifested by undertaking it and not by thinking about it.

Thus, you should know that the one who gives everything will also receive everything, and the one who puts aside their own process, their purification, and even their needs in order to help others, will be rewarded by God and reach the expression of His Plan without noticing it.

For this reason, today I show you the path of service and transcendence and I thank you for trying to overcome yourselves for love to the Plan of the Creator. In this eternal attempt and true aspiration, the Plan is fulfilled. Go ahead.

Your Father and Companion in the path of ascension,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Children, so that the human indifference towards the higher life will not cause humanity to lose the possibility of coming to know and experience this life, those who are awake must redouble their efforts, multiply their tasks and overcome their own limits every day to respond on behalf of those who ignore the celestial call.

In addition to their own purification and their own load that they must carry on these times, the new apostles and disciples of Christ must stand the purification of the planet as a whole and carry, on their back, those burdens that others who committed themselves with Christ do not want to bear.

In the Universe, the responsibility of the manifestation of the Plan of God was equally shared among those who committed themselves to provide this service. But when they arrived to the planet, with veils on their eyes, the souls got confused, forgot and remained asleep or imprisoned in their own tastes and in their ways of understanding this Plan.

Children, when a soul that had a determined mission to fulfill changes this mission according to its own will and its opinion, even if it believes that it serves God, the Plan, this is considered an indifference towards the Truth of the Creator.

There are many souls that had committed themselves to the Lord and that, throughout their experiences on Earth, fulfilled in part what God asked them; but now, in the culminating moment of the Divine Plan, have gotten lost in the strong influences of the chaos and have cast aside fidelity, exchanging it for superficiality.

I tell you these things first for you to be attentive and always be guardians of the Divine Plan and, also for you to know that the Creator will count on you to fulfill that part of His Plan that stayed behind due to human indifference.

May the love to the Plan in your hearts be greater than your self-love, so that you can imitate the example of Christ and not only carry your own cross, but let God place upon it the weight of the indifference and ignorance of His Children, so that they do not lose themselves and have an opportunity to awake.

The Creator counts on you, children, for a response and a greater responsibility. It is time to serve, to love and to surrender yourselves to the Divine Plan. 

Your Father and Companion on the Evolutionary Path, 

The Most  Chaste Saint Joseph


The Lord has resurrected! Dissipating darkness, fear and the absolute solitude of the hearts of humankind.

The Lord has resurrected! And He will be able to resurrect every day in the interior of the dead of spirit who, awakened by the Love of Christ, accept redemption.

The Lord has resurrected! To demonstrate to humanity and to the whole universe that whoever is united to God transcends the laws of this world, including the more material ones that rule the natural path of human life.

The Lord has resurrected! To demonstrate that love has no limits and that those who surrender life for love receive, in exchange, eternity with God.

All the living beings are natural heirs of the Power of God and of all His Grace. It is only necessary that you accept to live as His Children and that you recognize it as such, living to manifest His Will, no matter what it is.

The Creator is the great owner of this Enterprise of the Universal Live. To take forward His Work you will have to serve Him and to follow His Steps, so that one day you become a unity with the Father and have, by Grace, the possibility to take forward His Plan.

Give glory and thanks to Him who shows you the path, by means of His Resurrection. Believe in the living presence of Christ among all, guiding closely this Work of the Father on Earth. Unite with Him and with the codes of His life, of His Passion, of His death and of His Resurrection, because it is time for these codes left by the experience of Christ to multiply and find a new dwelling.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear companions in Christ,

I would like to talk to you about the greatness of Creation and the celestial mysteries. I would like to reveal to you the love that fulfills the stars and animates the universes, so that you see yourselves strengthened and guarded by a higher purpose, so that you fulfill your own missions in the end of cycle on Earth.

With My words, each day I expect that your consciousnesses reach a level of understanding which transcends the limits of the human mind. I try to make you understand the magnitude of the Plan of God and how this Plan cannot start and finish in the existence of this world.

I know that many need the simple words so that they can understand and engage themselves in the task of recue of the Divine Messengers. Many prefer not to believe Our words and in Our presences when we reveal to you something you do not understand and that do not adjust itself to what you already know. However, I ask you not to try to reduce the greatness of God to the understanding of the human mind. Do not try to compare the Love of the One and Only with your own ability of loving. And do not expect that the Creation of God restrict itself to the existence of this small planet, when so vast is the universe.

What for would exist so many stars and galaxies if not for the different expressions of the Love of God in His creatures to inhabit in them? Or do you think by any chance that the stars exist so that they can be contemplated by the humankind in the sky of Earth?

While a great change precipitates itself in the world, the Divine Messengers will try to elevate the understanding and the knowledge of humanity. They will try to open the eyes of the human heart to the truths that cannot be seen with the material eyes.

This will so because only the certainty of a superior purpose and of a superior life, which supports you, will give you strength to live the times that will come. Without a higher understanding about the Plans of God, your lives will become meaningless, such as life has become meaningless to many youngsters and adults who did not find a reason to be in this world.


Strengthen the truth in your interior and be truthful, not only when you are alone and know that you cannot hide yourself from God in your solitude.

Consolidate your purest aspirations and keep yourself in this purity as long as you can.

Remember the greatness of the Plan of God; also remember the suffering of the world and offer your transformation, thinking about what the world should be and observing what it has become. Both in the greatness of the Plan of the Lord as well as in the abyssal planetary situation, you must find the impulses not to be what you are and walk towards what you must be.

Seek a closer contact with God in the solitude of the heart and strengthen the purity of your interior there. The more moments of union with God you have on your day, the more easily you will keep yourself in the purpose, and will resist the temptations that present themselves before you.

However, if you elect to be before all the situations you already know you cannot overcome, instead of choosing to be in solitude with God and be truthful before Him, you will never be able to come out of the permanent battle against yourself. And it will not be necessary that the enemy approaches you, because you rush yourself to the abysses of your own consciousness.

Child, you already know that you are purifying the sludge in your interior; you already know that, very intensively, the temptations and the worldly desires that you still have inside of yourself call you to fall. Therefore, do not place your consciousness in unnecessary probations when the path of peace shows itself to your eyes.


In this time, develop neutrality as a primary principle, so that peace remains in your interior. Do not confuse this with indifference, contempt or lack of interest with what happens in the world.

Neutrality is a gift that is born in the hearts of those who seek the truth and in their quest can contemplate the hidden face of the facts that are manifested in the world.

Neutrality is an attribute that permeates the spirit of the meek and of those who have faith in the fulfillment of the Plans of God in the world and in themselves, and no matter what great disasters and disorganization that will happen on the planet, they never lose the axis and goal of their spirits.

In order to reach neutrality, you must have an interest to know and be aware of the Plan of God, you must seek to live according to the principles of the Father and instill in your interior the certainty of the perfection of His Will.

When you know the Plan of God, by observing the manifestation of that Plan, you will understand that the Lord uses several paths sometimes, never thought by us for the realization of His Works, but He always manifests them, because His Will is the Law.

With this certainty infused into the heart, the spirit attains neutrality and remains firm in fullfilling its part of the Plan, obeying and walking independently of what happens around it, because it knows that some day, on one of the curves of this path, God will manifest His Will.

The heart that lives in the neutrality does not worry so much about the means used by the Lord to reach the expected purpose, because this heart simply continues with fidelity and peace the indications of the Creator, and even so it is always aware of what the neighbor lives and is ready to help them when necessary, this heart is not shaken and does not disintegrate internally by what happens around it.

Do you understand now what God expects from His Soldiers? Helpful, loving, meek spirits and ready for donating all of themselves, but also righteous, immutable and obedient to the Divine Purpose.

Seek to find the gift of the neutrality from now on and live it in your own interior.


Release your souls from the captivity of this world though love for the Plan of God. If you love the Plans of the the Most High for all that has been created, you will transcend the common understanding of all the events that are manifested in the world.

Be willing to love the Plan of God above your own selves and you can then live what the Lord really expects of you.

When your self-love is greater than your love for the Plan of God, you run the risk of getting lost in your own limitations and lose the opportunity to discover the transcendence of all expressions of life, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

When you love the Plan of God above all things, you are able to throw yourself into the impossible to manifest it and, then, you cross the threshold of the human limitations and discover new capabilities which are eternally dormant in the consciousnesses of all precisely because of the lack of love and surrender by the beings.

I know this is an unknown and unattainable love to many, because you have not learned to love the intangible, the Divine, the spiritual. In this world, love is always based on benefits and even the love for God and for the spiritual life has to bring some merit, even if it is holiness.

Those who seek the spiritual life, heading for holiness, begin their journey seeking a benefit, a recognition, a goal; but on the way, they discover that, in order to find what they seek, they must lose themselves. And thus lost, they leave little by little everything they have, all that they are and what they think they are, as well as their aspirations and even the pure intention of attaining holiness.

When the heart feels the most that it no longer wants anything and only walks towards God, when it seems to be even further away of any perfection, because to him nothing resembles the Perfection of the Father, it is when the soul arrives, without realizing, to the first step of its goal.

For this true love I call you: love that transcends the individuals, the benefits, the aspirations, the achievements; transcends the very needs of life and leaves the soul and spirit suspended in the hands of the Creator, so that they may be His instruments in the world, attracting His Peace into times of chaos.


The manifestation of the Plan of God has as its vehicle the energy of the celestial rays. These rays descent to the world through the law of attraction or the law of correspondence and, thus, permeate those consciousnesses which, both internally and externally, are willing to live, in themselves, the Will of the Supreme God. Gradually, this Will takes its place in the life of the planet and, one by one, permeates beings who are inspired by the examples of others to transform their own lives.

Just as happens with the individuals, happens with the archetypes of live, such as society and the life in different nations. Many wonder where the manifestation of the new humanity will come from and from which principle it will arise.

When the human beings congregate to unite their willingness to manifest the Plan of God and thus attract the creating archetypes of the celestial rays into life, these rays descent not only into individuals, but – also through them – permeate the group consciousness and direct naturally the group life for the manifestation of what God thought for the human society.

Sacred human life, always directed towards obedience to the Divine, will begin to appear in small points of light in the world. Just as individuals inspire others to take new steps through their own transformations, the small communities that exemplify a fraternal and Christic life, in an archetype of human society, will inspire masses of people and even nations to follow the same example. This is how the new humanity is born.

The new humanity is the fruit of the effort of each one. Afterwards, it will have its cradle in the union of the efforts of two or more, which begin to constitute a group life, and thus, little by little, expand this sacred life to the world, consecrating it to the Plan of God.

It is for this reason that I ask you to never think that your efforts will not suffice, because sometimes you will seem to paddle against a current of billions of other human beings who do things contrary to the Divine Will.

Christ was also one, but His love for God and His Plan changed the destiny of mankind. Today, you are much more than one: you are millions of followers of Christ, who must begin to unite to fulfill the goal of changing the destiny not only of humanity, but also of the entire Creation.

I bless you and guide you always.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Blossom in the gardens of the Creation, as well as God makes a wide garden of small and great flowers blossom before your eyes.

Bring to the world the time of the eternal spring in which each being can express the best that there is within themselves and, in this way, offer to God what belongs to Him and that has been given to humanity, in order that you could give life and shape to the Divine Thought with perfection.

Let the Gardeners of the Universe, who are coming to you with divine clothing, cultivate in your inner world that which is perfect and that you do not know, because it is still a small seed that your eyes cannot see.

May the principles of God, in the interior of humanity, grow and bear flowers and fruit, in order to sow in other hearts the universal life, the perfection of God and the eternal obedience to His Laws.

Those who, in the simplicity of My words, find the grandest mysteries, will be joyful and will be called blessed in the Kingdom of God, because they will have fulfilled His Plan of Love.

I bless you today and forever.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


May the peace in the hearts of those who follow God be the visible sign of His Sacred Presence in the world.

May the fraternity and the love among brothers and sisters united for a single evolutionary purpose be the reason of inspiration and of surrender for those who do not know in which direction to walk.

May the unity with God, reached by means of prayer and shaped in all of the instants of life, be the light that illuminates the eyes of those who walk in the darkness.

May the communion with the Kingdoms of Nature, the care and the love for these smaller brothers and sisters, be an example for the human hearts that have lost the hope of finding a new world.

May the love for the Plan of God be greater and stronger in the heart of His companions than their own plans and human tendencies.

May the aspiration for the constant transformation in Christ impel the beings so that they are no longer the same every day and so that they may come closer to God, through their own inner world and also through their conduct in the material life.


If you do not understand something that I tell you, enter the precinct of your own heart and there, seek to transcend the imperfections, the ideas about yourselves, the concepts already constructed around your own personality or even what you believe to be, in soul and spirit, because the Plan of God is completely unknown by the heart.  Even those who are considered to be wise live in the same time and space of illusion, separated from the Supreme Truth.  Thus, even though they may be able to glimpse something about the Superior Life, they will never be able to know it completely, but only when the time of God starts to be one with the time of this world and the illusion of you being alone, in an infinite Cosmos, disappear from the human consciousness.

For not knowing anything about the Plan of God, neither you know about yourselves, because you are part of a Supreme Creation, which, as a whole, is a great mystery for humanity.   But the time will come in which the mysteries will have to be unveiled, because the Plan of God must be lived by His Creatures.

Contrary to what many think, the Divine Messengers are sent to the world so that you can live the Plan of God and not so much for you to be able to know it.  That is why, throughout the centuries, we only delivered to humanity words that would lead it towards a new principle of life through love, faith and charity.  And these principles, by themselves, would lead humanity to live according to what God thought for it.  And after having lived and experienced the Plan of God, then, you would start being able to get to know it and to understand better the reason for you to live all those things and why you could not continue living the ordinary human life of the surface.

As the times are accelerating and the Kingdom of God is approaching the world in order to make it sacred and to remove it from illusion, the Divine Messengers give Their last great impulse to the human consciousness, trying to make it live the divine principles and, at the same time, understand, whatever is possible for it within its limitation, about the universal life, the Plan of the Creator and to where it is conducting you from this new cycle.


My dear companions in Christ,

While humanity worries about the material growth and about the accumulation of assets and wealth that will rapidly perish before the imperious Light of the Redeemer, I invite you to prepare the return of Christ to the world.

The Lord will come once the hearts of the world have learned to value the true wealth and the true assets, those that you gain when you lose all the assets of the world and when you lose yourselves, surrendering yourselves to Christ.

The Lord will come when humanity understands that the only safe path is the one that leads to Christ.  This moment is not distant from your lives, because the events of the world themselves will make collapse all the structures that bring the comfort and the safety for the beings in the material life.

The Lord will come when the consciousnesses finally understand more widely His first coming to the world.  They will discover that by seeing the example of those who followed His steps and that, trusting His Spiritual Presence, did not falter with the tremors of the world and did not let their inner fortresses collapse, even with all the attacks of the enemy.  On the contrary, the companions of Christ will help to construct the fortress in the interior of the neighbor, even in the midst of great storms, because higher than the wind and the rain will be the power of the love infused in them by Christ.

The Lord will come, finally, when humanity starts to know its own history, the origin of this world and of everything that has happened here, since the first human beings started to develop themselves.  In this moment, humanity will seek in Christ the answer for all questions that the soul will make in order that the mind may awaken, and will find in Him the confirmation of all.  Because the Lord will come in Glory and, just by seeing Him among the clouds, the unbelievers will repent, the ignorant will understand and the false will fear to see themselves before their own lies, but all will feel the Power of the King and His Majestic Forgiveness.


Dear companions,

I would to remind you that the world still agonizes and suffers for the actions of humanity, but I do not tell you that in order martyrize your consciousnesses and make them suffer an ill that you do not know; I tell you these things because, with all that you receive every day, you must be a little more consistent with that in your actions, in your thoughts, in your feelings and in your aspirations.

Many frequently forget about what happens in the world and let their consciousnesses get lost in the daily distractions and in the little inner problems, which become large, such is the attention that you place on them.

The beings, in their majority, do not truly recognize that we are in apocalyptic times.  Even those who consider themselves more conscious will need a great impact in their consciousnesses in order to know that, in truth, the end of times has come for the current humanity.

God expects that those who believe in His Messengers and who follow Their instructions be more vigilante than ever and seek, over all things, to manifest in themselves the Purpose of God, in which they trust.

I have always told you that you needed to be brave, but many take these words with a merely emotional enthusiasm and believe that will be brave when they are before chaos that spreads itself throughout the world with violence.  But what I come to show you is that this same chaos dwells within the creatures of the world in their due proportions and must be purified and elevated by the transformation of the consciousness.

It will do little that My Chaste Heart may descend every day to the world and deposit, in the beings, a part of the codes that I reached as Joseph of Nazareth, if your hearts do not do anything or almost anything to develop these codes within yourselves.

I do not want to discourage you or to disregard your efforts, but you must recognize that your distraction is very big and that you often still allow yourselves to live the old human patterns, even with all the knowledge that you have of the planetary situation.

Today My paternal Heart talks to those who aspire to live the transformation and to those who will not feel hurt with what I tell you, but rather impelled to maturing, because I come in this definitive time to deliver the best that there is in God to those who will move forward.


When a consciousness truly awakes to a higher life and to the necessity of manifesting this life on the planet, all of humanity receives an opportunity of living a learning on the basis of a profound love.

When the essence of compassion touches the depth of the beings, it conducts them to awaken the love that God expects from His creatures.  For this I call you to find in the neighbor and in the neediest ones, materially as well as spiritually, the keys so that they may live this awakening.

All the words that I give to the world have the purpose of taking humanity to the demystification of life upon the Earth, and to be able to leave the entanglements of superficiality in order to recognize what truly matters in this time.

I know that the earthly atavisms are so old that it costs you much to leave them; I know that you live lapses of awakening and eons of drowsiness.  But, now, the events themselves of the world, the words of the Divine Messengers and the experiences that your brothers and sisters are living of abrupt awakening in the whole world must be enough for that you can place yourselves to truly serve on behalf of the Plans of God.

When I tell you of the Plans of God, many ask themselves what it means.  The essence of the Plans of the Creator is very simple and it is to reach those who are capable of overcoming personal appearances and entering their own inner world in order to discover what they truly are.

My beloved ones, time is pressing so that those who are committed with God since the beginning may assume their positions in the Celestial Army; but not only those who already listen to us have this mission.  You were called to be engines that impel the awakening of humanity; you were called to live a little more difficult stage, to open paths and to bring down the internal and external structures of the human consciousness, in order that when you reach the goal, other can be served by your examples to take their own steps with more courage and speed.

There are many souls that are in the world, waiting to find in human beings a concrete example to follow.  But, even though they have a higher purpose and a true aspiration, they lack a material example of how to act, in order that they can leave the theories and live a real experience of a superior, spiritual and divine life.


If you contemplated with the heart the necessities of the world in a natural way, your own necessities would dissolve themselves.  What happens is that the consciousnesses are not truly touched by what occurs on the planet and have still not opened themselves to understand what is happening.

While the souls submerge themselves in the planetary abysses, many are still worried about trying to offer small sacrifices to God and transform themselves, with much effort, almost nothing each day.

The impossibility of transformation is dictated by the consciousness that, being immersed in itself, cannot get out of its own difficulties, and the worst that happens in the world, to this consciousness, to this consciousness, is that which it does not manage transform.

Companions, in times of Apocalypse, your proportions must change in the consciousness.  Instead of being so concerned about what happens to yourselves, place the attention in the planet and all your vigilance and prayer to balance the planetary chaos.

I assure you that if you discover the love to the Plan of God and, inside this love, the absolute perseverance in the concretization of this Plan in all of the souls, in a short time you will not be the same and you will dissolve yourselves in a higher purpose.

The Lord needs, in this time, of consciousnesses that may be capable of abandoning themselves, just in order to be instruments of the manifestation of His Plan, and this happens when the being gives everything of themselves, including themselves, so that the purpose of God may be fulfilled in all of the souls.

You must worry less about the fulfillment of the Purpose of God in yourselves and more with its fulfillment in all of humanity.  If you do all in order that the other reaches salvation, the awakening and holiness, I assure you that you will reach your goal in a way that you would never reach if you were so worried about yourselves.

They are times of planetary crisis, of Apocalypse, of Armageddon.  May each one remove the attention from oneself and observe what they have around.  It is time to develop the love for your neighbor, the love for the planet, for the Kingdoms of Nature, for the Plan of God.

Offer your lives to a higher purpose and direct all your efforts for the salvation of others.  With care, give the best of yourselves in order that the other reaches holiness.


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more