Monday, April 25 of 2016

Daily messages

Just as My Son, I renew all things.

Just as the dawn renews the day, the cycles of life and the very life of all beings, I renew you at each new meeting, at each new appeal of true prayer.

Just as fire revives the embers and gives new meaning to that which was dead, turning degenerate matter into fertilizing ash, so the Divine Messengers come to this world to transform it.

Many are dead in life and have not realized it, but if you let yourselves be burned by the Divine Fire that descends on Earth, first you will become glowing embers, then ash and dust, and you will seem to be good for nothing; but He who knows ash and knows dust - as a great celestial farmer - will use this powder to fertilize new trees, new flowers, new life. And you will see before your eyes how you are reborn from the nothing you have become and how, from that moment, you will truly know what life is, because only after being fruitful matter in the hands of God, children, you will know the essence of human existence.

When the embers that burned in you goes out, do not worry and do not fear; let the heart and the spirit become humble ash and dust, delivered at the feet of God, so that He may collect them and revive them at the right time.

With all the diverted paths of humanity, My beloveds, the time will come for everyone to be nothing, then to be in everything and to be everything.

If you are in My Heart and allow each cycle to be fulfilled according to the celestial laws, you will live in peace each one of these steps and even when you seem to be dying, you will know that it is like this so that one day you may be reborn in the celestial garden, giving life to many trees that will bear fruit and new seeds. This is how the Kingdom of God is established in this world.

When you, My beloveds, surrender to God, many others will be able to eat the of fruits of your surrender and also leave the new seeds of life for those who come after and who will not need to live what you have lived, because the soil will be already fertile and fruitful .

My dear children of Brazil and of the whole world, with simplicity and love I call you to trust your Celestial Mother, and in this humble way and without many secrets, I bring you close to the Heart of God, so that you will recognize your own mission and feel you are participants in the Plan of the Creator in this world.

Children, as of now, give up the old life , the old man, and allow the fire of My love to burn you and change you forever.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Sun