As the Lady of Mount Carmel, I come today to renew the consecrated monastic life, because many of My children deviate from the Purpose of God due to the tendencies and inventions of the world.

I come to remind you of the monastic rule and of the importance that the groups of prayer be guardians of these monastic nuclei; thus you will allow the Laws to be fulfilled and hearts to lean on the spirit of prayer.

The consecrated life is the principal column for the support of the planet, and it is followed by all the groups of prayer, which must be the firm pillars so that the spiritual task may be fulfilled.

The priests and the monasteries consecrated to My Son must generate a significant vortex of prayer so that the divine Laws will be established, and that these fill all hearts. The consecrated life throughout the world is one of the points of attack of My adversary; nevertheless, vigilance, discipline, and the training for prayer create the strongest and most resistant walls to any temptation.

Around this rampart, which the monastery itself must build, are the groups of prayer of all the pilgrims; such groups are the spiritual bearers of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which allow the generation of a true setting, ready to respond to the Plan of God.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel is the divine protectress of the whole monastic life, the Star of all who must sail on the high sea until they find the harbor, which is Jesus.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who guides you toward God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

My Immaculate Heart ardently aspires that the Plan of God be fulfilled in the heart of each creature of this world and, in consequence, in each nation and in each people. But My aspiration, even being divine, is not enough because the beings of the Earth need to say "yes" to Me and follow the steps which, day by day, month by month, I proclaim to all.

My beloved children, today I want My Peace to enter into your hearts and confirm My presence to your minds. I am here to transform you entirely, but if you do not open yourselves before Me, how will I be able to make Myself felt within your hearts?

Many ask Me for confirmations that I am here. Others ask Me for miracles so that their families and friends may believe in My Apparitions, but few, very few are those who make of themselves My greatest miracle in this world.

My dear ones, I have already made many miracles in other times and I keep doing it so that those most doubtful hearts may open, at least a little bit, to My Love, but humanity has not learned to value what I have given to them and has not recognized that the miracles that I have made were the last way out for those souls that would have soon completely lost their evolution.

I summon this group toward growth, to effort and to persistence. I want to see upon your faces more than the reflection of beings converted to the path of prayer, because I am not here only to give one last opportunity to the consciousnesses that have never accepted redemption, I am congregating those who have committed themselves to Me since the beginning of this Plan of Love and planetary rescue, consciousnesses that will impel others to transformation and that will be able to give their own lives, if it be necessary, so that a new humanity may be born in this world.

I ask you to develop faith in your own hearts – far beyond phenomena and miracles – and to forge, with the Fire of the Spirit of God, your own transformation, because in this way you will awaken in your hearts the Living Christ which, as a potentiality, inhabits the depths of your essences.

It is for this reason, children of Mine, that I ask you to give the most of yourselves, that I correct you and tell you the truth, so many times, despite of it being painful to those parts of your consciousnesses that have been attached to material life and that have little interest in matters of the spirit.


Dear children of Porto Alegre and of the whole world,

In My presence, and recognizing My Call, I ask that you pray for those who are not here today and who wander in this city as well as across the whole world, like souls without direction and without a clear goal for their own spirit.

Each creature that comes from God, My beloveds, has a spiritual mission to fulfill, because it is in this way, with each one fulfilling their part, that the Plan of God will be manifested, not only in this world, but also in the whole universe.

We are now in a definitive time for the planet, because after centuries and centuries of learning in the school of the Earth, the time has come for you take the exam, and for you to put yourselves at the disposal of the ones who need the virtues and the gifts of your hearts the most.

My beloveds, it may seem that I ask you difficult and impossible things, because—in a world where competition, pride and vanity have been fed for centuries —I call you to be fraternal, humble and simple so that you may accomplish together, through mutual assistance, the Plans of God for this race.

My Immaculate Heart is forming an army of light in the world, not for you to stand out among the others in the evolutionary path.  My soldiers will build the path by means of which the rescuing boat will reach this world.  With your efforts and transformations you will open the doors of this boat for humanity.  With your examples and your services you will attract the beings so that they will enter the boat and you will wait at the door until the last soul be able to receive salvation.

For this I call you to put in the most effort, but to be the last ones to receive the merits for your own effort.

I invite you to follow the Christic path in which you will offer all of yourselves for love for your neighbor, even if nobody recognizes your effort and the planetary service that you are providing in the name of God.

Dears, in a world that agonizes, your Heavenly Mother calls you so that you will be the light in the path of the blind by means of your prayers and actions.

It is already time that not only you will listen to My Call, but also that you act with valor and devotion.


Dear children,

On this day I want to bring the flame of My Divine Hope to your hearts, a harbinger of faith in the hearts of the world.

Just like the Sun that shines in the center of the Universe, My Heart descends to the world to illuminate the abysms within and outside of beings, and thus be the guide for each consciousness moving toward the Most Sacred Heart of My Son and the Creator God.

I return to the world crying out to the hearts to live the awakening, because the Plans of the Most High God have still not been fulfilled on this sacred planet, and the majority of souls are not seeking the correct path to the goal that God has given them.

I ask you, My beloved ones, to go deeper into the path of prayer, so that you not be in a praying state only during your moments of liturgy and attunement. I want you to make your lives a permanent prayer.

If, in prayer, you ask for the Forgiveness of God for the world, then live forgiveness all the time.

If you cry out to the Father for His Mercy when you pray, then be merciful in each act, word, and thought.

If, in prayer, you ask of God for the Kingdoms of Nature, then take care of the kingdoms that are closest to you and radiate the love that you ask of God for these little bearers of Divine Consciousness.

If, in prayer, you entreat for the poor and for the helpless, for those who are in deceit and in ignorance, for those who live with lies and errors, then, dear ones, when you meet a sibling who lives all those things, love them and be as the hands of God that carry peace and celestial help for all those in need.

I do not ask you to do great works, because a pure seeing and a true smile can bring the presence of God to beings in a way that no great work would do.

May each one, within your possibilities, live your prayers with acts, thoughts, feelings, and words.

May God find in you, My children, a doorway to enter the world.

Indoctrinate through the experience of the word and make the power of your prayers more potent through being a living manifestation of prayer in the world.

I love you and leave My maternal blessing for My beloved children of Venezuela, who in prayer and perseverance wait for Me, trying to understand what they experience in this time, and learn from it all.


The art of loving and guarding the Plan of God

My dear children,

Today I come to you in love and reverence for your souls that try every day to remain faithful to My requests and united to My intentions.

Today I shelter you under My mantle of Light just as I protected the apostles of My Son after He rose to the Heavens. Just as in that time, today I want to instruct you on how those children of Mine learned the art of loving and guarding the Plan of God for this humanity.

First lesson.

Be always in gratitude for having received the Grace of participating consciously in the instructions of the Divine Messengers. This gratitude will keep you always united to Our Hearts.

Second lesson.

Be always attentive so that the minds with their thoughts manifest within evolutionary energies, sacred and reverent toward God, toward His whole Creation, and toward their own consciousnesses. Strive to reject dissonant thoughts and contrary to the Law of God, to other people, and to yourselves.

Third lesson.

Take note that your emotions and sensations are guided toward and intended for pleasing God, our Lord, full of devotion for His Work and of healthy happiness for His designs. Do not allow sadness and hopelessness to embrace your hearts. See in everything you experience the purpose of forging in you the true children of the Most High, strong and brave for facing any situation.

Fourth Lesson

Keep your souls in the full prayer of the heart. Keep the verb, the thought, and the feeling that emanate from spirit in every word, in every spoken sentence, with concentration, love for God, and joy for belonging to His Plan and for having been summoned to perform a sacred task.

Fifth lesson.

Place spiritual strength, the one that has brought you here and that keeps you always available in faith, in each moment, in each prayer, in each service, to concretize the Will of the Father. Always attentive to serve His Purpose in each moment.

Sixth lesson.

Keep always in the heart the intention of pleasing God and keep watch so that your feeling, that deep one, be genuine and does not claim benefits for the self. Have everything be because of and for the Lord and His Work.

Seventh lesson.



I am the Mother of all the peoples, of all the nations, of all the races. Independently of recognition of My children, I will take care of you and will always try to lead you to return to the Heart of God.

I am the Queen of Peace and of all the attributes that lead you to God, because from My maternal womb comes all the beauty and perfection that you must manifest to the creatures in this world.

Turn to Me in order to live the Plan of God, pray with Me for the manifestation of a new world. The Heart of the Celestial Father never loses hope of seeing in His children the manifestation of His perfection and, no matter how injured and insulted by the human actions it may be, the Heart of the Lord is fixed on those who can express what they truly are.

Beloved children, the Mother Earth is about to have a planetary birth labor; She will give birth to a new civilization, renewing those who disposed themselves to be others and to discover truths that are opposite to the reality of humanity. Its contractions will lead the world to shiver inside and outside of the beings, because – before the true principle for life upon the Earth is born – all that is not corresponding to the Plans of God must be purified and expurgated from the planetary body.

My Immaculate Heart awaits to be able to shelter the largest amount of souls possible; because of this I advise you and I speak not only to those who follow Me, but also to the whole world.

Many will awaken late, but a true act of love and compassion might place them in the correct path, so that they may retake their posts in the army of the Lord and may proclaim the thousand years of peace.

My words are symbolic and literal at the same time. Those who meditate on what I say will know how to find the limits of symbolism and reality.

I ask you to not be alarmed and not to be precipitated in your actions, to only take responsibility for all that you know and to fulfill your own mission.

My Immaculate Heart will try to balance the planetary situation in many ways; therefore, do not think that I ask you many things, because all that I place in your paths is for the urgency of the world and you must fulfill all that I ask you.


Dear favorite children,

How much joy feels My Maternal Heart, how much gladness and gratitude My Holy spirit receives by seeing you reunited in this house of Mine, a house of prayer for the spiritual world of My consecrated children.

United in My universal oratory, the Lord is able to intercede for the seriously mistaken souls that neither listen to their hearts nor listen to God.

Dear children, through your daily offer, as the Queen of Peace, I can help the world, mainly the most little ones in the East, those which day by day despair for the lack of paternity and care.

Today I come from Heaven to ask you to adopt a child in your prayers, to pray for a child of the East as if they were your child or your brother or sister.  So if each one of you adopts a little child in your prayers, you will help Your Heavenly Mother to be able to intercede and to carry all children in Her arms of peace and maternity.

What makes this world to darken is the lack of love and charity, for this, children, I come to teach you and remind you the Plan of God, which is forgotten and replaced by the modernities of the world.

From My Maternal Spirit I come to gestate in your beings a new gift, the gift of peace and meekness, something that humanity does not live completely.  With you hearts peaceful and meek many calamities may be avoided and it will not be necessary to learn through sorrow.

Children, with the spiritual adoption of a child of the Middle East in your daily prayers, you will allow the guardian angels to intercede for the loneliness and outrage that My most little children suffer.

I wish you will please My Heart with this act of love, in this way you will also make My Immaculate Heart triumph!

I thank you, My children, for cooperating with My call for Peace!

Who loves you and reunites you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

In times of crises, may consolation and reconciliation reign.  May your hearts continue to strive every day to find the peace of the heart.

I am your Mother and I am in every place and moment, contemplating from My Most Pure Heart, each step that you take towards the redemption of life and consciousness.

Dear children, today your hearts are discovering the power that an act of humility has and how it opens the doors so that the souls may reform their lives and thus, the greater purpose may be fulfilled.

You will get to know, on the path of purification, many inner aspects of yourselves.  Some will be conscious and others, you will get to know little by little, because for the Plan of your Celestial Father it is essential that humanity lives redemption of everything through love.  An act of reconciliation is an act that marks the redemption and the conciliation with the Laws of the Heights.

Children, in this way your Heavenly Mother follows your steps through this path towards the holiness which some of you are beginning to traverse.   Remember today the arrival of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph and the pathway that His Heart has opened to the world in the hope that something may truly change.

Read His words and thus you will see the blessed work of the Heavenly Messengers.  In truth, those are the last ones for that humanity that may wish to be spiritually saved.  The humility poured by Saint Joseph will be the master key to cross the end of the times.

I thank you for answering to My call!

In union with the chaste work of Saint Joseph Worker of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



The angels from Heaven are gathering on this day around the cenacle of this sacred house to bring you the word of live.

For this, My Son came on theses days to prepare you to live a new path towards redemption and peace.

In this way the Lord has invited you to relive the mystery of the holy sacraments so that everyone may remember that through this sacerdotal ministry of Christ, new doors to Heaven and to Paradise have been opened for everyone to enter in the Heart of God and the reconcile their lives forever.

I have come as your Heavenly Mother, following these events during the last days.  I have seen that many of your hearts have found the path to the truth again and thus, have discovered a meaning for live and for the spirit.

As your Mother I wish your salvation all the time, for this in the last years I have tried to make you pray and love this living exercise in your souls.  In this way, children, the paths that were closed have been opened and now you are ready to live such necessary moment of your purification.

But I will be among you, as I am every day, to guide you until the end, until you find the path to enter in the Heart of God.

Children, now that you have accepted this call with joy and love, try to remain in the Arms of your Celestial Father as long as possible, so He will never cease to look at you with kindness and mercy.

It will be in this way that you will not lose yourselves; that is why I ask you day and night to be in My arms, so that you may soon abandon the prison of a live materialized in error and in lie that this world offers today.

Accepting and living My sacred summoning, the Plan of God will be poured in life and spirit over your hearts and you will be permeated by the powerful Light of redemption.

Dear children, It makes Me joyful to see you reunited in communion.  For this I wish you to walk every day by My side and to participate of this celestial life that is a reality and omnipresence in the Kingdom of the Heavens.

When your hearts pray with love, you will always be uniting to the Divine Principle of the Creator, which is the Love in all that has been manifested.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you to the Principle of the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Many Graces from My Heart have been poured out into your lives during these last times.

You have been worthy of My Love and of My Grace because the joy of My Spirit has filled you with gifts, sowing the seeds of My Son in all essences. Now the fruits must be offered at the Feet of the Creator so that His highest Work may be fulfilled in the redeemed hearts.

You have seen the manifested Purpose in Heaven, and were participants in the Celestial Plan of God; thus you were guided towards the goal so that many souls could awaken to the path of redemption.

The Father has given you everything and will never cease to give you what you need so that you can fulfill the work of His Will.

You have been set free and many of internal situations were liberated from the eternal captivity. You have known peace and felt it; you took the Message of Heaven to those who listened to nothing; you helped to open closed hearts, and recovered the faith in those who had lost it.

Through the work of your Heavenly Mother, you were led to understand the reason for the call, were consistent with the Universe, and it never left you defenseless, not even in the most important moments of your lives. You have learned how to cross the abysses and overcome the tests through the Love of Christ; you have known the truth and became participants in it at the end of times.

You have received the greatest treasures that the Universe held and were called to be guardians of this legacy. The Word of the Divinity has always guided you and has never allowed any door to close in spite of circumstances.

The simplest ones have achieved the goal and followed the path of spirit and of simplicity. Others were lost because they wanted to search for their own answer to everything that was happening; but at the end of the last day, My Son will call you to witness the judgment of the whole world.

For this reason, all are prepared and no one will be able to say that Grace did not touch their heart. The Plan must be accomplished, the hour indicates a sincere decision; the Universe will always await you. The apostles must wake up and work.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you with the Purpose of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I thank you for your sacrifices and effort, because it is through this surrender that your Heavenly Mother can help the planet, mainly the serious situation of humanity.

Facing now the first part of the end of a time, My Luminous Heart comes to guide you and move you away from the paths that My adversary creates to deceive the good souls.

Through the act of renunciation is found the liberation of the inferior self and thus, the consciousness sees itself totally free of doing wrong and of deviating from the Will of God.

It is by means of sacrifices that your Most Holy Mother can repair many things, like the causes that produce the perdition of the hearts and souls of this world.  For this I come to remind you of the act of your sacrifice and penitence as a key for the liberation of oneself and for the deep healing of the world.

It will be through prayer that the fundamental foundations of the new Christianity will be manifested.  And will be these foundations that will create the interior condition in the souls to reach redemption and specially the preparation for the second coming of Christ to the world.

Dear children, day and night I pray for you, to encourage you, despite the consequences, to be founders of these new foundations that will be formed through the love and the interior donation of everyone to the Plan of God.

You cannot imagine, My children, all that your Heavenly Mother can do to help the souls and the Plan of Evolution in all of the humanity.  For this your sincerity before God will allow you to walk towards this Purpose and thus I will also be able to count on your immediate help.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who congregates you to the apostolate of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,
At the doors of an end of cycle and at the begging of another, of greater purification and definition, I ask you to not be afraid and to clench My mantle with your hands, so that together in Christ we may be able to cross the great storm of this worldly and spiritual transition.

May your eyes look at Me all the time.  May your hearts feel Me all the time.  May your minds be united to the Mind of God so that no one might lose their path towards the Glorious Heart of Christ.  May your tests, challenges and confirmations be an opportunity to belong to the Plan of God.  Children, there is no longer any consciousness nor soul over the Earth that is not living their own transition.  But My Heart is the key and the antidote to prevent and to relieve any purification.

Now that you are more mature and conscious of the word of the Divine Hierarchy, do not allow yourselves to stay motionless in the middle of the path, as if there were nothing else to be done.  Leave the torpor that My adversary produces all the time and, as decided apostles, assume the task that has been entrusted to you.

Children, unite yourselves, unite yourselves very much!  Beyond your ideas and preferences, do not lose the course of the Divine Purpose.  You are guided by My Immaculate Spirit so that someday your lives might be the reflection of a purity that was worked upon by effort and charity.  Do not distract yourselves with the superficial and common things, the spirit of your concentration and prayer should already transcend the difficulties.

If you call yourselves My soldiers, then be so with truth and act in the way that the Universe needs.  I still see many children with their feet over two boats, waiting for the Universe to decide for the life of each one of them, but this will not happen any longer!  Open your eyes from the sleep that absorbs you and see the reality of this humanity, the one that hurts and damages itself, the one that loses all the values of a true and healthy family, the one that subjects many souls to styles and tendencies of a demonic life.  Cut the network of evil with your swords of light and may prayer be the principle to create the great divine protection.


Dear children,

The path of total consecration to God is what your Heavenly Mother aspires for you all.

According to this aspiration and in these times, many souls will go through the test that will confirm the chosen path, and I will be there to help you to make the right internal decision without feeling guilty, but only the love of God.

Children, the saint of the last days will be present to help you on the culminating time of the transition of the Earth when the red moon defines the awakening of a new cycle, liberating from the sin and from the errors.

For this reason the challenges and the tests will be the tone that will mark the beginning of this new cycle, free from sorrow and from human suffering.  That is why on this day I bring you the divine consciousness of the universal consecration, a mission that will be for many of My children, the ones that will push the heavy boat of this world so that you may definitely navigate in the sea of Grace and Mercy.

Your structures will move and all the dark control will stop governing so that once and for all everyone may be in Jesus, and Jesus may be forever in you.

Children, grant permission so that My Son governs your lives; in that way no other governor or aspect of your own non-purified lives will be able have determination in the spiritual lives of your souls.

For this, be meek and let My Son conquer you little by little so that He, in His Infinite Glory, may have the instruments to developed the last part of the Plan of God.

Look at your sins as instruction and opportunity for transformation and interior change; in that way when My Son has taken over the kingdom of your lives all the receptive souls will be sanctified.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who leads you to love the consecration,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

Today, when the Universe of God touches the Earth and pours Its Mercy over the whole planet, your Mother of the Most Holy Rosary, from America united to the heart of the Kingdom of Fatima will proclaim the word of life, the one that Her beloved Son Jesus requested Her to pronounce on this sacred day.

For this reason today your Celestial Mother will be united to all of the essences of this world, those that on this 13th of May declare to God and to Jesus Christ that the world accepts and recognizes the Mother of God as the Mother of all and as the Queen of Peace.

In this way the Angelic Universe will be radiating from Fatima, heart of the essential purity, a sea of Graces mainly over the hearts and souls that have remained imprisoned in the illusion and in the claws of the adversary.

Today, from the heart of the Kingdom of Fatima, it will be declared Peace for the world and this will come especially to the hearts that may commune on this day and may pray at least a mystery of the Holy Rosary.

Thus, dear children, the Church of Christ, the one that lives in eternity within the simple hearts, will be awakened again.  And the Holy Father will receive an inner aid with which He will be able to keep the spiritual world balanced for some more time.

For this, children, the Queen of the Holy Rosary will descend today in South America in spirit of peace and renovation so that all of the souls of the world may collect the last fruits that the Mother of Heaven will deliver in the hands of the simple and the truthful.

Today from Fatima, the priests of the whole world and all of the favorite children of Our Lady, the ones consecrated to the sacerdotal life, will deliver to the people of God a key that will open the door to liberation of all sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  From this door, the most sinful souls will be able to direct themselves through the path of inner and spiritual rehabilitation.

Twelve Celestial Angels of the Universe will be celebrating along with Our Lady this communion of reparation and of atonement of the whole world, an event that will happen at the same time in all of the tabernacles of the Earth.


May the doors of the Kingdom of the Heavens be opened and the sublime and celestial spheres descent in Glory to the kingdom of this world to transform and awaken all of the creatures of this blessed Earth.

My beloveds, may you all rejoice and be glad because I am descending in an extraordinary way to the world in order to pour, once again, a river of Graces upon humanity.

While the world sleeps, may those who are awake love sacrifice and the absolute surrender.

While the world let extinguish its own inner flame and faith fades from the consciousness of humanity, may those who are by My side be unshakable, and may not be any doubts from others that may take away from them the faith that I placed in their hearts.

While anguish and fear take over the hearts of those who do not fulfill the designs of the Creator, may My soldiers rejoice and, even in face of the great planetary tribulation, may they be strong, firm and confident in the fulfillment of the Celestial Plans.

While the world fears the collapse of a material system, may the disciples of Christ only wait entrusted to His return and observe each event as the true sign that this return is approaching.

While the world worries about the time that passes and the death that comes, may those who accompany Me open their consciousnesses in order to transcend the times and to enter into the infinite time, in which there is only eternity, the unity with God and with all of His creation.

My beloveds, I come to invite you today to transcend the laws of this world and all of its tendencies.  I invite you to withdraw the heart from the earthly and material loves, that embrace only what this world offers you, so that in this way you may get to know a sublime love, that knows all in depth, that lives and loves to fulfill the Plans of God and to manifest His Creation, such as He thought in His Most Sacred Spirit.

My dear ones, these are times to leave the common living and fight with the heart in order to persevere in a path that, in a short time and in an absolute way, will go against all the tendencies and the energies of this world.

You must be strengthened by the power of the word of the Divine Messengers and never let yourselves be shaken by the internal processes that others will live or by the purification of the planet itself.


Dear children,

Your Mother of Kibeho is already working in the whole of the Congo through the missionaries of peace. For such a just and honorable cause, the Celestial Father is granting extraordinary Graces, which will then be deposited in the heart of all of My children of the Congo.

With joy and also in prayer, your Heavenly Mother is entering the spaces of sorrow and poverty so that, through the victorious prayer of all, the souls most lost may find the path back to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

In this time when humanity faces the acute crises of the end of times, you will find relief mainly through prayer, through faith, and through absolute trust in God.

The Congo is a land wounded by destruction, by mining takeovers, and outrages to the kingdoms of nature, the ones that always pay the price for the bad decisions made by humankind. As humanity does not see the destruction of Creation as something serious, Mother Nature herself is groaning so that at least a space may exist for relief and reparation. Thus, children, volcanoes explode and the nations move through earthquakes and catastrophes.

And where is the spirit of love of humanity?

For this reason, children, the Universe is causing Its Law to descend and there will not be anyone in this entire world who will not receive the effect of what they generated for years.

Children, live in My Grace and trust in it; it is a fountain of wonders and of miracles for souls.

In this era I need your cooperation and humanitarian help so that even with so few servers, dedicated and available, the Plan and the Planet may be saved. My Grace is not known; It is invincible and divine for all of those who search for It with heart and with love.

Keep on praying for My missionaries of peace; the time shortens and the emergency grows in the whole of humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who gathers you and unites you to love,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Almighty God proclaims the power of His Word through My Immaculate Heart.  This Sovereign Power shelters you in the favorite bosom of His Most Pure Heart.

Children, through the magnitude of the Divine and Creating Word the forms are constructed and thus, the divine and superior Life is expressed by means of the existence of the creatures of this vast universe.

It is through the souls that Adonai accomplishes His Magnanimous and Infinite Oeuvre, because in every spiritual science, the life of all souls and essences is the main reason for the existence of the Plan of the Creator.

It is through the divine intervention of the creating and celestial angels that the Divine Thought is manifested throughout the dwellings of all the Heavens.  From there comes the fundamental essence and the major principle that allow the accomplishing of the projects thought by God.

And the souls of the Earth, how do they participate in origin of this principle?

It is enough, children, that you simply recognize yourselves everyday as worthy children of God and that you fulfill the commands that come directly from the Creating Mind towards your hearts.

You, Children of Mine, are a very important and a remarkable part of the indispensable attainment of this project.  Since the beginning of this humanity God thought about achieving His most intimate wishes through the manifestation of the soul of the creatures. 

Your soul is the direct bridge that will unite you to the infinite dwellings where the life of the spirit is expressed and the sublime experience with the law of Love and of Unity.

From your roots and your origins emerges the principle of The Whole and from this Whole the will is born to perform tasks that never end.  Because you are in first place in the Heart of the Celestial Father for His Most Pure Purpose and, without you, souls in redemption and rehabilitation, He will not be able to awaken the coming of the New Humanity and the new soul.

You, My beloved, are at the exact moment of a transition that has not started yet.  Embrace in your interior the Grace of belonging to the Plan of God and being aware of the divine laws which rule you every day, be thankful.  In this way you will be worthy and deserving of waiting for My Beloved Son in some corner of your consciousnesses and souls.


While the good souls pray the Hail Mary during all this day, at this Marian Center that was founded by My Immaculate Heart, the angels of God congregate the lost souls, calling them to live redemption and the immediate rehabilitation of life.

Your Celestial Mother crosses the universes as a beam of light, which is poured over the world, to liberate it once again from the constant oppression caused by My adversary.

For this, dear children, the endless caudal of your prayers spiritually reconstructs many situations, those which are found in the culmination point of their own collapse.  When souls pray with the light of the heart, your Eternal Father asks His angels to descend to the world to help it.

If there were always a true answer, that flows out from the love of souls for the Plan of the Creator, there would be a door of light, which would be opened through Christ to relieve suffering and sorrow.

In these times of crisis, the instrument of your prayer, united to the perpetual prayer of your Celestial Mother, will awaken in the world a greater hope and, above all, the victory of My Son will happen once again in humanity, but this time it will be through His Infinite Mercy.

When all of you gather monthly to pray the thousand "Hail Marys", My Heart feels the comfort promised by all Its children, and thus the thorns that surround My Immaculate Heart are removed and, at My feet, the angels place the prayers as precious flowers on the altars of the Creator.

My children, today I invite you to believe, above all, in the incalculable power of the prayer of the heart; something that My adversary does not know and fears, because prayer makes all who pray with the heart invisible and, thus, they are separated from the danger of My enemy.

For this reason, dear children, may your voices do not get tired of repeating and pronouncing the glorification that your Celestial Mother received directly from Her Beloved Lord of the Universe.  Be spokespeople for prayer so that in this way, your lives, living the purification cycle, may only seek to elevate themselves as the angels do by living the eternal communion with God.

Your Mother of the Divine Word, the Lady of the Sacred Word, teaches you to love prayer and to practice it in this school of renewal that you live with Me today.


Children of Mine,

May in times without peace only exist love.  Your Celestial Mother reunites you on the favorite lap of the Heart of Her Son so that you may be able to recover the absolute trust in the Plans of the Creator.

I wish today that your souls continue confirming themselves to the Celestial Father, because the Eternal God of the Divine Mercy will rely on your yes so that you may be able to live the transformation of life and of spirit.

With your hearts elevated to the Kingdom of the Celestial Father, you will allow My plans of peace to be promptly fulfilled, because in this way your essences will be as flowers at the altars of Heaven.

Dear children, today I come again in search of the apostles of My Son, I come to fetch those who, consecrating their lives to My Immaculate Heart, have said yes to the Divine Plan of the Creator.

For this, children, do not get tired of transiting every day among the tests and sorrows of life, offer your efforts and charities to God so that His outraged Heart may be glorified for the times to come.

Walk in confidence towards My arms, in this way I shall support you in the falls as well as in the tests.  For this, receive My Maternal Love as a balsam and as a healing for your lives.

God expects that, with your sacrifice and surrender, the whole humanity may be elevated to another spiritual and interior state.  I need, My children, that you follow My steps of Mother, as I shall always divert you from the abysses and from the circumstances that My adversary generates to all souls.

Today I dedicate the attention to the most needed and unprotected of spirit.  Your Celestial Mother gathers you all the time in the Essence of the Kingdom of God so that you may recover in your lives the gifts that have vanished or have been lost from your interior because of suffering.

Dear Children of Mine, the times of definition are knocking at your doors.  I come from Heaven to extend My saving hand to you.  From this Marian Center of devotion and faith there must emerge the disciples of My Son so that by loving His Redeeming Word they may profess the conversion that they achieved and they may declare to the world the Merciful Love of My Son Jesus.


In the history of humanity, will be written each detail of the days on which the Queen of Heaven extended Her reign over the world, and by means of Her infinite Love, conquered the hearts of Her children one by one; awakened them to their true celestial origin and guided them to the fulfillment of the Plans of God for each one of His creatures.

On the 31st of December of all the years of this world, the Love of God will descend once more over the world and over the consciousnesses of the creatures.  It will awaken the codes deposited by the Mother of Heaven, those which remained latent in the depth of many beings.

My children, in all these years that I have been among your little souls, the light of the Universe expanded itself, not only in your lives, but over all souls of the world, delivering to each one of them, the opportunity of being once participants of the Plans of the Lord and being able to become aware of their mission and the mission which this planet must accomplish before the whole universe.

My beloved, now that My Heart begins to retire to the depth of your beings, I want the world to understand the true motive of My Presence here on this Earth, which is not only to deliver a time of greater peace to humanity.  The peace that the world will live will be the result of the conversion and awakening of souls.

I have not come to the world only to teach you how to pray, but prayer is the basic principle that opened the doors of the inner universe of your beings, so that in this time you could express the truth of your consciousnesses.

All this time, as in all centuries that My Presence permeated the world, I have been preparing the hearts and making them faithful to God, so that in the final times they would not have fear of understanding a superior truth, which is far beyond from what humanity comprehends as superior life.

I want those who feel ready, to take a new step in consciousness and allow the true awakening to be a reality for their lives.

Time has come to forget the past and release all the roots that bonds you with the mistakes made by your own selves and by others, so that you may untie the knots that do not allow you to get out from this purely material reality, reality which is so far from what you truly are and from what you must truly manifest.


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more