Friday, March 4 of 2016

Daily messages

My dear children,

Human truths are to be found in the depths of the heart of each being; this truth means the inner reality of a consciousness, the state of its spirit and soul in the eyes of the entire universe that surrounds it. This human truth spiritually reflects the position that each soul holds when faced with the Plan of the Celestial Father, a posture that can only be transformed through love for the Creator.

If one of these human truths is not within the principle of universal harmony and love, the consciousness itself will have to work very hard in order to move from this position where it has always placed itself.

Christ has demonstrated to everyone how to do this, and this is possible through absolute confidence in and love for God, transcending all obstacles and false powers.

Souls exist in this Creation to learn to love every day, independently of whether they manage to do this or not.

The Eternal Father, in His broad Project, lovingly offers all available inner schools so that consciousnesses learn day by day to awaken to Higher Love.

In this current cycle of purification of the Earth, these human truths will become evident, just as will the lies of the world, those which have led to the condemnation of many sinning souls.

In this time, which is still of Mercy, the degrees of love and of sacrifice for the Plan of God will move consciousnesses closer to or further away from God.

The Father in His Infinite Goodness expects all of His creatures to mature in the good without having to learn about more rigid Laws. Divine Justice cannot be altered; it is something sacred, reverent, and pure for all of Creation, just as is each one of the Laws.

Dear children, the Celestial Universe wishes humanity to awaken harmoniously, but We know that it has already made its choices; all that is left for Us to do is pray and trust.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you in the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace