Wednesday, April 20 of 2016

Daily messages

Dear children:

In this time of purification the doors of Grace are still open for those who invoke it with their heart. This inexplicable Grace is the one that can transfigure all things because Grace is a concomitant action with Mercy.

In spite of what may happen, My children, search for this major Grace so that the Lord hears in His Heart the supplications of His children. Grace is the formula for these times of liberation; it is the cause and the reason for all the souls that must find livelihood through it.

Grace is a state of atonement and at the same time of compassion; these two higher currents come from the Will that generates love and unity, to which all must aspire daily.

My children, through Grace one finds relief and it brings peace in these critical moments. In Grace is found the Flame of God, a flaming and perpetual Spirit that rekindles the hearts in compassion.

Humanity must place its vision on the Grace of God and build it within for it to multiply and reach those who need it. This very potent Grace breaks the chains of evil because its main spring is in the Love of God and in His Omniscience.

May Grace be the key for you at this time; thinking about it everything materializes according to the Will of God, because Grace is what removes the consciousnesses from ignorance and from the inferiority of conditions.

Grace gives meaning to life and the perfect motive to serve God, it is the one that unites all things under the principles of Peace, Love, Mercy and Redemption.

Grace is considered a source of unity, it is the balm that nourishes spiritual life and renews it. The world is present until now in the Universe by the work of Grace.

You must remember, dear children, that the Grace of God is everything and that through it you will relive and concretize the paths of the Father.

Grace is that state that leads to the Light of God and His infinite goodness. Grace is the path for those who are not rewarded due to the faults they have committed against the Plan of God.

Grace is a life raft as is Mercy. From the Heart of My Son springs Mercy that is His Blood, and Grace that is His Water, purifies and redeems.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you to the Grace of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace