I come to your encounter every day to remove from your consciousnesses and hearts all of the sins that offend the Great Kingdom of God. It is by means of My Mercy and of your absolute trust that I will be able to redeem you and to forgive you.

Live in this time the path of pacification, of surrender, of renunciation of your own selves. In this way, through this spiritual exercise you will help to awaken from sleep those who live without God and who believe that it all is fine.

For this I Am calling My Flocks: to ask them to live the path of transformation and of consecration to My Most Pure Heart. Through your daily consecration, constant and devoted, you will allow that, by means of yourselves, will be lost the burdens on the path that are like stones for the spiritual life.

In spite of all I need you strong and determined to live the transformation towards the perfect model that your consciousness are building through the passing of the years.

For this My purpose will be to show to some the path and the model of holiness, the path of abnegated service to others and the path of merciful prayer for the majority of My flocks. I am here to tell you that today you are forgiven by My Most Sacred and Blessed Heart.

Under the Divine Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Sacred Heart all of the days!

Christ Jesus, Your Father and Protector Master.

Go in Peace and in Communion with Me.


Those who are very far from Me and who separate themselves because of what they generate with their own actions need My Mercy.

Those who separate themselves from My Heart and stop looking at Me in the eyes are the ones who most need My Forgiveness and My Piety.

Those who deny My Name and turn their backs to Me are the ones who most need My Mercy.

For this at three in the afternoon the door of redemption is opened to liberate from sin a great number of souls that, through sport or from ignorance almost miss the path of return towards Me.

The time of Mercy is for the most unprotected and thirsty for My Redeemer and Savior Light. And so that My Love may be able to approach those who mostly ignore their true spirit I make use of the instruments that, opening the heart to Me, transmute in sacrifice and joy the evils of the world out of love to the Great Love of My Heart.

As I have told you, few are the ones who row the boat of the Shepherd and even fewer are the ones who follow the Greater Will of the Captain who is in the Heavens. See how simple is My Mercy that at three in the afternoon My Source of wonders and graces hopes to reach those who most need Forgiveness.

I still count on the few hands that will help Me to climb the mountain and to elevate an immense number of souls separated from God. In little time there will be much to be done. Just now everything begins for My apostles.

Redemption will be ample for the rigid hearts. Be merciful before the miseries of the neighbors, thus I will accompany you.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.


May peace be in this house of My Father. May My Holy Spirit of Love reverberate forever in your poor hearts. May My Love nourish you and renovate you through your absolute trust in My Sacred Heart.

Today do not fear showing Me your faults because before My merciful Eyes your hearts are as crystalline as Heaven and as open as the flower. The world needs to confess every day because in each new confession the conversion of souls becomes possible.

For this do not fear to tell Me the truth because in this way you will allow, in the name of the ones who do not confess, that the lie that mislead souls and is are diffused by the enemy may dissolve itself and liberate itself through My Redeeming Fire.

My dears:

Today I remind you of this important sacrament for the heart and for reaching the sublime purity. The times accelerate themselves and many do not find the peace that they need to be able to show themselves as true and worthy children of God.

Be attentive to the signs of Heaven because now has come the moment in which all the universe will begin to talk. For this you must be prepared through  prayer and daily confession. Be encouraged to direct to Me the words that spring from your hearts because in  this way, in joy and mercy, I will hear you, I will be able to calm the force of thought, I will free you from preoccupations and you will be in My Holy Peace.

Many prefer to live in constant sin and forget that they form part of the project of Love of God. Now I am asking that you may open yourselves deeply every day and that you may allow that My Light purifies you and may find a healthy dwelling to raise My temple of prayer.

I want to live, as My Holy Mother, in the heart of all of the families. The enemy wants to dominate them and to make them fight between themselves. For this open the door to Me! Because My Merciful Love will protect you and will guide you through the paths of peace. May peace reign among people.

Under the Eternal Light of the Father, be merciful.

Thank you for reverencing My words with love!

Christ Jesus.


I come all of the days to this world to free you from sin and from perdition, to take you through the path of faith. I come to the world all of the days to give you My absolute and immense Peace that must be lived as the only hope that will strengthen you and save you.

Dears, with eyes of kindness and mercy I come on this day to announce to you My Path, My Truth and My Life, that which you must seek above all, leaving behind your mistakes and tests.

My Heart comes to redeem the hearts and souls, lives and experiences of the many who passed through this school of love and forgiveness. I come to the world not as a judge, but as the King of your hearts who hopes to find you happy, including in the mistakes, loving as well the equivocation and walking even in the paths that will look uncertain to you.

I Am the Light for the world, I Am the Divine Spirit who lightens your deepest spaces to redeem you and consecrate you all of the days. I know the talent of each one of My Children; I know what each one can give me despite the indifferences that life presents to us.

I want to form in you the renovated and loving hearts that simply may learn to live in My Mercy. I Am with you all of the days because your souls need to feed the essences with the Light of My Redeeming Love. When you start to live in My Redeeming Love your souls will quench the thirst that they have of being longer in My Peace, in My Savior Love.

As Shepherd I guide your steps, including those that you still have not been able to transcend for some reason. I want to see you smiling at life to relief the suffering in the world. I want to see you awaken to the Spirit, to wake up in this way many sleeping souls. I want to see you loving so that in this way you may recognize My Apostolate.

Under the One and Only Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Seek the Source of the Purity of God through prayer and defeat the innermost assaults through silence and the constant offering of your struggles to God.

The mind will always fall into sin and human feelings will always be fragile but your soul, child, must gain space in your consciousness, to calm the human frailties of your more material bodies.

Do not let your heart grieve over the assaults that you experience; do not allow the enemy to defeat you through emphasizing your feelings of weakness. Find refuge in the Heart of God, let Him with His own Blood wash away your shame and your fears so that you may feel pure and clean in the Heart of your Lord.

Do not fear to contemplate His Body in the Eucharist; do not fear to place your heart on His Cross, for it is there that your most human miseries yield, it is there that your soul seizes the weakness of your bodies, to remind you that the surrender of the Lord for you is perpetual. and in the surrender of the Lord there will always be Mercy and purity to cleanse your heart.

Do not allow yourself to be defeated, except by Him Who has already conquered your life on a Cross.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message received in the Commune of Castel Volturno, Campania, Italy, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

When nations suffer, they hide their suffering in chaos, in distractions, in modernities and in pleasures, which distance the feelings of pain and of loneliness that spiritually inhabit their consciousness.

When a nation is empty of God in spite of its apparent religiosity, the darkness hides in the appearances and dominates hearts that live in lie, sin and deceit.

The Creator comes to this place, children, to grant an opportunity of Mercy to the souls that have condemned themselves to eternal suffering. He comes to free those who believe they know God from lies, and who meanwhile experience deceiving themselves and others, but not the Creator of all things.

So infinite is the Love of your Celestial Father, that He sends His Light into the abysses of the planet, and where it seems that darkness will reign forever and will submit souls to its illusions, there arrives the Divine Hands, offering forgiveness, redemption and healing.

Those who know how to embrace the path of prayer and repair their faults and sins through service and awakening will generate merits so that many others who remained half-asleep may receive forgiveness and Mercy during the last moment of their lives.

We came here for a nation that is spiritually dying because of the weight of its faults, because of the great emptiness of its spirit. So great is the abyss of its sins that its spirit cannot manage to rise up alone to cry out to God.

Thus, children, I come to call on you to pray, pray for these people, for this nation, and for all the beings in it that are in need of a greater Grace to free themselves from the chains of sin. Cry out for Mercy and for forgiveness, cry out for redemption.

If just a few are capable of opening their heart to God, it will already be enough so that others do not become lost and so that this nation does not cease to exist, but rather is able to recover its filiation with God.

Cry out and ask the Father to send His Spirit and His Light to the world; in this way, all will be fulfilled.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Father, in the desert of the hearts of men, build Your Temple. Find, among the fragile and wind-susceptible sands, the rock of consolidation of the union between Your Love and the human conscience.

In the middle of the distractions of the world and the endless noise that men cause, in order to not hear Your warnings, receive, O Lord, the cry which is emitted in the silence of a sincere heart.

Your children, many times, do not have the strength to elevate their verb and lift their voice, but in the depths of their interior, where Your Cosmos finds the microcosm of the human heart, there is lifted, in silence, the cry of the souls that seek You.

You, who listens to what screams in silence, receive the prayers of those who are weak and make them strong in You, so that they may rise in Your Name.

To those who recognize their nothingness and find themselves prostrated in their smallness, You, Lord, will raise them, because they gave you space and permission so that in them no human power dwell, only the Power that comes from You.

Pull out, from the core of those who cry to You, their most retrograde human condition, and the sin that lives in their cells, convert it into Original Purity.

Demonstrate Your Grace through the humble, and that in them the proud may find  inspiration and surrender to You.

Learn to break those who are full of themselves. Learn to surrender to the Lord and you will see the Spirit arise from the dust and from the Spirit, the New Life.

So be it.

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Not even the heaviest yoke can make you give up this path. All sacrifice, when lived with love, becomes light and simple.

The weight of the Cross of Christ was not in the wood He was carrying. His sacrifice did not lie in the pain of His wounds. He was carrying the sins of the world that had been committed until that moment, and was also forgiving there all those which would be committed throughout time.

Incomprehensible to the human mind was the weight of that cross, just as incomprehensible to many today is the weight that some companions of Christ carry to prepare His return. Because both the Cross of Christ and the cross of these times hold in themselves a burden invisible to human eyes, yet almost palpable to those who carry it. This burden, which exists in the consciousness, is carried to transform that which must be healed in the human consciousness itself.

In the same way that the merits attained on the cross of Christ were only seen after the Resurrection of Jesus, the merits of the burdens carried in these times, for many will only be seen after the return of Christ and the establishment of the new life on Earth.

Those who understand the life of the spirit will not be confused by the appearances of matter and will live the love and unity needed to cross the obstacles that will come. But many others will fall through a lack of understanding and through the inability to live a higher reality and to transcend material happenings, just as occurred with many in the time of Christ.

In a spiritually similar way, the happenings are repeated for the establishment of the Plan of God, because the science that carries them into the manifestation of this Plan is always the same. For this reason, you must observe the life of Christ and reach the essence of the Teaching that He left you, and not only the facts. The facts may change, but the essence of the experience that you must live is the same.

The happenings themselves are leading you to that experience: the same tests, the same temptations, the same burdens. It will be enough now that from you spring the same perseverance, the same unity with God, the same surrender, and the same love of Christ.

The path to Christification is now proclaimed and your feet are already called to step upon this way. It will be up to each one the way you will live the Passion of these times, carrying with love your own cross or being a burden carried by others.



When the universe gives you graces, distribute them to the world through merciful acts, prayers, silence, joy and experiencing of virtues.

When Heaven opens Itself before your eyes, even if often the limitation of the human eyes cannot see It, contemplate with the inner gaze this unfathomable Grace of the Divine presence and cry out for the planet, for the ignorant, for those asleep. Offer the Father a true transformation, a true miracle for His Creation. That by contemplating the world His wounded Heart may find a relief in your permanent effort.

I will not ask you, My child, that you do not fall or do not sin anymore because this world will always lead you to fall and, even if you do not want it, a part of you always sins because in some form it collaborates with the human degradation.

What I will ask you today is that, if you fall, that you get up; if you sin, that you clean your stains with the Forgiveness and the Divine Mercy, with the true repentance, this one that will help you not always to make the same mistakes.

Your weaknesses are the same as many of your brothers and sisters of the world; therefore, find the strength to surpass them in the permanent offer to do it for others, for those who are blind of spirit.

Today, child, I will offer you a path of reparation, a path in which your life becomes a planetary service, in which all your acts, thoughts and feelings are offered to God to repair something. If you do it so, you will make fewer mistakes and you will meditate before acting, because your consciousness will remind you that everything you do is for God.

Offer to Father your daily attempt to overcome yourself and, if you are not able to do so, offer Him your intention and persistence. Never give up, child, because the merits are found in the heart and in the consciousness of those who have pure intentions.

Many times the sincere intention to overcome something and the eternal attempt of doing so is worth more than the act of the one who overcomes themselves easily every day. A sinner who tries to get out of sin is worth more than the saint who is so by nature.

Make of your life a permanent repair of the Wounds of God and may He find in you a true relief.

I leave you My Blessing and My Grace, for you to take fruitful steps.

Your Father and Companion,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Dear child,

Every day, strengthen in your interior the certainty of the existence of a superior life and of a purpose that transcends matter and the superficialities impregnated in it.

In these times, many will strengthen illusions, the disproportioned pleasures and the absolute usufruct. The big companies that dominate the ordinary mind of humanity with their influences inspired by the forces of chaos – in the same way that the false governments of this world – will encourage humanity to seek pleasure above life itself.

When the change of the planetary cycle becomes visible even to the blind of heart, Light will call Its children to Itself, and darkness will also want to strengthen its reign. You, as a child of Light, must be a beacon which illuminates the path of the lost ones and indicates them the goal.

Do not let yourself be carried out by the despair of humanity or even by the anxiety of “gratifying yourself while there is time”, because this will be the motto of the dark ones in the end of all.

Seek to be lucid amongst all and, much as those who you love follow other paths, remain yourself firmly in the purpose of reaching God.

Child, never think it is not worthy to keep spiritual principles and try to find God in a world that has drifted away so much from Him. Much as the world around you seems to be ending, the principle of all, the seed that will impregnate the New Earth will be inside of you and, while you still remain steady despite yourself, it will never die.

God is alive in the interior of all His Creatures, but He only acts by means of those who believe in this truth and remain in it, even if they seem to be the only ones with this certainty.

The things I tell you, child, you may find today in the world around you or tomorrow beside you. For this reason, assimilate what I tell you and consolidate inside of you the absolute conviction of the triumph of God on Earth.

Much as this war may not be visible to your eyes in this moment because of your spiritual immaturity, just trust and grow. Mature your spirit with foundations sanctified by the impulses of the Divine Messengers and you will be, yourself, the Living Principle of a perfect Creation in this world.


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