Monday, December 23 of 2013

Daily messages

Today I come to bless you.  Follow Me with trust because I will show you the desolation of the souls that in this final time may surrender themselves in the arms of perdition and of sin.  This hurts My Most Sacred Heart.  From the depths of My being I feel a desolation that never runs out, for the oppression that the souls live between the earthly life and the life of the spirit.

Come today and console Your Master, caress My Heart with your reverberant and simple prayers.  I wish day and night to save all those who lose the meaning of the path that God chose for them to live from the beginning.

I am in need, My dears, of permanent consolation.  The souls in these times are easily deceived by all that the enemy puts before them and, as if it were nothing, they forget that I Am here in this world, in the Spirit of Mercy in order to help all.  I Am supported in the hearts that seek My Path and persist in wanting to live with Me a similar path  to the Calvary.

My Friends, pray for the souls that cause Me a great inner desolation.  They are souls that have not learned yet to love God, not even to live true forgiveness.   I call you so that, out of love and devotion, you may dedicate to Me the attention that I need, in this way I will be able to intercede through My Infinite Mercy for those who would not deserve the fullness of My Eternal Grace.

But as My Love is unfathomable and powerful I come to the world to pour upon My ones the codes of conversion and of redemption.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for comforting My Heart!

Christ Jesus