My Eternal Dwelling of the Heart dwells in the great infinite ocean of My Divine Mercy.

Every day, at three in the afternoon, I wait for thirsty souls and the devout souls to address Me, and to travel, by means of the Chaplet, to the center of the home of My Heart.  There, I will humbly talk to your heart about the things of God.  In this way, I will relieve your inner beings from the constant pressure that this world of today generates, so that you may reach My House of Eternal Dwelling.

Today I ask you to make the decision of ardently living the hour of the Mercy of God.  Thus, you will permit, in a simple way, that the most sublime Graces, those that your souls need, may be received in this time of tests and tribulations.

It is so simple to enter into My Mercy that the souls become discouraged when they begin to pray with Me.  But the devotion that I need from you must overcome the obstacles of inertia and material density, and this will be possible when your hearts just say to Me: “Jesus, I trust in You”.  

Through this constant affirmation, you will open the doors of My Spring, this is the key that will liberate you from perdition and from the temptation of the world.  For this reason, before each new test, decree and affirm: “Jesus, I trust in You” because this affirmation, which was given to Sister Faustina, has the power of defeating any evil in the natural environment of your lives and of your inner beings.

Remember that I trust in you.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


Before the Angel of Justice arrives to the Earth I wish to pour upon you and the entire world the Source of My Divine Mercy.

For this to be possible there must exist those who faithfully invoke My Merciful Rays. In this way I will be able to liberate you from sin, and the enemy, during the last hour, will be defeated by the infinite power of My Redeeming Love.

For this today I invite you to imitate the faithfulness of the humble shepherds of Emmaus, those who believed in My Resurrection from the first moment. May this example of apostolate and of fidelity help you to gather the inner strengths necessary for the great moments that will come in humanity.

You must not miss, not even for a moment, the hour of My Divine Mercy. That before this moment of reparation, of healing and of forgiveness, your beings prostrate themselves on the sacred soil of prayer so that in truth you may be helped and nothing related to your inner efforts may be able to surprise you.

I invite you now to be defenders of the hour of My Divine Mercy because in this way you will be helping in the redemption of humanity. Remember that I Am in the heart of those who open it so that I may be able to visit them always.

Under the Light of Father, be forgiven and be merciful.

Thank you for considering My Teachings from the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Master of the Divine Piety


In the hour of the Divine Mercy My Heart descends to the Earth and illuminates it with infinite repairing Graces for all of the souls.

But that sinful and offended soul that approaches to My Source of wonders during this hour of Infinite Mercy will be able to recognize in My Consciousness the Divine Love that heals and redeems all of the lives upon the Earth.

For this, during the hour of Mercy give Me your miseries, those that My Heart knows from the beginning so that in this way, by means of My Mercy, they may be liberated and redeemed.

I Am the Light for the world and for the hearts. That one who is directed to Me will find an answer and in this way they will unite their heart with Mine, and together we will get to know in depth the celestial universe and, consequently, the Source of My Mercies.

But there must exist in you an absolute trust in My Presence and in My Redeeming Work. It must be fulfilled in those who in truth may always be merciful with their familiars.

The Source of Piety hopes to rescue you from perdition and from the spiritual deviation that the enemy propagates as idea and thought. The one who really seeks the answer about the subjects of life, I tell you that they will find it in the Unfathomable Source of My Divine Mercy.

I want that your souls make the decision to be rays of My Mercy for the entire world. For this to happen your trust in My Being will be enough and to not fear that I will remove what is old and arid in you because I will always quench your inner thirst.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Most Sacred Heart!

Merciful Christ Jesus


Until the end of time My Heart will unite the rings that I carry between My hands and that represent the unity among the hearts.

I still contemplate the great necessity of brotherhood that exists between the children of My Father. For this, day and night I come to the world to save it and to help it to merge itself in the essence of My Love.

True love supports and renounces.

True love forgives and is not separated by words.

The true love of God dissolves and removes all evil among the servers so that the love for the Divine Will may prevail.

In this time many souls are separated as are the stones in a river that runs rapidly and swiftly.

Whither will these precious stones go?

In which ocean will they end up?

Only My Ocean of Mercy will allow you to wash your wounds and heal your own evils. I come in the time of Mercy to unite you to Me and so that nothing that has to do with your understanding may separate you from Me.

Trust in My Mercy, pray to Me each day more and with the heart. Try to be in peace so that in this way you may overcome the mental barriers. Be heralds of My Love and distribute My Light to wherever you may go. Never fear to transform yourselves because in transformation is found the liberation of oneself.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with love!

Christ Jesus, Your Saviour


My Source that is endless and prodigious for all of the souls tries every day to be poured over the hearts that do not live even in the belief that the Lord of Universe exists and that He is real in all of the spaces of the infinite cosmos.

For this, through your union with Me at three in the afternoon many doors that the souls open by their actions and attitudes are closed when the source of My Divine Mercy descends.

Now the Divine Opportunity and the Merciful Grace of My Heart is opened for all, even for those that may seem to be the greatest sin or the sinner. My Love achieved on the Cross banished the evil upon the Earth and now that the love of God is invincible it can remediate and repair the most serious offences that all of the souls commit.

Through the life of sanctity and prayer Heaven intercedes and the Divine Messengers descend to pour Graces upon those who would not deserve them. It is time to live through My Source because only by means of My Blood and of My Water will all be able to achieve the Christic transformation.

I Am everywhere at the same time. For this be attentive to My spontaneous presence among the most simple ones because My Heart will make Itself be felt.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words with devotion and love!

Christ Jesus, the Master and Guide of souls


After the hour of the Divine Mercy My Flow of pity and of reparation is inexhaustible, My Light expands to the infinite to be able to reach the hearts that most need it.

For this, if in another hour and moment you invoke the power of My Divine Mercy you will be returned to the origin of My Source of Primordial Compassion. Do not tire your beings with unnecessary situations. Place your attention on the Inner Christ of each soul so that you may always be able to see the light that My Heart radiates through each little server.

I ask you to be perseverant because the wiles of the enemy will be greater. But whoever has sustained the fire of devotion in the Inner Temple, no headwind or storm of evil will knock you down, because you will be supported by the foundations of love, of truth and of fidelity to Me.

Follow the path of sacrifice that I indicate to you. When you feel tired, rest.  When you are joyful, really laugh, and, when you have encountered obstacles in part of your beings, thank the Father for being able to see with wisdom that which still must die from yourselves.

I sustain you. I will guide you until the end when you simply surrender to Me.

Under the Infinite Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in My Heart of Light!

Christ Jesus


Let My steps guide you towards the level of the Infinite because in this place you will find the Source that will nourish completely your inner being.

Liberate your heart from every fear because My Luminous Heart protects and indicates the next path to traverse.

Remain in My Heart because in this Sacred Temple you will not lose the sense of life or the safe path of the spirit.

Be firm, brave and cheerful so that once you get into My Boat of Love, I may be able to introduce you to the greater universes of peace and unity.

During the hour of My Divine Mercy the humanity, the most lost and separated from My Supreme God, is conducted through a path that leads to redemption and to a prompt conversion.

I will thank you in advance for your prayers for the most in need. In this time there are many souls that have been cunningly distracted and those that have been prevented from encountering Me. Now, by means of the channel of My Infinite Mercy the Lord sends Me for the second time to spiritually resuscitate those who stopped talking to My Father and occupied themselves with the things of the world.

I know that for many of My ones it is difficult to remain in this orbit of the Earth but now I tell you that you have entered the path of constant sacrifice. Know that for God it is precious to know and to see all of His Children helping each other mutually for a greater aim.

Now I find you in My Heart, with merciful prayer as a constant and a true nourishment for your lives. Dears, the time has come of giving all for the whole. In this way My merciful Plans will not suffer limitations through My servers, but it will be fulfilled through the absolute donation of the hearts.

I walk by your side in the serenity of the heart of God.

Go ahead! And with faith continue My Path of transformation because the goal indicates a future of peace and of unity with the Highest.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in My Heart of Love!

Christ Jesus, the Protector Guardian of Love


In the most difficult moments is when My Merciful Heart is radiated towards the consciousness that suffer, because in the hour of My Mercy the source of life and of reparation washes deeply the spiritual wounds of the fragile and lonely hearts.

But when in truth you feel lonely My Wisdom invades your little spirits and comforts the soul that needs forces to be able to continue on My Path. In the plans of the Father, His Works are accomplished according to the availability and the surrender of the servers but these superior works are fulfilled, or they are held up without obstacles when the soul truly needs inner rest.

Those who in truth serve Me and who surrender all to Me are few. For this in them I confirm My Will so that My savior Project is fulfilled.

Guard today the Healing Face of My Being. Know that the Sacred Heart of Jesus also helps and accompanies Its disciples when they are sick or sad. My Light comes to the world to ignite again the commitment. May nothing disturb you, no matter how great it may seem. Trust in the moment of purification and of redemption that your souls and bodies are living.

Be one with Me. In this way I will help you to sustain yourselves in spite of the battles of the enemy. Know that My Light will always triumph on the Earth and in Heaven.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My Message with soul and heart!

Christ Jesus


In the hour of My Mercy, My Heart descends in a Spirit of Omniscience to repair the sick of spirit and of body.

In this way the Chaplet of My Divine Mercy reconstructs the infirm essence and consequently heals the sick body.  For this your merciful prayers at three in the afternoon can embrace the deepest spaces in your consciousness and also in worldly situations of chaos, of hunger and of war.

Those who truly pray with the heart to My Unfathomable Mercy strengthen their faith, their pity, their compassion and their inner forgiveness.  Everything that, in the day by day, seems to be disorganized, My Universal Presence that descends, at three in the afternoon, restores and reorganizes what is not under the powerful law of My Lord.

To live in My Mercy means to remain in My ocean of Graces and of Redemption for all of the souls.  By means of the ray of the Divine Mercy the most inveterate sinners, those who are far from God, may be  saved by the simple devoted act of your prayer.

So today I ask you to love this mystery of the Divine Mercy of Christ because whoever persists without knowing and without questioning My Mysteries will overnight wake up in My Kingdom of Love.

When I was amongst you I tried to demonstrate to you through My Transfiguration, through the Last Supper and through My Passion, the humble steps to reach this source of most pure compassion that God deposited in My Sidereal Being.

The Source of Mercy embraces more than this little universe because since I ascended to the celestial universe the Father conceded Me the Grace of removing evil and pain from all of My ones.

Whoever lives in the Master loves the law of the Hierarchy.  Whoever obeys the inner orders is building in life the spirit of the sacred humility.

From the beginning I wanted that you know Me and that you search for Me.  Now that I Am before your lives, before your pasts and actions of yesterday, My Merciful Spirit wants to dissolve from your histories all the evil that may have happened.


By the source of Grace that springs from My Sacred Heart, in the hour of Divine Mercy, My savior and redeeming Fountain is poured especially over those who, in truth in the cenacle of prayer, dedicate time to Me without delay and without rush. In this sacred universal hour, the universe is aligned and the stars send their rays of light to adjust again irreversible situations, and to bring them to situations of peace.

For this, every disciple must be conscious of this sacred hour in their time and in their space, so that they also receive the part of Mercy that corresponds to them.

It is important for the merciful formation of a consecrated one, as well as that of a devotee of My Unfathomable Heart, to be able to awaken in consciousness to this sublime moment. The request for prayer that I have dictated to Sister Faustina Kowalska still is current and it will be until My return, in which, by universal order of God My Heart will pour Divine Justice.

For this I ask you to remember this moment and this hour of Mercy, that your spirits may only seek to quench the thirst in the Fountain that will repair you and liberate you; in this way you will perceive that the artificial sources that the world has created bring one sooner or later to the loss of peace and of love.

I Am the doctor of the souls, I will always wait for you in My celestial room of prayer to heal and comfort your hearts in My light. It is the moment and it is the time for humanity to revere, love and respect the saving relics that the Sacred Hearts have delivered out of love to the entire world.

If this were so, you as flocks would avoid that the spiritual exercises do not become heavy routines of accomplishment and of obedience, something that is empty in the heart of who, in truth, does not do it out of love.

Be attentive to the sudden changes, I will accompany you always.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My message through the essence of the heart!

Christ Jesus


The Infinite Compassion is the perfect remedy for healing all ills. For this reason, at the hour of the Divine Mercy My Sacred Heart is commiserating with the sins of the world, and that soul that with sincerity unites with Me, receives the rays of My Infinite Compassion.

It is by means of the Infinite Compassion that the grave offenses that the souls generate in these times may be forgiven whenever the soul clamors for this Infinite Compassion.

Today I ask of you that you meditate with respect to the extent of your request for compassion to My Merciful Heart; from Heaven I wait that the voices will call Me to alleviate the pain in the Infinite Fountain of My Compassion.

The soul that trusts in Me will not perish. The soul that submerses itself in the ocean of My Compassion will be freed from now on from the bindings of the past.  But there only exists one first step, that is: calling for My Compassion.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.


By means of the merciful prayer of the three in the afternoon, day by day I come so that through My Precious Blood your hearts and the hearts of the entire world may be washed from every stain.

I come at three in the afternoon through My Water in order to purify your souls from desires and from self-love.

I also come at three in the afternoon through My Soul in order to unite what the enemy cunningly separates from My ones, what I call the love in the heart.

For this at three in the afternoon you are required to make an effort so that out of love and redemption you may receive the merits of My Glory and of My Resurrection.  I invite you to spiritually make use of the gifts of My Heart and to find in them the quick exit from this material world.

Now unite yourselves to Me in spite of every circumstance and be good instruments between My Hands because now is the moment to renounce that which has passed and it is time to be renewed by means of the presence of My Spirit. Those that proclaim the importance of the hour of My Mercy will be quenched by My Love and will drink with Me from the chalice of reparation for the next time.

Encourage yourselves for a moment to be part of the Supreme Will so that you may perceive the perfect design that the universe realizes in your hearts, in the hearts open to My Glorious Heart.

May the entire world be able to be helped in this time through the merciful prayer of all of the beings who pray.

Under the Victorious Light of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My signs in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


At this hour of Mercy My Great Thirst for souls is quenched through the prayers of all of the devoted souls. At this hour of Mercy My Rays pass through the wounded, lonely and sick hearts bringing for all of them an inexplicable state of peace.

Besides, at this hour of Mercy all of those who pray who are united to My Blessed Heart help Me to open the spiritual source that permits the washing of the stains of the sinful hearts and permits the saving of the souls that are lost.

Who trusts in My Mercy will be able to understand My Mystery of pure and unfathomable love for humanity. For this, day by day, I call My ones, so that they may help Me to rescue the part of the world that is still spiritually blind and deaf.

For this I count much on the shepherds, those who out of love I have entrusted the priesthood and the sacred ceremony of the Eucharist so that they may feed the spirit of the People of God.
Through My Mercy you will find the path of your conversion and forgiveness.

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Today I feel the sincere voice of your prayers, inner voices of love that touch My Sacred Heart, and the light generated radiates itself to the entire world in need of peace and of redemption.

Today, by means of My Sublime Grace, I pour again the light of My Shepherd Consciousness upon the world because My Flocks perfectly unite themselves to Me at the time of the infinite Mercy.

With this aim today I will announce to you the simple foundations for all of those who may want to exercise the Spiritual Marathon of the Divine Mercy.

Primary foundations for the Spiritual Marathon of the Divine Mercy that will take place on the 5th and 6th days of August of 2013 at the Marian Center of Aurora:

I ask of you as spiritual requirements:

1. To have a spirit of humility and of faith.

2. To love above all things the presence of God through Jesus.

3. To unite the hearts as a single evolutionary proposal.

4. To help humanity out of love.

5. To work during the marathon to construct a spirit of fraternity.

6. To allow yourselves to be partakers of the Law of the Divine Mercy.

7. To exercise the merciful prayer during these days under the action of forgiveness and of reconciliation.

8. To live a moment of absolute peace.

9. To dissolve from memory all preoccupations during the course of the Spiritual Marathon of the Divine Mercy.

10. To reverence each moment that will be shared.

11. To be willing from the inner world to receive healing and liberation.

12. To perceive with the heart the current of Love and of Mercy that will descend from Heaven during these days.

13. To wait with joy for the coming of the Great Master.

14. To vigil with the heart all that will be constructed.

15. To protect like angels each moment of prayer in the community.

16. To await silently for the presence of the Holy Spirit.

17. To interiorize in the spirit the Christic impulse that will be received.

18. To guard in the inner memory the union that there will be with Christ.

19. To donate life with the heart so that  the power of prayer may flourish.

20. To reunite yourselves on these days as a single flock.

21.  To sustain, out of love, the Flag of Peace.


In spite of the thresholds that you must cross, always keep ignited the eternal light of the heart so that nothing external to My Kingdom of Love may extinguish it.

It is necessary to have a peaceful and loving heart in face of unpredictable circumstances. In this way the enemy will not disturb you and you will find inner strength by means of the presence of My Merciful Heart.

The hour of Divine Mercy is only for the brave because from three in the afternoon My Disciples help Me to tear the hells and evils that the consciousnesses live in different parts of the world. For this the disciple must hold on to My Tunic and walk among the wolves and the darkness without fearing to fall into the abysses that this humanity creates because from three in the afternoon your beings must become invisible before the wiles that My eternal rival articulates.

Without expecting anything, without aspiring for any results, always pray with fervor, fight so that your eyes may not fall asleep but that in truth your spirits may awaken to the Redeeming Work that all of the prayerful people are accompanying Me to carry out. In this way you will always know, through the intuition of the heart, which part of the reality of the world and of humanity is receiving My Merciful Liberation from the evil that oppresses you.

Let those who are willing to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy remember that you will be doing it for your own salvation and for the salvation of all the Earth. You will do it principally for the permanence of the life of all of the Kingdoms created by the Kind Hands of My Father.

I invite you to pray with faith and conviction so that the Project that was drawn in the heart of the Universe may remain amongst you always and for all eternity in My beloved blue planet of light.

And something else I tell you: listen with attention to My Words every Wednesday, the day of study and reflection about My Message, because My Presence will be there by means of the heart of My Disciple Jose. Listen with attention to all that I have told you with so much Love and every Wednesday you will receive the gift of My Eternal Grace.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My Words in the love of your hearts!


Who truly and without rush prays the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy will be able to receive the precious and glorified codes of light that My Consciousness achieved on the Mount of the Olives in My agony. It also achieved them during the flagellation and with the Blood poured during the painful crowning of thorns and when I carried your cross to the Calvary and also during My Crucifixion on the Cross.

All those codes will enter in the soul that at three in the afternoon may use correctly and with devotion to the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, because at this hour it will not only pray with the heart but I will let it know the power of My Sublime Grace and in this way your hearts will get to know the passages of My Passion step by step such as I lived it.

Enter from this moment on in the science of My Mercy and be thankful for being able to understand in these times of chaos each one of the infinite mysteries that guards My Sacred Heart. If you accept, with consciousness, to learn to live the life of prayer your superior consciousness will be available to help in My Plan of Salvation and, consequently, your more earthly beings will count on the aid of the greater spirit of your true beings.

In this way I prepare hearts so that they may be workers of the Plan and consciousnesses that may be servers of My Eternal Father. Today I pour to you the wisdom that guards My Christified Consciousness so that you may understand that it is possible to be consecrated to My Lord when you simply say yes, because in this way your will will be surrendered so that may awaken in your hearts the Divine Will.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for understanding My words with the spirit of the heart!

Christ Jesus.


My Heart rests joyfully in the essences that in spite of all persevere in My Redeemer Call.

For this today and in this time My Sacred Heart will pour innumerable Graces of Pity and of Mercy upon those who open themselves to transform life by means of the path of conversion.

This light that springs incessantly as a source that comes from the Eternal Center of My Heart is the Light of the Divine Mercy. Those who at three in the afternoon unite themselves without delay but without time to My Source of Graces also will receive My Merits achieved on the Cross. These same sacred merits will strengthen the souls so that with braveness they may face the liberation of life and achieve forgiveness for all that they have passed through. If the souls pray with fervor the wonders that I pour will be stronger and more powerful and in this way your transformation will be victorious because in sincerity and peace you will have achieved the Kingdom of God.

For this it is important to possess a spirit of decisive and constant love that may permit the unraveling of the lagoons of incomprehension that are produced sometimes in the consciousness. By means of the merciful prayer of three in the afternoon, many uncertain doors open to the superfluous deviation of life may be able to be closed so that the souls may live through God and His Eternal Love. The daily prayer of the Divine Mercy constructs solid bridges between the souls and God, bridges of light and of mercy, bridges of love and charity that will never be able to be downed by the enemy. Despite the rough and difficult tests that in these times are faced by all of the hearts, these bridges are unbreakable because they are sustained by My Merciful Love, a sublime essence that is guarded in the temple of your little spirits.

Thus I ask you that in this time you strengthen through the merciful prayer these bridges because they will conduct you towards the definitive redemption of your lives.

Under the Imperishable Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for constructing bridges of light towards My Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Great Savior Bridge


Those who are more tired of themselves are those who with humility must come towards Me because, even though it may seem that everything is of the same degree, everything changes within the heart that affirms day by day its eternal commitment with Me.

And in the spirit all changes more quickly whenever the heart trusts in My Mercy every day at three in the afternoon because it is then, at this time, when My Consciousness makes miracles of liberation and of transfiguration of your little cells.

Understand this mystery of the infinite power of My Forgiveness because at each day that I am descending from Heaven to give you My Poor Words, My Merciful Light absolves you prior to your again committing a mistake. My Heart does not grieve nor suffer for the amount of faults that the souls commit. My Heart becomes as alone in a desert and thirsty because the souls do not address their worldly problems towards My Heart that everything is possible and all can be transformed.

To My companions I say:

That until the end of life upon this world you will always find a test and a challenge to overcome in honor of the redeemer project of My Sacred Heart. And the more that the same test may repeat itself in your lives, never cease to ask for help and to humiliate yourselves before God, recognizing your state of imperfection, because in this way My Heart will always repair you and save you by means of the Grace that I have obtained through the merits of My Passion on the Cross.

Be as transparent as water and pure as a flower, to recognize that nothing may change by itself without first clamoring for My Divine Mercy. To those who still shipwreck in tests, as inside of a boat without aim or direction, meditate if you are truly clamoring for My Merciful aid of love. If you did like this you would not allow that your arrogance drown you as in the ocean, and on the surface of this sea of darkness and challenges you may see the light of salvation that comes from My Eternal Heart.

I love those souls that with simple bravery tell Me every day how much they want to have Me present in their lives, because all of these souls I will reward with My Sidereal Forgiveness.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.


I give you a patient heart so that you may have a humble soul. I give you an abnegated life so that afterwards you may have all the wealth in Heaven.

Do not seek another love as pure, true and simple as the Love that I have for all of you. The beings from the Earth are still human and all are able to be in error without perceiving it. For this I ask you that your eyes may encounter the true love of God in My Most Sacred Heart of Love because there your tears will not be spilled, but rather your heart will be magnified with joy for only being with Me.

My Merciful Heart, all of the days at three in the afternoon, has an infinite space waiting for each essence of this Earth. From My Death on the Cross, out of love for you, and after My Resurrection I guarded for each being a sacred space within My Unfathomable Heart of Love so that you would be able, through Me, to again trust and love the Will of God.

I only ask the ones who have faithfully consecrated themselves to My Most Sacred Consciousness, that their eyes only be directed in love towards My Heart of Peace because in this way your feeling that lacks love will be filled only by My Redeeming Presence. Seek love in each act of charity and of good because from now on My disciples must be the new receptacles so that I may be able to pour My Love for this blind humanity.

For this cultivate a grand love for My Father so that the enemy may not tempt you with false human love. By means of the merciful prayer quench your lack of inner love and feel completely loved by My Great Heart of Husband and Shepherd.

Allow that the essence of the love of God may be able to be sown in you through the simple but true prayer that day by day you donate to Me. Above all things prepare your hearts for the times that will come. Whoever may want to quench the thirst of love, only come to Me.

I Am trust, I Am plenitude, I Am peace, I give you the faith that you need for all of the days of your life. Live in My Love and do not reject It as the world already rejects It for living in the false modernity of love. Always seek shelter in Me.

Under the Pure Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


Truly I say to you that the soul who clings with devotion and love to the hour of My Mercy will be recognized as a blessed soul, capable of being able to carry between its hands the standard of My Peace. In this way I will give to it, at the culminating hour, the power of the Word and of the Spirit so that the hearts may be able to recognize My Presence between their lips and their little spirit.

I am also here on this day to confirm to the souls that since the beginning made a vow of consecration to My Most Sacred Heart of Love. For this, in addition, I tell you that no soul will lose the bond of love that unites it to My Heart as long as it answers to the greatness of My Eternal Call.

In this time of purification for your hearts My Rays descend from the heart of this universe to unveil the mysteries of My Christification as a Man and as a Consciousness. This happened with the intention that all of My disciples, as souls of the world, may be able to soon imitate My steps in the different phases of life.

Dears, day by day I bring you My Kingdom so that in your earthly life may be affirmed the commitment of your souls with My Eternal Spirit. In this way your example of love and of devotion to My Sacred Heart will open the door for all of the consciousnesses that live in suffering and in the eternity of their own hell.

Whenever your beings, in spite of everything, are available to receive Me with truth and faith at three in the afternoon, the inexhaustible Source of My Mercy circulates throughout the world as a flight of the Holy Spirit to convert the hearts, and to liberate from ties those who live tied up to the illusion of the world. Day by day, through My Mercy, I invite you to the collaboration with My Plan of Rescue and of Conversion of the world.

Under the Infinite Light of the Father and of the Holy Spirit, be blessed.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, He who returns in victory to your lives. 


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