My Heart of Light visits every home on the Earth and It remains alive with love and with peace when the dwellers open to Me the door of their lives so that I may be able to enter.

For this time I come in the search for those who have once said yes to Me. Now has come the time to unite yourself perpetually with My Heart and to surrender yourself  to My Invincible Love.

Today My Spirit of Truth and of Love descends to heal the wounds that are still open in many of My ones. For this I call all to live the great opportunity of life. I Am pouring My Grace upon those who must take the steps towards My Heart and that now will recognize Me as a One and Only King of the Heights.

I ask you that you give the permission to trust absolutely in My Consciousness. In this way I will show you the path of your redemption and the questions in your lives will be dissolved. You only must trust that all that you life has a reason for God and whoever unites themselves to Me in prayer will elevate their consciousness and the divine laws will heal them entirely.

Under the Mercy of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Words in the heart!

Christ Jesus


Until the end of time My Heart will unite the rings that I carry between My hands and that represent the unity among the hearts.

I still contemplate the great necessity of brotherhood that exists between the children of My Father. For this, day and night I come to the world to save it and to help it to merge itself in the essence of My Love.

True love supports and renounces.

True love forgives and is not separated by words.

The true love of God dissolves and removes all evil among the servers so that the love for the Divine Will may prevail.

In this time many souls are separated as are the stones in a river that runs rapidly and swiftly.

Whither will these precious stones go?

In which ocean will they end up?

Only My Ocean of Mercy will allow you to wash your wounds and heal your own evils. I come in the time of Mercy to unite you to Me and so that nothing that has to do with your understanding may separate you from Me.

Trust in My Mercy, pray to Me each day more and with the heart. Try to be in peace so that in this way you may overcome the mental barriers. Be heralds of My Love and distribute My Light to wherever you may go. Never fear to transform yourselves because in transformation is found the liberation of oneself.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My Words with love!

Christ Jesus, Your Saviour


In the most difficult moments is when My Merciful Heart is radiated towards the consciousness that suffer, because in the hour of My Mercy the source of life and of reparation washes deeply the spiritual wounds of the fragile and lonely hearts.

But when in truth you feel lonely My Wisdom invades your little spirits and comforts the soul that needs forces to be able to continue on My Path. In the plans of the Father, His Works are accomplished according to the availability and the surrender of the servers but these superior works are fulfilled, or they are held up without obstacles when the soul truly needs inner rest.

Those who in truth serve Me and who surrender all to Me are few. For this in them I confirm My Will so that My savior Project is fulfilled.

Guard today the Healing Face of My Being. Know that the Sacred Heart of Jesus also helps and accompanies Its disciples when they are sick or sad. My Light comes to the world to ignite again the commitment. May nothing disturb you, no matter how great it may seem. Trust in the moment of purification and of redemption that your souls and bodies are living.

Be one with Me. In this way I will help you to sustain yourselves in spite of the battles of the enemy. Know that My Light will always triumph on the Earth and in Heaven.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My Message with soul and heart!

Christ Jesus


On this path of transformation of your lives is present My Sacred Heart of Love.

The one who seeks Me and who truly loves Me will receive from Me the love and the trust of My Kingdom.  The one who makes an effort to live in Me will receive from My Spirit temperance and what is yet to come.  All of the souls are part of My Redeeming Project, all of the hearts are partakers of My Path to Heaven, in all of them I affirm My bases of peace and of redemption so that the New Earth may be able to manifest itself.

I still try to Be all for the souls to the point that the hearts feel craving to be with Me as if nothing else existed.  In this way I give to you new hearts that will need healing, charity and love because I expect My Servers to donate and to give to their peers the love that they feel for Me.  In this way the true fraternity will be able to be constructed and there will no longer exist barriers or preferences between My ones.

I wait that all of the hearts always strengthen their lives through My Presence.  I only expect that new Christs of love and of forgiveness be born.

Under the Absolute Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart of Redemption!

Christ Jesus


Know as from now that My Universal and Christic Consciousness prays perpetually for you so that the new flocks may truly awaken to My planetary call.

As in the Garden of Gethsemane, in vigil, fasting and prayer, now from Heaven I share My primordial graces for the hearts that open themselves to listen to My loving voice.


Today you have already passed fervently through the phase of the first stage of the merciful prayer; this in Brazil and in the East has already generated infinite fruits for the hearts that most need it.

But the soul that trusts in Me enters into the Infinite and unknown Heaven to receive the baptism of My Light and the sacrament of My Reconciliation. For this day of special spiritual Grace for all, today I invite you to consider Me present in your lives, because you must know that My Eternal Heart is there when only you call for It in love and in devotion.

To all of those who encouraged themselves to answer to My request of prayer, I thank you because a new sun in the universe is being gestated, so that the souls may mercifully receive its rays of radiation of peace and of redemption. This sun of which I speak to you today is the essence of My Heart, that is being found by all of those who call Me in prayer day by day.

In this way My Spirit imparts repairing Graces in the essences that simply say to Me: “Come Master of Love”.

On this day My light impregnates the forms and the created spaces and this is possible as a loving consequence of the offering of all the participants in the Marathon of My Divine Mercy. And in this way time will pass and, through Me, you will see faith grow in your lives, and nothing will ever be able to separate you from the path of consecration and of holiness that I propose for some of My own.

But everyone will always have a great place in My Consciousness, a place of renovation, of healing and of faith to be comforted in the tests that the Lord sends you to mature your beings.

My friends, that tomorrow your fire may be extended, and that it may embrace greater celestial spheres. Remember that I only want souls in profound contemplation and adoration to My Mercy.


For the most difficult moments merciful prayer will be the portal of salvation in face of serious situations. With the rosary in your hands and the continuous prayer, open the paths so that Grace may descend upon the world.

You are in a decisive time; for this unite yourselves to My Heart and allow that, in spite of the tests, your trust in My Heart may flourish.

Walk without delay towards the Temple of My Adoration and in silence build the walls of peace, those that will separate you from the ambushes of the enemy. Before any circumstance I ask you to not fear because now it is the time of battle through the power of the merciful prayer of the heart.

Do not separate yourselves from Me and live through My Perpetual Faith because It will be the Flame for your paths. Go ahead! Go ahead, soldiers of sacrifice!

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Eternal Confident Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer


Never forget that I Am the Lord of Pity and that I always remain by your side to assist your consciousnesses along the path.

Those who meet with Me will never regret it. Those who unite themselves with Me will be saved. This will be the Law of Love for those who fervently encourage themselves to follow Me without concern for anything else.

For this, today I will tell you the story of one of My Disciples.

Once upon a time, in a city not very distant from here, there was a server who was still asleep to the spiritual path. She was awakened overnight because I came to visit her heart.

Her life was given to the world and I asked her to surrender her existence to Me. Then, when I announced Myself, I told her, as I told My Apostles: “Take all that you are and follow Me, without looking back, and trust in Me”.

Her life changed because her poor and lonely heart was invaded by My Confident Love. From that day on, she surrendered all for all, including the previous life that she had formed, for living only the unbreakable experience of My Divine Love.

It was this Love of Mine that gave her wisdom to take steps into the emptiness that I was marking for her. It was the Love of My Heart that guided her in spite of the blindfold, and it was this that led her to find the path that from my Spirit I so much wished for her. It was Love and Pity that redeemed her and she abandoned herself entirely into My Arms, and she was upon My Lap without any fear within.

But the greatest moment of her life was to cross the unknown threshold, in order to live My Eternal Will. When it happened the doors were opened and the world stopped being her spouse so that I could convert Myself into Her Eternal Faithful.

From then on, the Kingdom and the Universe spoke to her and formed her as a part of My Heart, and thus My Consciousness entrusted several flocks to her eternal guidance and instruction.

After all this, the Lord gave everything to her because of the trust that she had radiated to Me since the beginning and, in this way, under her maternal mantle, new sheep that entered into My Discipleship and Apostolate were born.


Do not fear because My Heart will remove your restlessness.

Do not fear because My Faith will strengthen you.

Do not fear because My Mantle will cover you.

Do not fear because you are in prayer united to My Heart.

Do not fear because My Light will guide you.

Do not fear because My Trust will unite you to God.

Do not fear because My Steps will indicate to you the new path.

Do not fear because you have already opened your hearts to My Call.

Do not fear because My Power will save you.

Do not fear for what you have been because in a little time you will be the new for Me.

Do not fear because I will never leave you alone.

Do not fear because it is necessary to have maturity of heart.

Do not fear because My Face will show you the Compassion of God.

Do not fear because you will be tested.

Do not fear because you will be in My Eternal Prayer.

To all I say that you may no longer fear, to the old has come the time of dying so that the new wine skins may receive My Grace and My Mercy.

Quench your thirst for this long walk in My Source of wonders. I know well all of the levels of thirst that the souls live but if you are united to My Merciful Prayer you will victoriously transit through this cycle of great changes.

I Am your Light to illuminate the darkness.

I Am your Path to redeem you on this last pathway.

I Am your Truth to reveal you who truly you are before My Compassionate Presence.

Do not detain yourselves. The boat faces the great storm of the end of times. Row! Row! Row! And do not get tired of rowing because I you give you strength and inner power to act through love.

Know one more time that I am with you because My Heart has chosen you for something great. I thank all of the marathoners of the Divine Mercy for answering from now to My Call for Peace and for the liberation of the evil of the world.

Heaven thanks you.


As it was in Bethany and Bethesda today I enter into your houses to have dinner in spirit with your souls and hearts.

May on this day of Saturday of unfathomable Mercy your feet walk determined in the direction of My Great Spiritual Boat so that together we may sail in spirit for other lakes, places that one time you knew and that only through My Heart you will arrive to again.

Today I talk to you about the infinite path, that space created by God in this sacred cosmos in which the universe gathers Supreme Consciousnesses that eternally serve the High. For this today do not sleep, wake up to the redeeming principle that with love and truth I reveal to you.

I thank all of those who, for various reasons and facts, equally trust in My Sacred Purpose of Love and Forgiveness, because even though your paths may be confused or not so clear, My Saving Light returns to gather the last disciples, those who in faith and perseverance will walk for many towards the infinite universe.

There, in that sacred space from where I come to announce to humanity My Return, is present the Eternal Loving and Powerful Heart of your Father. Out of Love and Mercy He sends to the world that One who was nailed on the Holy Cross. But now the Son of the Man does not return to carry again the evil of the world. The Son of God comes in Glory to banish the hells and to close the doors of all suffering.

My Sacred Liberation will come to revive those who are dead in life and those who have lost the spiritual union with Me.

Christ, Powerful, Merciful and Pious, returns to live now and always with all of His Ones. In this way, under the Glory of the Plan of God, the one thousand, one hundred and fifty years of peace will cause to re-emerge the Promised Earth.

Only a little more is missing. Who will follow Me?

Under the Love of the Father, be merciful.

Thank you for following My Steps of the Cross with so much love!

Christ Jesus.


I am present in your lives to teach you to forgive and to love.

If you were truly able to trust in My Mercy all the days a little more the past that disturbs you and makes you restless would be dissolved by the light that would enter inside of you from My Sacred Heart.

But you still have the opportunity of living by means of My Merciful Rays because in this way My Plan will be able to be fulfilled in those who I always call, the most imperfect ones and the most forgotten ones. My Graces of redemption and light are poured in the simplest ones. For this try to always have a heart as pure and as crystalline, as loving and as compassionate as My Unfathomable Heart.

I want that there exist new Christ’s who may be true apostles, who may demonstrate to the world that it is possible to live in God and for God as something beautiful and wonderful for the life of each soul. For this I need that you leave the garments from the past so that your heart and spirit may see itself free from every stain. The path to achieve this is the merciful prayer and the purification for these new times.

Each one, as a child of God, will receive the part that he or she must purify either in temperament or in consciousness. I only need your loving permission so that My Mercy may be able to be poured in all that your little beings may need.

The time has come in which the Master of the Light of the Father may gather again His friends for the Supper with the aim of renovating you in spirit and of baptizing you again with the Water of Life of Christ Jesus.

Know that the burning times have come for all and your perseverance and love for seeking Me all the time in My Mercy will be what will unite you to My Heart, and in this way you will be relived from all evil. Do not complain, do not punish your being anymore because in you is God and in God is His Beloved Son who comes to announce to you the Good News of Mercy and of Redemption.

I need you firm in spite of the falls, radiating love and peacefulness in spite of the great tribulations of life because then I will truly confirm with who I will be until the end of times.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!


Dear brothers and sisters in My Father the Most High:

It has been a while since I have seen as today, a flock so united to My Purpose.

To those who are tired, I give you My Rest.

To those who are overwhelmed, I give you My Eternal Relief.

To those who suffer in the depths of the heart, I give you My Courage, My Faith, My Mercy.

In this way I want to see My New Soldiers of the end of the times, disposed beyond themselves, surrendered beyond their wills, encouraged beyond any inner concern, because whoever trusts in Me, will prevail in this life and beyond life, whoever trusts in Me, will not fear, will have courage, courage that they will receive from the bravery of the Holy Spirit.

When once I said that My Good News was preached in My Name, I wanted to say that always My Words would be in those who were willing to overcome themselves out of love for others.

Dears, I wish that all at the same time could reach the Light of My Kingdom, because this Kingdom of Peace, Love and Glory is for all, but few servers are willing to abandon their old garments, so that, free, they may find Me as the only refuge of the hearts.

For this I ask according to the readiness of My Flocks, because I know that your lives are weak, but they may become strong as My Spirit, in order to receive always My Call.

I am here to bless you and thank you for the perseverance of the heart.

Dears, prayer moves and liberates the hearts, for this your answer has touched the depths of My Being and in this way, has given comfort to the God of Love.  Justice has been lighter for those that would receive it strongly, this means that your seeds of love and prayer have been deposited in My Heart, I was repaired and restored by the love of your spirits.

For this I invite you to follow Me beyond yourselves, because what I want to reveal to you is not from this world, it comes from the Universe to find all My Followers.  Guard the love that I radiate in your hearts.

I love you beyond the existence of each essence.  I conduct you and I give you My Eternal Peace.

Under the Light and the Grace of the Father, be blessed.


Dear Children:

I will not leave any of My ones lonely not even for one moment. Just take care all of the days of your life so that the door is kept open so that I may enter.  May it always be open because My Spirit of Love will want to enter.

My dears, may the emptiness that your hearts may be feeling not be bigger than the immensity of the love that I have for each one of you. Be firm before the tests that the Universe of My Father sends to you because after crossing the abysses of life My Sacred Heart will receive you in Paradise.

For this acquire merit in the life of charity and of love, do not separate yourselves from Me, not even for one moment because it will be in the hardest moments of life that I will confirm your presence inside of My Redeemer Task.

Dears, do not fear for the veils of vanity and pride to vanish from your lives because I will always help you to cross the dark night of the heart.  After a dark night will come the day for those who in joy and gladness may recognize it.  Open day by day the source of your hearts so that My Words may spring like a beautiful flower of love in each essence of love.

I just ask you that you may live day by day through My Messages because in this way your consciousnesses will be corresponding to My Savior Call.

Dear children of My Father:

Enter into My Source of Mercy so that the Water of Life may purify you and prepare you so that you may receive Me through the Holy Communion. I Am with you all of the times that you permit Me to. I thank you for your full trust in My Heart.

Under the Love and the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Consoler of the hearts.


May My Eternal Peace be amongst you, My beloved ones.

May the universal sun that lights up your lives, deeply illuminate and ignite again in yourselves the flame of devotion to My Sacred Heart.

My dears:

Come to Me and do not get tired to come. May your steps be taken with the full trust in My Heart. May you, united to My redeeming purpose, be able to transcend the abysses of life and the tests of the path because My Spirit that is Eternal, that comes from the Source of God the Father, will always fulfill you and will give you the strength to be able to follow me.

I fear for those who, from decay or carelessness, fail to contemplate the immensity of the Love that I have for them.

To those who have been able to walk through the fire of purification, I say: be brothers and sisters, be the bridge between the beginning and the end so that the ones who are hurt in spirit may be able to cross the portal towards My Heart. In this way I call you My Instruments so that they may lovingly watch each other.

The time clamors for great changes in consciousness. For this to happen remember to pray for the Holy Spirit so that His magnificent gifts may guide you. Be an example of good virtue, of humility and love; be like a torch of fire that illuminates the dark night of some hearts.

Walk in My Trust, thus you will not fear but you will see emerging the light on the horizon that My renovated Heart will bring for all. My children, be one and for this precious unity work in the name of My Celestial Love.

I bless you and I accompany you in silence because My Sheep not only must graze but now they must work as one only heart of love.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My instructions in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


The one who quenches My thirst will be with Me in the Kingdom of Heavens.

The one who comforts and glorifies My Heart wounded by humanity will be called Blessed.

The one who considers Me the first one in their life will be a venerable sheep of My Holy Flock.

The one who deeply confesses to Me their sins and perturbations will be forgiven every day by Me .

The one who fully trusts in the love and in the immensity of My Sacred Heart will be called Son of God.

The one who works for love of the Good and pacifies conflicts will be a little shepherd of My Sacred Heart.

The one who loves Divine Justice without understanding it and that lives it as the Only Will of God will be called Server of God.

In those that live Me, feel Me and open to Me the door of the heart, My Heart will be able to have a dwelling and it will be able to guide them through the paths of peace and of good.

Do not fear for anything, but be true at the time of living the merciful law of God because in this way your souls will be transparent like the water and pure like a flower. Seek the truth of My Father above all of the things of life because in this way you will be able to understand His blessed mysteries of the Creation, the blessed mystery of His Magnificent Will.

Day by day I am with you, receiving from your souls all of the true impulses of your being. Be strong in prayer and brave in the love of the Whole. Be always peace makers by means of the Word of the Gospel, be humble before the unexpected events of life.

The key to transcend oneself is the venerable law of silence because in silence one learns to live and to be like God wants His children to be in this time.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for answering to the call of My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior of humanity.


Children of My Eternal Father:

The universe is in your hands, it is enough only to see how many Divine Graces you have received in the passing of recent times.

For this today I tell you that you should not upset your hearts for what you still resist to change, but that by venerating the Father who is in the Heavens you open your eyes and contemplate the infinitude of the greater universe. Towards there you must direct yourself without delay but with hurry because many look down, look to the world, to themselves and forget that the truth of the Whole is found through My Heart of Peace.

I know about your feelings, I know about your thoughts, the Shepherd knows well His sheep and knows what each one of them need. For the sheep to grow strong and wise it must trust first in its Shepherd because the Shepherd will guide it, will free it from the wiles of the ferocious wolf who only wants to torment it on the path.

In each test count on My Confession, count on My Relief, on My total Liberation of any feeling of bitterness. You just tell me yes and there I will be to show you the way out.

But you must remember today the rule of love because without love for God there will be no transformation. The soul who consecrates itself must contemplate with love what it does, without conceit. It must seek the path of humility in order to recognize that without My Father it will be nothing. My Lord gives all to it, even the most insignificant things. All comes from the Source of Good and of Truth.

For this seek to be, for the longest time possible, united to this Source, even when your beings manifest to you opposite feeling and reactions. Like good vigilantes of My Call, aid all the needs of the souls because behind all My Spirit will be present. Each sign tells you a little more each day.

Under the Grace of the Spirit of God, be blessed.

Thank you for contemplating My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Brothers and sisters:

In the beginning of your lives God had drawn a plan of life for His creatures but throughout the ages the generations of My flocks have decided (instead) to walk through the paths of great learning.

Now My Sacred Heart returns to correct your lives as had been foreseen by the Lord God, My Father. Through your absolute trust in Me, My Consciousness will be able to redirect the flocks through the more peaceful that are coming.

My dears, I bring you today My Good News of the return so that you may be participants in the coming of the Kingdom of God for the second time. Your hearts must purify themselves in the same way that your consciousness, so that empty of all, the Holy Spirit may fulfill you of light and joy, to be living in the Kingdom of the Lord. What today I tell you is not a hypothesis, it is a crystalline reality that the consciousnesses must assume to form part of the next time.

Dears, My Heart wants to transmit to you hope and faith which you must live for the transformation and the consecration. My Spirit also returns to free the souls from the intense weight that many carry on their back but through My Divine Mercy I come to integrate the hearts to My Universal Rhythm of Love.

Dears, I expect from you neutrality and patience in order to not fear being purified by those laws that are of the Father and that come to the world from beyond the Earth. It is the moment to assume the coming times that will show you the profound changes that the consciousnesses will live.

For all this, your union with Me will be important because thus My Eternal Heart will be before you like the incandescent light that will guide you and will remove from you the inner fear. The first step is to trust completely in Me and in what the Father shows you day by day as a learning.

Thus, living the events with wisdom and united with Me, you will be able to untie the knots that impede the free walking of souls. Pray to find these knots because thus My Rays will burn them and you will be released in your path.

Under the Grace of God be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Trust My dears because My fount is that which renews life and gives to it eternity that is still unfathomable.

Today I come to confide in you the mystery of My Love for you, for all souls, and this mystery is called the adoration of each human heart. I am with you since before you knew me in life, because My Spirit of Love and Redemption sprouts directly from the wise heart of God and He gave to all the most precious: His First Born.

For this My companions, when you are with Me you are with the Father and if you are with the Father you will be in the Fount of His Prodigiousness and Graces, those that He still intends to pour upon the hearts that accept My saving message.

I return to prepare My flocks, but first comes My Blessed Mother to bring you in Her arms, to the Temple of My Sacred Heart, there where My Consciousness may contemplate the love and the effort of all souls that day by day intend to live in the Will of My Lord.

If you follow My Path in obedience I will show to you the keys of sacrifice and of sanctity, because My Father waits for new saints, that in humility and in the emptiness of themselves may unite themselves to My redeeming service for the world and for all souls. I am again with their souls to animate them and to walk in My presence because My Heart waits for you to adore Him as in the Eucharistic body so that in this way My signs of salvation may be as the guiding stars for souls. I will sustain those that join to Me in love and compassion.

In the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding in your hearts My precepts of love!

Christ Jesus


When a soul has a commitment with God, God patiently leads it through the path of surrender.

First, He inspires it to transform its life, to go through the path which leads towards His Heart, not toward the world. Little by little, He places upon its path opportunities, signs, encounters that inspire it to assume new steps towards the Heart of God.

As this soul knows the Love of God and trusts It, the Creator starts asking it for new things, new surrenders, new renunciations, until a definitive point arrives for this soul; when the Lord asks it for a greater renunciation, a complete life transformation.

When the soul throws itself into the unknown abyss of surrender, it discovers that it was falling into the Hands of God, into an endless Fountain of Love, which was hiding deep within the soul that learned to renounce and take the risk of living surrender. 

Still, upon this path, the soul, inspired by the Love of God, makes many offers to Him, placing everything into His Hands. However, it offers that which in truth is known, that which had already been surrendered while jumping into the abyss. The Lord then opens a door within the depths of its consciousness and points out that which must be transformed.

A new unknown abyss is then presented. The soul is faced with aspects of its consciousness that were like hidden treasures: its skills, magnetism, self-confidence, its most hidden vanities.

And however much it continues offering its life to God, its Creator always seeks, in the deepest layers of its being, the focus of surrender, that which must be emptied from its heart. Sometimes it hurts and the soul suffers but it knows that every space that is emptied within its heart and consciousness, hidden spaces of its being, are those which are given to the Heart of God, to His Love, to His Spirit, so that there He may have a sweet home, clean and ready to dwell in.

The path of surrender, children, is eternal, deep, a path to emptiness and, at the same time, a path to unity with the Whole.

So never think that you have surrendered everything, but always allow God to go deeper. And even though it sometimes causes pain, know that the pain is human and will be repaired by the Divine Presence within.


In the same way that the peoples of the desert, sent by God to be tested in their faith through inner contact and trust in Divine Will, were able to build the bases for the arrival of the Creator Himself to this world, may you, children, taken by the Father into the inner desert, guided by the trials of this time, be able to fortify your own faith, be able to build the bases for a new life and, even further, be able to build the bases for the return of Christ to this world.

At different levels, the history of humanity is repeating itself, because the cycles bring new opportunities for wholly fulfilling the Will of the Creator.

You are drawing closer to the return of your Lord to the world, and so that you may experience this moment, you must prepare His path. And the path for Christ, children, will be prepared not from the outside in, but rather from the inside out.

This path has its origin in your inner universe, in the very depths of human truth, called essence; and this path, which begins in you, leads to the Celestial Universe, to the Source of life, into that which is called Divine Essence.

The path of the return of Christ is the bridge between your hearts and the Heart of God, and this bridge is being built now, through faith, persistence, obedience and absolute love for your Creator.

For this reason, allow tests to be transformed into bricks in this inner construction, parts of this bridge to the Heart of God.

Do not fear anything, just simply learn with everything you experience and make yourselves strong in Christ in each new challenge.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Withdraw into the desert with God, trusting in His silence and in His Presence.

Let all spiritual and human sensations, which were once before confirmations and inner impulses to you, now be substituted by the fortitude of faith that, in a simple and pure way, unites you with God.

Accept the miracle of the desert with love, for God calls to the desert those in whom He hopes to place His trust, His Cross, His Grace and, above all, child, those who have been willing from the beginning to redeem their own lives, surpassing the Love of God.

My voice is an encouragement for the souls that walk into the void, for I simply say: "Go into this void and this desert; walk far and go deep into it, for it is there where you cannot recognize yourself  that God will reveal Himself, and will finally show you who you are."

Your Lord used to withdraw into the desert to pray, because it was there where He left behind His human condition and embraced His Divine Condition. And thus, the desert must be a hope for you.

Let the pain of renunciation become freedom from what holds you to the world.

In the desert, you can suffer with heavy footsteps due to the chains of the slavery of the world that are fastened to your feet, or you can bow down before God, place your face on the ground and know that, with your clamor elevated into the void, these currents are broken and you can walk free.

The desert will not cease to be arid and lonely, but your steps will be free and your heart light, so as to reach your own destiny.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


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