I would like that through the Campaign for Peace the young people of Florianópolis and of the whole world would perform activities of peace, prayer and service to establish again the spirit of love and reconciliation in the consciousness of humanity.

Through the Campaign for Peace, the young people of the world will have a space in which the works of mercy and prayer that they carry out will be echoed.

For this, dear children, the Campaign for Peace through the young ones will carry out meetings of prayer, gatherings of fraternity and selfless service for those in most need.

In this field, the Association Mary will be the guide of these meetings with the young people who postulate to promote the spirit of peace in the world, non- violence, non-discrimination and the ecumenical and Christian union among the youth of Brazil and  the world.

The Campaign for Peace should lead everyone to know the call of Christ, Mary and Saint Joseph. Through fraternal actions, the missionary spirit for the world is expected to be awakened in the young ones through humanitarian services and also the expression of art and music as a movement of elevation and union with the essence of Nature.

This Youth Campaign for Peace intends to remove from abysses, vices and bad habits those who are in the spiritual and material illusion.

The Campaign for Peace intends to awaken patterns of good behavior, harmony and the common good in the young ones.

Therefore, the young people of Florianópolis with the youth of all of Brazil can be the first promoters of the message of peace that comes from Heaven, and thus make it known that in truth, the young ones can live a spiritual life without drugs, alcohol and harmful habits.

This Youth Campaign for Peace will start when the young people have their hearts prepared to welcome this call.

Christic life must express itself in the young ones.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who encourages you to serve,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Establish the Kingdom of God within you, this space of peace where the universal Laws find their manifestation.

Establish in you the union with the Father and let yourself be similar to Him, giving Him the authority to transform you, according to His Will.

The Kingdom of God is not like the kingdoms of this world, where some enjoy their own riches and the majority suffers and works to serve the latter.

In the Kingdom of God everything is permeated by the Divine Consciousness. The Creator is in all of His servants. He Himself is the essence of humility, living in the smallest of all as in none of the others.

In the Kingdom of God only triumphs peace, goodness, love and unity, principles that become laws manifested in the lives of all creatures that share this state of consciousness that is the Kingdom of the Creator.

Live these principles in yourself and become worthy of being the bearer of the Kingdom of God, which first emerges in the interior of the beings from the union with the Father, and then establishes itself outside, in the material life of this world.

Every principle, law or manifestation of the Divine Consciousness, before settling externally in planetary life, first meets its dwelling in the heart of each being. The heart is the bridge to God, it is the door to Heaven, it is the great manifester of the divine will. Everyone who has a mission first knows it within the heart: feels it, understands it and accepts it, to then, afterwards, live it.

Christ will first come to the hearts in Spirit and Divinity; afterwards, He will manifest Himself in Body and Soul, when His Dwelling has already been established in the hearts of those who have recognized His presence within their own hearts. They will recognize Him when He returns, and, with Him, they will fulfill the end of this redeeming Work. Therefore, bring the Kingdom of God into yourself; do it being consequential with it, living peace, love, unity and humility as premises.

Let, child, that the higher Laws act in your heart and, from you, reach the whole world. Let yourself be shaped, transformed, corrected. Prepare yourself and consolidate in yourself the Kingdom of God, a secure dwelling for the Redeemer.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph,

The One who prepares the return of Christ in the interior of the beings

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Mother of the Sun and the Lady of Mercy; from My Heart flow the solar rays that come from the universe and that descend to the planet each time I am present among you.

I am the Mother of the Sun because in My most pure womb are gestated the new projects of Creation, to which all creatures are called in this time, to be able to carry them out.

I am the Mother of the solar essence because from My Spirit emerge all the divine impulses, which are given through the Graces that repair and reform the life of all beings on the surface of the Earth.

I am the Mother of the new solar code because from My Divinity are born the universal Prodigies of God, manifested through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I am the Mother of the solar universe because the Angelic Hierarchies work through the impulses and commands I impart to the whole Project of God.

I am the Mother of the Sun because from Me the Return of Christ is established, the reparation and the path for you to recognize the Second Coming of the King within yourselves.

I am the Mother of all the suns and the Guardian of the central sun of the universe, because, through My humble Heart, I transmit all its sublime rays to creatures, making them participants in their ascension and redemption.

I am the Mother that illuminates the paths.

I am the maternal fire that welcomes and consoles all of Creation.

I am the solar Peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you to universal life,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Sacred Tree

I am the Mother and Lady provider of all Graces.

I am the sacred Tree of the Universe, I am who bears fruit, and from the fruit are born all the seeds which are sown and germinated in all My children.

I am the sacred Tree of Figueira(1), I am the trunk that supports and transmutes My children.

I am the treetop that blossoms from era to era, reflecting the great beauty of God.

I am the great root that sustains all life and gives regenerative strength to all spirits.

I am the great Figueira; you are My favorite fruits that I cause to ripen with the rays of the solar Heart of My Son so that you may give the new seeds that will be sown in the new humanity.

I am the sacred Figueira Tree; you are also part of My leaves, expressing life, healing and renewal.

Oh sacred seeds of My beloved Figueira! may new fruits sprout in other fields that will be offered to the Celestial Father.

You are also My branches, and I am the great sacred Tree that unifies you and makes you participants in the perfect union with the Creator.

You are part of My entire sacred Tree, you are the result of the continuous work of the sacred Tree. Be the branches, be the leaves, be the fruit and seeds of My beloved Figueira; express the love of knowledge and practice it, the hour has come, the time is now.

The sacred Tree of Figueira has already planted its foundations of instruction in all hearts, it is time to experience it, to adore it, and to love it.

Oh sacred seeds of redemption!, sprout in those fields where there is loneliness in the consciousnesses; sprout in service and in charity, as do all the Kingdoms of Nature. Be the seeds that bear My Light and My Mercy, be the living mirrors of the divine message.

I am the sacred Figueira, let no one forget. I am the sacred Tree of renewal and peace. I wish, beloved children, for you to someday stop being seeds and to become trees grown in love and in sacred knowledge.

Revere all the fruits that My sacred Figueira has given you, it is the cradle of the new fruits, it is the seed nursery of the new humanity.

Oh, little figueiras! (fig trees) May your growth be as elevated as prayer, may your fruit be as beautiful as the flowers of My immaculate garden.

In the coming time, you will see all the little figueiras (fig trees) in the sacred forest live by the Light of God and are as expressive as eternal devotion.

Embrace My sacred Tree of Figueira with love so that in this internal union your feet may walk barefoot and liberated from everything toward the eternal garden of the Heart of God.

Children, allow to sprout within you that which is the purest and holiest, that God has poured out through love.

Let us be united in spirit as one, around the beloved Figueira of light.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who congregates you in prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


(1) Figueira in Portuguese means fig tree, and is the name of the Marian Center where this Message
         of Mary was transmitted.

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees, transmitted during the journey from the city of Córdoba to Capilla del Monte, Province of Córdoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

The spirit of childhood is what must be recovered from the depths of the essence of each small Syrian soul.

It is for this reason that the missionaries must transmit, in their gestures and actions, the spirit of true joy, with the purpose of being able to reflect, in the most innocent, the reason for living on the surface of the planet.

In this way, dear children, the works of peace that will be carried out by the missionaries of the Federation will allow for the recovery of the true sense of reencountering the love that is lost, and the maternity they never experienced due to the lack of peace.

Dear children, this mission throughout all of Turkey will try to interpenetrate the deepest spaces of the spiritual consciousness of the souls with the purpose of recovering the dignity and, mainly, the filiation with the Celestial Father, something that, due to war, was deactivated from the heart of each child of Mine.

My children, the path that the missionaries of peace will tread will lead them towards the encounter with the different states of lack of peace, of love and of justice.

It is for this reason that your Heavenly Mother will accompany the missionaries so that, united to My Immaculate Heart, they may be guided directly toward the place where it will be necessary to rebuild the spirit of peace in the human heart and especially, reintegrate the feeling of being loved and not rejected into the littlest ones, as well as in adults.

At this hour, in which the first steps of the mission are already being taken, all are called, dear children, to be united to the essence of the purpose of this humanitarian mission.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who silently guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Refugees


My children,

While wars spread throughout the world and in the minds of many, the desire for a great global conflict reigns, My Immaculate Heart calls you to disseminate a spirit of peace, to make the great chaos, expanding each day, the reason for your immediate maturity and promptly taking your rightful place in the Army of Peace  and  of Love, guided by My Heart.

I call you to make the blood shed of the Christians in the world to be the  reason  for strengthening your own faith and proclaiming even more loudly that  Christ  reigns within you.

The battle is already occurring: there are no rules, there are no limits.

Just as there are no limits for the evil that occurs in  the  world, you should also not place limits on your capacity to love. Love without limits, without conditions. Bring hope to the hearts that have lost faith.

It is not that you will be naive about what is happening in the world or indifferent to the wars and the suffering of others, but rather, you will be aware of the battle and will participate in it, proclaiming peace, defeating the cunning of the enemy with acts of love.

Faced with religious wars, live in peace among the different religions. Disseminate respect for the path chosen by each one for reaching the One God.

When the  enemy  overthrows you and leads you to perdition, do not be discouraged: trust in the Mercy that assembled you in this world and persevere, again and again, in the living of perfection, until your consciousnesses understand that it is time to grow up and set aside childish things, so that you may be true apostles of Christ in this world of darkness.

My children, so that humanity may recognize the times it is living, you must disseminate Mercy and peace. Open the eyes of  those who are asleep, make known the times of tribulation, the spiritual and physical Armageddon that has already begun in the world, and that little by little, purifies the Earth, so that you may learn to seek God.

So that humanity may wake up, you need to act and no longer be silent, but rather, announce to the world the possibility of taking acting through prayer and through acts of forgiveness and reconciliation requested by Saint Joseph, as well as through acts of service .

The world is in need of balance and peace, but this will be granted to it through the personal merits achieved by the human heart.

Today I will ask you to make your hearts one with the hearts of the missionaries, both in the Middle East and in Argentina. I wish to establish peace, but for this, it is necessary that you generate merits through prayer and through conscious actions in your lives.

If you knew, My beloveds, of the evil that is precipitating on the planet, you would not waste time on yourselves and with your personal aspirations, but rather you would move toward accomplishing the Higher Plan, to meet the greater needs of this world.

What God needs most from everyone at this time is your maturity, your true awareness of the times in which you live, that you are consistent with all you know and that you do not just be at My Apparitions, believing it is enough to listen to My Words.

While you say you are apostles of peace and say you want to establish peace in the world, yet you are not able to understand a neighbor and defeat your own pride to dissolve the conflicts with those that you have at your side, your Awakening will never be true, and you will not be able to call yourselves soldiers of My Army of Peace, for one who is a soldier in this army lives their peace in the smallest things in life, loves a neighbor in the small details, begins their service with those they have at their side, and thus, little by little, radiates peace to the world.

May My Peace be a reality in the lives of those who say they proclaim it.

Be true with yourselves and to God, for the enemy will use your masks to defeat your hearts with the pride and the vanity that you still experience.

Seek to have humble hearts, children, only as to defeat pride, which causes the wars in the whole world.

I love you and bless you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, trasmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I come on this day to continue preparing the new flocks of My Son on the eve of this coming Nativity, when together, as one heart and one soul, we will celebrate the memory of the Birth of Christ.

For this reason, dear children, may your hearts represent this call of redemption and may it also be ignited in the hearts of non-believers.

It is in this way, dear children, that your hearts today will be participants of this long-awaited advent of the Redeemer Child, who will expect to find the door open so that His Heart can enter into each of the human beings that aspire to be with the Holy Child.

Dear children, may this Christmas be one of reconciliation and peace, may no differences separate you from My Heart, so that I may take you by the hand toward the Sacred Manger of the Lord.

I thank you for responding to my call!

Who elevates you to the Heart of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

From the depths of My Heart, I aspire that you may find the path of peace, a peace that will help you to take the steps towards My Son.

On this day, when souls gather around My Son to receive His Mercy, I want you to sincerely offer your pleas for all non-believers so that the Grace of God considers them within the loving source of salvation.

Thus, dear children, the Lord needs the total and absolute inner union of each of you, so that His Work of Mercy be fulfilled in a humanity that is separated from the Kingdom of God and only seeks the realization of its own life, forgetting that the good is for all beings rather than for a few.

Thus, dear children, I invite you to charity and to the good, so that the rest of humanity be motivated to collaborate in the lacks and difficulties of others.

Dear children, work so that a more profound state of peace may be established.

I thank you for responding to My call!

United with all in prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

This coming Christmas, I wish for the spirit of reconciliation with God to be established in your hearts, so that the act of constant reconciliation with one another is not lost in the world, thus attracting the spirit of Peace.

This will help register, within your memories, a moment of reconciliation and forgiveness; this will allow you to never forget the essence of the love that can do all. Be patient with your own difficulties.  

This upcoming Christmas, may souls experience the Birth of My Son, as something truthful and deep. In this way, dear children, your hearts will become receptacles that are prepared to receive the same codes of light that the Sacred Family received in those times, from all the angels of the universe, when they gathered around the Sacred Birth of Jesus.

My children, as Your Mother and Protector of the spiritual life, I wish that each one of your essences start, from now on, preparing to be able to spiritually enter into the manger of Your Lord. For this, may your daily acts no longer be of conflict or disagreement, may your gestures and actions be permeated by the Love of God.

Remember, dear children, that in this month of December, the month of the Lord Jesus, the families will be the perfect motive for the work that is spiritual and of unity among beings.

The war is not over yet, and together we must make possible the prevalence of the values that make of the family of Earth a hoped for model of consecration and spiritual life.

For all this, the Sacred Hearts will work, in this month of December, for the realization of the project of the new family, which in essence and consciousness will repopulate the New Earth.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In prayer and preparation for the birthday of the King,

Who greets you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children, may only peace and unity reign among beings.

Dear children, may your lives be the mirror of My Peace in the world.

The Lord expects the apostles of Christ to live the teachings and to be the living mirror of His merciful Presence in the world.

May your actions be actions of peace and of mercy. May your feet walk securely along the path of Jesus Christ.

My children, all need peace, all must learn in the school of peace to be true peacemakers.

The current world is in crisis because souls do not live in peace or do not want to know about it. Because of this, so that your lives may be the path to a true inner and spiritual change, I invite you to be bearers of My Peace and of My Mercy.

Dear children, your consciousnesses must transform, and in this great change that you must experience, you will find the doors open to live the new times that are coming.

Be peacemakers and do not forget to be this every day, thus the Lord will be able to manifest His Works all over the Earth.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who blesses you in the name of Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

May peace and hope always be attributes in your hearts, attributes that keep you protected by faith because if you are filled with faith in the Plans of God, you will be able to go through the coming tests with harmony and perseverance.

My beloveds, My Heart is filled with an infinite love for humanity. This is why, day by day, I invite you to grow and mature in spirit. It is because I can truly count on each one of you that I reveal these realities of the world and ask for more awareness before everything that you receive.

Many already know that these are the final times for the evil and infidelity of the human heart towards God and His Plan, but the human consciousness, as a whole, does not want to accept that these times have arrived, so as not to leave its comfort and its own will.

These resistances weigh on the hearts of each one of My servers who try to be true in their surrender, and yet, again and again, they fall before the same tests of criticism, judgments and separateness.

This is why, children, you must make an even greater effort than what you have done so far. I know, as the Mother of all, that some steps have already been taken, but they are not sufficient for the emergence of a new race.

You must be more vigilant and silent, observing yourselves more than your neighbor, because in this way you will avoid many misunderstandings and you will close the doors to disunity and lack of fraternity that so tempt the human consciousness.

My dears, never forget that while you have everything because you are beside the King of all things, there are many more brothers and sisters of yours in the world who, motivated by false representations of God, are making each other suffer in demonic and spiritually transgressive ways. Therefore, be a little stronger and braver in relation to yourselves and do not let the enemy also work through My soldiers, removing the peace which I am trying to institute in the world.

Always remember that you are here to fulfill the Greater Plan, to establish peace in these times of chaos on Earth, just like in the universe, since what happens in this world interferes with the whole Creation of God.

I urge you to fight against yourselves when necessary, because many islands of  salvation for the spirit no longer exist on this Earth. I count on very few and they must remain faithful and strong because it is possible to establish the Plan of God in the human consciousness, through the victory of Christ in His beloved companions.

My dear children, know that the acute hour of the planet has started in some parts of the world now and will expand to the whole of humanity in a short time. Purify yourselves soon of all the evil that is still inside your consciousnesses and do this through prayer, as well as conscious transformation. Do this by loving the Plan of God, each day more, so that the true love for something superior may banish from your hearts the false pleasure of destroying the unity among beings.

I tell you all of this because you must feel within yourselves that an urgent and definitive change needs to happen. I just urge you to take your steps and do not waste time because, by the time the planetary purification knocks at your door, I need you to be ready and willing to help others, those who have not listened to these Words.

I thank you and leave you My maternal Love so that you may never give up taking the steps in your constant and immediate transformation.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the city of Porto Alegre to the city of Quaraí, Rio Grade do Sul, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

While war lives and is reproduced in the heart and in the consciousness of humankind, peace will not exist in the world.

God knows of the bad intentions of some of His children, intentions that generate rash and unconscionable actions, leading the whole race to a constant failure. For this reason, it is necessary that hearts united in faith implore to the Almighty for the enemies of all so that they, at least, have the Grace of being considered as possibly redeemed in other points of the universe and the principle and law of rehabilitation may be fulfilled in these consciousnesses distanced from God.

My beloved ones, everything can be alleviated just by praying with the heart for peace and for help so that the terrible and unjust ideas of generating wars and a dependence on weapons may soon come to an end, for the strength that the power of prayer has is immeasurable.

Thus, opening your hearts to take in the urgent needs of today's world, collaborate, My little ones, so that the causes of the world disorder may not escalate.

From the whole universe, My children, we know that humanity suffers a lot, and that the most innocent continue to be prey to the attack of the beasts that live in the hard hearts of many human beings. But remember that the strength of the Love of God has no limits, and that this infinite and cosmic Love will be the one that will allow the life on this planet and the peace to be reestablished all over the Earth.

Dear children, without tiring, without delay, without distraction, do not cease to ask the Almighty and Our Lord to compassionately intervene for all the wounds that have already been inflicted and that hurt the hearts of many souls.

With a spirit of love and of hope, do not stop opening the doors toward the Heavens. Thus, the Universe will come to your encounter and, in spite of the reigning darkness, the Love of God will have Its great triumph through those who pray and testify to the Presence of Christ in their hearts. We deeply believe that this life testimony will help to redeem all of the Earth. But remember, it is time to work for peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who nurtures you with the divine sap,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Through the Holy Spirit of God, once again I gather you together in the sacred oratory of My most pure Immaculate Heart.

It is for this cause, dear children, that today I would like to tell you that the task of prayer from yesterday, November 13, had great repercussions at a spiritual and planetary level.

Many things were avoided when those who prayed, present in the city of Porto Alegre and in the world, simply placed their consciousness and their love on all that was happening.

Once again, prayer triumphed in various regions of the planet and, through the love placed in each one of the words, sinful souls were benefited by the powerful channel that was opened yesterday by all.

I will always want to see you, My children, with the same attitude and enthusiasm as yesterday. This brings joy to the Heart of God, and His Works of Pity and of Mercy become possible in the world.

Dear children, thus today I invite you to have your lives become a place of constant prayer and attunement with the Celestial Universe. When more souls dedicate attention to the importance of praying from the heart every day, greater will be the divine effects upon the world and especially upon the causes of conflict.

May peace be the purpose of each server of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you with the loving Heart of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Brasilia, Federal District, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My very dear children,

Today, in the Marian Center of Figueira, with the joy of the heart and the eternal Grace of God, your Most Holy Mother gathers you together to pray for peace, a peace indispensable for the world and humanity.

Today, in omnipresence, your Mother from Heaven will be with you to accompany you at this important moment of the consecration of the pilgrim bus.

This new instrument, which will convey the Graces of My Heart wherever it goes, will be visible today to all those present as a testimony to the loving effort of all the pilgrims and those who pray in the co-redemptive work of their Heavenly Mother.

Today, the ceremony of consecration will be of all the pilgrims; and very close by, in the heart of each of My children, I will also be present to bless you.

Dear children, in truth, I would like the visionaries to have been present, but it will not be possible; you know that those who work for God must face in battle the adversities of the times, so as to be able to evangelize in all this mission.

The work carried out in Colombia, Venezuela and the State of Roraima, in Brazil, had its great divine triumph, and the Sacred Centers were able to express in the consciousness of humanity. This outcome, children, resulted in an unprecedented spiritual battle. It is for this reason that I have asked My visionaries, already present in Brazil, to go into seclusion so that the Divinity is able to restore them; this is already taking place and will take some days for the work to be completed.

Today, you who are gathered here will open the doors of the Heavens so that the angels may accompany this special meeting.

Dear children, I leave you all My gratitude of a Mother.

Thank you, dear children, for having concretized My requests!

Who blesses you on this holy day,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In times of spiritual battle, may peace be established and may the new apostles of My Son transcend the barriers of world oppression.

The time has come for the souls to awaken and Christify themselves no matter the cost this means, because the true consciousness of humanity must awaken at the last hour.

May the doors to the hells be closed and may the brave hold up the banner of peace so that the exiled by evil find again the meaning of having been born to life.

Nothing will stay in its place; hence the soldiers will be the focus so that everything may be transmuted. The offer from these will be the great key that will open the door to the redemption of humanity.

Those who persevere will be crowned for their sacrifice, made through the times, and will be seated at the table of the Great King Jesus.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who conducts you in this final time,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My Consciousness of humility is reflected in the innocent souls.  My eyes shine in the good souls.

In all of humanity, My Consciousness has Its manifestation, specially in those hearts that pray for redemption.

Dear children, today My pilgrim Consciousness traverses Venezuela together with you, trying to pour the Graces that the hearts need.  Follow the steps of Your Mother that will open the paths for the souls to receive the mercy that they need.

I am united to all the children that pray for this cause of peace in all of Venezuela.  I lovingly accompany the prayer of all those who are united to this mission.  Here, in this village, the souls need a lot of light and redemption, they need to see in their faces the joy of finding Christ again in the heart of each brother and sister.

Let us continue on this pilgrimage, because Your Lady of Coromoto carries between Her hands the flag of liberation and peace, and all of Her Children walk behind asking for mercy; thus, the most just and the most sinful shall have the Grace of being helped by the love of My Immaculate Heart.

Prayer to Our Lady of Coromoto,
Liberator of Venezuela

Holy Lady of Coromoto,
Bridge of Light to the New Humanity.

Pray with us constantly,
convert the race of this entire planet
so that, lifted to Heaven by Your arms,
we may say yes to our holy freedom.


I thank you for answering to My call!

Who leads you to the Heart of the Celestial Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Remember each day that despite the sin or the cruelty of humanity, there exists the forgiveness of God.

Today I need you to accept My forgiveness, to feel it and experience it as an act of reparation and infinite mercy.

Today I need you to feel free from yourself, so that My powerful Light may act and keep silently transforming your little life.

Today I need you to live inside My Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of God that comes to you to sanctify your life and your consciousness.

Today I ask you, My child, not to think of your incapabilities, but to today believe in your virtues, those that My Son sowed in your heart since the first moment that you recognized the King.  For this, be as free from yourself as possible so that the Laws of Heaven may transfigure your life to become an instrument of God.

You will not stop struggling within yourself, against all that you do not yet want to give up, but do not be afraid, the Kingdom of God is reached by climbing the steps of humility and trust.  God created you in His likeness, and you keep in your spirit this trust that renews and transforms everything.

From today on, send this message to your consciousness:

I am a worthy child of God.
I am part of His Most Pure Source.

My soul sprang up from His Spirit
and my spirit was born from His Heart.

Nothing shall set me apart from
the greatness of the Kingdom of God.

I have come to the Earth to redeem myself
and then return to the House of My Father,
to unite with Him forever.

I find my dignity in His Full Trust,
and His Infinite Love vivifies my little spirit.

Between Myself and God, there is no evil,
because I am a part of
the eternal emanation of His Love.


And thus, dear child, confirm before the Universe your true repentance, and do it for those who do not want to see nor hear God; thus at least the majority of the consciousnesses will be touched by the Love of the Creator, which is powerful and invincible. Remain close to My Heart, I come to help you.

So that forgiveness may descend and be made life in each heart, I deliver to you the Rosary of the Forgiveness of God, so that it may be the instrument of liberation from all the faults and ingratitude through all hearts that implore it.

Rosary of the Forgiveness of God

Union bead
I ask You for forgiveness, Lord,
for all that has been committed.
Grant me the Grace of liberation.

On the five decades, we pray
For the gift of Forgiveness
that springs from the Heart of God,
Lord, open the Doors
of Your Kingdom for us.

Thus all shall reach Peace.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who unites you to the Heart of the Creator,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The world still does not know how the Wrath of God is; the aggressions and the physical and spiritual lesions that the souls in the East live do not permit the Justice of God to be placated.

Lovingly, I come to ask you that through prayer your lives justify before the Kingdom of the Heavens that it is possible to experience change.  In face of the times of chaos and of error, I come to ask that your lives testify as an example of consecration to the Heart of My Son, so that in this way His infinite and ultimate Mercy will descend upon the world.

Dear children of Mine, awake!  There are more serious problems than yours.    My Heart, flagellated by the errors and horrors of the world of today needs that from now on and forever, you place yourselves within My armies of light, those that will fight day and night so that peace may be established.

For that, My beloved children, pray all of the days from the heart, feeling in the depth of your spirits each decreed word.  In this way, your petition and plead will be heard.

Dear children, today I come to implore that you will continue to work for peace in the world.  The entire Earth is being shaken by the error and by the blood that flows unceasingly, without compassion or forgiveness.

Dear children, accept My call in a truthful way.  If you do not pray from the heart, united to your souls, how will My Plan be fulfilled?  In truth, I come to ask of you the impossible: that your lives may not cease to be reborn and to lovingly accept the sacrifices and the tests that the Lord, Your God, pours over you.

The hour has come, children!  It is the time of confirmation and challenges.  No one will be able to lag behind.  For this I come to bring to you the infinite consciousness of the true need for at least a minimal part of humanity to listen and answer to My call.

Humanity trespassed all the limits and many will eternally regret having sacrificed their fellow humans; this is the principal sorrow of My Heart of a Mother.  I need You to alleviate Me and to alleviate the whole world with your efforts.   Light cannot fade away.

It is time to fight in this spiritual war, with the rosary of peace!

I thank you for comforting My offended Heart!

In the Good that many innocent souls deserve,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

While peace is so needed in the world, today you are in the Kingdom of Peace.  May this peace, which is indispensable, radiate like a sun to the whole Earth so at least those in most need of peace may find comfort.

Dear children, thanks for being accomplishing the requests of prayer that My Immaculate Heart clamored to you yesterday.   In these times of darkness and lies, I invite you to be My ambassadors of prayer and peace wherever you go, thus My Heart, which is full of Grace and Pity, will hope to pour those gifts in the despairing hearts.

The nonbelievers are now facing their own purification.  I ask you, My beloved ones, to live the prayer for the planet and not only for yourselves.

Many of My soldiers will be keepers of the sorrow that many are living.  Many of My visionaries will be receptacles to calm the suffering that drowns the world, and thus they will share with Your Heavenly Mother the sorrow of the whole humanity.

I invite you to become deeply conscious about the decisive times that humanity is crossing and to which it does not give the minimum importance before the lack of peace in the world.

My dear children, the promise is very big, for this, the effort will have to be bigger so that the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled in the hearts that must enter in the dwelling of the Celestial Father.

Dear children, remain by My side and vivify this moment, such as My Son lived on the Cross for all of you.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you towards the Supreme Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

You may face the greatest and most difficult test, but when you pray the mysteries of the rosary of the heart, just as you did today when you were in My divine presence, there will be no knot that cannot be untied nor evil that cannot be liberated.

Simply through the holy rosary of the heart, I bring you the spiritual resurrection of your lives every day. I humbly show you the same path of surrender that I, as Your Mother, lived for you.

Now, My dear children, you are beginning to get to know this sacred path that all souls are invited to traverse in the spiritual life.

Dear children, I wish to thank you for your prayerful response, continuing with the purpose of praying for peace in the Middle East, which is still urgent.

Today I come to invite you to pray the prayer of the Universal Mother thirty three times for nine days; this exercise will be called the “Novena of the Universal Mother.”

Your task will be to pray, proclaim and feel in the depths of your souls the attributes of the Universal Mother so that these may continue to broadly descend to the planet. This novena is to be started on the 17th of October of 2015 and when finished, a special novena of prayer will be begun, answering to the request of Saint Joseph for peace in the world.

For this reason, the next novena that will be done will be the Prayer and Petition to the Most High God for world peace and for redemption, a supplication transmitted on the 10th of October of 2015 by My Most Chaste Spouse.

Dear children, We are attempting to have you remain as long as possible in the school of prayer that you are living today. The prayer of supplication for peace of Saint Joseph will be prayed fourteen times during nine days; thus the Celestial Kingdom will be closer to all and to the world.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who conducts you through the sacred school of prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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