Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

Today I would like you to remember Me as the Mother and Queen of Chiquinquirá, as the kind Servant who promises all Her children of Colombia a consecration to the Almighty God.

After many pilgrims have visited My holy image in the Sanctuary, on this day I would like the Mother of Chiquinquirá to be the patroness and pilgrim of the prayer groups of Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Nicaragua. Through the Mother of Chiquinquirá, the peoples will be able to achieve reconciliation with God and union among themselves.

Dear children, may the holy image that will be blessed in Venezuela, together with the Lady of Coromoto at the end of this month, be the principal bridge of union among cultures to establish peace.

The Virgin of Chiquinquirá is the reflection of the purest aspect of the simplicity of the Mother of God, just as Our Lady of Cobre is for Central America.

The Virgin of Chiquinquirá, together with the Virgin of Guadalupe, brings reconciliation among nations and consciousnesses. For this reason, the Virgin of Fatima will go on pilgrimage through the Andean countries to offer the purity so necessary and fundamental in humanity.

Dear children, when the Virgin of Chiquinquirá begins Her pilgrimage through Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Nicaragua, a special devotion between the peoples and the phases of the Divine Mother will be established in the internal planes.

Finally, when the Little Virgin of Guadalupe goes on pilgrimage through the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador, a cycle of this work will be completed that today My dear children are carrying out in the pilgrimage in Colombia.

In honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the holy image of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá will be taken to the Sanctuary by My missionary children, so that it may be blessed in the Holy Mass on Friday.

From that moment on, an absolution from the errors of the past will be granted when the holy image begins its pilgrimage through each city of Colombia and, afterwards, through the neighboring countries of the region.

Dear children, I give you My thanks for everything.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Beloved children,

It is in the silence of the heart that you will hear My unmistakable voice.

It is in the silence of the heart that you will feel the Presence of Christ in this time, a time of tests for a humanity that will be purified, as is the Will of God the Father, the Eternal.

It is in the silence of the heart that I will leave the seeds of My Purity, of My Love and of the Forgiveness of God for all peoples; so that there they may germinate, grow, blossom and bear the fruits that the New Humanity will express on the New Earth, the paradise promised to the just, the faithful, the pure of heart.

It is in the silence of the heart that creatures will find God, to revere Him, to reconcile their spirits with His loving Heart of Light, Mercy, Love and Pity.

It is in the silence of the heart where creatures will find the Will of the Father and will discover what their true paths are, the ones the loving God charted so that His children could travel them in peace and joy.

It is in the silence of the heart that the children of the Most High will learn the art of loving and serving their neighbor, where they will experience the school of compassion, a step that will take them to the love taught by Christ on the Cross.

It is in the silence of the heart that humanity will find the lost hope, the love God placed in each essence, an essence that today is drowning in a solid box of stone, closed with infinite keys, without air and without light.

It is in the silence of the heart that you will find Me, beloved children, because I have the key that opens all doors; the door to redemption, to healing, to reconciliation among peoples, the door to love that forgives everything and rebuilds everything, the door to pity that will come through the selflessness of a service rendered without personal interests.

It is in the silence of the heart, My beloved ones, that you will find the great Peace that I bring to the world and place in each of you, so that you may experience this peace in your lives. And if there is no silence in the heart, because unease reigns in your beings, pray with Me, so that the codes of light of the blessed prayer may reach your hearts, and, like a balm, that blessed prayer may take away the pain, like a fresh breeze that will bring ease, tranquility and harmony into your lives.

Children of Colombia and of the whole world, today I invite you, I call you to feel Me, to find Me in your hearts, where I came to sow My Peace, the Peace of Christ, the Peace of God for all.

Thank you for assembling and gathering together in My Heart. Thank you for being with Me today.

Who loves you and covers you with Celestial Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Mother of all the Peoples of God


Dear children,

Through My Grace I open a new door so that you will learn to love and forgive, liberating your hearts from all of the errors of the past and from the debts that imprison you.

Children of Mine, on this holy day Heaven touches the whole land of Colombia and the Condor Bird of Peace flies over the sacred mountains in order to announce that the time of reconsidering your actions and forgiving as an act of reconciliation and of peace for this entire Nation.

On this day I invite you, My beloved children, to trust Christ and His Unfathomable Mercy, which is the precious fruit that will liberate you from all evil and sorrow.

I come to Colombia as the Lady of Peace and of the Holy Rosary so that you will remember that on this 13th of October, Fatima in Portugal fulfills a cycle of My precious presence for the whole world.

Children, for this I ask that you remember the purity of Fatima, that divine essence that was expressed by the three little shepherds and that permitted peace to be established through the most absolute innocence.   Your lives, dear children, can enter in this source of purity and of love that today I bring to you in order to be able reconcile the peoples and the nations.

The whole world needs peace and you, being servants that are filled by My Immaculate and Pure Heart, will be able to help Me so that the times will not be precipitated, and that peace will reign, especially in those who do not have it.

Dear children, I have come to Colombia in order to call you to reconciliation.  May your devotion to Me be the reason for embracing each day more this proposal of forgiving and loving one another.  In this way Your Celestial Father will see with eyes of Mercy that your people can become sacred.

If you forgive, children of Mine, the souls will be liberated from error, and all of the past that caused the separation of the peoples will be able to be reverted through your correct intention of forgiving.

Forgive yourselves much and do not fear asking for forgiveness because you and the world need this forgiveness in order to reach the supreme Source of Mercy.

Today I give you a key so that this will happen:  always and forever remember the Sanctuary of Fatima.  There Your Heavenly Mother poured the rays that made possible to peace to be manifested among humanity and between humanity and God.

I thank you for the loving joy that your people reflects before My Immaculate Heart.

United in faith and in forgiveness, who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima


Dear children,

In the name of the Infinite Light of the Creator, I descend upon the world and My Maternal Spirit visits the whole nation of Colombia in order to pour from My powerful and humble hands, the rays of hope and relief that many hearts of Mine need.

Dear children, I wish, on this day,  that you universally remember Me as the Mother of Guadalupe, as the Mother of all of the peoples, those, that separated, must unite again through My Holy Heart in order to achieve the state of peace.

But today I will not only come to bless you and to thank all of My children from Colombia and from the sister nations that made this sacred encounter for peace possible.  Today I will come in the sovereign company of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who is your Bigger Brother, who calls you to work as new apostles of His Work of Redemption.

Dear children,  today lovingly surrender  to Your Lady of Guadalupe all of the faults and errors made throughout the times by the non-redeemed hearts so that the Great Sun of Christ may reopen the doors to rehabilitation and to the Forgiveness of God for a race that is still in transformation.

Children of Mine, today I come to announce to you that you are on My path, on the favorite path of My Heart.  As Your Mother, I hope that through these days of encounter, great part of My Peace be deposited in your hearts because if peace is in your lives, the world will have the opportunity for an extra time of peace.

I piously come to call you to redemption, because the time has come for your consciousnesses, in absolute surrender to the Almighty, receive the Grace of redeeming the past and walk freely as one only people of God.

Today I am The Eagle of Light that sings in the mountains, the sacred condor announces that the Mercy of God is coming for the hearts that in repentance and faith surrender themselves to the Ocean of Love of the Creator;  thus the souls that have been imprisoned in error and submission for centuries, will be liberated, will be elevated to the Kingdom of Peace of the Lord.

For this, My much beloved children of Colombia, I come to awaken in each one the potential for loving prayer each day more, because in prayer you will close the doors to perdition and you will open the Heavens in order for the Glory of the Celestial Father to descend.

I thank you all for having answered to one part of My Plan of Salvation!

Who blesses you and who loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Guadalupe


Dear children,

The struggle between peoples for equality of conditions is the result of a national situation in Colombia.

In the search for harmony and peace, Your Heavenly Mother comes to this country to reopen the doors of fraternity and brotherhood that have been closed for some time.

Dear children, may you discover in the inner silence how much there is to be done here through the very powerful channel of prayer that must be offered so that all may be balanced within and outside of human beings.

My children, for this I will need your lives so that at least a little of My Grace may be poured out. I will need of your lives so that a little of suffering and of injustice may be transmuted. I will need your prayers, so that something may be liberated, and the captivity of the indigenous consciousness comes to an end.

Dear children, Colombia is a nation in great need of love; however, in the hearts of My children of Colombia there is the potential to love, which through the centuries has been stifled, and this possibility of loving must spring again like a source of forgiveness and of reconciliation.

My children, I need you to be brave and willing to accompany Me in this task of reconciliation that is needed for this whole nation.

I am with you and do not stop even for a second walking beside you.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who enfolds you in the mantle of Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May My Peace reign today, may you trust in God because you live what is foreseen by God.

May your heart be free from affliction, but may it recognize the greatness of all this mystery.

May you live love and multiply it so that your oldest resistances may collapse before the foot of the Creator.

May you be able to be free all the days of your life.

May you build now the new bridges between the Earth and Heaven.

May your fears be liberated and may you purify yourself in faith, because all that happens to you today has already been thought by God.

May you not lose the sane joy, may you relive every day the  Passion of the Lord as the purpose to redeem life.

May the doors of the Universe open before your life, may you be filled by My Love and My compassion.  Ignite My star of Peace in your breast, so that it may be the bright star for those who do not see God.

May life become simpler through you so that the ones who are lost may return to God.  Embrace My sweet Heart in this hour, permit Me to solve everything.  Accept the challenges.  Live the changes out of love and with forgiveness towards humanity.

Find in My gaze the kind-hearted Light of the Celestial Father.  The hour of your surrender is close at hand, may you celebrate with Me this day because I have come in the name of Christ to give you His Graces and to conquer your little heart.

Trust every day in the virtues of loving more and more what seems not very happy for you.  Because your joy will be truly born when you live your cross with gratitude for all this project, there, you shall finally be free from yourself.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who guides you toward Peace,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dearest children of Mine,

In this month of the Holy Rosary I want to renew you in the faith and in the sacred devotion to My Immaculate Heart.  I wish that every day, even if only for fifteen minutes of your day, you venerate My Immaculate Heart; Its Light; Its Glory; and Its Grace towards all of the children of the Earth.

I promise those who will venerate My chaste and pure Virginal Heart during the whole month of October, to pour a special Grace that will bear fruit and glory in the next life.  I promise those who will venerate My Sacred Heart, to give them fervor and a spirit of consolation and of Grace during the ultimate times of the Earth.

I wish, dear children, you would diffuse the devotion to My Immaculate Heart.  And if this veneration takes place before the praying of the Holy Rosary, I promise to comfort the soul that will ask Me for that, because I have the permission and the authority to do it as the Mother of God.   This promise shall be fulfilled because it has been preciously conceded when Christ gave Me to all as the Mother of the new humanity.

To those hearts that will diffuse the silent power of My Immaculate Heart I promise them the total and absolute protection of the banners, from My adversary.  If this holy image of My Immaculate Heart were to be placed on the door of each home, I promise the existence of an unbreakable faith, capable of moving away every desire of evildoing and hatred.

But if the holy image of My Immaculate Heart is venerated by the families of the world before praying the Holy Rosary, I promise the most potent divine protection during the three days of darkness.

Whoever in the name of Jesus Christ will ask Me all, for the sake of the merits of His Passion I promise, during this month, to concede impossible Graces, and unthinkable transformations to all those who will venerate Me and who will give Me their love.

I wish that in this month of the rosary, peace may be the keynote for the souls of the world because I will especially fulfill My works requested by Christ through those who will piously implore Me from the Heart for a special Grace.

This month the most pure Mercy of My Immaculate Heart will be pouring Itself as an ocean of renewal and hope for all.  I will not abandon any child, because My gaze will be on all those who will truly seek Me with sincerity.

Whoever during their life will proceed to venerate My Immaculate Heart, offended by the impure actions of the world, I promise to liberate them from every stain at the time of their death, and especially to elevate them to the Kingdom of God, as the angels elevated Me in My Assumption.

I promise each of those who will consecrate themselves for life to My Immaculate Heart, the Grace of joy and of the eternal peace for all of the times that will come.  I promise in the time of their judgment to be the advocate and intercessor, because My Graces will erase all of the grievances committed due to ignorance from their consciousnesses.  In this moment My Immaculate Heart shall triumph in their existence.

I thank you for venerating My Immaculate Heart.

Who consecrates you to God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

The victory of the Kingdom of God in the world will take place through the sublime power of prayer.  For this, I lead you along this path, so that your souls may open out like the birds, to be able to fly and reach the Kingdom of the Creator.

Each prayer pronounced brings new codes to all, divine essence that begins to incarnate in spirit of truth and compassion.

My children, your lives are attending a school of prayer that is unknown to you.  And as now you have accepted to be part of My army of light through the daily rhythms of prayers, I train you to be able to face the world and help it spiritually.

For this I conceive in each one a mirror of prayer that reflects the principles of the divine life, the eternal states of peace.

Dear children, I wish you to accompany Me in this long walk in the search for the lost souls and the wounded hearts that must redeem themselves in the name of love.

Dear children, do not detain yourselves, build the Church of Christ by means of your prayers, which are the sacred unions with the Celestial Father.

Children, the time already marks a crucial moment for the world, in which the Universal Judgment shall establish itself and all will be spiritually evaluated.  Pray, pray and pray.  Thus the merit of your prayers will fill the Heart of God and open the doors of love so that all may be redeemed.

I thank you answering to My call!

Who unifies you in the essence of Peace

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

With eternal joy and profound peace, today I gather all of you again in the sacred oratory of My Immaculate Heart, for on this sacred day one of My awaited plans is fulfilled: the expansion of My Marian Message in the world.

For this reason, dear children, I have come to remind you that My Work is done through peace, with hands united together with Mine.

Thus, beloved children, the task of spreading My urgent Message to the world will always be based on charity, sacrifice and above all, the unity and love that your hearts can reflect toward Mine.

All My Work in this world, which your Heavenly Mother lovingly offers you, must be supported by the spirit of fraternity and not of power.

Beloved children, throughout the years I have made you grow in virtue, talent and gifts by My side. Thus, My most beautiful but simple images, through this means of universal communication, were presented to the unredeemed souls.

From the beginning, you accompanied My Work and you will continue to do so until the much awaited redemption of humanity is accomplished.

Although the time will come when I am no longer amongst you daily, but rather just visiting you in an extraordinary way, you, My very dear children, will have much to disseminate and publish. When you do so, you will see My requests, one by one, being fulfilled, for God needs it thus.

Children, while you purify yourselves and take the first steps toward a greater maturity, I ask that out of love for My Most Sacred Heart, you keep your souls united through the Graces and the wonders that I have poured out for you. I would like to see you more united, not only in My celestial joy, but also in the challenges and the tests.

Many of those present here today would already be prepared to be part of the new team of soldiers that will work in the expansion of this immaculate Project of God: the redemption of the modernity of the world through the Divine Message of the Sacred Hearts.

Before the Presence of Christ and of the angels that accompanied Me during My Glorious Assumption, I receive the sincere offerings that you will commit to work with Me throughout  world for the planetary redemption. For this, I ask that on a piece of paper, you write your aspiration of accompanying and supporting this new Project that will be presented to everybody today.

My only Purpose, beloved children, is that the world and souls achieve peace.

I thank you for responding to My important call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Sacred House of Mary, Madre Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Today I have come to ask you to continue praying the Holy Rosary every day, because just as I said it in Fatima, the wrath of God may be appeased through the loving prayer of all.

In this time, My children, this will not prevent all of humanity from being purified, because many of My children in the world still associate with the paths of evil.  It is due to this extraordinary cause of salvation that Your Heavenly Mother suffers the pain and the ingratitude of the world, and at the same time, these feelings of perdition are transmuted by the instruments that the Mother of God chose, just as it was in all the Apparitions from the past. 

Once again I come to Brazil, to collect from meek hearts all of the prayers and novenas that they are able to humbly offer Me.  It will be through this sincere offering from all of My dear children that I will be able to intercede or at least alleviate the fear of death that many consciousnesses are suffering in these times of no peace. 

For this reason, My children of Brazil, Your Heavenly Mother descends from Heaven, like in Fatima, to awaken the rays of devotion and of peace through the prayer of the Holy Rosary.  

Children, in this cycle, may your lives be prayer, because if they are pure prayer, you will be devotion, and through holy devotion, the world will achieve the essence of peace.

With My right hand over My Immaculate Heart and My left hand reaching out to the world, I come to simply offer the path of the ray of devotion to all of My praying children. Your hearts can express that devotion, just like a flower that opens to receive the rays of the sun. 

Dear children, My wish is that through the Rosary, your lives may already be different, filled by the streams of this ray of devotion; streams that spring from the Heart of Your Heavenly Mother, just as compassion, peace, elevation, hope and healing do.

My Children, do not fear the things of the world; the time has come for you to be My true servants of prayer; in this way, at least a part of humanity will not perish.  

Let us continue to pray, always praying; Grace and Mercy are urgent for the world. 

I love you.  I contemplate you.  I thank you for praying to My wounded Heart.

May Peace be in your beings,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

When you truly pray, the Laws change, and the world, in spite of everything, gains the Grace of a greater time of peace.

But the revenge that My adversary projects into ungrateful hearts is the recurring thought for concretizing his opposing plans. This will be disarmed because the persistence of those who pray will become stronger than all cruelty.

The Kingdom of God will be visible in the hearts of the simple and, in this way, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

Follow the path of peace that I bring you in this time, and be bearers of My maternal Love so that it may be radiated from your hearts to the world.

Dear children, I bring you the Grace of awakening in time and of experiencing, without fear, the cycle of your purification.

Know that, through your life and your purified consciousnesses, you will have the happiness of receiving new celestial impulses that will reconfigure your lives and all planetary life.

Woe to those that do not listen to God and who do not purify themselves! In truth, many will come to regret not having changed.

Thus, accept the cross and follow Christ. In His pious Heart, you will find liberation from matter.

Children, be happy while you purify yourselves; everything can be offered to God without fear.

In your hearts, there are divine merits for being with Me today.

Pour out love, pour out truth, pour out the inner purity of the divine essence.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who helps you walk in absolute faith,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Immaculate House of the Relief of Suffering, in the city of São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Pity to the whole world.

Mercy fills the hearts in despair.

Peace unifies beings with God and with His sacred purpose.

My crying has not yet ceased, but your appeals relieve My Heart. If the answer came from a large majority, you as humanity would be opening the doors to the intercession.

I wish that, during these thirty-three days of prayer, the praying souls venerate the Immaculate Heart of the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima, because it will be through the purity that God granted to My Spirit that the ungrateful human beings would have the chance to free themselves from captivity.

Dear children, today I also pray with you, asking for the Divine Mercy of My beloved Son. Thus, I establish in the simple hearts the Kingdom of God and lead the brave prayer beings so that, day by day, they can discover the universe of prayer.

Let us pray for the innocent children who are the main result of the lack of love and compassion for the young.

Take all children from Syria towards My maternal Heart. Plead to the Heavenly Father so that your Heavenly Mother can save you spiritually from the time of persecution.

I am in all homes that open the doors to Me through the Holy Rosary. I am in the simple hearts of My beloved children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you in the Sacred Prayer Room of the Mother of the World

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

In this time of worldwide spiritual crisis in the majority of souls, I ask you to seek the harmony of My Maternal Heart.

To find the harmony of My Maternal Heart, children, you must practice silence so that your hearts and consciousnesses may perceive the difference of being near or far from the Celestial Kingdom.

Children, you are a humanity with the potential to be able to develop many things within the Sacred Law of God.

Harmony is what is lacking in all of humanity, which makes it lose its peace, and in a short time, the path of true humility.

While hearts place their lives in the material things of the world, the path of harmony, which is universal, will not be seen by the majority.

Silence and the practice of silence requires the consciousness to think regarding what it will be talking about and to rethink actions that were previously taken hastily.

If at least a small part of humanity does not live the search for silence, it will be difficult for all, at some point, to be able to hear the Voice of the Most High announcing to the world the glorious Return of Christ to the hearts of the simple ones.

Dear children, you are before a reality that can no longer be hidden; the lack of harmony does not allow the laws of healing to approach and souls remain without receiving anything.

Assume, dear children, that a part of this whole Project is in your hands, as well as the responsibility of the planet and especially of the Kingdoms.

Your union with God and His Divine Will will define the end of times. Keep going, in the company of your Heavenly Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who gathers you together in the Divine Spirit of God in sacred harmony,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted at the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, Capilla del Monte, Cordoba, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The purification of the soul and of the whole being, according to the Law of Harmony, is similar to an inexhaustible spring of water.

This spring experiences permanent times of transformation, its rhythm is continuous, and, thus, each moment is indelible.

Water is chaste and pure, but the spring experiences its path of purification when it encounters all that which is superficial.

In this way, your hearts, which, in the image of God, are very pure, receive all the lessons to be able to grow and mature.

This spring experiences its transformations and you also experience the time of drought, the time of abundance and the time of balance, but you never stop purifying yourselves until you achieve peace.

I am that flow that leads you upon new paths. I am the Mother of all that has been created.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who unites you to the principle of original purity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



The era of Faith has come, the era in which hearts will be tested by the Justice of God. You will thus learn to have trust in the Creator and will have knowledge of the essence of Divine Obedience, the one that responds to higher designs, beyond understanding or mental and inner adherence to everything that happens all around.

Those who open the eyes of the spirit and of the heart will be able to see the intention of God, held in the core of the events, and they will understand what no one will be able to understand; they will find Wisdom and Divine Justice in what to human eyes will be injustice and a curse.

The era of faith has come, because My adversary will attack hearts through doubt and through incomprehension. Many will search outside of themselves in phenomena, for confirmations they can only find within themselves.

The unwavering peace in the heart of My children will be the only confirmation that the Presence of God in His Messengers is real. So, My beloved ones, what I build inside each of you is purely spiritual and must be consolidated through the definitive transformation of your lives.

What is built in the human heart through phenomena can be destroyed as easily and quickly as their manifestation. But what I build within My soldiers has a clear purpose, which shall be manifested to the eyes of the world in the end times.

The first sign will be the confirmation of My words in the events to come. And the most important sign, both to humankind and to God, will be the faith in the hearts of My children and the peace that will allow them to guide those who are lost.

The clarity of purpose will allow you to see the events from a higher point of view, and you will not get involved with what is happening in the world, but will know that all this is happening for a greater purpose, which is the purification of the planet and the emergence of a new race.

This race that will emerge, My beloved ones, will be born from the seed I caused to sprout in your hearts, and will not be made up of new human beings that will suddenly appear. It will be you and your children, renewed by My Spirit of Love and by the Return of Christ the Redeemer, that will shape the new world.

And in this way, the Most Sacred Project of God will be fulfilled, in which His creatures will be capable of defeating the darkness that dwells within and outside of themselves, and through love, will bring about the triumph of the Spirit of God in the world and the Christic purpose of this Creation.

My beloved ones, keep within yourselves My words, study them and let them impregnate your consciousnesses, because they will bring the certainty of the triumph of God in the human heart, and it will be with these Words in your consciousness that you will manage to live a full state of peace in the times that are coming and in the times you are already experiencing.

Be firm in the life of prayer and do not allow the demands of the world to overcome the imperative need of strengthening yourselves inwardly. With wisdom, give priority to the things of God; in this way, you will be journeying on safe paths that lead to the Lord.

I love you and eternally thank you for responding to My call.

Let no doubt defeat the faith in your hearts. Let no concern cause you to lose peace.

I bless you, under the Peacemaking Spirit of God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Mother of the seven colors of the universe. On My Mantle is drawn the eternal fusion between the Rays and their universal vibrations that give life and form to all Creation.

My Consciousness is expressed through the White Ray that manifests the essence of Purity and its maximum expression is attained in the hearts of those who give themselves to the total transformation of their lives.

The White Ray concentrates the divine synthesis of all the others and so acquires a power of transformation unknown to the world. The White Ray is the positive expression of the goodness and self-giving of all who aspire to reach the inner light.

I am the essence of the Pink Ray, My Consciousness expresses the Love for everything created and fully accepts it as a filiation of the creatures to God. The Pink Ray has its maximum expression through pure Love; therefore, knowing the power of the White Ray and uniting it to the Pink Ray, the effect of Love becomes able to transform that which seems impossible of being transformed.

Through the Pink Ray, the tribute of compassion allows humanity the power to recognize Christ as the Master and Lord. The Pink Ray is able to place a spiritual situation on another level; and so this Ray helps to fulfill the mission of each soul, of being able to live in the Love of God. The Pink Ray is the universal color that promotes peace, through this Ray all becomes softer and harmonious.

I am the Mother in the essence of the Green Ray, because it expresses the harmony of serving the fellow being and so establishing its healing principle through the balance that it can express in the material life.

The Green Ray gathers the profound synthesis of alignment and it is the principal Ray that spiritually promotes hope. It is the Ray that neither permits nor allows the extinguishing of the aspiration to experience transformation because it fulfills, through its harmony, all the missions that the creatures intend to live. This Green Ray attracts the Will of God in a neutral way, that is, it allows one to live the Will in balance, serenity and peace.

I am the Mother of the Universe in the essence of the Blue Ray, which attracts towards the whole universe the divine force to realize the aspiration to live the Will of God. This Blue Ray is capable of gathering souls with the same purpose. It is the regent Ray, that is to say it creates favorable conditions for the creatures and the forms to be motivated to fulfill in harmony each inner aspiration.

The Blue Ray gathers the Will widely so that it can be experienced in a conscious way and, at the same time, profound and in balance. The Blue Ray is able to help to live acceptance of the new times and also to unlock the path that may be limited by the opposite actions or imminent challenges. It allows us to feel confident in the Plan of God.

I am the Mother in the essence of the Golden-Ruby Ray because through it all becomes possible and the consciousness can expand its love for knowledge so that it can finally live it.

The Golden-Ruby Ray manifests the fundamental essence of the Divine Wisdom; it is through this Ray that the universe carries forward the concretization of the Divine Thought, and thus the creatures and the forms created by God take on life, vibration and energy by the action of this Golden-Ruby Ray.

The Divine Mind is expressed through this Ray, it expresses all that has been created. The Golden-Ruby Ray gives impulse to the manifestation of life and allows life to become sacred. This Ray is able to carry forward the projection of Wisdom in all that exists. This Ray can be expressed in seven different forms, since the Divine Wisdom pours forth so that all may reach the reality of creative thought. It can appear in souls that are guardians of the universal knowledge.

I am the Mother in the essence of the Violet Ray, because it manifests the transubstantiation of all forms. It is through the Violet Ray that everything is transformed into something positive.

The Violet Ray is capable of changing complex principles into sublime states. Its principal action is focused on the Divine Fire to perform the exchange of the forms and of the creatures. This is a Ray that is manifested in all that is transmuted and raised towards a superior state.

The Violet Ray is the main principle that acts on the liberation of humanity during the cycle of transition.

The Rays live and act through the maternal essence of your Heavenly Mother, they are Divine Principles, but at the same time they are Laws of expression of the Divine Consciousness.

The fundamental consciousness of the Rays arises as a stream from the Source of the One Consciousness and from there, all the universe of which you are also a part, receives the positive influence of these Principles which are also manifested through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

It is so, dear children, that you are being called not only to purification, but also to the divine consciousness of the Rays, which are the expression of the universal life. I am the Mother in the essence of the Rays, whoever lives in Me, lives in the rays.

I thank you for responding to My call!

This Divine Wisdom is for those who want to know themselves and become that which they have never been.

Who unites you to the principle of the Rays of Creation,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A universal call for peace and good in the world 

From the center of the universe, in the Heart of Our Eternal Father's Light, My voice proclaims a request to all souls today: that they listen attentively to the Words of the Mother of Heaven.

August the 8th already marked the change of a cycle. This great change which includes your small planet is being guided from the Spiritual Universe. The entire universe, all galaxies, stars and suns of this and other universes are entering the new gateway that will lead you to find the final and profound awakening. This will demand from your world the balm of serenity, of meekness and mainly of peace, while you participate in its purification.

Perversity will be purified by Divine Justice. The lie will be purified by the Power of God. The annihilation of innocent souls and subversion will be purified by the Wrath of God. The destruction of a fruitful life, in this and other Kingdoms of Creation, will be purified by Redemption.

All causes that disturb the equilibrium of humanity, and those that became fashionable and control entire regions, will be purified by the Rays of the universe and by all its root energies such as Liberation, Transmutation, Redemption, Transcendence, Transfiguration and Light as an autonomous synthesis of all.

The new cycle which has already begun will demand from hearts a life moderately consecrated, a life totally surrendered and of a spirit of unity and not of selfishness, if indeed anyone is to be saved from the imperious light of the rays of the Central Sun.

Through omnipotent Truth, I come to prepare you for all that you have never before seen, for what you have never before believed, and for what you have never before known in your reality of the world. Therefore, your Mother of the World will give the last signs, which will indicate the culminating moment of your preparation before the times of purification to come.

What was hidden for decades will be known. What was the secret of a few will be revealed by the Law itself. What was poorly done will be news everywhere. Nothing will remain the same as before. For those who have not sought the Kingdom of God, it will be too late.

Whoever has persecuted and offended the Servants of Christ will fear to see the great Hand of God. Whoever has slandered and cursed the Sons of God will have no cave or corner in which to hide. Whoever has loved material life and disbelieved in the existence of spiritual life will not be able to be present at that time. Whoever has doubted will believe for what they will see. Whoever has instilled rules or regulations conditioning the union of the faithful with God will be removed from the throne upon which they sat.

There will be no one and nothing that can stop the descent of the true reality. The lamentations will be of the false, for they will lament for not having listened. The tears will be of the perverse for having wronged the lives of so many.

The only dogma will be that of the Coming of Christ and the meek will see the Great Lord. The indifferent will be removed to another universe and the Earth will be restored during the thousand years of peace.

Therefore, My children, purify what you are, do not keep anything that makes you falsely strong, and do not be skeptical, for the Wrath of God will be just. The cup is no longer just overflowing, it is overflowing so much that even the Blood of the Chalice is despised by humanity.

It will not be enough at this time to have good faith, to go to church and go to confession; whoever does not truly seek a clean, dignified and fraternal life will not be able to be happy. Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will inherit the Promised Land, and this will cease to be an emblem, it will become truth and reality within all those who will repopulate the New Earth.

There is no time to lose. Accept that you never changed and that your humanity preferred to grow old quickly rather than wanting to change in the name of Love.

I come to give you the Design of God, but I also come to make you rethink before the new time that has already begun.

I am your Mother and I desire that you listen to Me with the ears of the heart, thus, you will understand the essence of everything and soon you will be columns of Light in a time of great changes.

I thank you for accompanying My call!

Who reveals to you the book of the Apocalypse,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Peace, this is what is lacking in the world!

Thus, children, with Love and Mercy, I come to establish the Kingdom of the Peace of God, and, in this way, banish the harassment of endless cruelty from this humanity.

I come to teach you about love, constancy and peace. Follow Me in trust and do not fear, you are in My Heart and I am with you, every day of your life.

The daily tension will cease. That is My promise for those who pray and for those who are good.

Be meek and forgive yourselves, and, in this way, the inner unions with the universe will not be broken.

Do not fear My adversary, his game of lies and confusion will never come to reign.

For this reason, with My feet, I step on the serpent of terrestrial deceit, and, I give you My Graces as a balm of Light for your lives.

Today, rest in My arms and sleep, sleep in the spirit of My maternity and protection.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who encourages you to live the Plan of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



May the weary come to Me today because My blessed Heart will comfort you, and you will feel the Grace of My Spirit as an unbreakable strength and power to continue forward.

May the timid and those who suffer come to Me, because My blessed Heart will heal you with the rays of maternity and peace.

May the seekers of the path of Christ come to Me today, because My Love will guide you and open the door for you to be able to encounter My beloved Son.

Rest in My arms, just as Jesus did when He died and rested in the arms of the Compassionate Mother. Allow Me to cleanse you and heal you with the balm of My Heart's Light.

In spite of the battle continuing and not ceasing, the victory of God's Heart is very great. Happy are those who today come to Me to feel loved and protected by My Motherly arms.

Your essences are the stars that My eyes can see in the firmament of the cosmos, they are the shine of the apex and of the redemptive victory of Christ. Shine, shine a lot and do not cease to shine in the Grace that the Love of My Son grants to you.

In these times, may your beings be the shine of a new song composed by the melodies of your heart. Embrace sacrifice and do not stop loving it, thus, you will save time and you will transform, as God needs it.

My beloved children, today I celebrate with you the shinning of a new and possible firmament, full of stars redeemed by the Mercy of Christ. Walk in faith and hope, the time for your deep freedom is approaching, and, there, in the Kingdom of God, after this trajectory, we will be one with the Universe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you on the path of the greater sacrifice for humanity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children:

Today I bring to the world the Light of My Immaculate Heart, mainly to reveal the most profound mysteries of the universe.

I know that for many of you it is difficult to understand the amplitude of My task in the world, which I perform through My instruments, the visionaries.

Today, I tell you, children, that it is so and has always been so. See and believe, with eyes of humility and of trust, that the Mother of God arrived in Aurora to spread an important Message of Peace outside of the traditional Church of My Son.

Your Father needs My Presence to be more known, for the believers as well as for the non-believers. This is how your Celestial Mother has approached you, for many years, to give to the world the last key of salvation, which is the prayer of the heart.

If in truth many of you already prayed from the heart, not placing any mental impediment, you could feel inside of you that eight years of work would not be done by any being of this Earth, no matter how much holiness they manifested.

Children, the only power is with the Celestial Father and it is from Him that the works for the whole universe are manifested; without His permission and without His divine consent nothing would be possible.

Thus, I show you that through obedience there is guidance and protection, especially in the face of the deceptions of My adversary, who will always try to make you indifferent to all that is divine and pure.

But do not fear, dear children, receive with My Peace the time of your purification which will place you before all that must be transformed in time. Thus, you will be cleansed from all and free of any stain.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who guides you to awareness of the Truth.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



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