• Saturday, October 1 of 2022

    Weekly Messages

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    It gladdens Me to meet again My faithful and beloved children, at this Sacred blue Heaven, where many experiences have been lived by you, My children. Dark nights have been gone through, moments of joy have been lived and shared and, today, you are here with Me, in fidelity and love.

    I would like you to know that the times to come will not be good, but if souls repent from the heart and surrender with faith in the Immaculate Heart, all can be avoided.

    Now that your feet are tired from this trajectory and this path, renew yourselves.

    I Am here and I Am your Mother. The Mother that will never abandon you, the Mother that will always receive you and give you the Peace that the whole world needs so much.

    Rejoice, because I Am here to grant you My Graces once again, to grant you the Pardon of God and the renewal of your lives in this definitive cycle, in which effort will be the great master key among all keys. The key that will open the door to the descent of God’s Mercy.

    Therefore, My children, let your minds expand, let your hearts open much more than they are already open, so that the consciousnesses that have self-summoned may come here, as it is foreseen in the Aspiration of the Eternal Father.

    Everything you have learned throughout the times has been for this moment, My children, for this definitive hour, in which you must learn to walk in sacrifice out of love for God and out of love for My Son. Because He will never give you such a heavy cross that you can carry it by yourselves.

    He will give you the cross of liberation and redemption, just as He carried it in a brave manner a long time ago, for each one of you. Therefore, continue to participate in this fidelity to God and to My Immaculate Heart.

    In advance and forever, I give thanks for the channel offered in this place, for Vigil and Adoration.

    My children, it is time to re-build the spiritual bases of this humanity, through the important exercise of Adoration to the Eucharistic Body of My Son. Because while this does not happen, you know that souls go astray time and again. My wish is to bring all toward God, not only those you do not know, but also your families, your loved ones, all those who are close to your lives.

    All need to know the Mercy of God. This mystery was revealed and given on the Cross through the Blood that was shed by My Son, in each drop that He shed for the world.

    Today, for this renewal, My Graces bring you the Codes of the Blood of Christ so that, after that which was lived throughout the last years, your consciousnesses may feel healed and renewed, may assume, with maturity and enthusiasm, the cross that My Son gives you, out of love for humanity and the planet.

    My children, your Heavenly Mother knows, in advance,  all that you will do to receive Me next October 13, because you have learned to serve and give of yourselves.

    I would like to see not only the flowers that you always place at the foot of My Altar, which you will raise in offering to My Immaculate Heart. I would also like your lives, on the coming days and in the times to come, to be these beautiful flowers of conversion, forgiveness, love and redemption, which I will be able to pick with My own Hands to give them to God and confirm that the Plan of My Son for this world is feasible.

    Today, I embrace with My Mantle all those who need it. Today, I place upon My Chest all those who need to feel the beating of My Heart, so that you may remember that the Consoling and Co-redeeming Mother is always present here, in Spirit and Divinity.

    Rejoice, because the end of captivity will come not only for you, but also for the whole world. Because when My Son returns, He will renew and transform everything, by the merits achieved in His Passion, Death and Resurrection.

    On this day, may your souls resurrect in spirit under the Love of God, under the Presence of the Mother of the Holy Spirit. Offer to God the best you can give Him. No matter how small it seems, let it be true and sincere. Because it is in that which is small and not in that which is big, that God works, through the souls and hearts open to His Consoling Love.

    And just as I have done on these last days, in these last weeks, in this special Pilgrimage of re-encounter with My dear children, I will offer the Sacrament of the Anointment to you again. Thus, may the sign of the Cross of Emmanuel sanctify, protect, heal and accompany you in this new stage of renewal and re-founding of the bases of the Purpose of this Nucleus and of this point of Spiritual Light in this part of the planet.

    Children, do not fear the cross, I Am here and I Am your Mother, the Mother of all of humanity and of the planet. Remember that here I find inner strength in those who adore, pray, watch and serve God.

    Not only My Son seeks a place where He can rest and restore, also your Heavenly Mother seeks this place in the hearts that serve the Work of God on this planet.

    Place your intentions at My Feet in the silence of the heart, and I will take them to God.

    Pray and do not fail to do so, for your protection and the protection of your families. Unite to God through prayer.

    Let us make the offering to God, from the innermost core of My Heart, at this moment.

    Celestial Father,
    who leads us all,
    accept our offer of surrender to You.
    Guide us through the path of love,
    so that Your Will may be done.

    I thank you for having responded to My call in such an immediate way, because when this happens, My children, humanity ceases to suffer.

    Now, let us go to the foot of the Altar of Christ, you, as His companions and apostles. Let us offer not only the bread and the wine so that they may be converted into the Body and the Blood of Christ. Offer your hearts also, so that this renewal may reach your lives and your families, through the blessing of the Holy Spirit.  

    Be in peace.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Sunday, September 25 of 2022


    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    My beloved and lovable children of Aurora,

    I Am here, and Am your Mother, where simplicity reigns, where the spirit of humility, the effort of daily labors, of untiring prayer and Adoration are breathed.

    At each day of your lives, God is present in this place, although there may be doubts, anguishes, obstacles or agonies in your hearts.

    Beloved children of Aurora, there is nothing and no one that can dissolve the alliance you have with God and through God, with the Heart of My Most Beloved Son Jesus.

    I could not leave here without being with you and among you, because I know that you were waiting for this and a Good Mother always responds to the call of Her children. For this reason, I Am here, because in truth it was My Son who sent Me to you as His Messenger, as the Mother of God, as that Woman that is always by the side of Her children, praying and watching each one of your steps.

    The pillars that I founded here in Aurora 15 years ago, important spiritual bases for humanity, are still firm and alive, although My task has not been understood in Uruguay.

    Today your Heavenly Mother, Holy Mary of Aurora, comes to return to you in the same way, through Her Graces and the purest Love of Her Immaculate Heart, because you keep faithfully sustaining this sacred place on the surface.

    This is very important to My Son, because My Son can work and intercede for humanity where it is necessary, just as My Immaculate Heart has also been able to intercede so far away from Aurora, in other places of the world. 

    This is why I come here to thank you for each sincere effort in the prayer of the heart, for each morning that you have awoken to offer your service and love to the Kingdom of Aurora and although it might seem impossible for you to carry it out, although it might seem impossible for you to concretize it, your feet walked through service and your hands gave of themselves in the cold winter that the planet lives, due to the darkness that absorbs it, day by day, for the lack of light, love and hope.

    But you, blessed children of Aurora, have always been able to be reborn through the sunrise of this Inner Center in your hearts, you have tempered your sword through love, you have appeased your hearts through constant unity with the Eternal Father, through each liturgy and true offering.

    For this reason, today My Sacred Universal Mantle carries upon itself the fruits of your efforts and surrenders, which have converted into stars of My Universal Mantle.

    Do you know what this means to God?

    I know that it is a mystery that you will not understand today, but yes, your hearts are open to this mystery, because in this Sacred Mantle of Stars of Light is registered the experience of your effort and your constant self-giving. This is what God needs to prevent Divine Justice from descending upon the world so that the Unfathomable and Divine Mercy of My Son may keep working and interceding for this humanity.

    Let us now see, My children, the fruits that Aurora has yielded throughout the times, beyond this place, in far-away corners of the planet where souls were waiting for the rebirth of Aurora, where hearts were waiting for redemption, healing and inner love.

    This has been possible, My children, because you are here, sustaining this Community in daily life, in daily liturgy, at each moment in which the universe offers a greater service so that not only your hearts may be mature, but also your souls may be aware of what is meant and represented by the commitment that each one of you have to Christ. Because He, My Son, is the One Who tells of each one of your steps to the Father, so that the Eternal Father may write this experience in His Book of Love.

    God offered the best to you and this is why God, on this day, blesses you with His Graces, so that the strength that Aurora has may remain and make of the warriors of redemption the apostles of love and untiring service. This is so that more souls throughout the whole world may be worthy of the spiritual help of Aurora, on the inner planes of consciousness and spirit.

    These are the great fruits of Aurora: that this Sacred Kingdom of Love and Redemption, through persevering and constant hearts, may reach all parts of the world, as many places and consciousnesses as possible places, which wait for redemption in this life.

    In the coming times, I would like your experiences of service, self-giving and untiring love to continue to shine like stars in My Universal Mantle.

    Even more, My children: each tear that you have dropped upon this ground is counted within My Mantle of Light, because God, the Eternal Father, contemplates all that exists and all that which is experienced.

    This is why He is a Father of immense Mercy, a Father of Open Arms, who hopes His Children can embrace Him and also console Him for all the sins and outrages that He sees in the world in these times.

    Therefore, Our Sacred Hearts must still go very far, to far-away places of the world, for one reason and with one end: to bring Aurora to nations and hearts, because all on this planet, despite their errors, deserve to know the Kingdom of Aurora, and be receptacles to experience inner healing.


    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    Now the Mantle of Our Lady has become a bright green Mantle, in the Face of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

    Placing Her Hands in a sign of prayer, our Divine Mother continues contemplating each one of those present, and tells us:


    My children, fifteen years ago, My Feet touched this sacred ground and I Am very grateful for this. Because despite the obstacles and the delays, My Purpose in the world is being fulfilled, which is the Sacred Purpose of the Source: that inner healing may reach as many souls as possible, regardless of their condition or situation. Therefore, I want to again eternally thank all those who experience Aurora in their hearts and dare to be a part of this Grace.

    Today, I come to renew the Purpose of this Community, of this Sacred Community of God. I come to make the inner Graces and fruits of Aurora bloom. I come to strengthen its spiritual and inner bases, for this place and the world.

    I come here to again call upon you, so that you may accompany your Heavenly Mother in Her planetary task, just as you have accompanied Me up to today. This is very significant to Me, because I know that I can count on My children regardless of the distances, because I can count on the hearts of those who say to Me, “Yes, Mother, I am here!”

    Today, through the priests, I will give you the Sacrament of the Anointing so that the visible Sign of the Holy Cross may protect your paths of transformation and redemption. But even more, so that this visible Sign of the Cross may represent you in the inner world and no evil or disturbance may harm you nor interfere with you, the spirit of the warrior of peace may emerge in each one of you, and the prayerful soldier may be firm in these times of tribulation. And so that prayer may always be your spiritual nourishment, so that, in this place and throughout the world, the Will of God may be established, that which the Heart of the Eternal Father has foreseen to happen, which He holds in His Heart with great joy.

    May this blessing of the Sacrament of the Anointing make you participants in the Sacrament of Communion knowing that, despite the desert of these times, in the Communion with My Son, you will find the Fountain that will quench your thirst., never forget that. Iin the Holy Communion lies the renewal of spirit and of consciousness.

    Never fail to commune with the Body and Blood of Christ. Take refuge in the Sacrament of the Eucharist and, when you commune with the Body of Christ, may you feel yourselves touch His wounded Body, flagellated by the world, so that your fidelity and prayer may restore it.

    Today, My Divine Consciousness emerges from the Kingdom of Aurora, and your Heavenly Mother attentively remembers all that has happened in the last years and, mainly, what has happened in the life of My children, which is what is most important to God.

    Therefore, I invite you to tread this path of bringing to memory, of remembering each Grace and each spiritual impulse received, which, since 2013, has become complete with the arrival of Christ.

    Today, in this inner temple, I leave to you the Unchanging Presence of the Holy Spirit so that, whenever you need, in the silence of the heart and of the consciousness, you may come here to find strength and fortitude, so that your hearts may always empty themselves and, through this Place of Love, you may find what you internally need.

    Go ahead, My children of Aurora!

    The Mother of God is here to bless and renew you, so that your lives, in the name of Christ, may always become new lives in the Lord, which feel the Fire of Aurora in the heart, the Fire that impels you to greater surrender.

    Let us celebrate this moment with gratitude. And I ask you to continue praying for all of My causes, for all that the Sacred Hearts still need to concretize throughout the whole world.


    O Blazing Flame of the Purpose of Aurora!
    Guide the steps of all My children
    toward an encounter with the Immaterial Source of the Heart of the Lord
    so that all may be consecrated to His Divine Purpose
    and the ties of yesterday may be dissolved
    so that souls may attain liberation.

    O Blazing Flame of the Purpose of Aurora!
    Ignite the Sacred Star of the Brotherhood within the human heart,
    so that the sacrifice for Christ may be vivid in joy and plenitude,
    in the hope of concretizing His Return.



    My beloveds, I thank you for responding to this call.

    Enter My Heart, whenever you need, because My Immaculate Heart will lead you to peace.

    May peace be in the world.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Saturday, September 24 of 2022

    Weekly Messages

    My dear children,

    Before resuming the pilgrim path that will take us to Brazil, your Heavenly Mother stops in the inner planes of the Kingdom of Aurora to rest, in the silence and peace of all Kingdoms of Nature.

    Just as I did last Saturday with My children of the Community of the Brotherhood, today, I come to communicate to you that your Heavenly Mother will visit the Community Fraternity, through a special and private Apparition in the prayer room of the area of Redención 2.

    Tomorrow, I would like you to wait for Me with your songs and prayers, and to offer Me a simple altar, in honor of the Most Holy Virgin of Fatima so that, in this stage of rest, your Heavenly Mother may not only bless the new community cycle in Aurora, but also from Aurora I may again bless Uruguay and South America.

    This moment that you will share with Me will later be transmitted through an audio, on September 25, so that My other children may accompany from their hearts the maternal Words that I will address to My children of the Community Fraternity.

    Fulfilling this request, I will again ask Uruguay to consecrate itself to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart so that this blessed country may be protected and sheltered from the evil intentions that today are also sadly promoted throughout other countries of America.

    In Brazil, My Son will return with all the power of the Divine Word to warn and clarify the ideas and minds of the people, so that Brazil may continue to internally sustain the destiny of becoming the New Eden of God for the whole world.

    My children, let us pray. And I ask you, once again, to commit yourselves with heart and word to the different Prayers for Peace in the Nations. It will depend on the participation and the presence of each Child of Mary that some unfortunate situations may not manifest nor materialize in matter.

    From now on, I am grateful for those who up to today support the Prayers for Peace in the Nations, responding faithfully.

    I thank you for responding to My call!

    Who blesses you,

    Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

  • Monday, September 19 of 2022


    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Where there is a heart that sincerely cries out for peace, there is also the Heart of God.

    Where there is a being that prays with the truth of their heart, there the Mirrors of God manifest themselves to communicate Higher Truths to beings, to reveal unknown mysteries and those that are only mysteries because your eyes are still looking outside and not within.

    The time has come for you to look to these mountains, and not see just mountains. The time has come for you to look to the sky and not see just stars. The time has come for you to look to yourselves and not see just human beings, not see just what you find reflected in a mirror. Go beyond it, to the mirror of your hearts and, through it, you will be able to see what hides within mountains, what hides within the skies, what hides within yourselves.

    When My Son was upon the Earth, He spoke to you in parables, and even so you did not understand Him. He Himself told you that the Truths of Heaven could not yet be revealed to the hearts of humanity, but now the time has come, humanity has matured through its errors, through its deviations.

    Now, children, you need to decide to no longer err, no longer commit the same errors for two thousand years. Humanity is different, this planet is different. Through you, a Plan must be manifested, a Truth must be revealed, and it will not be just through words, but through your lives. This is the true miracle that we have come to bring to the world: the transformation of the human condition.

    When My Son was on Earth, in body, Soul and Divinity, so that beings might believe in His Presence, He needed to work prodigies and miracles to the eyes of humanity. Today, children, the Truth reveals itself through you, the new prodigies are the transformation of your lives, the manifestation of the Centers of Love, the revelation of the mysteries that have been hidden since the beginning of human existence.

    Two thousand years ago the veil of the Temple was torn. Today, the veil of your consciousnesses needs to be torn. But in order for this to happen, you need to be willing to transform your own lives and no longer be the same.

    I know that many of you look back and do not see what you used to be, you have taken many steps on this path of transformation. But in the dwelling of the Thought of God, the Perfect Will of the Creator, this inner space within each one of you is still hidden, disguised behind the human condition, behind all those situations that you still need to surrender and transform, so that this may emerge.

    In this way, the Lineages will manifest themselves.

    In this way, Warriors will position themselves in their places to protect this Purpose.

    In this way, Mirrors will attract, from the Heart of God, that which must manifested itself as the Purpose of the Earth.

    In this way, Kingdomists will heal the wounded heart of the Earth, and restore the consciousness of the Kingdoms of Nature, through perfect communion with all of Creation.

    In this way, Contemplatives, in their supplication and silence, will restore the Heart of God and generate merits so that the most lost souls may attain Mercy.

    In this way, Healers will touch deep wounds and heal them, so that humanity may no longer look to the pain, but may look toward renewal, may be restored and redeemed to manifest the true Divine Thought on this Earth.

    In this way, Governors will govern with the Power of God, and not with their own power, and they will lead this humanity to the fulfillment of the Higher Will.

    In this way, each one in their place will build the New Humanity. There is still time to live this Purpose, there is still time to open up to this mystery.

    Just as I revealed to you the truth hidden in the Heart of Aurora, children, allow your souls to contemplate a deep mystery in this sacred place. Within these mountains, a mystery is kept, which emerged in the Heart of God, with the Human Purpose.

    When the Creator thought of this race and manifested it with His Angels and Archangels in all dimensions, from the Spiritual Universes to the smallest among the physical particles, He also manifested a space that would be the guardian of this race, in which this Thought would dwell, so as to always lead humanity to a return to that Origin, the Origin of Divine Thought.

    Although it was a perfect project, when the Creator manifested those beings that would unite the dimensions, that would unite the Heart of God with all manifested life, He offered this Thought to imperfect consciousnesses so that, through that opportunity, they might renew Creation, not only their lives, but all life.

    From the beginning, the Creator knew that humanity would become lost on its path and, just as Aurora manifests Healing, children, you can find the Thought of God here, the Perfect Thought of the Origin so that you may live redemption on all levels of your consciousness, from the Spiritual Universes down to the smallest particles of your beings.

    Do not try to understand what I am telling you, just listen to My Words and allow them to lead you to a state of consciousness that is mysterious and incomprehensible to the human mind, but which you need to reach to find the Divine Thought once again, to find the Will of God once again, and you must do that in the name of all humanity.

    Therefore, just listen, do not question. Just feel how your cells vibrate before My Words, which manifest a mystery that is unknown to the mind, but is revealed to the cellular consciousness that dwells within you. Therefore, allow yourselves to be transformed.

    I come to bring you a spiritual science, not just a mystical science. This is not an Apparition like others, because these times are not like others. Do not seek references in that which has passed, because that which must happen now is new, and for this you need the mysteries to be revealed so that you may know where to be, how to act.

    The Lord sends you the Consoling Spirit not only so that you may know how to speak in tongues, receive prophecies and live His Gifts, but He also sends you this Spirit so that you may understand His Mysteries and, more than that, you may live them.

    I have come from Heaven with a purpose, but, as with everything in human life, this purpose needs the permission of humanity to manifest itself.

    Through My Words, I come to transform all that which is corrupt in the human heart. Do the exercise, children, of emptying the consciousness of all that which you have known up to today and of all longing to have knowledge and to live mystical paths that confuse your beings rather than lead you to a truth.

    I come to teach you that, to live the Truth, you need to be empty of yourselves, of all your wills and aspirations. This was the way I achieved the Divine Thought in My Life, in the name of all beings. This was the way I was able to be before the Creator so that He might reveal His Mysteries to Me, so that He might show Me unknown worlds and celestial perfection. This is why I invite you to this path of void, of surrender, of sacrifice for others, so that they may find this Truth.

    Within these mountains, a sigh is heard, of those who wait to serve humanity, of those who wait for a moment of silence, of void, of surrender to happen. Are you willing to live that?

    Feel the Heart of God, which beats not only at the center of Creation, but also in this place, and, at the same time, within you. Feel how this beating begins to transform you little by little. Allow the darkness of human condition to make room for the Light that dwells in your cells. Allow your deepest wounds to be healed. Allow the Voice of God to be heard in the silence of your heart.

    Learn to contemplate, learn to transmute and transform through the deep union to the Heart of God. This is how, children, you return to the Origin, to the Celestial and Divine Origin.

    In the core of your beings, emit a cry for those who are most in need, for those who suffer, for those who agonize. Within you, where you can find the Heart of God, say a prayer for humanity, for the Kingdoms of Nature. I hear you, God hears you.

    Today I say this prayer with you, in the silence of your hearts, so that you may feel peace again and so that you may learn, in the symbol of My Words, that you were created to serve, to transform, to intercede, to unite dimensions, to renew Creation, and all that you do in your lives should have that purpose. All those whom you find on your paths may be touched by the peace that I give to you today, but for this you need to maintain that peace within yourselves.

    Today, the Creator gives you a Legacy. He places in your hearts a perfect code, which, at the moment of greatest agony, will be able to emerge and show you the path, the word to be pronounced or the silence to be lived, the moment to go on or to stop.

    When you are in doubt, make silence, find this state of peace again, remember this perfect code that dwells in you and seek the answer within it, where the Creator listens to you, in the dwelling of your own heart.

    In the silence, between one word and the next, I observe you, listen to you and feel you.

    Say a prayer with Me for this place, for this nation, for the manifestation of the Sacredness that dwells here, so that Divine Justice may purify without wounding, transform through awakening rather than through suffering.


    Lord and God of Mercy,
    Who has loved humanity from the beginning of Creation,
    today contemplate the sincerity of Your Children,
    and, by the Infinite Love that You stored in their hearts,
    may Divine Hope again be ignited.

    Grant an opportunity, Lord, to the beings that,
     in their imperfection, seek Your Truth.

    Grant, Lord, in the silence of the heart,
    a true cry for the transformation of beings
    so that, through this cry,
    Your Truth may emerge,
    Your Mercy may descend,
    Your Love may be renewed,
    Your Grace may be established,
    Your Thought may be a reality.



    Through simple things, the Heart of the Father is renewed. How is it possible, children, that, in this place, seemingly lost in these mountains, the Heart of God may be renewed?

    Because He wants to show you that it is through simplicity, true simplicity, that He unites to the heart of humanity, that He reveals to them His Grace, He pours out His Mercy and transforms His Justice.

    You should keep praying, you should keep the Doors of Heaven open in this place so that the Thought of God that is kept here, the Divine and Original Code that was stored here, within these mountains, so that it might be safeguarded and find a space to reach the heart of all beings, to awaken souls and transform their human condition, so that you may not lament at the end of times for not having awakened, but rather, awakened, you may see a New Life emerge, know the Will of God, His Greatness and His Perfection, and you may be witnesses of the power of divine transformation.

    This is the greatest aspiration of your Celestial Father: transform the human condition, transform that which is behind this human condition, errors and imperfections that do not come from this world, but that, through your transformation, you may transform all life, all that was created.

    This is the wonder of Divine Thought, which you are called upon to know. Will you choose the human condition? Or will you ignite your hearts in a perfect cry of union with God to know His Mysteries?

    There is still time to awaken, children. And this happens when you take the first step.

    Do not try to be in a place that does not fit you spiritually, do not try to be perfect if you are not willing to take the first step. Transformation takes place in a process: when you take a step the next one manifests itself, and that is how you will again find the Divine Will for your lives. It will not reveal itself if you are not ready. You will not find transformation if you are not available for this. You will not plunge into the unknown if you do not love it, you will not know the Divine Science that dwells in your cells if you do not learn to love it, to love the Thought of God.

    This is how transformation reveals itself, children, how the Lineages manifest themselves, how the Centers of Love reveal themselves, how you will be participants of the Third Order of the Brotherhood. Do not ask what it is, be open to live it. Do not try to know, aspire to be, and all will be revealed to you. This is what I wanted to tell you today.

    God sought many paths to bring you here. Be capable of valuing His Graces, honoring His Gifts, being consistent with all that He gives you. I give you My blessing for this.

    Now commune with the perfect offering of Christ, which renews you time and again, so that you may live all that I have told you.

    I bless you and, with the Consoling Spirit, I fill you.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


    Sister Lucía de Jesús:

    Before closing the transmission, we will make a brief account to all of you, at the request of the Hierarchy, because you know that the Divine Messengers want to make us ever more aware, not only of Their Words, but also of all that happens when They come to the world.

    I will try to remember everything, because really many things happened and the Divine Hierarchy has assigned to Mother María Shimani, who must be accompanying this transmission, the task of deepening with us, studying these last Apparitions here in Argentina, so that all of us, all those who are accompanying these Apparitions, may understand more broadly that which the Hierarchy was doing.

    While we were praying, a very strong  spiritual movement could be felt, which manifested not only in Heaven, but also within the mountains. Spiritual movements that are like manifestations of Light, manifestations of Angels, Archangels and Spiritual Consciousnesses, began to work in higher dimensions and realities, not only with each one of us, but also with the Kingdoms of Nature, with this space of this region of Argentina where we are and with those who were accompanying that movement of prayer. And we, who do not understand many things, do not think of that, we concentrated in the prayer, waiting for the coming of the Hierarchy.

    When Saint Joseph came, He was showing us a sacred space within the mountains, like a spiritual space, which the Mother will explain a little better afterward. There a very elevated reality was lived, where what seemed like Temples of Light could be seen, which held a divine state of consciousness.

    It was a state of consciousness that the Father manifested in the origin, and which He kept in this lost space of the planet so that we, as humanity, despite the errors that we would commit throughout our evolution, might find again this Thought of God.

    This is what Saint Joseph began to bring to us. When He began to speak, these two realities united, it was like a mirror of water that manifested both the sky and what there is on Earth.

    Behind Saint Joseph, we could see this spiritual reality in the sky, but this manifested itself on Earth, within the mountains. It was like a mirror of these two spiritual realities. And at a moment, I confess that I thought I would not be able to stand it, it was really a very strong vibration.

    Through the silence of Saint Joseph, He was observing us to see how far He could go with us, because that energy was moving us a lot internally, it was moving us on the level of our cells, not only our inner worlds, our spiritual worlds. Because He explained to us that this Will of God was not only spiritual, but it was also for our physical consciousness, for what we are as a human, material expression.

    This is why it moved us also on the level of our cells and, as He spoke to us, this Divine Energy gradually expelled from within us those inner situations that separate us from this Perfect Thought of God.

    And I perceived that our cells were spinning at an incredible speed and this energy was manifesting a Light that came from the inside out and at the same time from the Hierarchy toward us.

    The same inner movement was manifesting itself on the level of nature and of the consciousness of this nation, above all in what corresponds to this place. And Saint Joseph showed us that, through the Graces that the Hierarchy brought from the beginning of the Pilgrimage in Argentina, this was beginning to transmute an energy of Justice. Those Graces, those celestial gifts that the Messengers were bringing, and the response of each one of us, through our prayers, were beginning to transform that energy of Justice into an energy of Mercy.

    And Argentina was receiving a Grace that it does not deserve, through this Mercy, which transmuted this Justice. It was like an event that already existed spiritually was about to manifest itself on the physical plane, and was gradually transformed by this energy of Mercy.

    So that we may better understand, the Mother will study this with us afterward so that, through Instruction, we may be even more aware. Because the Hierarchy explained, Saint Joseph explained, that we must not lose that Grace.

    This is why He invited us to keep this place ignited, to keep praying here, to keep strengthening the channel of prayer that the Divine Hierarchy manifested, knowing that a Sacred Place of God dwells here, a mirror of a celestial state of consciousness.

    Through our prayers, may we consciously maintain that Grace available so that, as Saint Joseph said, humanity may learn through awakening rather than through suffering. And that, at the hardest, most definitive moments, we may know where to be, what to do, what to say, what not to say, when we must go, when we must stay. All of that will emerge from our hearts, from this inner bond that each one of us is building with God, and which we must not lose.

    So, we are invited to keep praying here, in order to keep protecting the Grace that we have received, that Argentina has received, that the planet has received.

    Thank You, Lord, for all that You give us!

  • Saturday, September 17 of 2022

    Weekly Messages

    To the soldiers and warriors of Mercy of the Brotherhood Community

    My beloved children,

    Despite loneliness, abandonment or the doubt that in these last two years you may have felt, today you are filled with My deepest and warmest Maternal Love.

    Dear children, every day I have prayed for your persistence and enthusiasm, despite the fact that you have lived the sorrowful agony of My Son  in your own flesh during the pandemic of this lost humanity.

    But now see, children, I am here, and I am your Mother of the Holy Spirit; I am the Guardian of your path toward God.

    Beloved children, today I can tell you that you survived and that you are ready, despite your purification, to continue enduring the end of these times, a time still unknown and unpredictable for all of humanity.

    But you, in spite of everything, knew how to be warriors of Mercy, and most importantly, My beloved children, you learned to place the Plan of My Son first, despite the uncertain and dark moment that humanity lived.

    My Son, like a Good Shepherd, was there, present in each success as in each test. The powerful Love of Christ sustained each one of you and thus, beyond everything, you learned to sustain this Sacred Marian Center.

    For this reason, I am here today to thank you, to give you My Gratitude and Consoling Love.

    Children, each sincere effort that was lived by you is valued and recognized by the Eternal Father, and is kept in the depths of His Silent Heart.

    Therefore, on this day, feel renewed, feel strengthened by His Blessed and Humble Heavenly Mother.

    Everyone who in these last two years has either passed through or congregated in this beloved Community left the Sacred Heart of My Son a mark of love and sacrifice.

    Now rise up and continue on walking.

    I am the Mother of Calvary, the Mother who reaches everyone, to hear from each Inner Christ: "Mother, I renew all things."

    I thank you for responding to My call!

    Who blesses you,

    Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

  • Friday, September 16 of 2022

    The Sacred Call

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    While the world seeks a mistaken way out, and humanity still keeps flaunting power and personal will, through the Fire of the Holy Spirit that congregates you today, I bring you the mystery of the Cross on Mount Calvary so that you may contemplate it through My Heart present here today. So that you may be at the foot of the Cross, just as My Mother and the holy women were. So that you may be at the foot of the cross of the planet, because many try to escape this commitment, because it is unknown and many still fear it.

    That which I can offer you are sacrifices, it is a Law not yet understood by the world. Sacrifice has been transgressed by men and women of the Earth because they have not understood it, but My Mother was at the foot of the Cross, and loved that mystery.

    And today, your Master and Lord, Glorious and Resplendent upon this mountain range, rejoices for being back here, for being with the warriors of Mercy of this Community, for being, for a moment, with those who are His, with those who are learning to overcome themselves, with the apostles who sustain this Marian Center.

    I am here, at last, with Mine, with those who are faithful to this Plan, who accompany the Work of the Hierarchy. This is the reason that has brought Me here and it is the permission that I have directly received from the Father.

    Many more must open up to love the mystery of the Cross, the Cross that was marked by My own Blood, the Cross that was bathed by My own Water. And today, through the mystery that I bring to your inner worlds, through My Cross, I mark you again as Children of the Father.

    Today, I again purify you through My Blood, as those apostles who are written in the Heart of God and whom, through their talents and virtues, I come to seek.

    Today, I speak to you from an abstract universe, but if the heart is open, it can understand and feel all. It understands the mystery that I bring to the world and to hearts, because it is a sacred seed of Light that I sow in consciousnesses, a seed that will germinate and sprout in the coming times. Therefore, your faith and devotion to My Sacred Heart must keep watering this sacred seed, which is invisible and imperceptible to the eyes of humanity.

    Thus, I come to anoint you, and I come to mark you with My Fire.

    Today, you are open to be anointed by My Spirit again. And to complete My task in Argentina and for Argentina, I come to mark, through anointment, the flocks of God, the children of the Immolated Lamb, so that they may be a visible sign of redemption throughout the world. Because not only do you need it, but the world also needs it imperiously.

    Rejoice, and feel you are resurrected in spirt and soul, and no longer allow your souls to be impure.

    May the visible sign of the Cross, which I bring today, to each one of you, again bring you a sacrament, through My Spirit and My Divinity, so that the apostles of the end of times may be more defined, and doubts or uncertainties may no longer exist.

    Therefore, I approach you at this moment, through a special and spiritual proximity, because through you I work with the whole world, with souls, and in Spirit I can reach those spaces that need Me.

    As I told you in Buenos Aires, you will still see, in the end of times, the purification around you and within you. Why should you fear, if your Shepherd is here to help you?

    Do you by any chance believe I do not know each part of your beings? Each corner of your consciousness is known by Me. There will never be anything that you can hide from Me, although you may believe so.

    Through the Sacrament of Anointment, which today I will offer to you, once again, I will lead you to enter My Christic Path even more, the path of sacrifice. Because the door of the great rendition is open to those who want to cross it, and I will be there to accompany you, to follow your steps so that on this path of rendition you may recognize My Footprints, the Luminous Footprints of Christ, so that you may learn to walk just as I walk in this world, so that you may learn to see Me, just as I am present through various suffering souls and hearts.

    If the world deepened into the Gift of Charity and the Good, and the Good were not used as a business weapon, or if the Gift of Fraternity were not used to the benefit of just a few, I assure you that the war in Ukraine today would have already ended, just as in other conflicts throughout the world that you do not know about, in which I am silently present, sustaining the mothers of war, the cry of the innocent, sheltering with My Light the children whose innocence and childhood were taken away. I could tell you, at this moment, many more things of this world.

    The great key to cross the door of rendition is the giving of self.

    The one who gives their whole life and being does not find limits in their consciousness and, even if they have limits in their consciousness, they know how to overcome them.

    Giving of self will always lead you to piety and service.

    Be more attentive and give of yourselves. Do not do it only for you, do it for the whole world, for all those situations that are not yet forgiven by God, and only the Law of My Unfathomable and Divine Mercy can bring a solution to all that happens.

    Thus, I invite you to strengthen yourselves in the apostolate, and this will begin in you and among your family members, at your homes, in daily life and also at work.

    This is what I taught My apostles so that, although they abandoned Me at the foot of the Cross and denied Me three times,  they would not cease to feel they are My apostles, those who, through the Fire of the Holy Spirit, would carry My Word, the Gospel.

    Now, your own lives must be My living Gospel. I not only need the testimonial of your love and redemption, I also need concrete, true and honest action. This is what I need from the apostles of the end of times: that your lives may never cease to aspire for consecration, that your own legs never tire of walking toward the encounter with the Great Master.

    Why do I say all this to you today, although it seems that you have listened to it so many times?

    It is because it has not yet happened, and through My Blessed Grace and the Holy Humility that My Heart can offer you, I prepare you for the great times of revelations so that you do not do the same as My apostles did in the past, leaving Me alone at the most important moment.

    Therefore, I ask you, “Who will climb the Calvary of the cross of the planet together with the Master?

    This is something profound and spiritual. It is to live the testimonial of Christ in the flesh, not just to adore and recognize Him as the Lord among lords, but rather that the very story of your lives, the story of your redemption and your love for Me, at each step of life, may be like a blessed Code of Light stored in the Ark of the Holy Covenant, which today, once again, I come to offer to all.

    Argentina needs these kinds of apostles, apostles of One Lord, apostles of one path, apostles of one God. Because otherwise, companions, how can that which Argentina and the world live today be reversed?

    I come to call to My Path those who have said ‘yes’ to Me from the beginning.

    I come to call the sheep by their own names.

    Children of My Father, it is time to raise the walls of the inner temple and, once and for all, surrender your dwellings. Because the Gifts that I gave you must be available, at this moment, for your Master and Lord. This is what I most need at this moment.

    I am by the side of those who allow Me to walk by their side, so that I may accompany them as I Have always done.

    Although the experience of this life may seem painful, sad or horrible, aspire, appeal, implore to come to know the Gift of Sacrifice, because it is something that you can live between My Heart and your hearts.

    The Gift of Sacrifice is a Law that the Father enacted before I expired on the Cross. Because the Gift of Sacrifice is a Gift of Sacramental Communion between souls and My Heart, between the divinity of each being and My Divinity, between your spirits and My Sacred Spirit. It is not something palpable, it is something spiritual. It is not something material, it is something profoundly immaterial.

    Each time you offer something to Me, remember that you will be in communion with Me, under the Law of Sacramental Sacrifice.

    Not everyone can be called to live this school, because it depends on the history of their lives and, above all, of their souls. But today, opening the great door of rendition to the whole world, marking this door to each one of you, I need souls with courage to cross it, because I need to justify, before God, so many errors in the world.

    Our Hearts, the Heart of My Holy Mother, Mary, the Chaste Heart of My Father, Saint Joseph, and My Sacred Heart, need to keep coming to the world to help in this cruel planetary reality and intervene in this scenario of horrors of the world.

    Souls need to remember, but also need to love the price of My Blood, so that this Spiritual and Powerful Blood may keep descending to the world, and all those who still wait in the abysses of this world for rescue and liberation may be rescued and liberated once and for all.

    Do you now understand the importance of sacrifice? It corresponds to a mature and adult attitude.

    I prepare souls to feel motivated to live their own Garden of Gethsemane.

    Will you drink from the Chalice when it appears before you?

    When the angels show you this Sacred Chalice, will you drink of it?

    You will have just one minute, at that moment, to remember what I have told you today.

    No longer cling to your fears, cling to My Truth, cling to My Path, be part of My Life, just as the Son is part of the Life of the Father, and the Father is life in His Children.

    Argentina approaches this great moment of inner definition, and when you see even more chaos in the streets of this world, will you run away as the apostles did to escape the sacrifice next to your Master and Lord? Will the Holy Mother be alone again at the foot of the cross of the planet? Who will give Her their scarf so that She may wipe Her tears?

    The Sorrowful Mother silently walks in Argentina. The Mother travels each nation of South America and, together with Her Angels and Archangels, in the dimension of the Divine Consciousness, She crosses the calvary of this world and of souls.

    Remember, companions, God knows each heart and, through His Son, God approaches you and your brothers and sisters in the world so that, just as it was in the Garden of Gethsemane with your Master and Lord, you may receive His strength, courage and bravery and say, “Lord, my heart is ready.”

    As a testimonial of the greatness of the Mystery of the Cross and of the Love of God, today I will have the bliss of again consecrating new adorers who are learning to love My Eucharistic Body, who are learning to be part of My Mystical Body. Because remember, in the Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar lies the power of overcoming to go through the end of these times. The one who is capable of falling upon their own knees before the Blessed Sacrament will know how to overcome themselves.

    I do not care how many times you have made mistakes, My Heart hopes you will never again miss the opportunities that I bring you, which are not transitory.

    My Kingdom needs to have souls as flowers in God's Garden. How many souls in religious and lay life wither away, day by day, like a flower that dries up due to the lack of the Water of Life! I bring you the Fountain of renewal so that you may cross the door of consecration.

    I am grateful that you have prepared this space for Me and for Saint Joseph. You do not know how significant this is to My Consciousness, how important it is to My Heart. Because it is in the heart where the Treasures of the Father are kept, it is in the heart where the Son and the Holy Spirit can dwell.

    Now, may the doors of consecration open, may incense be lit, and may water be offered to bless souls. May the Sacred Oil of the Altar anoint needy hearts, through the Powerful Cross of the Redeemer.

    Let us truly prepare for this moment, because all may receive a Grace at this moment. an Incalculable and inexhaustible Grace.

    Bring Me the scarves of the Adorers so that I may consecrate them with the Breath of the Spirit. So that they, day by day, through the Eucharistic Adoration, may unite to Me until they are in Me, in Eternity.

    Those who will be consecrated may approach the foot of this Altar.


    Lord, God of the Universe,
     through Your Spirit
    and through the offering of these Sacred Elements,
    which are a part of My Christic Congregation on the planet,
    bless and renew souls whenever it may be necessary,
    so that they may feel, in this consecration, the Breath of Your Spirit,
    so that all may be healed and liberated.




    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    Christ will accompany this consecration of new adorers, and we will unite to Him, at this moment, through a song that He has asked of us, which is called “Consecration.” We will sing it in Spanish.

    And at the request of Christ, we will accompany the brothers and sisters so that they may live this moment in a deep and inner way, while the Lord accompanies this consecration.

    Please, let us preserve silence, as the Hierarchy is present.

    (The consecration of new adorers of the Eucharistic Body of Christ is carried out)

    We will ask the mother of Friar Juan Evangelista to come here, and be consecrated, at the request of Christ, as helper. 

    We ask for the elements to be brought, please.


    I have the power to renew all that you offer to Me, when this offering is true and honest.

    My Love blesses the souls that truly surrenders to Me, because I make all things new.

    Today, the Lord blesses you with the name Lucero de Dios.

    Welcome to this path of helping at the Altars of Christ and of honoring His Name forever. Be welcome, Lucero de Dios!

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Now we will prepare for the moment of the Eucharistic celebration, the Spiritual Communion, expanding even more this spirit of consecration, so that it may be received by the souls of the world.

    I give you My Peace, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Tuesday, September 13 of 2022


    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    While your Heavenly Mother is here, on this special and important day to Me, your Heavenly Mother is also with the Holy Father in Kazakhstan, so that the world may understand, once and for all, that religion is not a cause for division or discord, religions are a bridge to reach the Heart of God. Therefore, My Heart is very saddened when there is discord, division or separation in religions.

    In these crucial times for the planet, religion is being used as a war weapon to confuse hearts, to separate souls from the faith of God.

    But I come on this day, My children, to reconnect Heaven and Earth, to reconnect the purpose that the Argentinian nation has with the Higher Source of Love, and this is possible through the response of those who are present today.

    I know that your consciousnesses cannot measure what this signifies to the Father. But I assure you, My children, that something very important is happening at this very moment, when religions of the world unite to dialogue for peace so that the peoples of the whole world may be protected by religions, and at last My Beloved Son may see, with His own Eyes, Ecumenism being manifested, which He so much waits for.

    The main key of religions is the Love of God. This is why souls must seek this incessant Love through religions. I ask you, My children, not to identify yourselves with that which is superficial, because even within religions there are errors and there is sin.

    But you, My children, who have already accompanied Me for such a long time, who respond to My call each time that I call you, should place your consciousnesses and, above all, your minds, on another plane of understanding and union, because there My enemy will not intercept, nor seek you or harass you.

    Through your prayer, help all religions of the world, because they keep being used as war weapons and when My Son returns, He will need that religions may also go through a synthesis and a judgment. 

    Because that which He taught such a long time ago is for all. And the way that humanity on this surface has found to understand His Message is through religion. But open your consciousnesses, do not stay in what is theoretical, do not stay only within  dogma.

    I ask you, time and again, that your gazes and above all your hearts may turn toward God, that they may turn to the source of His Love, an inexhaustible Love, an eternal Love which, through My Heart, wants to fill you, wants to bless and wants to unite you as one.

    Today, I come to this place with great joy, feeling bliss in My Heart for being able to be in the heart of Argentina and, through this heart, being able to radiate, to all the nation and the whole world, what the country and the other peoples of the world need at this moment.

    Therefore, I once again thank you for following My Steps, for accompanying Me at this moment and at this hour, because this is very significant to Our Lord, the Christ.

    My children, this allows your Mother to pour out more Graces upon the world. It allows the souls that are confused and lost to return to the House of the Father at this moment. For this reason, I Am here.

    God contemplates the sincere response of each heart that is present. As your Mother, I know what the fact that I Am here in an immediate way has meant to you, and this is much valued by My Beloved Son. My Son also values the new souls that are postulants to consecration as Children of Mary.

    All is valued by My Beloved Son, each true gesture of love allows the world to receive the atonement it so much needs in these times.

    I ask you, My children, not to forget to pray for religions, as union and ecumenism must take place and this is a responsibility for each one of you, so that the world may no longer precipitate into the abyss, so that souls no longer be dragged towards perdition and not make alliance with modernities.

    The One God, the Almighty, gathers you at this moment, gathers you for a Higher Purpose, which you do not know, a Purpose that can begin to be written in the Heart of the Father and in the heart of His Children.

    In this way, I speak to you of a new story that began to be written in Buenos Aires, a story traced by the union of hearts with the Heart of the Hierarchy, which keeps being written through this moment, and this place.

    In this way, that which is hidden to the eyes of all becomes revealed, that which is present on the immaterial plane is shown, and all hills that surround this region are witnesses of this, although this place must still purify itself. Remember that which My Son once told you: so that He may make things new, He needs consciousnesses to be renewed and not be in resistance or under power itself.

    Once and for all, souls must become liberated from themselves, they must learn to walk in Christ and for Christ, so that He, before God, may fulfill His Word, and, above all, He may fulfill His Prophecy of returning to the world at the culminating moment of humanity, when all will be able to see, listen to, feel and recognize Him as the Master among masters, as the King of the Universe.

    This is why He sends His Messenger. He sends the Mother of the Mountains, Pachamamama, so that the world may also not forget the cry of the planet, the cry of the Kingdoms of Nature. They need the help of all.

    Rebuild the surface of this planet through actions of charity.

    Open the doors to the Mercy of God and allow all to be healed. Because the whole world needs it, before the great end comes.

    Pray for Cordoba to be re-consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, because if this consecration takes place faithfully, this will have repercussions throughout all of Argentina, and those situations that want to make the country succumb will not be concretized, because the prayer of the faithful prayerful beings will prevent impunity to keep acting in this world and in this country.

    May all be balanced, just as this nation deserves and needs.

    As I told you in Buenos Aires, place your trust in God. Remember not to stay in that which is superficial. At each moment and on each new day, place your consciousness in the Heights, because there lies the solution and the response that you so much seek.

    I Am here also to pray for this cause, and each time a new Child of Mary is consecrated, My prayer and the prayer of My children is heard, preventing unexpected and painful situations to take place in the world or in Argentina.

    The gaze of God is upon this country, you must keep this in mind.

    But despite the impunity or the injustice, despite the lies or the falsity, despite the empty message or the illusion, despite all that happens on the surface of Argentina, the spiritual heart of this nation will not lose the treasures it has.

    Therefore, I invite you to unite to this so that, throughout the times, it may cause the spiritual treasures of God that are present in this country to reverberate. It depends on you, My children, that nothing else may happen, this is the truth.

    As a testimonial that it is possible to live changes, I will now call those who will be consecrated as My children on this day.

    I invite you to approach this altar so that you may live this moment of consecration and blessing and so that your lives and, above all, your hearts, may be a living testimonial that redemption is possible.

    Make yourselves available, may all become available to receive My blessing, the blessing of your Heavenly Mother.

    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    And we will now listen to the instrumental song of the Children of Mary, preparing this moment of consecration and union with the Most Holy Virgin.

    I would like to tell these beloved children present here, that I have waited for this moment to consecrate you before God, that I deeply know your traumas and sadness, that I Have walked by your side at dark moments and during desolation. Do not forget that I Am the Sorrowful Mother of the Cross, the one who, at the Feet of My Son, on the top of Mount Calvary, assumed each one of you and your essences with love and responsibility. Therefore, I know all that has happened up to this moment.

    Renew your faith and your trust in God through My Immaculate Heart. Because from now on you will be able to walk free from yourselves and your deepest wounds will close and heal, because My Grace will touch your hearts at this moment.

    You and your brothers and sisters are My children, and I love you, I Am your Mother and I Am always here to help you. Because a good mother never forgets her children, even if Your Heavenly Mother is a Pilgrim Mother.

    Therefore, open your hearts at this moment of consecration and union with Me. May not only your lives but also your families be consecrated. And that which has remained separated, that wound which has remained open, that illness which you have gone through, or even that incomprehension which has remained in your memories, may all this be dissolved at this moment, so that you may feel My maternal embrace.

    Children, I not only consecrate you today as Children of Mary, but I also consecrate you as a new Rosary of Light, which will have the mission and duty to pray for Argentina so that, through your hearts and the heart of Cordoba, the Spiritual Government that this country needs may be made manifest, the Laws may be fulfilled and the Commandments may be respected.

    Rejoice, My children! You are My children, the Children of Mary.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Let us sing.

    I thank you for having responded to My call.

    May the Holy Spirit always guide you and fill you.



    Song: “Hymn of the Children of Mary.”


    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    So now, to conclude this work, we will explain to you how this moment of Apparition proceeded, for it was very special, and it reminded me of when we were on a pilgrimage here in Cordoba a few years ago.

    And so that you may see that the Hierarchy keeps all moments in mind, today Our Lady, as Mary, the Queen of Peace, came here, continuing that moment of that Apparition long ago, and now bringing the feeling of Mary's gratitude.

    As She came from Heaven, descending toward Cordoba, Mary’s passing throughout each area of this part of Argentina, closed many uncertain doors and many intruding energies were gradually liberated.

    She brought to those present and those who are not, a principle of maternal consolation never seen before, which She transmitted through Her Immaculate Heart, through Her Love.

    When She consecrated the Children of Mary, it was really very special to me. Because while Mary spoke with sweetness to each one of the brothers and sisters who were consecrated today, She not only again raised them through the Faith and Strength that Our Lady lives as a Divine Consciousness, but She also showed how She has been with each one of them throughout their lives. And let us imagine, for a moment, how many of us are on this planet.

    Mary, once more, demonstrates and confirms to us that She does not forget any of Her children, because at that moment of consecration, She saw the story of each one of these brothers and sisters. As the Mother of God, She was before their errors and right actions. As She said, “the sorrows, anguishes and darkness.”

    The mere Presence of Mary, as the Queen of Peace, dissolved all of this in the face of Her children, those who were consecrated today. And at that moment, to Mary, errors did not matter. What mattered the most to Our Lady today was that, in the consecration of these brothers and sisters, they might be able to remember that they are Children of God, and that nothing and no one can take that Grace from them.

    Mary told me that to be a Child of God is something that we cannot encompass with our minds, with our consciousness. To be a Child of God, Mary said, is a state of Grace that we receive in our birth and, even more, when we were conceived in the womb of our mothers. This is why She is the Universal Mother. She is the Womb that generates and creates new things.

    Today, these brothers and sisters lived a moment not only of consecration, but also of filiation with the Father and through the Presence of the Holy Spirit, through Mary, She gave them a sacred task.

    At that moment we were able to understand and above all feel, that it seemed as if we had known each one of them for a very long time. This happens because our souls unite at the Feet of Mary, and then we remember the place She has for each one of us in Her Heart. She told us that we have to keep this in mind, that no one should forget the place we have in the Heart of Mary.

    And to conclude, I would like to say that Our Lady helped this part of Argentina, the North of Argentina. Above all, She presented Herself on the inner planes to help the brothers who are in Jujuy, in Corrientes, in those places of Argentina where there are such simple, such humble brothers and sisters, that no one even knows who they are. Today, Mary also brought Her Love to those places and to those consciousnesses.

    Today, Mary was very thankful for being here. I do not know why.

    She likes Cordoba, because it is the heart of Argentina.

    So we give thanks for the presence of all of you.


    Sister Lucía de Jesús:

    Mary asked the Children of Mary to make a Rosary of Light group.


    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    Those who were consecrated today, right? And each one of them could also form a Rosary of Light. But first we have to fulfill the goals that are possible.

    This group that was consecrated is a new Rosary of Light. After this work, the priests will explain to you what this is all about, so that you may respond to the call of Mary. And after you go through the experience of this Rosary of Light group, each one of you may be encouraged to form another Rosary of Light group.


    Sister Lucía de Jesús:

    If you who are at home also want to pray for Argentina and make a Rosary of Light group, you may enter the page of the Divine Messengers and there you will have the information so that together we may keep illuminating this world through prayer.


    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    We will close this meeting by singing a song that Mary asked of us, because She knows that each one of your hearts identify with it.


    Song: “To look at You.”

    Thank you all!


  • Saturday, September 10 of 2022

    Weekly Messages

    My dear children,

    While in the world the elements of nature demonstrate the tragic reality of the end of times, the Divinity intervenes in all possible situations so that the Law of Divine Justice not be concretized in the material space of this planet.

    This is why with urgency and readiness the Hierarchy works without delay to try to relieve the different realities that, moved by the action of silent uncertain doors, unite to the imbalanced planetary mental plane, aggravating the state of consciousness of the planet.

    In this sense, dear children, prayer at this moment should be the priority of all, because while consciousness are not under the spirit of prayer, many more of them will be dragged by these uncertain doors, until souls become completely lost.

    It is really necessary and urgent that My children recognize and perceive how the situation of the world is so that, decidedly and like mature apostles, you may walk throughout the world together with the Spiritual Hierarchy, to deter that which at this moment is becoming irreversible.

    Be attentive and do not be distracted. You must offer each minute of your lives as a state of permanent prayer and elevation so that the legionaries of Christ may also be invisible and yet active through service for the redemption and healing of this humanity.

    For this reason, do not be surprised when the Hierarchy changes the destiny of its pilgrimage. When this happens, as it did a few days ago, you must realize by yourselves that there is something that is not well in the region or country where the Hierarchy goes on pilgrimage with you.

    The Divinity, My children, will always decidedly and attentively do all that is possible, and what is within the reach of each reality, to fulfill and concretize the spiritual and inner assistance that each space of the planet needs.

    With this preamble, we will now prepare for the following stage, which is the most important, as the Three Sacred Hearts will intervene, once again, for Argentina and South America.

    I thank you all in advance for your strict observance, at this very definitive moment for the coming destiny of the Argentine nation.

    I thank you for responding to My call!

    Who blesses you,

    Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


  • Thursday, September 8 of 2022

    Special Apparitions

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    The moment has come for the world to live its true Spiritual Government. This is the reason why the most resistant structures, the most corrupt systems, the oldest monarchies will fall overnight. Because Christ is preparing His Return, and this has just one end: so that the New Humanity may emerge, free from lies, free from impunity, free from all that has enslaved all of humanity up to today.

    This is why the chains will break, you will feel the shackles slowly break, those currents that dissociate the world will be rooted out by the Presence of My Son and everything, absolutely everything, will be put in evidence.

    But as your Mother, I tell you that you must not fear when this moment comes, which is now. Consider this moment as the moment of your liberation from an uninterrupted chain of errors that no one has been able to liberate or dissolve.

    Therefore, aspire and rejoice, because the end of your captivity is near. My Son has promised this and He will fulfill it.

    This is why you must keep elevating yourselves through the prayer of the heart. Because everyone needs to have the Flame of the Sacred Purpose within. And many more than just you need to again find their original purpose and not the tendencies or objectives that the world sells day by day, creating gods and idolatries that spiritually confuse souls about what the true path is.

    When you believe that you have God within you and that you must look within your inner world to discover the wealth of the universe that God placed within each one of you, I can tell you, My dear children, that you will know how to liberate yourselves from your own ties and sorrows, and you will no longer take so long to take steps in the elevation of consciousness, in the unceasing search for the Sacred Purpose that brought you here, to this world and within this local universe.

    To pass through the Earth is not by chance, to pass through this planet is no something casual, because this does not exist. This womb of the Earth has offered to redeem you so that the principles which you once lost in the universe could be gestated within you, so that the race may finally be Confederate. And although this seems impossible at this moment, it is not. Because My Son carries forward His most silent strategies. He weaves, through the Mantle of the Mother of the World, the great network of the soul groups that unite and attune with Our Universal Purpose.

    Therefore, the time for redemption and reconciliation has come. The time has come for the veils of your consciousnesses to fall forever, and for not only you, but also your brothers and sisters throughout the world to know Truth.

    Because Truth, which you may have once known, has been outraged by the world, by those systems that rule the Earth today, which make consciousnesses believe that life is just material. Your mission and purpose lie within that which is immaterial, that which you cannot touch with your own hands nor see with your own eyes.

    The Flame of Divine Purpose is alive in the Sidereal Universe. And through My Sacred Mantle, the Mantle of the Mother of the World, I come to bring you the Universe, I come to reveal your origins to you so that through your essences you may remember the Divine Will that brought you here.

    Therefore, My children, do not keep believing that you are only material and mortal beings. You are spirits that will continue the cosmic trajectory throughout the universe.

    The spirit of each one of you is the sacred Eagle that must return to the trajectory of fire to unite and merge in the Essence of the Father. Not only must it be part of the 144,000, but your lives must also be the result of an experience of redemption and one love, which the Lords of the Law themselves can witness as a victory of the Love of Christ in the world.

    Thus, I come here to elevate your consciousnesses toward that which is true and immaterial, so that you may come out of this chaotic and confusing surface, which only offers you suffering and pain. However, you must be disciplined, My children. No one will lead you to elevate your consciousness, because you must attain this only by yourselves.

    Here are Our Arms and Our Hands in offering so that, through Our help, you may elevate yourselves more and more. Because if the world is not elevated through the consciousnesses that are awakened and the consciousnesses that will awaken someday, how will the world stop experiencing suffering? How will the uncertain doors that rule humanity close and how will the bonds that many have with evil completely disappear?

    I only ask you to never cease making the right effort, because the time of Divine Justice is coming, and it is already being fulfilled. You must not submerge in that which is superficial and mundane.

    Just as many Children of Mary have done, re-consecrate your consciousness to the Original Purpose that brought you here on Earth. I assure you that in this sincere act of consecration and simplicity, you will return to the origin that you have lost. Because beyond this origin, there is your sidereal family, the one that has waited for such a long time for the results of your experience of love and redemption in this world.

    Who will be capable of pouring out their experience of love and redemption upon the Ponds of the Universe?

    Who will dare to re-create this Creation, which is wounded through all that which happens on this planet and in your humanity?

    The Book of God is open, waiting to write the story of your definition and surrender.

    Will you, My children, be this light, this redemption, this mature love with which God will be able to write the new history of the universe?

    Because I know that, in this world, many believe that the Death of My Son was a failure. But He sends Me, as His Co-Redeemer and as the Mother of Humanity, to make My children understand, through love and truth, that you should remember the wealth of the inner universe within each being. Because the world and the souls in these times no longer look within due to all that attracts them in the outside world. And that is the cause of their difficulties, tests, sufferings and traumas on all planes of consciousness.

    The decision is in your hands, the Hierarchy will not push anyone to do what they have to do, because otherwise it would not be the Hierarchy. In your hands lies the power of the creative word, through the Most Holy Rosary, so that not only may your lives always be renewed by the Attributes of the Father, but also you may learn to live a school of untiring and unstoppable prayer, a prayer that is not mechanical nor superficial but rather brings the solution that the world needs in these times.

    Because in truth, I tell you, My dear children: if today all are attentively listening to Me at this moment, it is because your responsibility is to pray for those who do not pray, your responsibility is to pray out of love, just as I pray out of love and for each one of you.

    Thus, you will not only be in the first lines of the Return of Christ, but also, through the universe of prayer, which you can discover within yourselves, you will attract toward this world the Sacred Geometries of the Archangels so that the purpose of this planet may be re-established and re-built as it was in the beginning.

    The fall of Adam and Eve was restored by the sacrifice and surrender of My Son, and the price of His Blood that was shed has served to sustain, up to this very moment, the spirit of universal peace throughout this world.

    But now not only have the ambition, power and impunity of some hearts has opened uncertain doors that should never have opened in this world, but also the insatiable evil in these lost hearts has attracted conflicts and wars to the world and the unlimited killing of animals, about which, even while hearing the cry of these beings in the slaughterhouse, no one does anything.

    Who will be able to re-build the Project of Creation in this humanity?

    For this reason, My Son invites you to carry the cross in a mature and conscious way. He invites you to be brothers and sisters in unity and in brotherhood, free from judgments, from the condemnations of one another, the divisions or even protagonist behavior and competition.

    Today I want to tell you, at the request of Christ, My Son, that if you want to be in Our Hearts, you must no longer experience these energies.

    Purification has not ended. But you can purify in harmony and peace through conscious prayer, through having the courage every day of placing others first and through being forerunners of the fraternity that the world does not yet live today.

    Thus, the Spiritual Hierarchy, after the last August 8, presents to you these needs of the Universal Plan, which could be insignificant, but which are highly important. Because they will allow the Laws to reverse the situations that today seem irreversible and endemic.

    The world will change when you change, when you dare to take the steps in inner consecration and in service, when you cease to believe that it will be possible to carry this heavy cross of the world with so few.

    Distribute and share the channel of transmutation, and dare to relieve the agonizing Heart of the Hierarchy so that the doors of Grace not close. Because My ardent and continuous wish is to return to the world time after time, to be near My children, because I know that if I am not present, My children will become lost. It is something that My Son made Me promise at the foot of the Cross.

    Be like those apostles of the times of My Son.

    Be like those women who followed Jesus everywhere, and who were imbued with His Redeeming and Consoling Love, a Love that satiated them within and outside, that renewed them and made them commit to fidelity.

    Be like those fishers who were called on to launch nets to save souls.

    Be like the people of Israel who would be surprised upon listening to the Word of My Son, upon the arrival of the Good News.

    The Plan waits for all those who were once postulants in the universe and who committed to transcend themselves every day. In this way, you will allow, My children the true Spiritual Government to come to the world and for many to be liberated from spiritual slavery. Because when My Son comes, He will come as the Redeemer of the Universe, extending His Arms and His Hands to unite souls through the powerful Cross of the Redeemer of the world.

    Therefore, to be a Child of Mary today is not something that passes. To be a Child of Mary means to work every day on your inner consecration, through the keys of discipline, prayer and service, which will be able to place you in a protected place, even if at the end of these times, My children, you can see the barbarities of this world to your left and to your right.

    In this humanity, you will see unacceptable and unbelievable situations occur. May your hearts not be surprised, may your hearts always be permeated by prayer. Because wherever you are, or even wherever you go, if you are in prayer with Me in the end of times, on the day of the great final judgment, I assure you that you will be guided and led to the most protected place and, thus, your families and loved ones will also be guided.

    Therefore, there is still some time for the preparation, but there is not much time left as there used to be, because the events precipitate minute by minute. While your Mother is here, speaking to you, think for a moment of what is happening in the rest of the world. How much innocent blood is being sacrificed by wars, how many children die of starvation, how many souls suffer in loneliness at the hospitals throughout the world, without receiving a minimum drop of love, or even think of how much their own family members suffer.

    Therefore, persist, because at each day that passes, My Son is closer. And just as He forgave you on the top of the Cross, because many did not know what they were doing, He will come as the Redeemer and the Lord of the Universe to liberate you from the last chains of oppression and perdition.

    When you experience a difficult moment, invoke the Power of the Blood of Jesus.

    Now, not only will I consecrate new Children of Mary, who can draw near here at the foot of this scene, but I will also offer, through My mediation, the re-consecration of all who want to receive it, and thus renew their vows before the Father.

    And We will carry out this re-consecration, and this first consecration of new Children of Mary, through the Powerful Blood of Jesus, so that the Codes of the Ark of the Holy Covenant and the merits achieved by the surrender and Death of Jesus may re-build the Purpose of the essences of the world, of all those who aspire to be closer to God, and to feel loved, understood and accepted.

    In this consecration, let us sing “Powerful Blood of Jesus” and let us allow the Blood of Jesus, through the Hands of the Heavenly Mother, to bathe, purify and consecrate souls and thus elevate consciousnesses a little more toward the Divine Purpose.

    Let us open up to the revelation of this mystery of the Blood of Christ.


    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    We will ask for Mother Shimani and Sister Lucía to come here, as well as for the brothers and sisters of the Council to accompany this moment.

    Let us allow Our Lady to give us, at this moment, the Codes of the Blood of Jesus. Thus, may Argentina be bathed in the Codes of the Blood of Jesus, so that all the souls that need it so may receive them. Let us receive this Grace with gratitude.


    Song: “The Power of the Blood.”


    May the Power of the Blood of Jesus protect and guide you to God.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    I thank you for responding to My call.

    I am happy to be here with My children.

    See you soon!


    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    Let us sit down and to conclude let's sing this song of the Blood of Jesus again to close this meeting.


    Song: “The Power of the Blood.”


    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    Today, the Divine Mother came to us as the Cosmic Mother, as that Mother who envelopes the planet with Her Mantle.

    That is how She appeared today and as She spoke to us She gradually elevated each one of us and that which binds us to this material life, to this inertia, to this illusion, was dissolved little by little, because it was Her Word that was elevating us to be before the Father, the Divine Purpose.

    She essentially placed each one of us before this Purpose so that we might contemplate it, so that we might remember it and so that this Purpose, which was impregnated by the highest degree of Love of all the Hierarchies of this Universe, as well as of all the Archangels who created what exists in the Spiritual, Mental and Material Universe, could enter within us as Codes of Light. And this gradually culminated through the consecration that we experienced and for many of us the moment of re-consecrating ourselves as Children of Mary. That moment culminated through the descent of the Codes of the Powerful Blood of Jesus.

    At a given moment, the Mother of the World had blood in the palms of Her Hands. I asked Her, “Why do you have blood in Your Hands?” Then, She looked to one side and the scene changed, and Mary appeared touching the Feet of Jesus on the Cross. And when She did this profoundly spiritual exercise, while we were singing that song, the angels had Chalices in their hands, with which they scattered the Blood of Christ, like the priests scatter blessed water. And at that moment, every error or fault that we have committed in this life or in other lives was forgiven.

    We know that we cannot understand what this means, because as Mary said, we have to try to open up to understand the mystery of the Blood of Jesus. Because She said that what Her Son lived was not just an event, an event in humanity. It was a fact that up to the current days has been radiating to the planet on the cosmic level.

    When our beings, through prayer, for example, think and invoke the Power of the Blood of Jesus, our consciousness and the consciousness of the planet liberate themselves from the forces of evil. Therefore, She told us:  "At difficult moments, remember the Blood of Jesus."

    In 2013, we received a spiritual exercise that I believe everyone knows, which is the Spiritual Trilogy of Prayer, Devotion and Contemplation. This is the moment for us to resume this exercise and live the experience, because you live a very impactful experience through this prayer.

    What the Hierarchy did today also helped Argentina very much, very much indeed.

    The last thing that the Divine Mother said to us was that we should learn, as from today onward, not to stay in what is superficial, because otherwise we will easily become lost. And if we stay in what is superficial, She said, we will enter those uncertain doors that are open and make us become lost, day by day.

    Argentina needs to elevate itself through prayerful souls, said Mary, because the solution is not here, the solution that Argentina needs is in the Heights. As Her children, we have to seek the solution up there, because that is where the true solution lies, said the Divine Mother.

    I did not think I was going to say this, but I am saying this because the Hierarchy asked for it. And it is important, as the instructors always tell us, that we may review all that the Hierarchy said, because otherwise we will forget. And today we cannot leave here the way we were before.

    That was it, thank you.


    Mother María Shimani de Montserrat:

    Thank You, Divine Mother, for all that You give us!

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Thank you all very much and may you be in the Peace of God.

  • Tuesday, September 6 of 2022

    Marathon of Divine Mercy

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    There is nothing that can prevent Me from reaching you when I need to. You must keep this in mind in these times of transition. Because the heart that unites to Me through prayer not only transcends itself, but it also transcends all situations around it. For this reason, I am here, on this third and final day.

    I am happy for those who have waited for My arrival, and My Father has confessed to Me that a great part of the task has been achieved on this third day of meetings with Me. And this is possible because you are here.

    As much as I have the power to renew all things, if those who are Mine were not here with Me at this moment, how could the wonder of being in God and the joy of feeling His Bliss and His Presence occur and how could the hearts that are here leave this place strengthened, carrying the power of Love wherever they go and to whomever they meet along their paths?

    Just as I give you My Love, I hope you learn to give Love to your brothers and sisters, despite the errors and misunderstandings, despite the faults or even sin.

    If I took each step upon Calvary for you, will you, as My apostles, dare to take the steps on this planetary Calvary?

    This is why I again tell you about mature love, a love that does not oscillate nor become cold, a love that is capable of understanding, beyond oneself, the Purpose of God, and is capable of walking in trust towards the unknown, regardless of not being understood, for all that comes from God will never do it harm.

    Only when you follow just one God will you be protected, will you be guided, will your hearts receive the intuition they need so that in this crucial times they may know how to make the right decisions and not impulsive ones. Because at this moment, a lot of discernment is necessary.

    Everything is so fragile in this world that anything could break within the consciousness and outside of the consciousness. This is why you should trust in the Gift of the Science of the Holy Spirit and, every day, through prayer, invoke Its Wisdom. Because you will be able to see how this world is at this moment and how some situations seem irreversible.

    But for God there is nothing irreversible or impossible, you only need to open the right door through the heart and thus Grace will always come into your lives and you will not be helpless or unprotected.

    In truth, I tell you, just as I told My apostles, just as I once told the people of Israel: your feet must not be on two paths. You already know what I represent to the world.

    But humanity still does not know My secrets, where I truly come from and to where I ascended after My Resurrection.

    I have given you little impulses about My Consciousness, about the existence of My true Origin, so that your consciousnesses may awaken from the dream in which they live. To achieve the level of this revelation, your hearts must pray a lot, and you already know this.

    At this moment, there is no other path, because prayer is not tiring but rather renewing. When you learn to be aware of what it means to give the word to God, I assure you that you will not only learn at the school of prayer, but you will also learn to work, just as the Hierarchy works for this planet and your humanity.

    It is important that you may keep all this in mind and that it may be kept in the memory of everyone, every day. Because prayer will place you at a point far from adversity, far from the chaos and dissociation of these times, far from the ignorance and madness that this planet is living.

    After these three days of meetings with Me, I was able to see with My own Eyes that your prayers were truly sincere. And this will allow for Argentina that the Sacred Ark of God may be here for longer,  present in the consciousness of this country and in the hearts that want to venerate and adore it, because it this way all will slowly be transformed, at an unknown but yet understood speed.

    To be before the Teraphim of God is not just a Grace, it is an opportunity that must not be missed. Because this opportunity is for souls, and how many souls in the world would wish to be before the Ark of the Holy Covenant, not only to remember the essential purpose of having come here to Earth, but also to know how to walk, decided toward the purpose!

    On this third day, your Master and Lord carries out a synthesis, because during these three last days, many situations took place in the universal inner planes.

    Therefore, I am here to tell you that what happened here was not just a meeting, a moment of elevation and awareness, a moment of love and offering. Rather, throughout the last three days, the Hierarchy was able to work much more than what had been foreseen or thought of. Thus, the Hierarchy expects to reach even beyond what is foreseen, when it is at the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit, so that everyone who decides to may meet with the Brotherhood.

    This movement that the Hierarchy makes is unique and unrepeatable. Each movement that the Hierarchy makes is no like the others. Each impulse that the Hierarchy gives is definitive and transcendental because it invites Its disciples to place themselves on the lines of the Plan, where in truth they should have always been.

    Now, I leave here filled with the love of My companions.

    So that the purpose of this nation and of the Americas may keep being fulfilled, so that the Ark of the Holy Covenant may keep emanating its codes of Love and Light within souls and all nations, I will offer to you what is deepest and most blessed that I have, which is the Eucharist. Because in this way you will always find the power of renewal and peace.

    I thank you for having responded to My summoning, and do not forget to follow the steps of the Lord.


    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    The Lord is smiling at all of us.


    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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