• Saturday, August 13 of 2022


    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


    You must not forget that the Americas are the cradle of the New Humanity, it is the land of the emergence of the New Earth. For this reason, We, the Three Sacred Hearts, are returning, because not only do the Americas need it, but the whole world as well.

    From the depths of My Heart, I thank in advance all those who will make these Sacred Meetings possible in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. You could not even imagine what My Heart feels upon getting to know that My Beloved Son will return to Argentina and that the Three Sacred Hearts will again found a new Point of Light on the surface of the Earth, through the Marian Center Sanctuary of Creation.

    This means that the door to the Spiritual Universe will finally open in that region of the planet, and the angels that accompany Me and serve Me through the Marian Centers will also help make possible the expression of the Marian Center Sanctuary of Creation.

    I have always held in My Heart the aspiration of fulfilling the blessing and consecration of this place, which has fully opened to respond to the call of the Heavenly Mother. And  this call has especially resonated and had repercussions in all hearts that, with faith and persistence, have made the physical expression of the Marian Center possible.

    This means, My children, that the Kingdoms of Nature, the essence of each one of the Kingdoms that you know, as well as the Elemental and Devic Kingdom, will have the great celestial portal of the Marian Center. And this will allow them to be received and welcomed in spirit and, as a consequence, the Kingdoms, the elementals and devas of the whole world will have a place within this Work, just as they have within the Light-Communities, to live a process of restoration and healing that is unknown, hidden and invisible.

    And do you know what allows all this?

    It is when the One-Thousand Hail Marys are prayed at the Marian Centers. Because not only humanity and the planet are worked on through each prayer pronounced by each sincere heart, but also the Kingdoms of Nature, which suffer and have to endure so much in these times.

    After the consecration of the Marian Center Sanctuary of Creation, they will finally have the space they deserve to be taken to other places of the universe so that each soul-group of the Kingdoms may be repaired and healed, redeemed and re-established.

    Because My Son, when He returns to the world, will come not only for the Human Kingdom. He will come for all the Kingdoms of Creation. And He will bring to Earth the Kingdoms, the elementals and devas, healed and redeemed, when the planet has been redeemed and thus renewed.

    The Kingdoms, elementals and devas that will be welcomed through the portal of the Marian Center, as well as of the other Marian Centers and Sanctuaries in the world, will have the opportunity to repopulate the planet with new species, forms and expressions, never seen before.

    At that very important moment for humanity and the universe, when the New Earth and the New Humanity will emerge, many of you who will be present at that event, will consciously remember all that the effort of expressing the Work of the Hierarchy on the surface of the Earth has represented in these times. And, above all, the effort to concretize it, in the unity of souls and of conscious hearts that listen to the call of Heaven and respond to it.

    This is why this moment you are living is a culminating one. It is a moment when a story may be re-written, the story of love within your hearts, the story of redemption within your hearts. This is what My Son needs, to justify before God what He essentially needs to rebuild in this humanity, despite the errors of the world.

    One of the reasons for Our return to South America is that which I have explained to you. This means, My children, that it will not be just another meeting. It will be a unique meeting in which My children as well as the Kingdoms of nature will have the opportunity to attain inner healing, through the portal of the Marian Center "Sanctuary of Creation."

    And for the Hierarchy, Aurora will complement this task in Southern Brazil. Because the Kingdom of Aurora, with Its consciousness, will encompass beyond South America and even the oceans, to try to stabilize and balance the psychic disorder of humanity, especially the disorder lived today by many nations in Latin America, where souls cannot see a future nor find new hope.

    Thus, we are making this great movement for you and also for your brothers and sisters throughout the whole world, just as we will soon be making for the Middle East and Northern Africa, and, at some moment, we will make for the Far East.

    It is very important for you, My children, that in your minds, and especially in your hearts, there may be no differences or divisions, judgment of values of what the Hierarchy does on the planet or where It can work or intervene at this moment. Because if I were not here today, I would not be able to justify, before the Higher Laws, what I need to, in the face of the errors of the world, of the indifference of hearts and the impunity placed upon the whole world by some.

    You must learn, you should have already learned how to follow the steps of the Hierarchy and feel like citizens of this universe, just as the entire Hierarchy feels like citizens of this Sidereal Universe.

    This allows you, My children, to understand the Purpose in a universal way and not understand the Purpose in an individual way. Because while you have this attitude, you will be far from Us, and this does not mean that We cease to love you or forgive you, because My Son loved you and forgave you on the Cross, do you remember?

    Do you remember what My Son said on the Cross?

    This is the same that I do for you today, so that you may grow and mature internally. Knowing that there is a lot to do, knowing that there is a lot to do in correspondence and that there is a lot to concretize.

    This is the destiny of each one of you: to concretize the Projects of the Divine and Spiritual Hierarchy, because it is something for humanity and not only for you, it is something for the whole world. It is something for all those who do not have the Grace and the Mercy that you have today, by being here with Me.

    When many of you dare to serve in Africa, you will remember this day. You will remember it by yourselves, and I assure you that you will feel ashamed for having received so much and for not having understood anything, when you see that which true misery and true poverty is, on a continent like Africa, which for thousands of years has been subjected by evil itself.

    And although this may be happening, My Son will free Africa, much more than He did in recent times. Because when He returns physically, many hostile and difficult situations will spontaneously disappear, because they will fall on their own weight.

    The mere Presence of My Son, during His Return to the world, will free souls, break chains. It will break each one of the shackles, and souls will be able to glimpse the Return of Christ, just as it has been prophesized.

    As a Mother who loves you, as a Mother who sustains you with nothing in return, I make this reflection to you so that you may consciously grow and, from this August 8 that you have lived with Us onward, no longer allow yourselves to use justifications. Because this, My children, is not just before the Law and it is not necessary that you suffer, because suffering prevails in the world now.

    You must be deeply thankful, sensible, honest and merciful. Because none of you, at this moment or at any other moment, could measure the meaning of the Grace that you have received in the last fifteen years.

    For this reason, keep taking steps in faith without resentments or guilt. You already hold the capacity to come out from where you have deterred yourselves and know that not only is My Hand extended to you, but the Heart of My Son is also open to you, just as It has been and will always be, so that you can feel His immeasurable Love.

    I need you to clearly understand what I am saying to you, and not an interpretation of it, because Our Words are to be kept in the heart, and nowhere else. It is in the heart of each one of My children where the sacred transformation takes place, because the hearts of My children are intuition, wisdom, feeling and faith.

    Allow your hearts to govern so that someday your souls may govern, and it may be your souls that will conduct and guide you toward the sacred encounter with My Beloved Son, to fulfill the sacred summoning of all that which He and I need to carry out in the world, in the end of these times.

    You should not only feel as a part of a spiritual family, blessed and guided by the Hierarchy, which does not rest nor stop, in spite of what happens in the world. You must also feel like a universal family that can be a receptacle for the attributes of the Fount of Creation that will be part of the emergence of the New Earth.

    Keep these Words in your hearts as well. Not trying to understand them, but by trying to accept them, knowing that what I am telling you is something that your spirits will experience in the coming times, when this great moment of the New Humanity arrives.

    My children, have you by any chance ever wondered if you truly aspire to be a part of the New Earth?

    If We are still appearing here, speaking to the world and pouring out Our Graces upon all hearts, what does this represent to you?

    What it represents, My children, is a visible sign that you have been chosen to be postulants as members of a New Humanity, which must be born first within you, so that it may later be born in the world, in a world that has been redeemed and healed, forgiven and liberated from darkness.

    After these last two years of restrictions and agony for many, the Sacred Hearts again mark, on the path of the spirit, each one of Their Steps in this humanity, so that you may again feel that We are with you and that We have not distanced ourselves. We are always there, in the heart and soul that open to welcome Us, through the life of the Sacraments and the sacred prayer of the heart.

    It is My wish that what will happen in Camboriu, through the Marian Center Sanctuary of Creation, what will also happen in the Marian Center of Aurora and later in the city of Buenos Aires, in the Presence of My Beloved Son, for all Argentinians, may be moments of celebration and true joy, the joy of a re-encounter, for being able to be close to Us and for Us to be able to be closer to you, close to all Our children in the world, who need much Love, Light and Redemption.

    Before I leave this long journey that you have lived with the Sacred Hearts, before I prepare Myself together with My Son and My Spouse, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, and before blessing those who want to be consecrated as Children of Mary, I would like to address My Words to My daughter Viviana Walsh, telling her that I am with her, and that I have been with her at each stage of her suffering. Also that God has accepted her anguish and her grief to help all of Argentina, so that Argentina may continue to be the cradle of the Return of Christ, because My Son has not changed His Mind.

    Because despite this agitated shipwreck that Argentina is going through, and although the boat seems to be about to sink, have faith and go ahead. Not only for you, but also for all Argentinians, My children. Remember that My Son is on the boat, and that a true Master only intervenes when it is least expected, to liberate from slavery all who are placed within it.

    For this reason, Viviana, My dear daughter, at the request of My Son, today you are anointed in spirit. But you will be anointed in body and soul through a priest. Because I will go to Argentina, through My sons that are priests, to live a re-encounter that your heart will feel. My Son raises you today, takes you by the arms and sustains you, knowing that you will be reborn after the calvary that you have anonymously lived.

    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    Those who will be consecrated as Children of Mary may approach, and, by listening to the Hymn of Consecration, we will prepare for this moment of blessing, but also for this moment of true thanksgiving to the Divine Hierarchy for all that It gives us in an untiring and permanent way, for how much It trusts in us to carry forward the Project of God on Earth.

    Together with the brothers and sisters that are being consecrated today, we will say the Prayer to the Universal Mother once, to carry out this moment of consecration through the Attributes of the Divine Mother.


    Prayer: Universal Mother.


    I consecrate you as My children, because you are always My children, the Children of Mary.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    You may go in Peace.

    With all My children who will self-summon to accompany the Sacred Hearts in South America, We will meet there to commune once again with God, with His Mercy, Forgiveness and Reconciliation.

    I thank you for responding to My call!

  • Monday, August 8 of 2022


    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Fifteen years ago, I called upon you to be by My side and, although you did not know what that meant, you were obedient and followed My call. Through your response, you taught many others, who are here today with Me in this Work, to also be obedient to My call. This obedience is what builds the Purpose of God upon the planet, because it is the first step of the disciples of My Son who dares to love the unknown.

    You, without really knowing what this was about, on that August of 2007, reflected an innocence that allowed the Eternal Father to authorize the Mother of God to carry forward a Purpose and a Plan, beyond Aurora.

    As you well said today, remember all that you have lived with Me for fifteen years, because I Am the Mother of Peace, I Am the Holy Virgin, who emerged and was emanated through the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

    It has been a request of My Son, since before 2007, that this would happen, by a mandate of the Celestial Father, so that you could accompany the Redemptive Mother in this Work, which has grown a lot internally and which has been able to embrace the whole planet, through the fidelity of those who said ‘yes.’

    With this I want to tell you, My children, that your step toward the total consecration of your lives was major for God. Because, after the first meetings with Me in Aurora, not only did the Light and Power of this Center of Love definitely emerge toward humanity, but so did the great spiritual task of Aurora, for then the healing, rescue and redemption of souls began to take place, according to what had been indicated by the intervention of Archangel Raphael.

    Stop for a moment in that which I am telling you and think about how you have never been alone and you have never lacked anything, and you never will, because God has determined it to be so.

    For this reason, you must keep learning to take care of the manifestation of the Plan, in obedience and adherence, just as you have done with Me up to this moment, fulfilling fifteen years of inner experience. This has led each one of you to give their best for My Son and this will lead you to give your best for God, in the times to come.

    Now you are no longer children, you are now adults on the spiritual path. This is what I must give to God so that He may see, with His own Eyes, the offerings of the life transformation that many have gone through, although their transformation was not easy, although their transformation was even painful.

    And they will keep transforming so that I may give to God, through My Son, this precious crystal that He wants to polish and polish, which is the inner essence of each one of you and of each one of your brothers and sisters of the planet.

    This is why, also for My Heart, as it was for the Heart of My Son, Africa has marked “a before and an after” in the spiritual history of His Work. And all that will take place on the planet, through the Work of the Sacred Hearts, will also transform all your lives, and lead you to live new events and experiences so that you may keep maturing in the humility of the heart and in selfless service.

    The second step that you have taken, which was very significant to My Son Jesus, was the concretion of His Monastic Order, which has grown throughout the times in its virtue and gifts and, mainly, under the teachings of My Son Jesus.

    Up to the present, not only His Work, but also the planet, not only your lives, but also the lives of your brothers and sisters, have continued learning about the degrees of Love-Wisdom, in the same way that We learned about it when We were here on Earth, as a humble and simple Family of Nazareth.

    And see how important this August 8, 2022 is, for the sacred task in Africa, which has also been very significant to all, and has opened the definitive door to the Middle East, where My Heart can no longer stand seeing the pain of the innocent, subjected to war and conflicts, to hunger and to tears.

    All this has been foreseen by My Son, and I, as His Mother and as the Mother of each one of you, have committed to My Lord so that His Plan may work out, whatever it takes.

    And the preciousness of His treasures and gifts do not hide in what is external or visible to human eyes. The riches of the Kingdom of the Heavens hide in simple hearts, in the hearts that are capable of loving the Plan beyond themselves, that are capable of placing others first, knowing that, with this attitude, they cross the threshold and the portal toward Eternal Love, which is what each one of Our Words and Messages have been teaching you up to the present moment.

    Do you want to know something, My children?

    From this August 8, 2022 on, beyond the Justice that the planet and humanity deserve, I ask God, the Eternal Father, that His Divine and Unfathomable Mercy may give a new opportunity to all My children of the world. Because when My Son, the Christ, returns, just as He has taught each one of you throughout the times, He will call one by one by their names and He will keep being capable of leaving His ninety-nine sheep to rescue the lost sheep, as someone among you has experienced in the most recent times.

    By any chance, will the Love within you be capable of overcoming Justice?

    By any chance, will the Love within you be capable of overcoming indifference?

    By any chance, will the Love within you be capable of overcoming the power and love that you believe you have?

    Yes, Love will be capable of all this and much more. It is this Love that I have been teaching you in Aurora since 2007, and your Heavenly Mother, more than anyone else, has seen how many of Her children have left unjustly, missing the opportunity of knowing Love and Truth.

    However, I will not rest, for I have never rested. My duty and commitment is to fulfill the promises of God within My children, the promises of His Celestial Kingdom in hearts, the promises of His Hope, His Love and His Faith in each one of His Creatures and, especially, in those who have lost Divine Love and Divine Unity.

    This is why I will keep working, My children, this is why I also invite you and call upon you to keep working for this cause, because nothing else matters at this moment, but the Love of God in hearts. Because, truly, My beloved children, there exists an intention to root out Love from humanity, through vengeance and impunity; there exists an intention to root out Love from this humanity, through inequality and injustice.

    For this reason, this is the great time of the attribute of fraternity, because while each one of you and of your brothers and sisters place another first more and more, I assure you that you will be taking one step more in the Love of Christ, just as He placed on His Back all of humanity, through the wood of the Cross. He taught you how to do it and He taught you what the path is, for you to be the New Christs.

    For this reason, have faith and never doubt that you will not fail, because the heart that trusts in My Son will never perish. The Heart that is capable of completely surrendering to My Son will never perish. For this reason, I am here, to remind this to everyone, to tell you that there is still a very long path to walk and there are many experiences to live within this duality of the planet.

    But if your purpose lies in Love and in the fulfilment of the Will of the Father, and if you feel you are within this Eternal Love and this Divine Will, what should you fear? In Love and in the Will of the Father there is no injustice nor darkness, therefore be brave and take risks.

    Because not only you as a Work, but also the whole world, is called to take a step in the maturity of consciousness, through love for the fellow being and through respect to the life that God has given you.

    From this August 8, 2022 onward, may the flame that today you are offering to Me always guide you and sustain you. May the flame of faith and hope never be put out. And not only in you but also in your brothers and sisters of the whole world, may this flame guide you toward the great purpose of Love, toward the Heart of My Beloved Son, where He always wants to have you and hold you.

    Today Aurora shines more than in other times, because Its powerful healing and redeeming Light attracts towards itself the essences of the world so that the most suffering and traumatized essences may be healed through this amnesty of August 8, the spiritual Grace that I once again bring to each one of you and your brothers and sisters. 

    For this reason, before Me and for a moment, empty yourselves and divest yourselves, walking barefoot to be before God, just as your Divine Mother, Saint Mary of Aurora, is before God and before you today, to transmit Her Eternal Love and to share it with you.

    Thus, today I offer and ask you to again sign your commitment in the Sacred Book of God, which I have in My Hands today, so that you may seal this commitment to the Father and to Christ, knowing that the world needs not only love, but also peace, faith, compassion, healing and forgiveness.

    Sign your commitment toward eternal transformation. The Elders of the Universe are also witnesses of this today. Because They want to lead you to love the Plan of God ever more, until it hurts. So that many more may be free from illusion, from spiritual captivity and from the slavery that this surface builds in good souls.

    Today, I come to undo the knots of consciousness. I come to break, with My Feet, the shackles of perdition, through the essential Light of Aurora that emerges from My Heart.

    The power of healing and will blend today as one, so that all lost souls may remember the purpose that brought them here to Earth, so that they may recover their filiation with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    One the inner planes, many more than just you have signed this Book that I presented to you today. I give thanks for souls having dared to make this gesture, because this means a lot to the Eternal Father. This means that much more than what had been foreseen will be able to be done and that, when each one of you knows what will have to be carried out and fulfilled, concretized and manifested, you must fulfill it, because you have signed the Book, and this is indissoluble.

    I bid farewell, carrying gratitude in My Heart for each one of you and your brothers and sisters who, in these last fifteen years, since My first Apparition in Aurora and up to the present moment, have learned to follow and understand the Hierarchy. Remember that this is an incalculable treasure and it is an incomprehensible Grace for the hearts that can live it, and for you, who can feel it together with Me at this moment. 

    Remember that those who have been a part of the pilgrimage of the Divine Messengers throughout these last years always have had their families and loved ones held in My Heart, because I take care of them.

    Therefore, I thank those who have left their children and their loved ones entrusted to God to follow the Heavenly Mother in this challenging task of the end of times. Because just as My Son Jesus, I have had your children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, your families, under My protection. Just as you made a commitment to Me, I also made a commitment to you.

    We must always give thanks so that the world in itself does not lose gratitude. Because gratitude opens the doors to the Kingdom of the Heavens and grants incalculable Graces to all.

    Through the Light of the essence of Aurora, which springs from My Heart today, on this sacred anniversary of My Apparitions, I bless you and reconsecrate you to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, so that the One Thousand Years of Peace may be fulfilled.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    Well, brothers and sisters, what a moment!

    As fifteen years ago, during the first Apparitions of Aurora and Figueira, I do not know if some remember that the Divine Mother asked us to make accounts of the Apparitions.

    Today She asked us to do the same, and communicate to you something very special, which I felt this is really one more Grace of Mary.

    I say that this is a Grace because it demonstrates to us once more that Mary is in all places, in all situations and that She takes care of the whole planet.

    We have learned with the Hierarchy that, when They communicate something to us, the brothers and sisters of the Council of our Work are the first who should come to know about it, because they all obey an inner and universal order. And after this happens, everyone is informed of the requests of the Divine Messengers.

    But today the Divine Mother was very explicit, and I tell you that I asked her three times if I had to talk about it, and She told me, “Yes, yes and yes.”

    So, before I tell you the special request of the Divine Mother, before I forget, She said that this request is a gift of God for all, an inner gift of God, a gift of God for all.

    But before I transmit this request to you, I will try to make a synthesis of the moment of the Apparition, which was extremely intense. I say extremely intense first due to the way the Divine Mother appeared, as she came dressed as the Spouse of God.

    Why do I say this? Because not only was Her beauty so clear and indescribable, but Her gaze was also a penetrating gaze, which demanded an effort from me to stare at Her continuously, because it was like seeing God through Her. And through the garment of the Divine Mother, which was like a silk from other dimensions, so to say, She came with a ceremonial that I had not seen in all fifteen years.

    Why do I make such emphasis in the details of Her garment, of Her Mantle?

    Because Her entire Mantle was made of stars and radiated and filled all hearts, the planet. Also, through the garment of Our Lady, today, She was representing all the Attributes of God in one, these Attributes that we pray in the prayer of the Universal Mother and many more that we do not know. And the central axis that united all these Attributes, which She was expressing today through Her Presence, was the Love of God.

    So, through all this Energy and Divine Presence, at one moment of the Apparition, I perceived that Mary wanted to be with Her children for as long as possible. Because the Angels who obey Our Lady were doing a very important planetary work.

    This was possible through something that She revealed to us, which you will now remember, when She spoke about the essence of Aurora in Her Heart.

    That is to say, Light was springing not only from the Mary’s Hands, Mantle, Face, but also through Her Heart. It was an image in three dimensions, as if I were seeing the brothers that are filming or as if I were seeing you.

    So this Light was a Light that had no end, it was the Light of the Essence of Aurora, which She was bringing through Her Heart, and it seemed that Mary’s Heart was going to explode in Light.

    She placed each one of our consciousnesses, of our souls, within this state of the essence of Aurora and, with this inner work, which She did throughout the Apparition, the Divine Mother gradually solved many situations on a planetary level and on the individual level of each one of our souls.

    She gradually placed our consciousnesses in even more sublime states, which allowed us, as consciousnesses, through Mary’s Heart, to enter these states of the essence of Aurora. What was conducting this inner work that Mary was doing was Her Love, the Eternal Love of God.

    So, at this moment when She was raising our consciousnesses and the consciousness of the planet to a more elevated and higher state, that which might be called sin or spiritual debt was being balanced by the Mary’s giving of Love to us.

    So, throughout the Apparition, that which we know as duality did not exist. What did exist, through Mary, was a principle of deep neutrality between Heaven and Earth. And the different Angelic Choirs that were surrounding Our Lady were spiritually sustaining this vortex that was also being shared and assumed by other Spiritual Hierarchies.

    In addition, also during a moment of the Apparition, we saw Christ, who appeared in another dimension, on a more distant plane, in that space of the Universe that He has already named to us, where He governs all of Creation.

    So let us think for a moment how many things happened simultaneously.

    And this went a little further until She, the moment She spoke to us about the healing and redemption that the essence of Aurora grants to us through Her Heart, She led us to these higher planes and we, as essences, were brought before God. At that moment, we all lived a judgment, but not a judgment like the one we know on Earth.

    For this reason, at this moment, you remember that the Divine Mother mentioned the Twenty-Four Elders of the Universe and that, a moment before, She offered a Book to us, a blank book, which appeared in three dimensions.

    The vortex of the Light of Her Heart was also what was sustaining that moment. She said, at that moment, at the request of God, that He was intervening through the Divine Mother, and the Father said, “Sign again and reaffirm your commitment to Me.”

    Then, at that moment, in this lapse of time, Our Lady had an amnesty in Her Hands in the face of the sin and the errors of humanity. I am speaking of what is taking place at this moment on the planet. When this happens, She begins to intervene through Her Grace.

    And do you know what She does to intervene with Her Grace? What She accesses to intervene with Her Grace? She accesses a fact in the history of humanity which was the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel to Mary.

    That moment, which is registered in the Heart of God and in our humanity, which we pray in one of the Mysteries of the Rosary. Our Lady, on this August 8, brought that event here so as to be able to make this intervention.

    At that moment, God as a Judge and also as a Father of Mercy was before our errors and also before the deeds that the Sacred Hearts accomplished when they were on the planet. Then, God granted the Divine Mother this authority of the forgiveness of souls.

    And when our consciousnesses were before the Father, through Mary, our souls, as Our Lady well said at the moment of the Apparition, signed this Book that She showed us. She told us: “Now that you have signed it, you have made a commitment. It is a commitment that you have to assume from the depths of your hearts.” And this will allow the Divine Mother, as Queen and Lady of Heaven and Earth, to intercede so that those events that are foreseen for the planet within Universal Justice may not take place.


    Because we have signed this Book, and what signed it was not our human person, it was our soul. Our inner world signed this Book, and also many other people who presented themselves at the Apparition, those consciousnesses that Christ told us that will awaken.

    At that moment, Mary reminded us of the last Message of Christ for the Marathon, when Christ told us that He would carry out His Work of preparation of His Return through those who are awakened and through those who will awaken. And as we have signed this Book, through the offering that the Divine Mother made to us, She will have more time, or our chronological time, to intercede.

    And I know that none of us will be able to understand what this means at this moment, because the Divinity and the Spiritual Hierarchies know what truly has to happen at this planetary moment. And through these revelations, the Hierarchy awakens our consciousness, reminding us of our commitment to the Father’s Will and, above all, this Apparition of today reminds us of what we came to this planet to do.

    Why does Mary say this to us today?

    Because the lessons and tests will keep happening in the end of these times. And at this moment or in the times that will come, when we are going through some test or difficult experience, we must not forget, brothers and sisters, what Mary also explained to us during the Apparition, that we are Children of God and that we emerged from a place that is the Source, where He created us in His Image and Likeness, and that He loves us above all things.

    So, when we go through these difficult experiences, let us remember, she Said, that we are under a state of Grace, and it is the commitment of each one of us not to lose it. We must not come out of this state of Grace that Mary brings us.

    In synthesis, that was it, and I know that many more things happened that at this moment I cannot remember, because I am processing them.

    At now, at last, I will refer to the request of the Divine Mother, and for this reason we talked with Her a little during the Apparition.

    As we know, August is an important month for the Divinity, and when we are gathered and united, many things can happen for the Hierarchy.

    For this reason, just as Our Lady and Christ asked us to go to Africa and have asked us to go to the Middle East and to Northern Africa, where we will go, the Divine Mother asked us to go to Aurora also.

    So the brothers and sisters of Aurora are invited to make a little room  for us at the Community, because we will be with them in the second half of August, as the Hierarchy needs to gather the group and all those who want to go to these meetings in Aurora, which we know we have in August and the reason why Our Lady made this request was, She said, it was a gift that She was giving us.

    Do you know why?

    Because She told us that we obeyed what She said to us fifteen years ago, although sometimes it may have seemed it was a very great and difficult challenge.

    And also, the reason for this request is because Our Lady, before we travel to the Middle East, needs to do a task through Her Apparitions of August 24 and 25. She opened the doors of Aurora, of the Marian Center of Aurora, so that we may all carry forward this task with the Divine Mother.

    The Divine Mother told us that, at this moment, South America needs special help, considering what the Hierarchy is observing and accompanying in South and Central America. This will prepare our task in the Middle East and, well, there we go, in obedience and infinite gratitude.

    This is all that I wanted to share, at the request of the Divine Mother. As She said, let us give thanks.

    Thank You, Divine Mother, for all that You give us!

    In this meeting, we honor You, Lord.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


  • Saturday, August 6 of 2022

    Weekly Messages

    Dear children,

    On this day of Mercy, may your deepest prayers keep being elevated to Heaven so that the world and, above all, the nations that are most oppressed and chastised by war and conflicts may recover peace, because no human being is capable of living without peace, as peace is to be in contact with God and the universe.

    My children, on this day of merciful prayer, I call upon you to pray for those places in the world where there is no peace and where chaos reigns, because, as the Queen of Peace, I need, through your prayers, to reach the spaces in this world where hundreds of My children suffer hopelessness and the lack of love.

    Just as, in this month of August, you will be able to feel the Heart of My Son, I would like many more children to feel My Heart, and your true prayers are the bridge that will allow Me to find My most suffering and desperate children.

    For this reason, My beloveds, recognize the Rays of My Grace, the Grace that, being inexhaustible and justifiable before God, has been filling you for more than fifteen years.

    It is My wish that My Graces, the Graces granted to My Maternal Heart, may reach all, especially those who have condemned themselves to hell.

    I am thankful to you in advance for the bravery and effort that you might dedicate to Me through the prayer of the heart, because prayer must permeate the world.

    I thank you for responding to My call.

    Who blesses you,

    Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

  • Wednesday, August 3 of 2022

    Marathon of Divine Mercy

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    After Africa, My Heart is no longer the same, and I hope your hearts are no longer the same.

    For this reason, I am here, not only to celebrate this month of August with each one of you, but also to impel you to follow My Steps, to recognize My Footprints, to someday be able to live My Higher Purpose.

    My Heart is no longer the same after Africa, and I hope your hearts can feel the same at this moment, knowing that, above all misery and human suffering, lies the hope of the Love that I bring to you.

    Because My promise will be fulfilled, and you will not only see Me come among the clouds, moving the suns and the stars, but you will also see Me rescue those who live in the hells of this world, who have lost hope, who are subjected to spiritual and material slavery.

    After Africa, My Heart is no longer the same, and I hope your hearts are no longer the same.

    I hope you have learned in Love, in the spirit of overcoming and transcendence.

    I hope you have somewhat felt the weight of the Cross so that many souls may be liberated, I hope you can feel the weight of the Cross as I felt it at Calvary, not in the same way, but in a similar manner, because I know you wouldn't  be able to manage that.

    But now let us stay with the fruits of all that has happened in Africa, in such a short time, of something that surprised even Me, because I still keep learning how great the Mercy of God is, how infinite His Love is and how sovereign His Justice is. Something that I need you to learn in these times, so that My apostles may continue maturing and growing internally.

    Because I have promised you that I would take care of, not only your families and acquaintances, but also that I would take care of your inner issues, so that you may be able to serve Me in true freedom, so that you may give of yourselves in true humility, knowing that each step you take with Me is a new step that approaches the great moment of My Return to Earth.

    For this reason, at the doors of August, of the sacred Meeting of the Hierarchies and the Angels of Heaven, of the great moment of renewal of the inner vows of the servers and collaborators of Christ, under this special and unique circumstance, today I Am not only here, but I Am also accompanied and recognized by the Sacred Twenty-four Elders of the Universe.

    For this reason, at this moment, companions, let the inner sun shine and pulsate within your essences, that sun that reminds you of your origin, reminds you of your purpose and the reason for being here, at this moment of the planet and in this crucial conjuncture of humanity.

    This is the month of August, for renewing the vows with all Hierarchies. Because as My Return draws near, in the same way, companions, I prepare, through your self-giving and surrender, the plans that I will carry out as the preamble to My Return to the world, the plans that I expect to carry out in Africa and in other parts of the world.

    But if you, who have committed to Me, are not present when I call you and summon you to be by My side, in any situation, how will you learn? From your houses and homes? Through the television?

    The apostles of the end of times are apostles who surrender to the unknown, surrender to that which they cannot control, and to that in which cannot have power, because to follow My Steps is to follow and fulfill My Will. Something that you will not understand, but you will know by the time you can be by My side, face to face, to remember all that has happened in your lives and in all life of the planet.

    Today, the Sacred Twenty-four Elders are witnesses of this important moment of August.

    Each one of the Twenty-four Elders brings in their hands a Scroll of Light that represents the twenty-four preparatory projects of the Return of your Master and Lord to humanity.

    But they are not far-fetched nor unattainable projects, they are projects that will be concretized through you at this very moment, when humanity, submerged in the inflection of war and chaos, unconsciously challenges Higher Laws, putting its evolution and its final project at stake.

    For this reason, I am here with the Twenty-four Elders, those who rule the whole Universe, life in the Material Universe, who know each one of your consciousnesses and origins, who deeply know the reason why you are incarnated here today and who also, in the silence of Their hearts, also watch and pray for those who have abandoned the Project of the Lord. This is the sacred inner task of the Elders of the Universe: that all My servers and apostles may concretize My Will.

    Now, internally embrace the mystery of these twenty-four Scrolls of Light, and pray for these twenty-four projects to be unveiled to the world and to humanity, so that more beings on the surface of the Earth may be aware of the need to fulfill the Project of God.

    And this ardent wish of the Father, that each one of His children may live His Will, is still alive in the heart of each Elder of the Universe, which represents the Rays and Laws of Creation.

    Your consciousnesses must reach this degree of evolution someday, just as many beings have reached this state of evolution throughout times.

    I place this challenge upon you, just as My father, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, last July 19, placed you in the challenge of surpassing Me in Love. This is no theory, it is a compelling need that I have, in the face of the imbalance of the planet and humanity, to justify the action of My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy.

    You will now understand that, beyond the power and authority that many believe I have, My true Redeeming and Merciful Work is through My companions, those who are capable of offering themselves as instruments so that I can avail Myself of each one of them and thus fulfill the Will of My Lord, which must be the Will for each one of you.

    In 1988, the great portal to the awakening was opened.

    In 1998, this portal was expanded.

    In 2008, through Aurora, this portal was, even more, expanded to the consciousness of the planet.

    And now, on this August 8, this portal will fulfill a cycle, in which I invite many of you not to miss the sincere and honest opportunity to take a new step, to abandon the resistances, to walk in union, following My Steps and My Footprints in all that I must still project at this planetary moment, so that the twenty-four Scrolls of Light can open and, thus, the last consciousnesses can awaken to all that is written for these times, to what is written in the Heart of God and must no longer be a mystery, but rather be a truth that all may come to know.

    Now, how will these Scrolls of Light be unveiled?

    It will be through the ‘yes’ of all those who are awakened and of those who will awaken. it will be at this promised moment that all will know the twenty-four projects of the Redeemer. And through the guidance, discernment, obedience and Government of the Elders, you will know how to fulfill these projects, step by step.

    Because I want you to know that all is foreseen, and that which is foreseen will be fulfilled through the ‘yes’ of the awakened and of those who will awaken, through those who are capable of surrendering to the Plan in absolute trust and resignation, knowing they will have the sacred opportunity to learn many things and take quicker steps through consciousness than the steps they took in other times, which were very slow.

    In synthesis, August, the month of the Brotherhood, expects to see Its Third Order made manifest on the surface.

    Let it not be a theoretical Order, but rather a concrete Order surrendered to the Plan of God, an Order that must absolutely trust the steps that Christ will determine, so that you can learn from My divine strategies in this promised Plan of Rescue for all of humanity.

    Thus, at this moment, the way in which you will be able to unite to Me in this new year of August, a new year for the whole Brotherhood, will be that you may remember your inner sun, so that your origin may be alive in you and, through your origin, you may live My Will.

    Today the Conclave of the Hierarchies begin. It will be from now on, companions, and by means of this new Marathon of the Divine Mercy, that you must strive the most, knowing that humanity is on the edge of the cliff and the abyss, and that the effort, the self-giving and the surrender of My true companions, although you may not believe, will remove the whole world from this abyss.

    And through this Marathon and the coming meetings of August, the uncertain doors will be closed, evil will be placated in the hearts that are oppressed and chastised, and in what seems to be the abyss of the darkness of Earth, a ray of Light will pierce this darkness, and the Supreme Grace of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will grant, throughout the month of August, an atonement that none of you or of your brothers and sisters must miss, because it will be one of the last atonements for the world.

    Many can no longer unite Heaven and Earth. I say that many priests, many religious people, believers and devotees influenced by the world can no longer unite Heaven and Earth.

    This is why I beg you: value and honor Adoration so that the inner bridges of Light between Heaven and Earth may be re-established, and not only religious life, but also the life of humanity may be restored, because the conflicts and the wars have made many hearts lose their faith.

    I need that you walk with Me in this proposal. This is the great task of the Marathon of Divine Mercy of August: not to allow the inner bridges of Light between Heaven and Earth break, not allowing My adversary to disconnect souls from God, not allowing chaos to prevail.

    Do you now understand the importance of this task with Me in the end of times?

    Walk with Me, just as I walked with My brothers in Emmaus so that, once more, before your eyes, before your hearts and before your souls, you may see the bread be broken, the bread that is shared with all in Divine and Christic Unity, and you may drink from the Chalice, from this Sacred Chalice of the Garden of Gethsemane, so that you may share with Me this crucial moment of the planet, when ignorance, indifference and impunity keep souls in the abysses.

    You, who have received Graces in the last nine years of Marathon, now it is the moment to walk alone, as My apostles and servers, as those apostles who will not cause me to waste time, but rather will lovingly fulfill all that I ask of you, knowing that all will be for a greater and unknown cause.

    May this Marathon of Divine Mercy be the Marathon of the new step, of a new decision: a Marathon of maturity and awareness, knowing that there is a lot to do in this world and there is a lot to help, in different places of the planet where Light must govern.

    Let us pray for this, and let us honor the Eternal Father, because, in spite of the errors of the world, and despite sin, He has His Arms open to all, just as I have them open at this moment, to fill you with My Mercy.


    Lord of the Universe,
    who gave Your Son
    for the Salvation of those who denied You
    and of those who hurt You,
    grant to the world and humanity
    the necessary atonement at this moment,
    so that the Grace and the Light of Your Spirit
    may guide souls toward the Higher Purpose,
    and so that hearts may awaken
    to the Truth, the Way and the Life
    that Your Beloved Son represents to all.



    Now I address My daughter Charlene and her husband, giving thanks for their presence in this place, because I Have waited for this moment, this place and this time to give you My Words, telling you that, through your faith and devotion to My Heart and your fidelity to the Rosary, through love for the Immaculate Heart of My Mother, the Servant of the Lord has brought Charlene’s son to My Arms. And I want to tell you that his soul is no longer lost, because you are here today with Me, and I will always be here, although it may not seem to be so.

    I want you to humbly accept this Message of Mine and to also accept the Sacraments that you and your husband will receive today, as a direct blessing of My Merciful Heart, so that you may keep praying, not only for your daughter, but also for all My children who are lost and who I need to each My Heart, just as you have reached My Heart today, as you came to Fatima. Remember that Fatima is the Light of Hope, the Light that reigns above all darkness.

    I thank you and bless you, just as I bless all under the luminous power of the Cross, the Cross that at this moment blesses all that souls and consciousnesses will receive in August through the Sacred Presence of the Elders of the Universe.

    Let us rejoice for those who do not rejoice, let us give thanks for those who cannot give thanks, so that those who do not have anything may also have the Grace of receiving everything, so that this world, someday, may be just and egalitarian, peacemaking and solemn, loving and healing.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Saturday, July 30 of 2022

    Weekly Messages

    My dear children, may the Peace of My Son be within you.

    When the Divinity recovers the spiritual spaces that up until now had been subjected by the enemy, and especially when the Plan of God recovers innocent souls, that had once been subjected to suffering, hopelessness and material perdition, this means and represents a visible victory of the Redeeming Love of Christ over all darkness, it means that His servers of the final times, that is, His apostles, will surrender in the face of any condition so as to give their lives and their service for those who suffer and are most vulnerable.

    Inevitably, the triumph and conquest of these spaces, through Love, represent a challenge in the face of those conditions of adversity and chaos. This is why the servers of Christ offer to be instruments of the Lord regardless of the consequences and without measuring the possible risks.

    This is not an expression of fantasy or an act of fanaticism, rather it is an action moved and conferred by the Holy Spirit which, in its inalterable aspect and through committed servers, can bestow Graces, miracles and solutions that had once seemed impossible.

    I speak of this in the example of the Angola Mission which today in its first stage reaches the end of a cycle,  and from today onward reaches a new stage, which is entirely free from spiritual, moral and inner knots. A new stage that promises more rapid and efficient concretions for a region of the planet such as Africa, conditioned and buried by the lack of social and political transparency, and interfered with by the interminable vice of corruption.

    This is where My Son is entering, through His Spiritual Consciousness, because it is in these spaces, seemingly lost and lacking a material solution, where all will start from scratch, where the poorest souls among the poor will see light, love and faith be reborn in their marginalized lives.

    For this reason, all spiritual movement has a material repercussion that is a part of those anonymous sacrifices that may be offered to Christ for the triumph of His Love and His Mercy in Humanity.

    This is why I am deeply grateful for all that which in such a short time was built in Africa, because it is something indelible that will remain in the Heart of God, and nothing will ever be able to dissolve it, because it was an action of Love that healed the pain.

    I thank you for this humanitarian mission and for having responded to the call of My Son!

    Who blesses you,

    Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


  • Saturday, July 23 of 2022

    Weekly Messages

    Dear children, 

    At this moment, My Immaculate Heart still finds itself united to the essential Hearts of each little child of Africa, so that these small souls may achieve the spiritual and moral relief they need.

    In an ardent way, I wish that, in Africa, the door of My Grace may open, a grace of opportunities and hope for the adolescents and youth, so that My children of Africa may know that it is possible to live a different experience upon the surface of the Earth.

    An experience that may allow for the awakening of their spiritual and inner values, values that will help them to be good people, just as they are good and simple in spirit, something that all My children of the world should learn to acknowledge.

    Africa must be itself, as it was at its origins, from its deepest roots of union with the Divine and that which is Cosmic.

    Therefore, through the current humanitarian mission in progress, the three Divine Messengers are preparing another inner scenario, so that the external scenario may be improved, harmonized and corrected, so that all My children may have the dignity they lost, not only as human beings, but also the dignity of recognizing themselves and feeling as worthy children of God.

    Thus, in Africa, the gifts of hope, the opportunities and the New Earth have just begun to be gestated. 

    My Africa, you are a part of My Heart, you are My aspiration of the new cradle of the New Humanity.

    Let us pray so that Africa may be itself and no longer belong to exploiters and bandits.

    I thank you for responding to My call!

    Who blesses you,

    Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

  • Tuesday, July 19 of 2022

    Special Apparitions

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    Who is in God, fears nothing.
    Who is in God, does not retrocede.
    Who is in God, lives the Love of God.
    This is the force of today.
    In God, in God, in God.
    (four times)

    First of all, I thank the person who offered this place to prepare My arrival today; for having responded to My call without knowing it, and mainly for having offered their heart to the Mother of Heaven and Earth.

    This is why first of all I want to give thanks, because we must always thank God for each moment lived and shared, and when these moments are shared with brothers and sisters, they reflect to the surface of the Earth the Unity of God. A unity that, in these times, has been corrupted and dissolved through conflicts and wars, division in families and the inequality of these times.

    This is why each time you gather in the name of My Son, you attract toward the planet the Unity of God, which dissolves all evil and all adversity, bringing peace to suffering hearts, to those who need love the most.

    Today I am here to announce, with joy and bliss, the renewal of Saint Isabel’s House, the fulfillment of a Plan of the Father, through a sacred community project that may attract, toward these souls and toward many more hearts, the opportunity to recover love and faith, through a healthy and dignified upbringing, through an evolutive experience that may make hearts partakers of the Kingdom of God, through the sacred experience of group life.

    This sacred Project, which I present to you today, is something that hovers within the Celestial Universe, and that My Immaculate Heart holds with great care, because I am praying for this sacred project, which will help attend many more needs of Angola and Africa.

    Now, so that this project may be carried out in the material plane, it is very important, My children, that all may make the right efforts so that this may happen and, especially, that all may be united to this purpose that I come to rule and command for you and the world. Because this renewed Project of Saint Isabel’s House, in another place of Angola, will create different spiritual conditions so that souls may internally attain healing and also peace, and may not be influenced by the interferences of this world, which lead My precious souls to perdition.

    For this renewed Project of Saint Isabel’s House, I need all My children of the whole world to collaborate and pray.

    This response to this call of the Mother of God, which may come from each one of you, will allow the doors of Mercy to open upon Africa; and those who live a miserable life and have nothing may receive the Grace of remaking their lives and consciousnesses, having the opportunity to know that life is different, when it is permeated by the Presence of God and by His Love, through hearts that serve the Father and untiringly work for Christ.

    This Project might seem daring to you, but it is not. It is already here, ready to descend from Heaven, under the guidance and support of your Heavenly Mother.

    It is my need that the hearts that love Me, adore My Son and join Me in this sacred prayerful task, My children of Saint Isabel’s House and those who are not yet a part of this House and need love and help, may all receive what they truly deserve.

    Through the expression and manifestation of this sacred and renewed Saint Isabel’s House, I will be able to give you all that My Heart expects.

    Today I am here, with the rosary in My Hands, because I unite My prayers with your prayers, for all that which Africa and Angola need to achieve. My Heart of a Mother no longer wants to live in pain for what it sees of this place, of this nation and other nations of Africa.

    The true change that Africa needs will not come from those who claim to be grand or more powerful than God. This help will come from anonymous and selfless hearts that, if I may say, sacrifice, for their fellow beings, so that a spirit of fraternity may triumph, equality may be expressed, justice may be fulfilled and no longer be altered or modified in the ideal of the men and women of Earth, so that the true Law may be fulfilled, the Law of Love, of Truth and Unity, of which all must be partakers, and so that all may not distance or move away from the Law of Love, of Truth and Unity.

    For this reason, the expression of this Project will first begin in your hearts. Through your prayers, with the power of your faith and kindness. With the collaboration of all My children of the whole world, this Work will manifest and concretize itself. Believe what I say, this expression of the renewed Saint Isabel’s House, in another place of Angola, will be in accordance with the Law of the Earth and of Heaven.

    My Son, who is your Master and Lord, has asked His Mother to assume this project. For this reason, I am here, closing this important spiritual impulse for all of Angola and for all of Africa, because the life of the Light-Communities is possible in these places where it might seem impossible, because for it to be possible, the power of Love and reverence for what is sacred must reign, as well as devotion for the Purpose, so as to be in accordance with the Will of the Father.

    Through My Son, it is the Father who wants this project of the renewed Saint Isabel’s House, where many more, from any part of the world, with a spirit of service and pure collaborations, may make spiritual values be born once again in these very innocent hearts, spiritual values that have been buried by the humanity of today. I trust that this will take place somehow.

    For this reason, today I tell you this so that you may be aware, so that you may listen attentively and not forget this request. This is why I call all My children of the whole world to position their hands and especially their whole hearts in self-giving.

    This renewed work of Saint Isabel’s House will not be able to be built from a distance, but rather with the presence of My servers, of the apostles of Christ, of those who claim they are those apostles; with their presence in this place and, above all, with your prayers.

    The renewed Project of Saint Isabel’s House is manifested and designed in My Heart today.

    I assure you that those who join this project in an abnegated and absolutely selfless way will be guided by the Holy Spirit and the doors of manifestation will open in an inexplicable way to you, because it is the Will of God that there must be an end to suffering and anguish, to the need, to inequality and the lack of charity.

    This is a Grace, not only for you, but also for My Immaculate Heart.

    In recent years, I silently prayed a lot for this cause, that My Son allowed Me today to announce it to all. I will wait for the response of all My children of the world.

    This Work of the Sacred Hearts, and, especially, the Humanitarian Fraternity and the humanitarian missions, this will be the central and fundamental axis so that all may be guided and supported by the Hierarchy to eradicate the evil spirit of opportunism.

    Rejoice for what I am telling you. Today, you do not understand it in an absolute way, but the heart that opens does understand, accepts and welcomes it, because it is the Will of God, it is written in the Heart of the Father.

    The moment has come for Africa to be reborn. The end of the eternal calvary has come.

    Once again, I bless you, My daughter Domingas, and all the young girls present, who are also My daughters, who represent all of Africa. Because Africa is one, it is one heart that, in what seems to be a void, expresses the Whole, which is God Himself, through their devotion and joy, their faith and love for the Purpose.

    I come to renew, through My blessing, each one of your hearts and the hearts of your brothers and sisters, of those who suffer, who have to endure and do not have anything.

    But as My Son told you, just a few days ago, you have gained Heaven, and I know that you will not understand this today; but keep it in your heart, just as the Mother of God kept the Mysteries of Christ in Her Heart, and just prayed for them.

    I also bless those who have approached this place, who are a part of this establishment, because you are also My children and can be in My Arms as many times as you need it so. My Love is for all.

    I thank you for responding to My call and for being mirrors just like this lake, mirrors of My Love and My Devotion.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Monday, July 18 of 2022


    Today the Kingdom of Aurora manifests itself before your eyes, your spirits and your hearts; an ancient Kingdom that does not come from this world, but rather from the depths of the Heart of God.

    Contemplate, children, this sacred Kingdom, its Temples of Healing, its Mirrors of Peace, its Fountains of Mercy, through which Redemption flows to the whole planet. And receive, today, not only My blessing, but also the blessing of the Kingdom of Aurora, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    When the Creator manifested the human heart, it was not for it to suffer, but so that it might experience love and surpass its love, time and again, not just once, but many times.

    When the Creator manifested human beings, it was not so that they would feel pain, nor for them to outrage one another; it was so that they might experience Love, and, by loving one another, they might learn how Divine Creation renews itself.

    However, human choices, the definitions they live every day, the paths they decide to follow, have brought you, through free will, to the place where you are today. 

    The Lord, while contemplating that free will was made manifest, also manifested Healing and Redemption. At this moment, I reveal to you that it was not from the beginning that the Creator had thought of free will. He had only thought of Love, Mercy, Peace, the Infinite and Unfathomable Grace that would be able to emerge and spring from the heart of His Creatures.

    However, I tell you, that before beings were made manifest upon this sacred planet, a creature lived disobedience, and chose his own will before the Divine Will, thus beginning this Law that began to rule the Universe, and that manifested duality and personal will for all creatures that, below the angels and archangels, began to be made manifest.

    Also, at that moment, Love surpassed itself in the Divine Heart, and, in spite of the deep pain that this caused Him, the Creator manifested Healing and Redemption so that, regardless of the paths chosen by beings, they might have the opportunity to return. Thus, Aurora emerged, in the self-surpassing of God’s Love, even before the existence of each one of you.

    I am telling you this so that you may understand that, long before you made any mistake, the Creator already loved you, and had already granted to you the opportunity to return.

    Long before you got lost, the doors to God’s Heart were already open, so that you might look back, repent of your sins, and return Home.

    Today I come here, so that this Divine Healing, this Divine Love and Redemption, may be radiated to the planet and to the heart of Africa, pierce the hearts that suffer, and reach the roots of suffering, reach that moment when humanity decided to err, and chose pain, instead of Divine Love.

    May Healing and Redemption reach the deepest scars of the human heart and, in it, touch its essence, which, despite all darkness, still remains intact. This little big door to God’s Heart, which keeps beings connected to their Creator, and, despite all deviations throughout the centuries, is still there.

    The Creator surpasses Himself time and again within human beings, although they do not know about this.

    Often you wonder how you will surpass God’s Love and today I tell you that this is already happening, and it must continue happening, in an ever deeper way, because each time the Creator does not give up on human beings, and you can get up on a new day, this means, children, that God is surpassing His own Love.

    Although He contemplates human indifference, and although He contemplates how humans hurt one another, days like today rise on Earth, in which you can feel the Peace and the Love of God. This means, children, that God surpasses Himself in Love.

    To participate in this self-surpassing, and allow it to happen within yourselves, just be thankful, because the Creator lives all these things within you.

    The fact that Divine Love touches the heart of Africa, and that you, through your songs and praises, open the doors of Heaven within this wounded continent, means, children, that God surpasses Himself in Love within you.

    Despite all outrages experienced, despite all traumas experienced, the fact that a child raises its voice to sing to God means that the Creator surpasses Himself in Love within human beings.

    Despite the wars, both within and outside of humanity, if you can smile, this means that God surpasses Himself in Love within human beings.

    The Creator sees much more than your eyes can see; His Heart penetrates even the darkest layers of the Earth and beyond it. Thus, it penetrates the depths of human intentions and of the human essence, and what He still sees, within the essence of beings, can balance what He sees in the depths of the darkness of abysses.

    Therefore, believe that, within you, you can still transform this world, the human condition, life on Earth; you can still be instruments for the surpassing of God’s Love.

    Africa is the symbol that the Father’s Love keeps surpassing itself every day, despite the chaos, despite the pain. There are songs and praises, there are smiles that wipe away the tears, there are prayers that overcome the inner abysses. Therefore, do not think that we have come to Africa just to bring Healing and Redemption, because we have also arrived here so that you may learn from Divine Love and so that, together, you may transform Creation.

    Each human being bears within themselves a unique attribute; each nation, each people, each race, manifests a Divine Gift, which must be put on the table of redemption to complete the human transformation. And it is at this table of unity that the Redeemer will sit, when He returns in Body, Soul and Divinity.

    And at that table, there will not be those who serve and those who are served. There will be beings who learn from one another, beings that love one another, beings that help one another.

    When you look in the eyes of a child of Africa, you can understand your own ignorance. They teach you about love. This is what I am speaking to you about, about the contemplation of virtue beyond suffering, about contemplating God within your fellow being, where He surpasses Himself.

    Within Aurora, God also surpasses Himself untiringly, every day, every instant. And those beings of Light that dwell here, beings that, many times, have left behind greater paths to remain serving humanity, to be instruments of the self-surpassing of Divine Love, they learn from human beings, too.

    This is why today I come to teach you to be in communion, I come to dissolve borders, to unite hearts. May Aurora may be in Africa and Africa in Aurora. May each heart may be united to this bridge of Healing and Redemption.

    Feel the flow of divine currents, feel the beating of Aurora’s heart, the same beating of God’s Heart when, for the first time, it manifested Redemption as an opportunity for beings to return.

    May this beating of Aurora’s heart mark the rhythms of the Redeemer’s Feet. Just as Redemption approaches the deep wounds of humanity, so the Redeemer approaches this world. Listen to His steps, feel His Heart.

    At each beat, one soul again finds God.

    At each beat, the Mirrors of Aurora radiate their Peace.

    At each beat, the liberation of Aurora manifests its Power.

    At each beat, the Heart of God surpasses Itself in Love.

    Be a part of this moment. Contemplate in your hearts, in the silence of Aurora, the Healing that reaches wounded hearts, forgotten souls, hidden wounds. There are abysses within beings that must be illuminated, just as your faces are through the Sun of Aurora.

    Let us sing once again “Kingdom of Aurora” so that the Creator may reach these abysses, these wounds, these hearts, so that God’s Love, born at the beginning of life, may renew itself and fill all of Africa, as well as all the hearts that suffer beyond Africa, opening up paths so that impossible situations may be healed and opportunities never thought of before may manifest themselves for the beings that have erred the most from the beginning of their existence and have never known Redemption or Love; but the time has come for this Love to be known to them.

    Song: Kingdom of Aurora

    In this way, a Divine Will is fulfilled.

    In this way, once again, the renewal of His Love is made manifest.

    Keep renewing, children, this Love of God, every day. You have My blessing for this.

    May the Peace, Healing and Redemption of the Heart of the Most High fill your lives and show you the door to the opportunity to return to the Heart of the Father.

    I bless you and I thank you.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Saturday, July 16 of 2022

    Special Apparitions

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    My children,

    I am here again to be with you and, through you, with all of Africa, with all peoples and ethnicities, all cultures and beliefs.

    Because I Am the Universal Mother, the Mother Who welcomes all within Her Heart, without distinction. The Mother with a heart open to receive the supplications of Her children, to calm the suffering, to relieve hearts, so that through Me and My offering you may again find the path of Peace.

    Today, I want you to enter, through My Heart, this magnificent universe of Peace that, in these times, is unknown to most of My children, due to the conflicts and wars, due to the divisions in families and peoples, due to the constant struggle for survival.

    This is why I invite you to be in My Heart so that, through My Heart, you may be in the Heart of My Son, Who again sends His Faithful Servant and Mother of all of Africa to be with Her children, with those most in need of spiritual consolation, with those who have always cried out for divine intervention.

    Behold, I Am your Mother. Enter My Heart, enter the Eternal Temple of God, which offered itself to the Father to conceive the Messiah, your Savior and Redeemer today; the One Who carried the Cross for you and Who today keeps carrying it for the whole world, due to indifference, omission, war and the conflicts of the world.

    Enter My Heart so that you may be liberated from chaos.

    Behold your Celestial Mother and your Eternal Servant, the one Who will lead you to God so that you may be guided to His Celestial Kingdom, where there is neither evil nor adversity, where you will find the spiritual happiness you so much seek and expect.

    Today, in a special way, I am here with you, My children, due to the emergencies of the planet and also the emergencies of the Kingdoms of Nature, which, in spite of their expression and agitation in these times, humanity does not want to listen to or to acknowledge the seriousness of these times.

    Remember that the planet where you live is not only a planet, it is a state of spiritual and evolutive consciousness that is being very transgressed and wounded through the hands of humankind and of those who extract its riches to generate poverty and misery in humanity, because only very few become enriched, and the majority become more and more impoverished.

    But I do not invite you to be in indignation, I call you to live compassion so that you may learn to live in Christ and someday you may be merciful, just as He is with each one of you.

    Today, I come with this call for humanity. Humanity does not pay attention to the imbalance of the planet, it pretends to be deaf in the face of war and the conflicts of the world. The prayers are still insufficient to deter the chaos in humanity.

    For this reason, together with My Son, since years ago, we have planned this meeting with you, here in Angola, because, although it does not seem so, in what seems to be the void of your hearts, there is an inexhaustible spiritual wealth that God placed in each one of you so that, in these definitive times, you might learn to serve Him, adore Him and recognize Him, just as you are serving, adoring and recognizing Him at this moment.

    Therefore, My children, I invite you to live in the spirit of perseverance and faith, even in those moments when all seems dark and gloomy.

    Prostrate before the Eucharist of My Son, recognize His Presence in the Tabernacles of the Earth and your lives will always be liberated. Because in each Tabernacle of the Earth, I have many Angels of Heaven present, who adore the Eucharistic Body of My Son with one purpose, peace and balance in humanity.

    And although in these times everything is triggered throughout the world, because everyone lives the time of Armageddon, I invite you to go through this Apocalypse with intelligence, with a spirit of service and pure prayer.

    Because the prayerful word will not only keep you united to the Creative Source, but it will also keep you protected from all evil, from the harassment that My enemy wants to make to all souls of the world, especially those that have decided to live Christianity.

    For this reason, maintain a spirit of faith ignited and never allow yourselves to give up.

    Like today, may your arms rise to the Heavens to receive the Graces of God, these Graces that I am bringing again to each one of you today so that, next July 25, your Heavenly Mother and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with the important support of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, may complete this sacred task in Angola and Africa so that the fruits of the redemption and conversion of hearts may awaken in all those who need them, so that they may be elevated in consciousness, united in love and brotherhood.

    My children, I invite you to move forward, in spite of these difficult and traumatic times, in spite of all that which the systems of the world do in villages and nations.

    Place yourselves in another spiritual dimension and thus you will not be embraced by chaos.

    Always raise your heads and look at the sky and, at each new day, aspire to again meet Jesus, aspire to His Return, which is near, closer than it seems. Because when He returns to the world, He will not only bring in His Spirit the Spiritual Government and once again renew all things, but He will also put an end to the chaos of this world, to misery, suffering and disease.

    Hearts will no longer be poor, they will be filled with the wealth of God, a spiritual and inexhaustible wealth that will prepare you all for the New Earth, for the emergence of the New Humanity.

    For this reason, My children, apostles of Christ, feel that you are partakers of this planetary transition, because this humanity in transition, which serves and prays to God, is preparing the bases for the emergence of the New Humanity.

    Therefore,  everything you offer and do for God, at this moment, in a constant and persevering way, will grant the Graces of the Father to the world and to the whole human race, and those Graces will build the new consciousness within humanity.

    Together with you, I work for this to happen, I pray for this to happen, I supplicate to the Father for this to happen, because My Heart and the Heart of My Son are tired of the suffering of souls. Therefore, I bring you My hope and also My eternal joy, I bring you the bliss of My Spirit and the ascension of My Soul.

    Just as the Archangel Gabriel gave it to My Heart during the Annunciation, today, as the Mother of the World and Lady of all of Africa, I come to announce to you the arrival of the New Time and the fulfillment of the Word of God within the hearts that have said yes.

    Before I leave, I want those who will be consecrated as My children, Children of Mary, to come closer. You may approach My Altar so that you may be blessed and then anointed by the priests, to consummate this moment of consecration to My Immaculate and Maternal Heart.

    Come here, My beloved children.

    Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:

    And for this consecration, our Holy Mother of Heaven has asked you to repeat the song, “Mary, work a miracle.”

    Through these souls that I consecrate today, I form a new Rosary of Light group so that it may be a mirror of My Heart on Earth, so that it may reflect the attributes of Heaven, which not only Africa needs but also the whole world.

    This is why I consecrate you as My children, children of My Maternal and Immaculate Heart; and I give thanks, as the Mother of the Universe and the Earth, for the opening of your hearts, at this moment, which brings the healing and cure that you need.

    I renew you in faith and I consecrate you in God’s Love.

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


    My blessings for Sister Lucía de Jesús, daughter and spouse of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph.

    Peace, for this suffering world.

    Peace, for all hearts that agonize.

    Peace, for those who do not have Peace.

    Peace, so that the New Humanity may emerge.


    I thank you for having responded to My call.

    And once again I bless you, under the luminous Sign of the Cross, the Cross of the Redeemer: in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  • Friday, July 15 of 2022

    The Sacred Call

    In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

    When I come back to the world, I will return for those who have been forgotten.

    When I return to the world, I will come back for those who are lost.

    When I return to the world, I will come back for those who have suffered.

    When I come back to the world, I will return for those who have lost hope, who are subjected and do not manage to move forward.

    It will be My powerful and invincible Grace, when I return to the world, that will liberate everyone from evil.

    To My right will be Saint Michael the Archangel. He will raise His sword to the Heights and, in My Name, He will invoke all Universal and Celestial powers. Thus, His sword of Light will ignite in God and it will be directed toward the Earth to liberate souls and consciousnesses from the hells and abysses.

    At this hour, the Powerful Mother of God, the Mother of all of Africa and the whole world, will ask Her Hosts of Light, the Holy Angels of Heaven and the whole Universe to descend to Earth so as to bring the Treasures of God to souls; an inexplicable spiritual embrace, an unknown loving embrace, which will comfort the hearts that have been slaves of evil and adversity.

    Meanwhile, at such a definitive hour of the Universal Judgment, the Heavens will keep opening, the clouds will give way for the Son of God so that He may finally touch with His Feet this wounded ground of Africa and of the whole world. And He will call, from the four directions of the Earth, all those who have been subjected, who have been discarded and rejected by their own brothers and sisters of the Earth.

    And although the hells will open for them to be definitively liberated, those who are lost and forgotten will not fear; because if, toward the end of times, you are faithful to the prayer of the heart and to supplication, I will tell you that the Holy Spirit will guide you to Me, and thus I will meet you again so that together we may celebrate the Supper of Redemption and Peace, together with all the blessed and all the angels that will be present at this important planetary moment.

    Because when your Master and Lord, the King of the Universe, again raises the bread and the wine, to remember the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God, the hells will tremble, spirits will dissolve, souls will be liberated and the Light of Heaven will descend with the power of the entire rainbow of Heaven.

    Thus, the seven Rays of My Heart will expand throughout all directions of the planet, souls will be led toward Me by the Angels of the Mother of Heaven.

    Meanwhile, the Servant and Slave of the Lord will pray for you; and those who have been powerful, who have made use of power to instigate their brothers and sisters of the planet, will be removed from this world. Because the New Eden, the New Earth, will come; an inexplicable joy will flourish in hearts. Your faces will finally reflect hope and not suffering, and you will be filled with the Holy Spirit of God and, like Moses, you will enter the New Earth.

    And these, My children of the final times, will again find the Paradise they have lost, the Paradise of Creation, the origin that God has given them since the beginning so that, as a race and as humanity, they might be happy in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit.

    Therefore, rejoice at this moment, My children! Today I come here as your Master and Redeemer.

    The crosses cease to weigh on your backs because you will receive, from the angels of Heaven, the gifts you need to rise in consciousness and from the heart.

    Through the Presence of the Heart of Christ and the power of His Five Sacred Wounds, which today especially illuminate the whole African continent, the shackles break, the chains dissolve, the spiritual debt completely disappears from afflicted hearts.

    Thus, through My Heart, believe in the coming of the New Earth. The fruits will be abundant in the Paradise that waits for you.

    Continue to be converted into stars of the Mother of God’s Crown.

    Be sparks of the Breath of My Spirit, and may your voices and hearts never tire of crying out. Because through your sincere offering throughout these last five years, through the sincere offering of all children of Saint Isabel’s House, the King of the Universe has finally been able to come here, to Africa. And, through this place, I have been able to reach all peoples of this wounded continent.

    Now, I only ask you to no longer look around you, and to not identify with suffering or chaos. Enter your inner worlds. Discover the wealth of the spiritual universe that God has given you, this wealth kept in the heart of each one of you, which is the wealth of Grace, Love and Truth.

    Therefore I will always be, for you, the Way, the Truth and the Life. And today your ways are renewed. Today, the Truth comes to your hearts and consciousnesses. And today the life of each one of you is re-consecrated through the Presence of My Sacred Heart.

    I wish there to be a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in this house, at this very place where I am appearing today, because I want to receive all those who suffer and sorrow.

    And, through My Presence in this place, I want to pour out Graces upon those who contemplate this sacred statue so that they may always have faith, strength of the heart and perseverance of the spirit.

    Believe that the end of captivity will come.

    Today, the weight of the cross of each one is completely relieved so that you may receive, from the whole Universe, and through My Heart, the Graces that you need to again encounter God.

    Believe what I am telling you.

    The new times will come. The doors of Heaven will open as they do now, and the pain for all the suffering lived and experienced by those who hold it in their hearts, is transformed and healed today by My Presence, by the Presence of the Shepherd of God’s sheep, by the Presence of the Lord Healer of essences.


    Today, I want to celebrate with you this expected meeting. I counted the days and the hours to be here with you and, through you, with all of Africa so that the stigma of its suffering and misery may be reversed.

    Just as I have told you, you will see the Son of God come from Heaven, because you have been faithful to prayer and to the Word, and you already deserve the Kingdom of the Heavens, although you do not believe it.


    For this reason, I am here, to tell you that the Paradise of God belongs to each one of you, and that in Paradise you will live the happiness you so much expect and seek. This happiness of God will renew and transform you, and this will renew and transform your brothers and sisters of Africa.

    Now, I wish that you take your hands to your hearts to live with Me this moment of re-consecration to My Sacred Heart. Thus, I will pray to the Father for you and for your brothers and sisters of Africa.

    Open your hearts so that, through My supplication, your souls and the souls of your brothers and sisters may receive the fruits of redemption.

    Sacred Lord of the Universe,
    Who are the Source and the Life,
    Who conceives, throughout all Creation,
    the joy of living in You
    and the hope that renews all consciousnesses,
    consecrate Your children, at this moment,
    through the offering of My Heart,
    so that their wounds may be dissolved,
    so that their guilt may be forgiven,
    so that all trauma may be liberated from their hearts.

    Therefore, listen to the Voice of Your Son,
    and receive this prayer as the true offering of Jesus
    for those whom You have created in Your image and likeness,
    and who have waited, up to today,
    for the promise of Liberation.


    Now, I will leave you the best treasure that I have for each one of you, the greatest testimonial of Love that I have left for each one of you, the greatest miracle for each one of your lives.

    Until the end of times and until the great moment of My Return to Earth, may this legacy remain hidden in your hearts and lives, and whenever you need it, turn your gaze toward this legacy that I will offer you today through the Eucharist.

    Remember that I am present in all the Tabernacles of the Earth and, even more, I can be present and alive in the tabernacles of the hearts of each one of you, when you simply commune with Me in unity, love, light and joy.

    This is why today I offer you this moment of Communion that I will celebrate, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, for you and for all of Africa, so that the merits of My Sorrowful Passion may liberate hearts from chaos, and hearts may be reborn in the strength and the joy of living in God.

    Let us prepare for this moment by singing.

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