Sunday, July 1 of 2012

Daily messages

Dear children:

With immense joy to Heaven, today renew the vows of charity and love that you have made to God the Father. As servers guided by the Holy Spirit My children, I call you to keep inner unity with the Merciful Heart of God.

Know that the union of your hearts with the Eternal Father reverberates as a great fountain of light over all humanity. The more you believe that God is everything for your lives, the plans of Peace may be a living reality for all My children.

For this I invite you today My dears, to witness through prayer the infinite Creation of God. May your hearts be as little stars in the Universe which must irradiate light to the shadows and peace through harmony.

It is time to place in trust, the heart in the hands of God. For this the most perfect path is the path of life, of love and of truth that My Son has been inviting you to travel for a long time. Your lives are contemplated by My Son and He sees you all as souls in a great school that is called the school of forgiveness and redemption.

Each of the souls lives a part of this school. Now it is time for all My children gathered in this world and in the name of God to exercise the school of prayer and of fraternity.

Being fraternal with your neighbors is a path that you must build day by day and for this it must emanate from you a loving patience with the others.

If each soul on Earth were truthful with its neighbors the love of the Father could be expressed in infinite ways in each of His children. But still there is much to learn, that is, there is much to forgive to be able to learn to love.

I am close to My children so that they may remember that it is time to live in Christ so that the Father welcomes you all in His Promised Kingdom.

I am here, My little ones, to lead you to Heaven. May your hearts be firm in the purpose of God.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.