Friday, September 25 of 2015

Daily Messages

When a group of souls offer their lives to balance the suffering of a part of humanity, the Heart of God again ignites and the faith of the universe receives an impulse of light.

My dear companions,

For this next Mission to Turkey and Hungary, I ask you to not go based upon your emotions, but it should be those who are only willing to truly aspire to the principle of Love manifesting in the world, beyond their own lives, that should go.

All those who accompany such a mission with the heart will be a part of this labor, which is meant to renew the spirit of Love and Fraternity in the human consciousness, and to not allow hate and pain to be evils that take hold of all the hearts of the world.

Those who pursue the mission, as well as those who accompany them with the heart, must not fix their eyes upon the injustices, the suffering and the resentment of beings. You must simply be carriers of a love that is being extinguished in the world, and which the Divinity placed within your hearts.

To go on this mission, My Chaste Heart will lead you through a deep purification of your own inability to forgive and to love, and It will do this with all those who want to be missionaries, not only physically, but also in spirit.

I will lead you into transforming deep aspects of your consciousness, rooted in competition and in a desire for power, so that you may go forward purified of all the evil that generates wars and conflicts within the world.

More than any training, you must pray a lot, so that I may help you and place you in the point that you need to be in, to reach being true instruments of God for all humanity, and not only for the Middle East.

Know that we are inviting all groups of prayer to take a new step and experience the necessary transformation toward surrendering your lives out of love for God and His Plan.

Our protection and support will always be with those who respond to the Designs of God. You do not need to fear anything, simply love with the essence of the heart.

I guide you and strengthen you,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph, Father of all Missionaries