Friday, May 12 of 2023

Weekly Messages

Contemplate, child, in your heart, your inner world. Observe in silence what goes through your heart, your mind, your subconscious universe.

Let the silence slowly cleanse what is hidden within you, and realize how the human condition is, not only in your being, but in all beings.

Contemplate humanity from the inside out, not judging what your eyes can see, but observing what your inner world can reveal from the unity that exists between your consciousness and all the consciousnesses in the world.

Watch how the enemy works today, silently stimulating the subconscious world of beings, giving them ideas, feelings, emotions, thoughts that do not belong to them.

Many beings today live by observing the lives of others, by feeling their apparent feelings, by thinking their apparent thoughts, by living other people's lives in their imagination, while their souls are slowly being buried and silenced in the dungeon of the internal abysses.

The cry of souls is reflected in beings like the diseases of current times: panic, fear, depression, lack of purpose for life, suicide, immaturity, mental and emotional deconstruction.

The cry of souls is reflected in lost human beings, seeking reference in the thoughts and feelings of other people, seeking freedom in the maximum expression of new and old capital energies, but at the end of it all, in the depths of beings, child, souls still scream, still cry and still clamor to see the Light again.

Likeness to God is not something that can be buried in human beings, not even by the greatest involutionary stimuli in the world. For this reason, in the depths of a superficial humanity, cries out a soul in search of the truth for which it was created.

Behind emotionally and mentally immature, childish human beings, cries out an ancient soul that seeks its Purpose and cannot remain buried by the enemy's stimuli, when it most needs to express itself, at the moment of the transition of times.

The saints of old, child, made the gross infirmities of their time the instruments of their sanctity, because they converted their weaknesses into a holy cross, through the attitude with which they experienced what for others was simply bad luck, suffering or an unpleasant situation.

The saints of today must go deeper than the senses of the body, must go beyond superficial appearances, because the instrument of their sanctity is now beyond the mind, in the subconscious worlds. That is where they must learn to be to find the thoughts that are not theirs, the feelings that are not theirs, to pull out the roots of worldly stimuli and the chains that prevent them from freeing their souls so that they can express that which they came to express in this world: likeness to God.

The great disease of this time is not in the body, but in the mind and its deep subconscious mystery. It is there where your silence must reach to understand what does not come from you or from God, but from the enemy, who seeks to confuse beings and today does so from the inside out.

Therefore, child, also from the inside out, observe yourself and observe the human condition. Do not remain in what is apparent and superficial, but go beyond and fight your battle in silence, in prayer and in the possibility of diving into your inner world and knowing the truth about yourself, knowing and living what it is to be a human being.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph