Friday, May 5 of 2023

Weekly Messages

From the moment the Creator emanated the expression of His Firstborn Son in the material dimensions, Mercy already began to exist in Creation. The Love of God, who surpassed Himself through Christ, opened a new opportunity for souls and bestowed the Grace of Mercy upon all life.

When Christ was raised onto the Cross and His Side was pierced, also piercing His Sacred Heart, there, children, the Blood and Water of Christ flowed within the entire human race and Divine Mercy was not only poured out from the Heart of Jesus to the ground of the Earth, but also flowed as a potential for redemption in the essence of all beings.

With this I tell you that Mercy dwells in the essence of all creatures on Earth, of all beings who, being created in the image and likeness of God, live with Him the renewal of His Grace, through Divine Mercy.

Mercy inhabits creatures as a potential for sanctity and spiritual plenitude, and its manifestation can have greater power than the forces of the world, the new and old capital energies, whenever you perceive that this potential dwells within you and allow it to grow.

To allow Mercy to expand within your beings, be merciful and compassionate; meditate on the Footsteps of Christ, on His Passion and on His expression of Love; meditate on the Presence of the Creator within you, through the essence that He has bestowed upon you.

Take care of the divine life that dwells in you like someone who takes care of a precious plant, which must be watered, must receive light and attention, care and love, in order to grow healthy.

So, children, you must take care of the potential of Divine Mercy within you, the one that opens the doors to sanctity for you, which is nothing more than allowing the expression of God within you to grow and be realized in your lives.

Service, charity, respect, reverence, transparency, prayer, surrender are all ways of nurturing the divine potential that dwells within you.

Contemplating Christ and aspiring to imitate His example will keep your souls always willing to move forward and to overcome the challenges of these times, being expressions of the Mercy of Christ.

So allow My Words to be a reality in your lives and bear witness to the power of Divine Mercy.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph