Friday, April 28 of 2023

Weekly Messages

Pray, child, for the souls that are lost in this world, for those who seek a meaning for their own lives and, even though they are filled with what the world offers them, do not find a true reason to go on living.

Pray for those who are empty of God and distant from themselves, for those who do not even glimpse the presence of their essences and who silence their souls with the constant noise of the world's stimuli.

Pray for those who suffer and do not find relief from this suffering, for those who do not know the way within themselves to go through the layers of chaos and find peace in the Presence of the Creator.

Pray for those who deceive themselves, for those who believe that happiness lies in the achievements that the world gives them and that one day they will find the abyss that exists, still silent, within themselves.

Pray for those who are in the desert and do not find in themselves the courage to move forward, for those who do not perceive the silent Presence of God on their path and, therefore, never stop to try to dialogue with Him.

Pray, children, not just for you, for your miseries and difficulties, for your walls and resistance, for your projects and aspirations.

Pray for the planet, pray for the souls that do not know God, pray for young people, for adults, for the elderly, for those who come to the world and are looking for the opportunity to learn about love.

Pray for humanity, for the essence that dwells in the heart of all creatures, without exception; pray for this light to express itself, for it to expand and reside in all consciousness, opening the way for the Spirit of God to cleanse beings, transmute them, transform and restore the Divine Purpose for their lives.

If you pray for humanity, your heart will be contemplated; the Kingdoms of Nature and the spiritual essence of the planet will be contemplated.

If you pray for humanity, for its divine archetype to be fulfilled, the infinite Creation of God will be contemplated, this universe that is waiting for an unknown degree of love to be expressed so that evolution is transformed and life finds its path of ascension again.

So pray for the Purpose of God for each and every being in this world, for those you know and those you do not know. Do not think about the merits of your prayers, just surrender each life to the Creator and ask, from the heart, that His divine essence, that part of the Heart of God that inhabits beings, grows, expands and expresses itself in all His Creatures.

You have My blessing for this.

Your father and friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph