Tuesday, September 12 of 2017

Daily messages

The University of Higher Love

Dear children:

Today I come to you with thematernal intention ofyour souls attending, in these times, the University of Higher Love.

A School and College that will place you in the precise moment and in the true need that must be provided by all serving souls.

The University of Love is a spiritual place within the Celestial Universe, where the angels, the blessed, and souls that haveascended to the Heavens through merits, learn to develop within themselves the Gifts of God, mainlythe Gift of Love.

Without this Gift of Love in the life of the beings of the surface and in the souls of Heaven, it is ultimately not possible to enter the Christic School.

The University of Higher Love offers the opportunity of givingoneself to the Plan of God and to fulfill it by the means of actions of charity, of service, and of the permanent giving of self.

If these three foundationsare not learnedby the students, it is not possible to acquire a spirit of greater knowledge of the essential life, a profound discernment at the moment of makingdecisions, and a consciousness of wisdom during all phases of life.

The University of Higher Love exists in order to be able to dispel from the unconscious and subconscious world what we believe of ourselves, or of how important our presence within the Plan would be.

It is true, God loves us, but He needs that in this life, as in the Higher Universes, we live a principle of humility and of surrender that until now humanity has not achieved.

The University of Love exists in order that we may know, from the beginning, that we must continuetransforming and transcending our spirits and consciousness, so that someday, in the evolutionary chain, we maybe true representatives of the Plan of God in some part of the Universe.

The presence of this University of the Love of God also reminds us that we must not rest or settle ourselves in what we feel, think, or do within the practical or spiritual task that we may be carrying out, nor believe that we ourselves offer everything that is enough or too much in our understanding.

The Christic School comes after the University of Higher Love. While we are incarnated onthis planet, we will begetting in touch with afirst basic part of the extensionof the University of Higher Love on this surface; this means, My children, that there isstill much to go through and to learn, that the static or sedentary life is not the purpose that Christ seeks for the Christs of the New Time.

The Project of the Master for this surface is very broadand still unknown tohumanity.

All the plans of service, of charity, or of consecration that are experienced on this planet and in these times are elementary, very elementary, for souls.

That is why the true attitude of the server, of the collaborator, or of the consecrated to Christ, must be the response of service and an extremely unconditional surrender, without rules, conditions, or clauses onthe part of the consciousness. That will show that the being is in the University of Higher Love and has understood which is the true area of work for the Spiritual Hierarchy.

When incarnated souls pretend to be distracted, omitting or not accepting to take onany mission or task that the Universe presents for their lives, they will beresponding that they havenot accepted entering the University of Higher Love.

Thus, it is important to know that no onecan hide from God, nor lie to themselvesin these times. The greaterresponsibilities, as well as the lesser ones, will be the keynoteof this period. Responsibilities that will grant anexpansion of the consciousness, according to the conscious acceptance or rejection of each being to Divine Will; middle paths will no longer exist so that we can hesitate or make our mission into a petty one.

The Universe calls on you to define, in this time and under these circumstances, which School you will choose to experience: that of the planet, which is lagging, slow, and heavy, or that of the Universe, which is dynamic, infinite, and constant.

The decision is inyour hands.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses and makes you aware,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace